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Host Sue Stockdale talks to Rob Lawrence, a podcast producer, coach and mentor about how the combination of sound and language can influence our emotions and can be a catalyst to create change.  Rob talks about how he changed his career from being an IT professional into podcasting and coaching and how he is ‘obsessed’ with creating highly engaging listening experiences, and supporting aspiring leaders and coaches towards finding their own voice, audience and message. Rob's successful podcast, Inspirational Creatives, reached over 130,000 downloads in 2020 and taught Rob that you can create an audience organically, by consistently producing content you care about. His podcast contains interviews with over 120 creative entrepreneurs, artists and producers on “how to create a successful living doing what you love".Find out more about Rob Lawrence: Website and LinkedIn Twitter Instagram with Access to Inspiration and read the transcription for this episodeWebsite - www.accesstoinspiration.orgTwitter Facebook quotes in this podcast:[3.29] Whatever it is, I'm listening to, I am having an emotional experience of sorts. And as that sound varies, my emotional experience varies too. And what I can say is I don't feel the same depth of experience with visual stimulation necessarily.[10.47] And what was really interesting to me was within the time that it took to walk from one end of the beach to the other, in my mind, he asked me three or four questions which completely changed my perspective on everything I did and how my life was at the time.[14.08] I love the ripple effect of podcasts. It's instant, it's global it's growing.[15.54] In order to make a positive difference, I think we have to think more consciously about everything that we do.[18.45] Is the next hour that I'm going to spend with this person, something that has the potential to lead towards positive change? If the answer is yes, that's the only measure I need on a day-to-day basis to keep going.[19.34] To me - to be inspired means to be moved. Perhaps a little bit more than that. It means to be moved positively towards wanting to create something.[21.50] It's really important we listen to ourselves and what we think. We all deserve the opportunity for our own voices to be heard, but not just by somebody else, but by ourselves too.[22.32] We all deserve that opportunity to be heard, but we also deserve the opportunity to create opportunities for others to be heard.
Sue Stockdale talks to Amy Henderson, one of the USA’s leading voices on the critical role that parenting and caregiving has in developing the future of work. Amy talks about her own experiences as a working parent, the challenges she faced, and some of the research and data from neuroscience that explains how showing up for parenthood significantly enhances your capacity for emotional intelligence, courage, efficiency, productivity, purpose, and collaboration.Amy is the founding CEO of TendLab, where she is creating a movement to change the game for working parents.  With only 14% of American parents having access to paid parental leave, Amy talks about the challenges she faced as a working parent, and what motivated her to create TendLab as a way of addressing how working parents are valued in the workplace.Through TendLab, Amy has worked with companies and their parents' groups at places like Salesforce, Accenture, Cloudflare, and many more.  As cited in Forbes for her "truly collaborative nature," Amy also started and co-leads the Fam Tech Founders Collaborative, a network of over 130 founders who are solving for the needs of caregivers.  A regular speaker and author advocating on behalf of parents at work, Amy has written for, or been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Fast Company, Slate, InStyle, and others. Her book ‘Tending: Parenthood and the Future of Work’ is published by Nationbuilder books.For more information about Amy Henderson on social media:  Instagram via the website transcriptions of all our podcasts go to Connect with us on social media -
Host Sue Stockdale previews Series Six of the Access to Inspiration podcast. The theme is “21st Century Changemakers” and Sue highlights a few of the guests she will be speaking to in the upcoming series. They include: Hong Hoang, founder and Executive Director of CHANGE – a Vietnamese NGO with a mission to address the country’s most critical environmental issuesDr Leanne Armitage, whose teenage experience inspired her to become a doctor and then create the Armitage Foundation to increase diversity in medical schoolsAmy Henderson, founding CEO of TendLab, talking about the movement she is catalysing to change the game for working parents in the USFor transcriptions of all our podcasts go to Connect with us on social media - Twitter @accessinspirat1Instagram @accesstoinspirationFacebook @accesstoinspiration
Sue Stockdale talks to Karen Espley, who could be described as 'the accidental adventurer' about what encouraged her to travel to Antarctica, New Zealand and West Africa. After 15 years working in large businesses, clawing her way up the career ladder Karen Espley had a demanding job with almost unbearable levels of stress. With the cushion of having saved enough money to live without earning for a year, Karen realised that there must be more to life, and when an opportunity came for a life changing trip to the Antarctic in 2000, she took the plunge and began her journey to find a different way to live and to escape from the expectations she grew up with.These adventures included living on a Russian base in the Antarctic, and working as a project manager in a rainforest in Ghana with Raleigh International. Karen then travelled back to the UK through West Africa via Ghana, Burkina Faso, Mali and Senegal using only public transport. In 2013 at 50 years old, she had a midlife crisis and then travelled around New Zealand and Australia in a camper van.Connect with Karen Espley: LinkedIn Twitter the transcription for this episode at and connect with us on social media via:Twitter  Facebook LinkedIn
Sue Stockdale talks to Denise Nurse, an award-winning entrepreneur, solicitor, coach, and broadcaster about creating the career and life you want by being flexible and not limited by traditional business structures.  She explains how sometimes you need to have a safety net 'at least in your mind' to give you the confidence to take that step into the unknown.In 2007, along with Janvi Patel, she co-founded Halebury, a pioneering UK law firm. Halebury introduced flexible & agile working in the legal industry. In 2018 they successfully sold Halebury to a global legal services business, and Denise stepped down from her role as VP Flex Resourcing in 2020.Whilst working as an in-house lawyer at Sky, Denise won an internal TV presenter competition. She presented the Weather & Programming for Sky News, Sky Travel and Sky One and was a presenter of BBC One’s Escape to the Country. Denise has been recognised with several awards and was recognised as a Woman of Influence & Power in Law 2020.  More recently Denise was inspired by a desire to make positive change during the 2020 COVID pandemic and she co-founded two non-profits Black Founders Hub and Support SEND.Connect with Denise Nurse: LinkedIn: https://www.blackfoundershub.comRead the transcription for this episode at and connect with us on social media via:Twitter  Facebook LinkedIn
Sue Stockdale talks to Mariah Reading, an eco-artist who creates impressionist paintings from recycled items she picks up in the natural environment. Mariah explains how she developed this particular area of interest, why its relevant today, and how big brands such as Merrell and Subaru have recently collaborated with her as she highlights the harm of pollution and climate change.  Mariah Reading was born and raised in Bangor, Maine, USA where the surrounding landscape gave her a deep appreciation of nature’s beauty. The 2016 National Park Centennial propelled her Recycled Landscapes work to greater attention which was designed to highlight the need of preserving and protecting the environment. Having already visited 24 National Parks, she plans to continue her project in all 62 US National Parks. Mariah has dedicated herself to the field of eco-art through her Artist in Residence at Denali, Zion, and Acadia National Parks, working as an Arts In the Parks Volunteer at the Guadalupe Mountains National Park, assisting in Yosemite Facelift efforts, developing a K-12 STREAM curriculum with University of California Santa Barbara Oceanography students, and creating conservation workshops with the Channel Islands National Park.Find out more about Mariah Reading and her art on: Instagram the transcription for this episode at and connect with us on social media via:Twitter  Facebook LinkedIn
Sue Stockdale talks to Sameer Dua, a best-selling author and Founder/Director of the Institute for Generative Leadership, Asia and UK, about the importance of self-leadership. Dua explains that in order to lead yourself, you need to grant yourself power to 'take care of what truly matters to you'. Having experienced several life-impacting events within a five week period, he realised that he needed to be committed to the things he really cared about. Sameer Dua is the world’s leading authority on Declaring Breakdowns, a Generative Leadership expert, a coach for top global leaders, founder of the India Business Literature Festival and the Gift Your Organ Foundation and has over 28 years of experience in Management and Leadership education. Sameer’s transformational work in leadership development has already impacted thousands around the world.He has been listed amongst the top 30 emerging thinkers of the world by Thinkers50, as one of those who will shape the future of business. The Thinkers50 listing is considered to be “the Oscars of Management Thinking” by the Financial Times.  In addition, Sameer runs a regular series on “Leadership Lessons from the Bhagavad Gita: A Generative Leadership Perspective” and he has participants from 24 different countries regularly attending his sessions. Before setting up the Institute for Generative Leadership in Asia and UK, Sameer ran management institutes in 4 cities in India and 2 colleges in London, UK and had students from 52 different countries of the world. He has trained leaders in organisations such as Mercedes Benz, John Deere, Siemens, NetApp, T-Systems, BMC Software, Jungheinrich, Elringklinger, Wipro, ResourcePro, Amdocs, Schaeffler, Faurecia, Volvo, Reliance, amongst many others.To connect with Sameer Dua: LinkedIn: the transcription for this episode at or connect with us on social media via:Twitter  Facebook LinkedIn
Sue Stockdale talks to Caitlin Crommett about the work she is doing to solve intergenerational differences, and in particular, her foundation DreamCatchers, which serves to fulfil the final dreams of hospice patients through chapters run by youth in high school or college.Caitlin Crommett describes herself as a Millennial. She is a 2015 graduate of the University of Notre Dame, and a speaker on generations in the workplace. Her interest in generational connection began at age 15, when she started a foundation
called DreamCatchers. She saw a need for greater cross- generational connection- something that is rarely shared between these typically-elderly patients and young people in our society today. This sparked her passion for facilitating greater connection and communication between all generations, in the workplace and in the world.In 2016, Caitlin published a book called “How to Attract Millennials to Your Workplace: And Actually Keep Us!”, focusing on new techniques and strategies for engaging Millennial employees and volunteers, and has been a guest writer & “generational expert” on several websites and blogs. She runs a Youtube channel called “Generation WHAT?”, where she posts weekly videos helping people and organizations solve generational issues in the workplace. She currently resides in Los Angeles, where she as serves as president of DreamCatchers Foundation while growing her speaking business internationally.  Connect with Caitlin Crommett at:Instagram: @CaitlinCrommett @dreamcatchersfoundationLinkedIn: In DreamCatchers: DreamCatchers link: Pen Pal Initiative: Twitter: @caitcrom @dreamcatchersfRead a transcription of this podcast on our website www.accesstoinspiration.orgConnect with us on social media via:Twitter  Facebook LinkedIn
Sue Stockdale talks to Scottish television and film composer, Chris Tolley, about where he gets his inspiration from.  The interview includes a track 'Snowfall" from his latest album at the end of the podcast.Chris Tolley studied Ancient History at St Andrews, and had a couple of music scholarships along the way. He moved to London where he worked for a number of years with Really Useful Group, and progressed from photocopying music, to managing the music dept. After this he went to BBC Radio 2 where he managed and judged an opera talent competition with Dame Kiri Te Kanawa and worked on Friday Night is Music Night, their flagship live classical music programme.Chris now releases commercial recordings on top of his television and advertising work. He released his first album Beneath the Surface in 2020 and his second album Home was released in January 2021. To find out more about Chris Tolley www.christolleymusic.comRead a transcription of this podcast on our website www.accesstoinspiration.orgConnect with us on social media via:Twitter  Facebook LinkedIn
Sue Stockdale talks to Lory Mitchell Wingate, Senior Vice President/Chief Operating Officer at University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR) about her love of astronomy, and how she took a leap of faith by leaving a high level position to backpack across the USA in 2008, which ultimately shifted her career in a very visible way.Lory has over twenty-five years of experience in both for-profit and non-profit companies, as a successful leader with a history of exceptional performance on complex technical, scientific, and engineering projects that incorporate leading edge technology in all phases of the program and project life cycle.She has ideated and implemented a unique blend of standard project management and systems engineering processes to achieve optimal science and engineering outcomes through the appropriate process rigor applied to business and proposal development and project management across all disciplines. She has published two books on the methodology for Taylor and Francis/CRC Press: Project Management for Research and Development (2014), and Systems Engineering for Projects (2018).Lory has a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Information Technology Management and is both a Certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) and an Expert Systems Engineer (INCOSE® ESEP). Lory serves on numerous committees and various panels. Connect with Lory Mitchell Wingate on LinkedIn Read a transcription of this podcast on our website www.accesstoinspiration.orgConnect with us on social media via:Twitter  Facebook LinkedIn
Sue Stockdale talks to Felipe Saldarriaga, a stroke survivor and entrepreneur from Medellin, Colombia about he adapted to this life changing situation. At age 11 he was left having to survive in a wheelchair with a full left side paralysis due to an unexpected and unexplainable stroke. As a result of this he had to learn to walk again and basically hack his way through life to get the most of it. His story is inspiring, and a compelling listen. Today, at 30 years old, he's still recovering from the paralysis but has travelled to four continents, worked with an Academy award-winning producer doing feature film in Argentina, has organised conferences, art and music festivals for thousands of people and even learned to scuba dive, a lifelong dream of his. He's the cofounder at Discovery Talks, a qualitative research software that helps people gain valuable insights from their conversations.Connect with Felipe Saldarriaga on Linkedin: a transcription of this podcast on our website www.accesstoinspiration.orgConnect with us on social media via:Twitter  Facebook LinkedIn
Sue Stockdale talks to Joni Deutsch, Podcast Manager for WFAE, Charlotte’s NPR station in North Carolina about the importance of making space for silence, and how she amplifies underrepresented voices through her work as a broadcaster and podcast host. In addition to leading the public radio station’s chart-topping podcast productions, Joni is also the creator and host of WFAE’s Charlotte music podcast Amplifier, recently honored for excellence in arts and music podcasting by Charlotte Magazine, the Edward R. Murrow Awards and The Webby Awards (called “The Internet’s Highest Honor” by The New York Times). In October 2020, Joni executive produced the Charlotte Podcast Festival, Charlotte’s first podcast festival with free and virtual sessions designed to inform and empower the next generation of audio storytellers and podcasters. Joni is an NPR Music contributor and was the first woman to guest host the legacy NPR program Mountain Stage. A supporter of innovative media and a mentor to digital women leaders, Deutsch’s work has been heralded by NPR, Harvard University, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Poynter, the Online News Association and the American Press a transcription of this podcast on our website www.accesstoinspiration.orgConnect with us on social media via:Twitter  Facebook LinkedIn
Sue Stockdale, host of Access to Inspiration podcast and her co-founder Clive Steeper talk to Fraser Allen, host of the Scottish Business Network podcast about why the Access to Inspiration podcast was started, and review what has been accomplished in 2020. We hear from three listeners from Germany, India and UK about what they have enjoyed about the series, and how they have applied some of the inspirational insights from the guests that have been interviewed.We look ahead to 2021 and the launch of Series Five in January 2021.  Guests in the upcoming series will include Joni Deutsch, Podcast Manager at WFAE, (Charlotte's NPR radio station in North Carolina) on "why silence is just as important as sound"; Scottish film and TV composer Chris Tolley will be talking about where he gets his inspiration from, and Colombian, Felipe Saldarriaga, sharing insights on  "resilience" and how he coped when life brought unexpected challenges leaving him paralysed at age 11.  Other guests in Series Five are Lory Mitchell Wingate, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at UCAR (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research) whose interest in the earth and astronomy was brought to life when she backpacked across America; Sameer Dua, founder of Institute for Generative Leadership in India, talking about why we need to care, and 'Millennial' Caitlin Crommett explaining why she set up a Foundation that serves to fulfil the end of life needs of hospice patients.Read a transcription of this podcast on our website www.accesstoinspiration.orgConnect with us on social media via:Twitter  Facebook LinkedIn
Anne Pleun van Eijsden, Founder of Paper on the Rocks, talks to Sue Stockdale about her mission to create a healthy paper industry, and why she created her own rules about how to run a business, rather than following the traditional approach to being an entrepreneur.Paper on the Rocks, is a social impact business based in the Netherlands that wants to create a forest friendly paper industry by scaling tree-free paper alternatives. They primarily do so by making sustainable stationery like notebooks made from upcycled stone waste. With a diverse background in History, International Law and Marketing, Anne Pleun knew from a young age that she wanted to become an entrepreneur and build a company that would change an industry for the better. She lives in the Netherlands with her partner and child.   Follow Paper on the Rocks:Instagram LinkedIn Facebook a transcription of this podcast on our website www.accesstoinspiration.orgConnect with us on social media via:Twitter  Facebook LinkedIn
Milena Cvijanovich talks to Sue Stockdale about her work as a designer and architect focusing on sustainable luxury, and how inspiration plays a role in her work. Based in Monaco, Milena has always been passionate about craftsmanship, sustainable design, alternative natural resources, social entrepreneurship and collaborative business opportunities.With a Masters in Architecture from Carnegie Mellon University and inspired by her physicist father, Dr. George B. Cvijanovich, one of the first inventors of the solar panel, Milena is the recipient of numerous scholarships and awards in architecture and entrepreneurship. Founder of Milena C Designs, an international architecture and interior design firm and specialized since 1994 in eco-luxury design. She counts Blancpain, Beaufort Hotels, MCM, Intrawest, Logitech and the World Economic Forum among her prestigious clientèle.Milena has guest lectured on Sustainable Innovation, Sustainable Luxury and Cross-cultural Design Management in Luxury MBA programs and at conferences in Europe and the Middle East and has been an official contributor to Forbes Magazine and other international magazines.She is also the co-founder of a new sustainable luxury platform, bringing together those who enjoy the finest life has to offer, yet have a keen desire to protect the planet and its inhabitants. NOMADESSENCE, specialises in designing, curating and gifting spaces, materials, bespoke objects and art while contributing to heritage preservation and social empowerment. Her vision is to showcase the amazing stories of stunning mindful design, innovative upcycling, and inspiring pioneers in Sustainable Luxury.Find out more about Milena Cvijanovich:Website - - - - Connect with us on social media via:Read the transcription on our website Twitter  Facebook LinkedIn
Barry Fudge understands what it takes for elite athletes to win...and keep winning, and has spent a decade with a front-row seat to the training of the world's best endurance runners. Barry talks to Sue Stockdale about what inspired him to work in elite sport, and the elements that enable the world's best endurance runners to deliver medal-winning results, time and time again.Barry is a highly motivated and experienced performance leader operating successfully in professional sport over a period of 4 Olympiads. He is globally recognised as a performance expert with multiple peer reviewed journal articles, book chapters and speaking engagements. Barry holds a Bachelor of Science with First Class Honours in Physiology and Sport Science as well as a PhD in Exercise Physiology from the University of Glasgow, UK.Most notably, Barry was Physiologist, Head of Science and the Head of Endurance at British Athletics for over a decade where he constructed a world-leading endurance program, supporting the best coaches and athletes in the UK by ensuring that when a British endurance runner stood on the start line they were the best-prepared athlete in the field. Barry’s current role is as founder of Lap 25, where he uses his considerable skills and experiences to support others to be the best they can be in sport, business and life. You can find out more about Barry Fudge: Lap 25 website Instagram Linkedin with us on social media via:Website including transcriptions for each episodeTwitter  Facebook LinkedIn
Vinay Chandra, CEO of High Peak Software based in India and Atlanta, USA talks to Sue Stockdale about the highs and lows of being a serial entrepreneur.  Vinay is a versatile and multifaceted entrepreneur who has devoted his creative energy and restless passion into starting and running businesses around the globe. Over the last 25 years, he has successfully and unsuccessfully founded and operated multiple businesses on three continents.He is an Alabaman by birth, Bangalorean by upbringing and Bostonian by education.After graduating with degrees in electrical engineering and mathematics from Boston University, his first stint involved working with his family’s electronic component manufacturing business facing bankruptcy in India. While this initial endeavor did not succeed, it embedded into him the words of Churchill, “Success is not final; failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.”He continued his journey by moving to Germany and buying the assets of an energy saving lighting manufacturer and helped turn it around by innovating its products and globalizing the manufacturing supply chain. Along with quickly learning the German language, he also accumulated some experience trading commodities in the newly opened economies of Romania and Bulgaria.His next stint involved moving to Atlanta, GA, and starting up a consulting business helping technology companies with their manpower needs. Facing the economic crisis of the early 2000’s, he saw the opportunity of leveraging talent in India and remotely supporting customers in the US. The challenge of finding qualified technical people in the US enabled the next phase of his venture-building by remotely developing software products for global customers, from the development center in India.Over the last few years, as CEO of High Peak Software, he has been able to leverage his diverse entrepreneurial, social, educational, cultural and linguistic backgrounds to create products across fintech, manufacturing, legal tech and other industries leveraging the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning. with Vinay Chandra on LinkedIn You can read the transcription of this podcast at our website Connect with us on social media via:Twitter  Facebook LinkedIn
Sue Stockdale talks to Nontuthuko Mgabhi, General Manager Human Resources at Richards Bay Coal Terminal, South Africa, about the mindset, commitment and preparation it took to successfully run seven marathons in seven consecutive days, on seven continents in February 2020.Nontu became the first African female to complete this challenge, and in the process also raised a substantial sum of money to improve conditions for children in an underprivileged rural school - the Khiphinkunzi Primary School in Mtubatuba, South Africa.  Nontu is a registered Industrial Psychologist. She holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology, and has an Advanced Business Management Diploma from ESMT, Berlin, Germany as well as Post Graduate Diploma from GIBS, Johannesburg and Rollins Business School, Florida, USA.  She holds the position of General Manager Human Resources at Richards Bay Coal Terminal Limited (RBCT) which is the single largest export coal terminal in the world, established in 1976. Prior to joining RBCT, Nontuthuko has held a number of senior positions including in Rio Tinto, South African Breweries; and was a Senior Lecturer (Organisational Development) in the School of Psychology; for the University of KwaZulu Natal. To connect with Nontu Mgabhi you can find her on:Facebook via her fundraising website with us on social media via:Twitter  Facebook LinkedIn read the transcription for this podcast at
Sue Stockdale talks to farmer Jonathan Cook, about why he loves his job.  Jon looks after a herd of 50 cows producing the raw milk which he sells on his dairy farm in Wiltshire, England. He is from a fourth generation farming family and along with his partner, Sarah, look after the herd on their 100 acre farm where they now adopt a regenerative approach to farming.  Both are passionate about raw milk and believe that educating the public on its health benefits and where food comes from is part of their work.Website: Facebook: with us on our website or via social media:Twitter  Facebook LinkedIn
Sue Stockdale talks to Major Becky Frater about her career as a military helicopter pilot and instructor, and discovers more about the focus and concentration that these roles demand.Becky originally joined the Army in 1998 after three years as a secondary school teacher in Bristol. After initial training at Royal Military Academy Sandhurst she was commissioned directly into the Army Air Corps and was subsequently awarded her Army Wings Flying Badge in 2001.She was posted to 659 Sqn of 4 Regt AAC as a Flight Commander after qualifying on both the Lynx Mk7 and Lynx Mk9. Deployments included Belize, France, Canada and ultimately OP TELIC (Iraq) after which she was awarded a GOC’s (2*) Commendation. She was then selected to undertake Qualified Helicopter Instructor training and was subsequently employed as a Flight Commander within 705 NAS of DHFS at RAF Shawbury.In 2007 Becky was appointed to 702 Naval Air Squadron (NAS), the Maritime Lynx Training Squadron, where she was awarded her Royal Navy Wings. After which she was appointed to 815 NAS as Flight Commander.  She was subsequently appointed to 702 NAS and responsible for instructing future maritime attack helicopter pilots  including maritime aviation and ship deck landings. During this time, she was also selected to lead the Royal Navy Black Cats Helicopter Display Team during the 2010 display season. She was promoted Lt Cdr during this appointment.Currently she is the Requirements Manager for the Army Wildcat until January 2021 after which she will be attending the Qualified Weapons Instructor Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance course at RAF Waddington.  Becky enjoys all sports but more specifically hockey having represented England, England Over 40s, England Universities and British Universities in the past and also received her Combined Services (Captain in 2006), Army and Royal Navy colours.Connect with us on the website or via social media on:Twitter  Facebook LinkedIn
The recent pandemic has caused many people to re-evaluate how they live and work. Sue Stockdale talks to leadership thinker Navi Radjou about his life and experiences in India, France and USA, and how this has influenced his thinking on how business and society considers and practices innovation, to do better with less.Navi Radjou advises senior executives worldwide on breakthrough growth strategies. A Fellow at Cambridge Judge Business School, Navi has served as vice president at Forrester Research, a leading technology research and advisory firm in Boston. In 2013, Navi won the prestigious Thinkers50 Innovation Award, given to a management thinker who is re-shaping the way we think about and practice innovation. He delivered a talk at TED Global 2014 on Frugal Innovation (nearly 2 million views).Navi co-authored Frugal Innovation: How To Do Better With Less, published by The Economist in 2015, as well as the global bestseller Jugaad Innovation (over 250,000 copies sold worldwide). He is writing a book on how individuals and organizations can reinvent themselves purposefully in the post-COVID-19 world. He is a sought-after keynote speaker and widely quotedin international media. Born and raised in Pondicherry, India, he holds dual French-American citizenship. He attended Ecole Centrale Paris and Yale School of Management. He lives in Brooklyn, New York. He is a life-long student of Ayurveda, Yoga, and Vipassana meditation. Website: Twitter: Linkedin: more about the Access to Inspiration podcast: Read the transcription of this podcast Connect with us on social media via:Twitter  Facebook LinkedIn
Sue Stockdale previews Series Four where the theme of the series is sustainability and pioneering. She also welcomes the first Access to Inspiration Ambassador, Paul Rose, and talks to Matías de Ezcurra​ our Sound Editor who edits the podcasts, to find out the effect that the recordings have on him personally. Some of the upcoming episodes in this series are: - Navi Radjou: Consciously reinventing how we live and work- Jonathan Cook: Living the dream as a dairy farmer- Nontuthuko Mgahbi: Seven marathons in seven days on seven continentsRead a transcription of this podcast on our website Connect with us on social media via:Twitter Facebook
Sue Stockdale talks to Paul Rose about his life at the front line of exploration. Having spent 10 years as Base Commander in Antarctica, Paul talks about some of the skills he has learned in extreme environments that help him navigate modern life.Paul is one of the world’s most experienced science expedition leaders. He helps scientists unlock and communicate global mysteries in the most remote and challenging regions of the planet. Former Vice President of the Royal Geographical Society, Paul is Expedition Leader for the  National Geographic Pristine Seas Expeditions.  The Royal Geographical Society has awarded Paul the Ness Award and the Founders Gold Medal. In addition, as a broadcaster, published author and journalist, Rose presents BBC television programs on current affairs, science and the environment. He is Ambassador for the UN Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions.   Paul was the Base Commander of Rothera Research Station, Antarctica, for the British Antarctic Survey for ten years and was awarded  HM The Queen's Polar Medal. For his work with NASA and the Mars Lander project on Mt Erebus, Antarctica, he was awarded the  US Polar Medal.   A mountain in Antarctica is named after him.  For more info on Paul www.paulrose.orgRead a transcription of this podcast on our website Connect with us on social media via:Twitter  Facebook LinkedIn
Sue Stockdale talks to an award-winning British chef, Andrew Scott about what it takes to achieve and retain a Michelin star. Andrew was inspired to develop his career as a chef by his parents, who both worked in the hospitality industry. After winning a cooking competition at the age of 13, Andrew started working part time as a pot washer in the kitchens of his local hotel. Then following training at college, he was taken on by Simon Haigh at Mallory Court in Warwickshire,  England as an apprentice chef.After four years, he then worked under Simon Rogan at his acclaimed Michelin-starred restaurant - L’Enclume in the Lake District, before returning to Mallory Court where Andrew became head chef in 2010 retaining the restaurant’s Michelin star for three years running.  In 2012, he became Head Chef at the Curlew, in Kent, and in just under a year Andrew gained his first solo Michelin Star in the 2014 guide.  Following this Andrew joined Sudbury House in Oxfordshire overseeing Restaurant 56 which won a number of accolades, and during this time he appeared in the BBC TV series Great British Menu, representing the Central region.  Andrew's most recent role was as Head Development Chef for Miele.  To find out more about Andrew check out his LInkedin Profile a transcription of this podcast on our website Connect with us on social media via:Twitter  Facebook LinkedIn
Alysia Silberg talks to Sue Stockdale about the reality of being a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, the challenges she had growing up in South Africa and what she hopes her long-term legacy will be.  Alysia is Founder and General Partner of Street Global Venture Capital, a global seed stage investment firm, investing in technology start-ups that are solving big, difficult problems and have the potential to reach $1billion valuations.She is a multi-industry, self-made entrepreneur, statistician & data scientist. She co-founded data marketing company, Digital by Design, voice data analytics company, Acceleforce, and co-designed the product and technology platform for Xexec, a multi-million user global employee benefits software platform. As a qualified actuary, derivatives market specialist, wealth manager and alternative asset specialist, Alysia is extremely comfortable and experienced in all areas of investment management and governance. Alysia is also recognized as a prominent, emerging public leader advising North American, European, African and Asian governments on startup ecosystem development, accessing leading-edge technology for economic development, inclusive and diversified entrepreneurship, women’s empowerment and trade at the highest levels. Alysia Silberg's Linkedin Profile a transcription of this podcast on our website Connect with us on social media via:Twitter  Facebook LinkedIn
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