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Dr. Zachary Ardern is an evolutionary biologist using microbial genome and gene expression data to answer fundamental evolutionary questions and to understand microbial diversity better. In this interview, we talk about how evolution can be evi
Rev. Dr. Jerome Creach is the Robert C. Holland Professor of Old Testament at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary. We talk about his view of spiritualizing violence in the Old Testament. More info on Dr. Creach: -----
To celebrate 3,000 subscribers, I did a live Q&A on YouTube. We covered topics such as Classical Theism, Evil, Chelsea, and more! Note in the middle of the recording there is a gap because of poor internet!   Patreon (Thanks!):
This video goes through my own journey and why I am a Christian. I hope you enjoy it! I cover how I think about arguments, my story, the most powerful theistic and atheistic arguments, and more. -------------------------------- GIVING --------
Josh Yen joins me to respond to a video by Matt Dillahunty on the contingency argument. We take a look at Matt's thoughts and then respond. Original Video: -------------------------------- GIVING ----------------
Rev. Dr. Iain Duguid (PhD, Cambridge) is professor of Old Testament at Westminster Theological Seminary. In this interview, I talk with Dr. Duguid about the book of Numbers. We talk about origins, meaning, important questions, and more! Dr. Du
Why isn't God clearer in the Bible? Dr. Randal Rauser joins me to talk about the last chapter of his book, Jesus Loves the Canaanites, and the issue of Biblical Ambiguity. Randal's Book:
Plantinga's Bulldog joins me to look at part v of Emerson Green's video 'Why I am an atheist.' We look at Emerson's claim that Theism suffers from various internal problems. Emerson's Video 'Why I am an Atheist':
It's commonly said that Calvinism makes the problem of evil even worse for Christians. In this interview, I talk with Tyler Vela about Calvinistic answers to the problem of evil, common defenses such as free-will, and more! Tyler's Podcast: ht
A common argument from skeptics is that early Christians looked at Messianic prophecy and then fabricated events about the life of Jesus to fulfill prophecy. Today, I talk with scholar Dr. Michael Brown  @ASKDrBrown  about this important argume
Josh Yen (Apologetics for All) joins me to take a look at Graham Oppy's logical argument from evil. We provide our thoughts and objections. Apologetics for All: Original Video: ------------
Christian apologist Eric Hernandez joins me to chat about substance dualism! Eric presents and defends the view. Eric's Website: 0:00 I  -------------------------------- GIVING ------------------------
Atheist Emerson Green recently released a video titled "Why I am an Atheist." In this video, Kyle Alander ( @Christian Idealism ) and Tim Howard ( @Invoking Theism ) join me to discuss his fourth point where he claims, "Theism is more metaphysi
Dr. Lydia McGrew is a widely published analytic philosopher and author. She received her PhD in English from Vanderbilt University in 1995. She has published extensively in the theory of knowledge, specializing in formal epistemology and in its
Josh Yen (Apologetics for All) joins me to respond to Godless Engineer on the cosmological argument for God. We take a look at John's objections and give our responses. Original Video: Apologetics for All: http:/
Dr. Michael Strauss joins me to respond to Holy Koolaid on the Fine-Tuning argument. In this video, we respond to his original video! Dr. Strauss' Website: Original Video:
I recently participated in a debate with atheist Emerson Green on the problem of evil. In this debate review, I am joined by Kyle Vollmar and Apologetics Squared to talk about indifference, teleological evil, strong evidence, and more! The Deb
In this video, Bram and I review his debate with Rick (Captian Dadpool) on the resurrection. Original Debate: -------------------------------- GIVING -------------------------------- Please consider becoming a Patr
This is a recent debate that I participated in. The question being discussed was "Is Evil Strong Evidence Against God?" Many thanks to the Non-Alchemist who hosted this debate: And Emerson Green for ag
Justin Mooney is a Ph.D. student in the philosophy department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. In this conversation, we talk about his new paper on how to solve the problem of evil. Justin's Paper:
Dr. Paul Barker's PhD was published as The Triumph of Grace in Deuteronomy. He has written books and articles on Amos, Psalms, Deuteronomy, and preaching. In this interview, we talk about big questions surrounding the book of Deuteronomy. Dr.
Josh Yen joins me to critique three apologetic arguments offered by Ken Ham, William Lane Craig, and Frank Turek. Josh and I have respect for these three individuals and do this video out of the hope of trying to help further the dialogue. Apo
John Gleason (Godless Engineer) joins me to discuss how Christians and atheists can build bridges and have better conversations. Godless Engineer: -------------------------------- GIVING ----------
Erik Manning runs the YouTube channel Testify. In this video we respond to a video in which Paulogia 'explains' away the origin of Christianity. Erik's Channel: Paul's Video: https://y
This video is the beginning of a new series taking a look at Origen. In this video we talk about the story of his life. -------------------------------- GIVING -------------------------------- Please consider becoming a Patron! I am a full-ti
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