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A weekly Business, Investing and Entrepreneur podcast featuring Paula Pant
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#344: Russell’s job offers the option to contribute to a 457 plan. Since he’s in the highest tax bracket, should he take advantage of the tax deferral offered through the 457 or invest within a taxable brokerage account? Anonymous is on track t
Hey Podcast family! Enrollment for our flagship course, Your First Rental Property, is open from now until Thursday, Oct 14 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific! If you want a structured, step-by-step framework to guide you from “clueless novice” to “confiden
Hey Podcast family!!  Our flagship real estate investing course is re-open for enrollment ONLY from now until October 14!!  If you want to stop thinking about maybe buying real estate someday but gee it’s so expensive now …  and you want to *ac
Imagine a line. Cowardice exists at one extreme end of that line. Recklessness exists at the other extreme end. And in the balanced middle, you’ll find courage. Today’s conversation is about courage. We’re not talking about inspiring physical a
Imagine this: You start a side hustle. Maybe you sell planners or lead workouts in the park. You make a few thousand dollars during your first year. It’s fun beer money, but not enough to quit your day job. But you keep growing. You run this as
Have you ever thought, “I’d like to invest in rental real estate but there are no cheap properties in my area!” “Homes in my city are too expensive. I’d have to invest out-of-state, but that sounds terrifying.” Or have you ever thought, “I’m cu
Here are three lessons from this conversation with investment writer Morgan Housel: Lesson #1: Great investors need patience and humility. Lesson #2: Read broadly. Don’t just read books about finance and investing. Read from a broad multi-disci
Meet Kristen Berman, a top researcher in the field of behavioral economics. She’s the co-founder of Irrational Labs, which designs products that are evidence-based in the behavioral sciences. Her co-founder, Dan Ariely, is the James B. Duke Pro
#336: Anonymous and his partner have a one-bedroom condo that they rent out in Pasadena, CA. The problem? They’re barely breaking even. Should they keep the condo, or sell it and make better use of the profits? Sam wants to know: how much of an
Have you ever spent years studying the wrong major, climbing the ladder at the wrong company, chasing the wrong career?  Have you spent years living in the wrong city? Wrong relationship? Wrong lifestyle? It’s hard to discern what *we think we
#334: In today’s episode, we answer three questions from a college senior named Rafael. He asks about productivity tools and tactics, student debt, Robinhood and market investing, and how to establish yourself as an expert in a given domain. We
#333: In the 1890s and early 1900’s, we had recessions every two years. From 2009 to 2020, we enjoyed an 11-year bull run, the longest bull run in history. And when we finally had a recession, it lasted only two months. It was the shortest rece
#332: Ginger’s financial independence (FI) number is $2 million, but she doesn’t want to fully retire early. Once she hits ‘coast’ FI, she wants to 1) buy her time back with outsourcing, 2) take a mini-retirement, and 3) buy a vacation home. Do
#331: Four thousand weeks. That’s how long we live if we’re lucky enough to celebrate our 80th birthday. We rarely think of our lifespan in terms of weeks. When we do, it seems painfully short. And that’s the point that Oliver Burkeman, author
#330: Linda is 58 and wondering how to account for her Social Security benefits when thinking through the 25x expenditure equation. Her expected expenses are $100,000 - $150,000. How can she figure out if she’s ready to retire? Alise has dreame
#329: Have you ever thought about how an economist views financial planning? Would you guess that it's vastly different from how some financial planners approach this work? Today's guest, Laurence Kotlikoff, is a Professor of Economics at Bosto
#328: Sarah O Sahara’s parents sold their rentals and business of 24 years. They’d like to create a trust for their grandkids with boundaries in place to avoid entitlement. How should they structure this trust? Anonymous in Canada has a fully p
#327: The stories of success that highlight talent and hard work don’t tell a complete picture. The best artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs don’t always have innate talent. Not all of them have put in 10,000 hours of practice. What sets them
#326: Anonymous is struggling with being too frugal, possibly to the detriment of her health. I mentioned in a previous episode that I struggled with frugality for a long time. She wants to know: in what ways was frugality a hindrance or an ass
#325: Okay, so everyone and their dog is talking about Bitcoin — but what exactly is it? And what’s Ethereum? If you’re feeling lost in the topic and confused by the jargon, start with this episode in which we cover the basics about blockchain
#324: Rob and his fiancé are grappling with what to do about her $400,000 of federal student loan debt. Should they pay it off immediately, or bank on a 20-year dismissal? “Nurse Dreaming of FI” isn’t sure what her family’s next financial move
#323 Brad and Jonathan from ChooseFI join us for a deep philosophical and practical discussion around what we learned from 2020. We explore... What the pandemic taught us about work, finance, and life The importance of being mentally and logis
#322: Jess wants to reach financial independence by the time she’s 50. But she’s worried that she doesn’t have enough money in cash or taxable brokerage accounts to bridge the gap in her first few years of retirement. What moves should she make
#321: Have you dreamed of making a career transition, only to realize you have no idea where to start, who to talk to, or how to convey your skills to interviewers? Career expert Ashley Stahl has the information you need to take control of your
#320: Rob is hoping to retire at age 60, but he has a pesky mortgage balance he wants to eliminate beforehand. He and his wife expect to inherit $300,000. Should they use this money to pay off their mortgage or should they bulk up their retirem
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