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Its important to have a ready supply of inspiration when doing anything creative, Kes, Justin, Alyssa and Zen chat about Creative Breathing and how it can help you to avoid creative roadblocks
Learning to walk before you run is an important lesson for new DMs to learn, and Oh Boy do we teach you about the training wheels that you should feel a okay in using as Fledgling DM.
Creating fun and interesting enemies and villains can be hard work, Kes, Justin and Zen are here to help you with that. Also we got a new and totally awesome logo, Thanks goes to Rommey a good friend and Patron of ours~
Do you want to tell a heavier story that mirrors the world we live in, explore a world that ours could never compare to, or a mix of the two? Find out how, with Justin, Kes and Zen, on this Episode of the Above Table Podcast.
Hello Friendos this is our 20th Episode! So please join us as we chat about the use of story-aids such as music, soundboards and props.
This Podcast Kes, Zen and Justin chat miniatures and mind palaces, what works best for us and the systems we use?
This week we discuss Worldbuilding, where to start, how much to build and how to go about it.
Sometimes it can be hard to choose with TTRPG to play, that's why we're having a chat about what systems you should use when you're really trying to get the experience just right.
The crew interviews Ponty, a DM who Zen has been playing with for a little over 5 years, we chat about his style, experience and things he has learnt through his time as a DM.
Because everyone wants to be a Badass in the games they play, sometimes either the dice or the rules don't allow for the awesome stuff you want to do. Enter The Rule of Cool, we have a chat about how to use it and how its totally different from
The crew chats about times they've been railroaded, examples of railroading and how that's effected their enjoyment of the game. Also whether it's the Game Master's job to just roll with the punches to try and make the mess they've been handed
In this episode Kes, Zen, Justin and Alyssa talk about randomness in games, specifically Wild Mages and times when tables were used poorly and how to utilise said tables it as a tool in your games.
This episode Kes, Alyssa, Justin and myself talk about their first experiences with roleplaying, what their playing at the moment and what the future has in store for them roleplay wise
In this episode Alyssa joins the Above Table crew, we also have a chat about creating your own settings and Zen has a rant about Sir Bearington and "lolrandom" D&D. Thumbnail art by Henry Justice Ford.
On this episode Kes, Zen and Justin discuss why we even bother roleplaying in the first place, inviting new players to RP, some examples of D&D in the media, and advice on how to run an evil campaign. Hope you enjoy it and tell us what bit you
This topic has been a long time coming, hold onto your hats as Kes, Zen and Justin try not to make too many enemies by talking about Metagamers, Roleplayers and the dynamics between them. Can they live in peace? Is one better than the other? Ar
Hey all, This week on the Podcast Justin, Kes and Zen talk about incorporating totally new players into your games, even if they've never played a roleplaying game in their life!
This week Justin, Kes and Zen chat about The Relationship Matrix, or "S.F.F." which is an absolute must for Gamemasters new and old to understand use at their tables.  
It's important to have awesome people at your table, we talk about how to figure that out and what to do when you do.    This episode debuts a new voice, Justin our audio expert, so please give him a warm welcome.
Who's better than a bought-in player? An active player. In this episode, we work on leading your players to be more involved in your sessions. 
In today's episode, we discuss new players, new characters, and what happens when the two meet.  We learned a lot from our first few podcasts so we're releasing the early, rambly, less-focused ones in a burst for you to enjoy!  
There are many different types of people you'll encounter at the table, and two specific types seem to be at the centre of most drama. 
Welcome to the Above Table Shortcast! A quick, fun show for tabletop players and DMs on how to get the most out of role-playing games.  We keep episodes down to around 20 minutes so you can enjoy them in one hit and plough through them with gre
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