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In 2013, two researchers published in the Journal of Psychology integration a review of the research and discussion of the phenomena of self-criticism. That particular paper defined self-criticism as, quote: a conscious evaluation of one-sel
Leadership is one of those topics that seems to come up time and time again. Back in episode 486, we examined what it means to be a supervisor, and the fact that only one-third or so of people aspire to any kind of leadership at all. Even with
There’s a variety of things that could be called “allergies,” and often are called allergies by those who experience reactions to various types of foods. Medically, an allergy is when there’s an immunological reaction to a particular food that
The circadian rhythms that govern how we sleep are impacted by many of the things that around us, the things that we experience, and the environment that we live in. That environment includes the light and dark cycles around us – both natural a
As with many things related to how we define ourselves, the religious traditions we grew up in and around have a big impact on the religious choices we make as adults — and the religious choices we don’t make. Stepping aside all of the discussi
Avoidance – actively running away from or mentally staying away from something that’s in our world – is a lot more than just doing dishes and cleaning the bathroom to ot do our taxes. Avoidance is a recognized in psychological research, and has
Today’s question: What “failure” in your life has turned out well? There are millions of ways to fail, and only one to succeed. Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable Giving up is the only sure wa
Today’s question: What was your favorite tv show growing up? The 80s and 90s are haunting us. Everything from the comic books that kids of those years read to the TV shows that hundreds of thousands of people watched are being constantly res
Not entirely surprisingly, most of the research about what you should and shouldn’t talk about work is done mostly by companies that want to do some search engine optimization and earned media from having their survey or study reported on.
As something that everyone experiences and most people are comfortable talking about to some level, weather is one of those things that lives easily in our collective memory. As the University of Nottingham published in a public history marker,
In February of this year, there was a big spike of search volume for 1 in 4 blank have appeared on TV. Turns out that was a clue on a crossword, and the answer the crossword was “Americans.” Try as I might, though, I could not find the source o
In general, humans tend to be terrible at thinking about the future. There’s a lot of reasons for this, but it certainly has an impact. Why is this? As Jane McGonigal writes in Slate, quote: Our future selves are strangers to us. This isn’t
In 1897, a researcher who was looking for additional uses for coal tar derivatives tasted something sweet on his hands, and in an example of the most brave type of science, he tasted everything in his lab to figure out what it was. What he even
Jeremiah grabs the mic.
To streak or fleck randomly, or perhaps a brave Scottish man, or maybe imprudent. Whatever linguistic base you choose to look at, the word freak has had a surprisingly similar usage for the last 500 years or so. Then again, freak may have also
Technically, I’m an older millennial. In many ways, one could argue that I’m the stereotypical millennial – I work a job in social media job, I’ve got a podcast, I got married via a handfasting, heck, I’ve even made my own hard apple cider from
The friends that you have around you have a big impact on your life. Research tells us that our friends can do everything from impact our health choices to the level of happiness we express.. Or even how long we may live. So who do you tend to
No matter what kind of democratic or vote-based governmental system you happen to be a part of, if you have the right to and access to voting and choose to vote, there’s something that leads to you voting for who you do. For many people, what l
No matter what kind of business you’re in, usually being in a business means relying on customers actually being willing to pay for whatever it is you are selling or doing. A big part of that particular effort is providing at least some lev
Learning is a lifelong process, and that means in many ways so is teaching. While many or most of us have the experience of interacting with official teachers that have been given or have taken the official role of providing instruction, that d
Very recently — as in just a few weeks as in episode 674, we talked about the meta-analysis of studies finding that there was zero relationship between competition and performance. And almost immediately, I heard from a number of people pointin
A while ago, I went to an event that had 1970s disco as the theme. Among all of the full-body jumpsuits, sequins, white athleisure wear, and glitter – I overheard a number of very interesting conversations. Specifically, that the clothes for th
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