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This is the last episode taped way back in the halcyon days of 2015. Yes, we’re slow to get these things out. What. Nobody’s paying for this. This ‘week’ we bring you Julia Child, voting machines, the earliest evidence of pants, and congressional women’s restrooms.
I don’t even know what schedule we’re using for these things anymore, but if you need stories of civil war badasses as much as we do, you might like this episode. We’ve also got the biggest single rock ever made and a sex-changing yew tree that is, for some reason, kept in a cage.
The passage of the Habeas Corpus Act via a fat joke, A Benjamin Franklin story complete with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles restructuring, the oldest ever message in a bottle, and a German town that may, or may not, actually exist.
A new soon-to-be-broken record for the best-aged episode of Actually Happening ever! In this deeply non-topical installment we discuss the invention of the toilet showroom, biblical anachronisms, gerrymandering, and criticism of Henry VIII.
The shortest presidency of anything, DNA in the War of the Roses, a helicopter theft, and fictional bridges. Also the most well aged episode of Actually Happening ever released.
In which we reveal the secret Masonic origins of Actually Happening.
We never ask questions about Rome because we always end up talking about it anyway. This week: the invention of Y-fronts, things Martin Luther never said, and bans on porn and puns.
There was only one set of footprints then, but boy were they big ones. This week: sending out a CQD, a terrible energy conservation slogan, and two cats with very important jobs.
It’s… been a while. Our lives have gotten in the way of goofy history for far too long. But worry not! We’re all back in town and will be back on a more regular schedule soon, so stay tuned. In the meantime: the least effective grave robbers, dropping dead mice out of planes, protesting in drag and…
Now with actual microphones! This week, we go Minnesota Secretary of Agriculture hunting, discover the pitfalls of bad database queries, and don’t look in the back of the fridge. And we find out two guys on an island were doing, well, exactly what you’d expect…
This week’s episode involves a lot of fighting (and avoiding fighting at all costs) over really weird stuff, some Norman Rockwell appreciation… and another molasses flood.
In which the British actually stay out of a war for once, and Ben Carlin drives an amphibious vehicle around the world. Oh yeah, and more Liechtenstein!
In which we discuss some of life’s smaller mysteries, do some literal navel gazing, and find more excuses to answer questions with the word “Space!”.
This week it’s trolleys (not from Mr. Rogers), space patrol (the tv show), archaeologists vs. physicists, and the darkest secrets of itching. Boy are they dark.
Dancemaster Skybetter returns this week to help us uncover the bizarre origin of ballet.
This week we welcome another guest, choreographer Sydney Skybetter, who explains to us what a choreographer actually does (and what that has to do with failed utopian communities). And, as a bonus, he’ll be back next week with even more amazing info about what exactly Nostradamus was doing teaching…
How to steal a saint in five unsurprisingly convoluted steps, as recorded in golden mosaics in Venice, and explained by art historian Letha Ch’ien.
We’re finally back from a too-long break, and joined by a special guest, art historian Letha Ch’ien! This time we’re talking Venetian art history, really old companies, and why you should be careful selling metheglin.
We’ll be back next week with regular episodes, but until then enjoy the story behind the story of War of the Worlds, and an extremely baffling discovery beneath London.
The fax machine is older than you think! Unless you already know how old it is.
In which the AH crew combines three successive Prussian rulers named Frederick, by stacking them into one extremely tall dude. Who was then kidnapped and forced to join the Potsdam Giants.
Time for another round of holiday leftovers. It’s a short episode, but a fun one: we get to talk about one of the feistiest ladies of early America — and the time she stole the president’s clothes while he was skinny dipping.
In which we stare at our hands, learn what a “Vibraslap” is, and try to explain why cats can now has cheezburgers.
And they went with “Alice”, not “Diamond Voldemort”. Congratulations to Dennis, Jess, Anna, and David, and a hearty welcome to Alice. We wish you the best in your future career as queen president doctor.
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