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Episodes of Achtung! History

Discover the incredible, true story, of possibly the 20th centuries greatest con man, a man who defrauded the Church of England, and wiggled his way not only into British Government but also into two different German governments, that of Kapp a
His name became infamous, his story legend. But today the name Schlageter has faded into history, so who was Schlageter and why did Adolf Hitler proclaim him to be 'The First Soldier of the Third Reich?" Find out in the latest episode of the Ac
In this episode of Achtung! History Simon J. James returns to the tales of resistance to the National Socialist regime of Germany.  It is a common perception that the National Socialist regime of Germany (1933-1945) was a totalitarian one. But
A small victory or the turning point in the Napoleonic wars? Find out about the oft forgotten Battle of Großbeeren in this weeks episode of Achtung! History.  A special thanks to Katja Hoyer for her input in this episode, her book Blood and Iro
How did the discovery of the body of a man in the Landwehrkanal in Berlin in August 1919 lead to the exposing of and the collapse of the much of the Police Informant ring. And what did one man have to do both with the Communist uprising in Berl
It was the most audacious plan of the West in the Cold War, to tunnel beneath the boundary between East and West and steal information from the Soviet's own telephone line. In this concluding episode, discover the true story of spies, espionage
Discover one of the most audacious and incredible forgotten tales from the Cold War. A story following the CIA and British SIS as they attempt to understand the intentions of the Soviets and gain an upper hand in an Europe divided by undertakin
The Second World War is over yet East has not met West everywhere. Nestled in the Ore mountains a region centred around the town of Schwarzenberg remains strangely empty of Allied Occupying Forces. It seems as the world has forgotten this small
May Day, famously the day of the international worker. It was a day used by Unions and by the parties, especially in Germany, to unite their workers in putting down tools as a demonstration of international strife. However, when the NSDAP came
In this, the final episode of The Reichstag for now, the German parliament building lays smouldering but the persecution of those considered enemies of Hitler and the NSDAP continues. How does Hitler and his party use the fire to further their
The Reichstag is in flames. Inside the burning parliament Hitler, Göring, Goebbels and von Papen gather together on a balcony overlooking the fire and discuss how to go forward. At the Brandenburger Tor, Rudolf Diels interviews the captured Dut
A cold night in Berlin turns into a night that will change the course of the 20th century itself. A young theology student wandering home from his studies at the Staatsbibliothek on Unter den Linden witnesses a shadowy figure scaling the walls
Welcome to the new series by Achtung! History and Simon J. James. This time we take a look at the Reichstag, the German parliament building famous for the fire that gutted the building on the 27th of February 1933 and catapulted Hitler into dic
What does resistance to tyranny mean? Is it fighting with guns on the streets, distributing pamphlets, trying to organise a coup. In this episode Simon takes a deep dive into an event that occurred in Berlin as the Soviet Red Army forces closed
Discover, in this latest episode, the events leading up to the infamous journey of Lenin, Russian leader in the making, from Switzerland to a Russia in the midst of Revolution. Unearth a brief biography of the controversial man who would lead a
Rominten is a forgotten domain. Once ruled over by Electors, Kings, Kaisers and Reichsmarshalls, discover the forgotten history of what was once the last Kaiser's favourite hunting ground and how it brought him into conflict with Hermann Göring
When Adolf Hitler and the NSDAP came to power in 1933 they quickly set about changing all aspects of the German state, even Christmas. In this episode, Christmas: In the Shadow of the Swastika, discover how all aspects of Christmas were pervert
Franz Müller aboard the sail ship Victoria has no idea that steaming across the Atlantic are the Metropolitan Police and those that can point the finger toward him for the murder of Thomas Briggs on the 9:50 from Frenchchurch Street Station on
Inspector Tanner and the London Metropolitan Police are faced with a difficult predicament. It has come to light that the man of most interest in the murder of Thomas Briggs, the first person to be murdered on British rail, has left British sho
Thomas Briggs was found unconscious on the tracks of London's Northern Railway in 1864, a short time after he died. In this second episode of Murder on the Tracks, delve into the early history of London's Metropolitan Police, the streets, sound
Come on a journey, a journey into the past. Travel to a time when Britain ruled much of the world and London was its beating financial heart, Join Simon J. James in the discovery of the incredible and true story of the first murder on the Briti
In 1986 a young punk and underground artist within the DDR (East Germany) travels, with his super 8mm Russian made camera through a forest north of Berlin. There, glinting against the white of the snow he catches sight of something. Something t
Multi-millionaires, an East German Punk, art dealers, con artists, police informants, and two giant bronze horses that once stood outside Hitler's Reich Chancellery that went missing at the end of the war. This is, the two parter, 'The Hunt for
In August 1348 an old man arrives before the Archbishop of Magdeburg. He is frail and worn but, in dropping a signet ring before the Archbishop, he claims to be Woldemar the Great, Margrave of Brandenburg, but there is only one problem. Woldema
Achtung! History brings you a Halloween bonus episode "The Haunting of House Hohenzollern." She had sworn revenge on the family of the man who imprisoned her, Johann Georg, Prince Elector of Brandenburg and Duke of Prussia. Swearing to enact pu
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