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A weekly Games, Hobbies and Other Games podcast featuring Benjamin Reed
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We take a break from your regularly (or irregularly) scheduled adventures to bring you another clapcast!
We take a break from your regularly (or irregularly) scheduled adventures to bring you another clapcast!
In the final episode of the Bones of the Hero of the Hollows arc, the Grey Earls meet someone unlikely, and find a new way to come back to Hollows.As COVID-19 travels around the planet, we hope this is a welcome distraction. This episode was re
The Grey Earls fuid themselves facing down the beak of their greatest foe yet, the Black Horror. As Lyrica flees with the youngest member of the party, the rest fortify a crumbling mausoleum, in the hopes that they can best the monster that has
The Grey Earls return to their quest for the Bones of the Hero of the Hollows. On the road they are faced with many random challenges, and learn more about the mysteries of the Ravenlands. They also find a fragile treasure on the road. A burden
With a clapcast! Transparently Nik and Ben have had a lot going on in the past few months. Cars being totaled, mortgages being refinanced, new jobs, new additions to families, and more. It has been overwhelming, but great. We are sorry for the
In which the Grey Earls continue to insist on a split party. In the over-land group; Stek manages a cart, Addison makes a friend, Hardar makes things awkward, and Lyrica digs into her own past. In the over-sea group Voss only kind of suggests k
The Grey Earls find a fishing village with a mysterious secret. The party is split. Entirely by choice, and not at all what the DM wanted. Stek, Addison, Hardar, and Lyrica meet an old friend on the road. Voss and Eramis leave a surprise for th
The Grey Earls are back and better than ever! A new mysterious member joins the party. Random event tables are rolled, much to the delight of Ben. Hardar makes a friend. Then that friend immediately runs off with another friend.We apologize for
This is the first of a series of Post Mortem episodes in which Nik and Ben go over how the previous arc went, what is coming up, and what they learned. We go over highlights from the past 4 actual play episodes, as well as do just a little worl
The Grey Earls are left to clean up their mess after the first with the Rust Brothers. Eramis has a showdown. Hardar gets to know a Sister of Heme. and Olex gets a new permanent roommate. The Earls get a chance to explore the Hollows.Music by M
The Grey Earls engage in their first combat in the Forbidden Lands. Listen as they stumble through mechanics, make questionable decisions, and in the case of Stek, try and run away for a solid 45 minutes unsuccessfully. Addison snipes from the
In this second episode of the actual play season of Adventures In… the Grey Earls get to know the rust brothers, free and elf, and get into a fight most people would call unwise.Adventures In… is a podcast about all parts of role playing games.
In this episode “Adventures In…” goes actual play! Join Nik and Ben in the Forbidden Lands with their players as they begin their campaign. Join Stek the peddler, Adison the hunter, Voss the fighter, Hardar the rouge, Eramis the wizard, and Ole
In this final episode of prep Nik and Ben mostly tie up some loose ends. The exciting news is here! In the show notes! The next full-length podcast will be the start an actual-play campaign set in the Forbidden Lands. Our players that we have b
In which Nik and Ben ramble on about a few odds and ends about their game including quest design and coordination, starting cities, and how to share a character. This is the penultimate episode in our preparation series. Episodes have been ge
In our final faction pitch episode Nic and Ben hammer out the details of a few smaller factions. They talk about the horse riding people of the Quards and Galdanes, as well as the Order of the Maiden in Free League’s Forbidden Lands.We also wan
Nik and Ben pitch four factions in one hour.
In this episode Nik pitches his ideas for a new description of Orc society in the Forbidden Lands. In a previous episode Nik mentioned wanting to change the Orcs wholesale to make sure they had personhood from the very beginning and make playin
This is the first episode in a series where Nik and Ben take turns pitching their ideas for factions in their Forbbiden Lands campaign. This series will be ongoing for until all the factions have been outlined and major NPCs introduced. In th
Nik and Ben talk about the tools they use to plan, run, record, and play their games online.
Nik tells us about Emerald City Comic Con. Ben and Nik talk about why diversity is important in a game world. They don't quite cover all the factions in the game.
Forbidden Lands: http://frialigan.se/en/games/forbidden-lands/
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