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Canadian Nuclear Winter is over! The Names You Can Quickly Trust In Sports Commentary are back! Wall $t. & Sweets bring you ABDB Ep. Bruce Matthews! We get in the trenches immediately with rap battle talk, a sport in & of itself... There is a Disappearing Act going on at ABC's NBA Countdown, but is it addition by subtraction? Lance Armstrong heeds Slim Charles' words & fights on that lie... AGAIN! What's up with Blacks in Italy? Aldon Smith sacks himself... Who in Hades violates the Holiest of Canadiana? Child Labor Laws mean nothing in Spain... Will disrespects Althea Gibson on her born day & Duane calls Marvin Williams "Gaye"... Athletics make a complicated appearance on the show... College basketball is strictly for live men AND for Freshmen, especially Andrew Wiggins... Turnover in the NBA is Epic, but Transition is Necessary... Sweets & Wall $t. have never started from the bottom, but now we're here with Drake & the Toronto Raptors... What happens when a dead body is more exciting than the Klitschko Brothers? We recount two epic bouts in the Fistic Arts & what happens next for the victors... Jay Bilas is The Trillest! Black QBs are all the rage, but don't get gassed! Peyton Manning is still the standard bearer... Dan Snyder doesn't care what you think about his moral turpitude! Is "League Of Denial" the kill shot for the NFL or just another body for the GoodellFather to bury as he Protects The Shield?... Accents Employed: Ol' Bawl Coach... References: Mr. Cowboy, Little House On The Prairie, @mikewashere @MagnumPrime, @OmarElamam, Jerald Wilks, D-League Thanksgiving, Cristobal Colon Shade, The Glide, Playing Your Position, Larry Merchant, Champagning & Campaigning, Habitual Line Stepping, Criminal Minimalization, Sibling Hate, Freddie Adu-Du, Second Bananas, Soup Coolers, Marion Morrison, Hollywood Shoes, Mandingo, Wedding Crashing, Wranglers, MC Lyte, Pure Power Don't Powertrip, Matthew Broderick, Where's The Beef?, One Percenters, Aubrey Graham, Social Anthropology, Collusion, Uganda, Ted DiBiase, HOV!, Russell Peters, Butterbean, Coach Pants, Rod Tidwell, Gladiator, #GrittyGuttyScottySkiles, Amerigo Vespucci, Coon Smiles, The Wire, Video Game Math, Macklemore, La Cosa Nostra, Steel Sharpens Steel & MORE!!! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!
Please don't hate us for the hiatus! It was a necessary evil as we further our not-so-nefarious plot to take over All Things Great in Sports Social Commentary! You were missed for sure! Welcome to ABDB Episode Dennis Rodman, The LA Edition! We do What's Popular With The Population out the gate, spreading love to a community hoops tourney & an amazing young man who will cause you to think twice about what you value... It's the ABDB Way! Will & Duane examine the difference between Best & Greatest... Wall $t. exposes his inner soft rocker... Somehow, you'll hear The Human Fish & an Ethiopian Emperor's names in the same sentence... Sweets won't discriminate between WNBA & NBA Summer League play: He doesn't watch either! How many times can we utilize the biggest word in the English language? Duane dons The Skeptical Hat as Derrick Rose returns... The Fraud that is Ryan Braun gets flame broiled by The Incredible Two Man Team, with a moldy side of Lance Armstrong & Alex Rodriguez... Should fans even care if sporting heroes we create to meet our entertainment expectations dope to hope & achieve? Anderson Silva Deebo's the pockets of Jon Bones Jones & Georges St. Pierre by getting his meatloaf slumped, but does his aura still shine bright? Will a similar fate befall Floyd Mayweather in his tilt vs. a young, strong & hungry fighter in Canelo Alvarez? Money runs Pretty Tony game on Manny Pacquiao because when he gets a bitch, he got a bitch... The BCS: No Country For Poor Schools... Johnny Football: The Picture Of Entitlement or The Embodiment Of Youth & Hubris... Nothing like having a Muslim Extremist blocking for the Sanchize, right? Aaron Hernandez & the Criminalization of Character go under the ABDB microscope... Accents Employed: Bootleg Creole, Mad Rubliarity, Tabernacling, Ol' Ball Coachese, The Pork Chop Squad Vocals... References: Just-Ice, Khalid Boyd, Hovito, Ms. Uribe, #RampantBlackRedneckery, @micaltaz, The Pre-Tim Duncan, Easy Bake Racism, Uncompensated CFL Endorsers, Darryl McDaniels, Upgrade, Comment Neutrality, MC Eiht, The Light-Skinned-ed Coalition, Portfolio Diversity, The Other DJ Premier, iRobot, Slang For Cigarettes In England, Gub'ments, Texas Western Love, Lawrence Krisna Parker, Hoops CSI, The King Of Conjecture, White-On-White Comparisons, The Mendoza Line, Verbal Intercourse, Kenny Gattison, Pre-Criming, DJ Mike Hitman, Ed The SportsFan & more!!! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!
Because quite often in Sport & Life, synthesized surface conceals the interior, roll with The Incredible Two Man Team of Sweets & Wall $t. as we get to the story behind the stories on ABDB Episode Carlton Fisk. It's our obligation to keep doing What's Popular With The Population! The proceedings get set off as we count The Loss In The Victory of Robbie Rogers' return, examine Nike's deliberation with deading LiveStrong & Driver Profiling... Why are Will & Duane shitting on people on their birthdays? Apologies can be tough if both sides feel like they should be the ones getting the apology... Why is the WNBA probably must-see TV this season? The Road To Riches & Diamond Rings in the NBA playoffs is lined with defense... NBA Coaching Carousel has Patrick Ewing standing on the sideline, waiting to hop the ride... again... Will the blues cruise in Memphis this summer & why is Chris Paul starring in a silent movie? Can you get a degree at Notre Dame or Columbia in decision making? NFL MVP Adrian Peterson's opinion matters only if certain people like it! Not everything is so Black & White with Jay-Z... When it's all said & done after your NFL career, don't look back for help... A family wants a player & his money to soon part... Lucas Matthysee does not care about your well-being, but Antonio Margarito actually does... Sexual discrimination must not show up on a resume when you apply for a gig in New Jersey... Word to Gordon Gekko: Greed Is Good, unless you work for Major League Baseball & ESPN... The Natural Order Of Things take shape as Sweets & Wall $t. do work & make a big announcement... ACCENTS EMPLOYED: DoTheRightThingSmiley, Dr. Evil-ese, Jockographic... REFERENCES: Yasiin Bey, Persona, Too Tall, The Fridge, Terry Bollea, Opposition, Politics As Us-U-Al, Talladega Nights, Forbes List, Nasir bin Olu Dara Jones, Grown Man Biness, Haberdashery Envy, #RampantBlackRedneckery, American Might, Tomate d'Can, Fish Tales, Education Pays, Homecoming, #ThreeToSee, WNBA Dunk Contest, Bret Hart, Tron Amendment, Bridesmaids, Charlie Chaplin, Chopped Meat, CyberStupidity, Enlightenment, Borg, The New Danger, Screening Process, Misremembered, The Squeeze Play, ProVox, Cross Pollination, #ABDBFam Roll Call, WMDing & MORE!!! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!
Fear Not, Fear Not! Once again The Incredible Two Man Team of Sweets & Wall $t. submit to you All Balls Don't Bounce, Episode Evgeni Malkin. We stay winnin' on our Champagne Campaign in bringing you the stories behind the stories in sports! Duane is deep into his nicknomenclature as we set it off with gang signs in athletics, futbol never getting any positive burn on the show & some Roger Clemens slander to boot... Will & Duane shade Ray Lewis a bit as they debate the validity of a Shark calling out a Tiger... Sweets catches a case of temporarily permanent amnesia when we fete The GOAT on his nuptials... Brian Burke launches a sophisticated lawsuit & the Twitter screets shudder in fear! Our special guest Andy Fruman aka @GrumpyOldSport from SB Nation's Bad Left Hook is on the check-in with The WMDs to chat The Fistic Arts... Risk/Reward factor for the most anticipated bout in MMA history is examined... Something is rotten in the state of Argentina... Paulie Malignaggi plays patsy for the Can Man... After Floyd Mayweather's virtuoso performance over Robert Guerrero, we ask Andy what's next on the menu for Money & why he may or may not be the Best To Ever Do It in Boxing... The NCAA is looking to amend football coaches' Friends & Family Plan while sweatshop workers are now making as much as some student-ath-o-letes... Simpin' Ain't Easy, Mario Williams... Will's been in Canada too long... Chris Kluwe is out of Minnesota, but is it for being outspoken? Amateur extortion scheming amuses Sweets & Wall $t... Last but not least, The Curious Tale of Jason Collins & the contradictory idea of support... ACCENTS EMPLOYED: Lounge Sanga Stitcher, Facinda-ing, JangaLang JangaLang... REFERENCES: Dear Summer, An-Fer-Nee, Webster, The N-Word, Antwan Patton, Baby Pee Dealers, Litigious, The Ewing Wedding Theory, #iBeThePappy TV, Tha Liks, Fidel Castro, Woodsy The Owl, Empty Calories, Burners, Twitter Tofu, Solution In Song, Simptastically Incorrect, Pulp Fiction, Excommunication, The Mexican Hunter & MORE! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!
We keep gettin' our math up & thank you for allowing us to keep droppin' that sports talk science. We spread el ooh vee eee! It's The ABDB Way! Welcome to Episode Artie Donovan, where you'll love it when they call on Big Papi! Wall $t stops himself on the first of many a slippery slopes we face on the show. Sweets has geography problems that we make history quick & reminds us that rights can never be wrong, right? Dennis Rodman doesn't rock a snitch jacket, Jon Bon Jovi's son is not wanted dead or alive & Lance Armstrong is downsizing for the impending storm... Duane & Will examine the 2013 WNBA Draft & wonder about the future of the league... We look at the Delicate Ballet around Kobe Bryant... The first round of the NBA Playoffs have revealed that you should never test old man screnf, never let your insurance lapse with Cliff Paul or never disrespect Mr. Mama, There Goes That Man! The WMDs slander names from the Gulf Coast & discuss "The Black Problem" in baseball... The class action suit vs the NFL may have just gotten tighter... What does Britney Griner have to do with the NFL Draft? Wall $t & Sweets sniff out the pyramid scheming of the "new" BCS bowl playoff system... Will violates Fallon Fox, but not like Matt Mitrione did! Some of Chael Sonnen's best friends are... you know what? Nevermind... Will "The Canelo Curse" befall Money Mayweather on May 4th? Accents Employed: Menino Mashup, Boston Strongese, The Truman Show Promos, Kyrie Irving Vowels, Mora Iversoning... References: Booker T, Corporate Brown Nosing, Deval Patrick, Conspiracy Theories, Harvey Levin, Border Wars, Pop Rocks, Pre-Crime, Unleavened, Blazay Blazay, Skull & Bones, Earl Stevens, @MagnumPrime, ABDB TV, Retirement Checks, #ComicSans, Run TMC, Gone With The Wind, Tangentializing, Black Woman Hair Politics, Gordon Solie, Disputing Undisputing, Syntactionally Incorrect, Rich Kidd & MORE!!! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!
Amidst the cacophony of fake hustle sports debate & prevarication, a true voice rises & The Incredible Two Man team carries the torch to bring you the stories behind the stories! Welcome to ABDB Episode Andy Desjardins! Duane & Will stretch their hockey knowledge to its limits right after the NHL trade deadline... They also speak on a unique barter system in the NFL, a resurrection that has no tie to Easter & a moment of Ardent AssClownery... We set it off with The Curious Case Of Kevin Ware, where love don't pay the bills, but... Are we all wrong about Brittney Griner? Sweets & Wall $t. examine the Truth & Consequences for Aquille Carr... Andrew Wiggins must make The Decision II & John Calipari wants IN! We look at Mike Rice's Scarlet Letter & find out why Oregon Ducks forward Arsalan Kazemi bounced quick fast like Ramadan from Rice University... We pat the pockets of Andy Enfield while Will lobbies hard for a friend & destroys a Biblical reference... The guys commiserate over the loneliness of Being Kareem as new UCLA coach Steve Alford helps us to punctuate the hypocrisy of a sick system... Duane thinks Will's spending too much time eye hustlin' on Alex Rodriguez' wallet... Can you bet on Black with the Atlanta Braves outfield & not sound racist? Jay-Z & Robinson Cano: The Fear of Black Partnership... Why is HBO Boxing so emotional & is Adrien Broner the reason? Robert Guerrero, meet Plaxico Burress... Donovan McNabb wants to know why it's Hatin' if it's The Truth... Which 'Cism is it as Sweets tries to sidestep the Elephant in the room... Accents Employed: Barry White Stitcher, The "B" In "Subtle" Shit Starter, Bodymore Murderland Deserve... References: Duval Clear, The Shocker, Air Winking, Hockey Trophies, Incontinence, Lauryn Hill, Machiavelli, Judge Mathis, Michael Irvin, Rapper Name Checking, The Large Professor, Kriss Kross, NWO, Lenny Wilkens, Tri-Curiosity, The 4 Basic Food Groups Of Texas, Worker's Compensation, Chris Rock, Robitussin, Ed O'Bannon, Outsourcing, God's Image, Morgan P. Campbell, The Maury Show, Lack Of Institutional Control, Tiny Lister, The Harvard Of The South, al-Qaeda, Tim Donaghy Smile, Litigious, #FreeJoeyGreco, Percy Miller, Rap-A-Lot, Carlton Ridenhour, Catching Feelings, Felonious Stupidity, #NoRomo, Rakim and MORE!!! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!
We Can Do All Things! And it's a Celebration, Bitches!!! The WMDs just created a holiday & you're all invited! Papal Conclaves mean nothing to us unless Tim Tebow wins! No Holy Water & we don't drink, but Duane & Will want you to pray to The Patron Saint of Smooth Sports Talk Flow, St. Ides (aka Good Day O'Shea), & listen responsibly! Welcome to ABDB Episode L.C. Greenwood! We commence with Wall $t. quoting The Bard & Sweets bequeathing titles... Are NFL teams wondering if league prospects are "Tight Ends" Or "Wide Receivers"? C'mon, Dog! Leave Mike Vick alone! eThugs & iGangstas Beware! The Incredible Two Man Team disagree on hockey etiquette, criminality & how Donovan McNabb got onto the ice... As best wishes & happy trails are blazed, Everest College got next & we keep it a buck with Mo Rivera... Did Will throw shade on a blind kid? 2013 has not been a great year for Brandon E. Knight! Happy Born Day Shouts to the Chris Jericho of the NFL, The Teflon Rape Don, The Cyborg, A Guy Named Dick & Sweets offers some "booger sugar" to the wrong baseball coke fiend! The Executioner kills a King & a Cloud all in one night... Junior gets taxed for the Wake & Bake... Manny Pacquiao channels his inner Rod Tidwell as he tries to become an Ambassador of Yuan... Florida Boxing Commission & Wall $t. ask "What Da Tuck"? French Canadians get a bad rap in the trash talk game from Will... Ben Howland can get you to the NBA, but... Our listeners are asked to help us when The Catholic 7 just won't do... The NBA is about to test for HGH & Hedo Turkoglu is scuuured... Bud Selig is The Pot Calling The Kettle Wack... Diplomatic Relations between Canada & their neighbor Mexico may never be the same again, Sweets drops a classic wrasslin' reference & Larry Walker is all about the overkill... Friends don't let friends end a great podcast with a bad story, so... A different kind of Hurricane Hugo ends in Venezuela & Major League Baseball owners rejoice... Accents Employed: Ahmuricun... References: Racist Mascots, Shakespeare, The Kniiiiifffe, The Girlfriend Whisperer, Keyboard Courage, #RampantBlackMulletry, Massengill, Ed Maisonette, Memes, Jerry McGuire, FiF, Fallon Fox, Dr. Richard Raskind, Canadian Impaired, Snot Boogie, Brent Scott, En Fuego, Gub'ment Names, Human Currency, Uganda & MORE!!! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!
The suspense is OVER! The Red Carpet is rolled our for the return of The Incredible Two Man Team of Duane "Sweets" Watson & "Wall $t" Will Strickland. With no further adieu, the award for the Best Sports Talk Podcast on the planet is... We open the festivities on ABDB Episode Bob Kuechenberg with a fascinating display of Will's hockey knowledge before getting our super sleuthing on with the Oscar Pistorius case... Youth hockey is a trip & the excursion toward sense & sensibility at the NCAA is an ongoing struggle... Johnny Manziel creates a new term: Student-Celebrity... Sweets doesn't care about the World Baseball Classic, but loves Ugandan Little League play... We discuss Halls Of Fame equality, Duane's dirty secret about Shannon Sharpe, Will's beef & the value of Prime Ministerial Love... #RampantBlackRedneckery rears it head as Danica Patrick's showing at Daytona has us asking questions we hope are answered... While young Black drivers are breaking down barriers in NASCAR, seems Footie continues to be clueless. Duane Watson has a theory, but you better not call it "soccer"! We shift from the pitch to the gridiron & chat on how good it is to be The King... Rhonda Rousey makes herstory & history... Is the biggest fight on Canadian soil in its history The Sound Of One Hand Clapping? Can The Can Man Be The Man? Sweets & Wall $t speak on why it's called prizefighting & why Floyd Mayweather is the best in the World at finding that prize... As the Madness of March is upon us, the winds of change blow strong in the SEC... Who's the Men's College Basketball Player of the Year? Dennis Rodman: Diplomat? Derek Fisher is all about Family First & the Indiana Pacers invite the Warriors come out to plaaaaa-aaa-aaaay!!! Accents Employed: Ricardo Montelban, Correspondent Course Johnny, Formal Slave Owner... References: Chuck D, Heredity, OJ Simpson, Chris Benoit, The Karate Kid, The U, The Chosen One, The Fab Five, Russell Peters, Alimoe, And1 Mixtapes, Panty Hose Bandit, Willie Dennis, For Us By Us, Taking The Pole, KKK, Verbal Diarrhea, Gina Carano, Diversity, PSY, #NoSandusky, Otto-Matic & MORE!!! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!
Can you feel it? Nothin' can save ya, for this is the season of catching the vapors! Welcome to ABDB Ep. Mario Lemieux as we skate further & further into Suspension of Disbelief with sports! Who you CAN trust to walk you through the fog, carrying the torch is The Incredible Two Man Team of Sweets & Wall $t.! The requisite housekeeping out the way, we set it off with some quick hits around the world of sport. As per usual, Happy Trails are wished, Congrats are offered, Rest In Power shouts out are given & Happy Birthday love is spread... The Black History Eve Edition of ABDB would not be as groundbreakingly complete without pioneer & Friend of the Program, Nicholas "Nick NoHeart" Tuths, writer/producer/blogger of MSNBC's "The Cycle" & formerly of "Filling The Lanes"... Right off the rip, we acknowledge Eric Cartman had a Dream, but when the NCAA gets a bitch, they got a bitch... Even Peyton Manning can't save University Of Tennessee right now... Nick's love for leprechauns gets revealed because of Manti Te'o & money... What's the meaning of so many underclassmen declaring eligible for the NFL? Deer Antler Spray: It's What For Dinner! As The Super Bowl is upon us, the guys examine of The Paradox Of Ray Lewis... Could "The Ball Hawk" Ed Reed become The New Ray Allen? The NFL says "No Bueno" to The Harbaugh Bowl... Randy Moss vs. Jerry Rice: No Competition... Chris Culliver gets his Super Bowl shine on in the wrong way... Is Colin Kaepernick "One Take Hov?" Does Roger Goodell care what you think of him? Bernard Pollard's vision of the NFL that won't exist in 30 years may have been previewed in the Pro Bowl... Nick, Will & Duane prognosticate on the Super Bowl before we finally retire Alex Rodriguez & dole his dough out to Joe Flacco... The WMD's shift gears into hoops as the NCAA channels their inner Tu Holloway... we examine some "Subjects Of Interest" in men's college basketball before reviewing the biggest game of the year... Billy Hunter gets his spring cleaning done early... Are the Celts done without Rajon Rondo... Robert Parish: A Chief In Celtics Clothing... By Kobe! We Think The Lakers Get It... As we wind it down, we look at whether or not Chris Bosh a Hall Of Famer & Allen Iverson's influence on the NBA... Accents Employed: Stitcher Remix, Black & Sassy, Bad Mary. J. Blige... References: Marcel Hall, Super Mario, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Nicky Gypsy, Stopping Short, Navarre, Character, Jungle Noises, Post-Racial, Hammurabi's Code, Dave Chappelle, 2 Piece & Biscuit, "Regular" Guys, The Roc, Assists, Pop-A-Shot, Balance, Shuffleboard, The Oracle, Old Man Strength, Ken Griffey Home Run Derby, Filling The Lanes, The Cycle, Yacubian, Shamateurism, Brockovichian, Tee Martin, Vincent Yarborough, Boston College, Slim Charles, Twist, S.W.A.T.S., Pen Cameras, #NoRomonowski, Django Unspoken, Butthurt, Doug Williams, Pussification, 1On1 Knockout, Snowbirds, HiiiYoooo, Phi Slama Jama, YCMA Old Man Game, The Fab Five, The Kang, Soul Glo, D12 Shade, Joe Barely Cares, Kareem Syndrome, Ed Archer & MORE!!! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!
2013 is here & The Incredible Two Man Team welcomes you to The Elvin Bethea Edition of All Balls Don't Bounce! A little housekeeping is in order after a month away & we come out swinging! Money Can't Buy Tiger Woods Love, But... Move Over, Jamaican Bobsled Team... More Syracuse Orange Crush... Kevin Prince-Boateng Kicks Racism In The Teeth, Kinda... Will & Duane talk a little bowling, but there's no 7-10 split... Wade Davis is a Closet Shaker... Congrats are in order for some NFL Hall Of Fame nominees & Popeye's son... Happy B-Day Shouts are on hulk, but well worth it... Muhammad Ali's unrivaled greatness is discussed with our first guest, filmmaker Amani Martin... We bring in the Heavyweight Sportswriting Champ of Philly, Michael Tillery, to rock the mic with Sweets & Wall $t. on the happiest guy on the planet in Lance Armstrong now that Manti T'eo has apparently duped us all... Manti! Say It Ain't T'eo! Staying in South Bend, we Welcome You To The Terrordome: Notre Dame Football's Golden Dome Of Silence & look at The Great Paper Caper that was Fighting Irish's run to the BCS Championship Game... The Guys ponder if only Chris Rainey had spoken to Big Ben first... Did Bernie Kosar find a way to save the NFL some money? The Curious Case Of The NFL Coaching Carousel is a topic of great discussion before we make our picks in the AFC & NFC Championship games... Though baseball writers told us the 1990's never happened per their Hall Of Fame votes, Mizzo, Sweets & Wall $t weigh in with thoughts... The Brothers see how righteous it is to be down with The Pope, take you to venues where you can get in for free, but it'll cost you & check why Gregg Popovich gets a summons to appear in Florida since his players didn't... Melo! You familiar with the phenom professionally known as Rockwell? Could LeBron James correct The Mistake By The Lake? As we push back from the Grown Folks' Table after a full serving of great sports talk, Michael, Will & Duane wonder if 50 years after Dr. Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream" speech, how much has really changed for the Black Athlete in America? Accents Employed: JaFakin', Boxeo, French Canadianese, WhistleBlower Whine, Gritty Gutty See... References: Early Retirement Plan, Danny Schayes, North Pole Hoops, On Point, Co-Ed Hoops Challenge, Simping, The Beatles, The Wall St. Journal Of Yard, Inducements, Porky's, Enlightenment, PDA, ESPN Ocho, Hyper Masculinity, Snitching, Big Boi, Popeye Jones, Racist Nicknames, Excommunication, Miller Time Shade, The Hamburglar, Special Ed, FLOTUS, Bryant Gumbel,Fluffing, RICO Predicates, Deadspin, George Gipp, Catfish, Public Enemy, The Teflon Rape Don, He Hate Me, The Rooney Rule, Lugz, HGH, Walter Berry, Chris Luva Luva, Adam Yauch, Winning Strike, Can Ball Ray, Bus Gate, Luaus, Artis Uppercut, New Age Revolutionaries, Soul Models & MORE!!! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!
We don't believe the Mayans were right. But if you do & we have but a week to live on the Planet Earth, make sure you let Wall $t & Sweets, The Storytelling Sports Magellans, help you navigate the stories behind the stories for one last time with ABDB Episode 64!!! After a lil' housekeeping, we set off the festivities with questions about Imitation being the Highest Form of Flattery, an 800 lb gorilla on the ice & what A-Rod & Bo Jackson have in common... Magic Johnson is the Jay-Z of Major League Baseball... Now that the Angels now have a Murderer's Row; can God Forgive? Whatever the case, there is no Mercy Rule in Indiana... The guys offer congrats to a snake, a king & a college football history maker & show some love for golf's real playa playa, some boxing greats & a couple pariahs of the diamond... Rest In Powers shouts get contentious & with good reason, but the day is brightened by Born Day Salutes the ABDB Way... After Duane & Will share an interesting story about Jim Brown & Muhammad Ali as well as another fight that will NEVER happen, we're joined by Heavyweight Contender & new Head Trainer of the legendary Kronk Gym in Detroit, Johnathon Banks. JB spars with us to talk Emanuel Steward, Andre Ward's Protection, Cotto, Canelo & Maravilla, Manny Pacquiao vs. Juan Manuel Marquez before eventually ending up on the road paved with gold, platinum & diamonds to Floyd Mayweather... College Football Bowl Season brings the regular coaching shuffle... Is Chik-Fil-A as flaky as Bret Bielema? Bobby Petrino gets a new gig because he's a good coach... not because he broke any rules, right? Charlie Strong is more than just a name... We examine the very slippery slope The Ohio State University's football team is sliding on now... Tags Poppin' & Protecting The Shield as Goodell is Coasting To Push The Kick... Adderall At It Again? Some injuries never heal... Jovan Belcher: The Aftermath... Will we become Prisoners Of The Moment? Josh Brent: Tragedy strikes again, but did it have to? Is RGIII Black Enough for you? Should we salute Gabrielle Ludwig or is it just a stunt? Will & Duane go 3 In The Key with some of Women's College Basketball's best before we move to the Men's side & review The Kind Of Fall Coach Cal was not looking for at the University of Kentucky... David Stern is Hacked Off! Stack got Jacked as a Victim of His Past & Kevin can't find Love In Minny... We close with an understanding of the #2: It's The Shit, Literally & Figuratively as we say goodbye to 2012 & thank each & every one of you for being a part of the ABDB Family... Accents Employed: Scott Skiles Gangster, Good Ol' Willie Mitchell, Buffalo Hawkey, AWA Wrasslin', The Boris, You Know_______?, Arkanspeak, What's In Your Wallet... References: Corey Woods, Inclusion, #1On1WithWillAndDuane, North Pole Hoops, Orphan Tears, #WM40A, Boxing Day, #PartsUnknown, Accoutrement, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Easy Bake, Double Standards, Emaciated Elephants, Metropolitans, Remember The ABA, Down With The King, The Hall Of Achievement, Roid Boys, Doc Rivers, Russell Crowe, Shaq vs., J. Prince, Kronk, BBKing, Chik-Fil-A Shade, Iniquity, Dang Ol' Hank Hill, Deadbeat Daddyism, Capital One Compliance Plan, The Disconnect, Gun Control, Flight Simulator, Myopia, Dany Heatley, Black is Black, The Great Emancipator, Kye Allums, School Daze, ESPN Ocho, Respectful Appreciation, John Anderton, Jerry McGuire, Twin Towers, Whiff Of The Duece, Sharing is Caring & MORE!!! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!
Change is the one constant in Life & always inevitable, but don't be scuuurrred! Unlike Legendary MC Slick Rick's recent "performance" at The Barclay's Center in Brooklyn during halftime of the Nets-Knicks game, riding with Wall $t. & Sweets on ABDB Ep. 63 won't be "The Moment You Feared"! We spread love The ABDB Way as we offer congrats to Major League Baseball's regular season award winners... in November... Get to know the name Amina Hussein because The Countdown Is On for Will to catch a case for stalking her... Happy Trails to Fireman Ed, who is not to be confused with Fire Marshall Bill... Rest In Paradise shouts out to one of the most important men in pro sports history, a coach's daughter & a sequined boxing champ... The WMD's celebrate the born days of some music greats, CFL icons, baseball legends & a hoops god & the man who coined the phrase "Triple Double"... College football's desire to create super conferences is all about competitive advantage, right? Wars have been fought over control of sugar, but does the same apply for The Sugar Bowl? Word to Greg Nice & Smooth B, Forget The Iron Bowl! It's all about that G-O-L-D! The Ohio State Buckeyes are All Dressed Up with Nowhere To Go... Sweets' beloved CFL celebrates its 100th Grey Cup & he was there to see it! Certain Thanksgiving NFL traditions don't die as Charlie Brown still can kick the damn ball, but... It's Adderall Or Nothing as NFL DBs confuse Cover 2 with Taking 2... Brad Keselowski is the People's Champ of NASCAR... #RampantBlackRedneckery is realized in a major way... Will appreciated HBO's Max Kellerman's eulogy of Hector Camacho until he went too far... Ricky Hatton doesn't believe the hype anymore, does he? The Ghost rises in the ring, now who's next? Word To Nas, Adrien Broner knows He Can... Jack Taylor thinks even Kobe's elbow got tired watching him shoot & Sweets is offended... The Incredible Two Man Team wishes the best for a fallen WNBA star & break down how The Myth of Coaching Bias in the NBA is all about juking the stats... Duane shares a story about his mom's introduction to football as we examine whether Black Protectionism happens in sports... Wall $t. tells how his Dear Ol' Dad (God Bless The Dead) used to fine his youngins for flopping... We give ZBo & The Memphis Grizzlies some well-deserved love... Starting in the NBA: No Country For Old Men, Pau & STAT... Jeremy Lin, welcome to the Truth Party... Andrew Bynum doesn't care what you think... Will & Duane ask "Why?" to Brandon Roy & Michael Finley & see the Dawning in Dallas with Dirk... Finally, we look at some Duke-on-Duke crime, discuss a special basketball run we had & keep our fingers crossed to land a very special guest for 2012's last episode of ABDB... Accents Employed: DIT-KA... References: Ricky Walters, Stunts Blunts & Hip Hop, Joe Budden, Harmon Killebrew, Pre-Employment Sexual Harassment, "Fanning", Adrianna Lima, Philadering & Snitching, Ike Turner Shade, Name Dropping, Mr. Coffee, @MagnumPrime, SkyDome, Varsity Thanksgiving, #NoRomo, Lucy Van Pelt, Pussification, "We Want Eazy!", @Deacon_TKD, The P is For..., HALF!, Waterless Swimming, Teen Wolf, Steveland Morris, The Shadow League, Miming, No Look Punches, Dinosaur Meat, Nerd Trash Talk & more!!! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!
Word is Bond, The Spirit Of Rakim Allah flows thru this episode of All Balls Don't Bounce! Will & Duane welcome you into The Sweets Spot for some Sports Media Deconstruction... A seminal song about the use of condoms somehow erroneously gets reconfigured in discussing Kobe Bryant(Pun Intended?)... Will & Duane reminisce on their first vehicles, a young man's streetball evolution to Grown Man Biness & a recent pickup basketball run as the holiday season approaches... We review some recent film screenings ABDB's been a part of & Wall $t. gets his Native American cameo on in one of them... The WMD's offer congrats to the 2012 NHL Hall Of Fame inductees... Word To O'Shea: Today It Was A Blue Jay... Hope Ain't Solo No Mo, Tho... Codespeak? Ninja, Please!!! Lance Armstrong's smug ass is DeadWeak... The Incredible Two Man Team blaze happy trails for their favorite Turk, send Rest In Power shouts to some legends & give Happy B-Day goodwill to many as we spread Love The ABDB Way... Sweets & Wall $t. Start The March To Madness... Duane gives Will his propers & dues on his assessment of the Lakers' head coaching carousel... Before the secession plans of Texas fall thru, we examine the curious cases of Houston Rockets' Royce White & Jeremy Lin... The Weight & Cost Of Words... Sweets makes a questionable comment about Blake Griffin before we realize the Mayans may have been right when the Clippers & James Dolan owned Knicks are amongst the best teams in the NBA... We big up the Charlotte Bobcats while throwing shade on the Carolina Panthers... Hopping into the ring, Sweets & Wall $t. examine the possible future of boxing as a big weekend of championship bouts are upon us... Former besties Floyd Mayweather & 50 Cent go straight Whodini & wonder how many of us have them... Somehow, we segue into baseball & Nate Silver while chatting on Money May's gambling acumen... Will questions the sense of baseball voting on regular season awards 2 months after the end of the regular season... The guys review the Darwin Awards winning duo of USC head football coach Lane Kiffin, who's constantly getting more for doing less & Washington State's Mike Leach, The Poor Man's Lane Kiffin... The Danger of Fakin' It in the NFL... Can suicide ever be called premature? BREAKING: Tim Tebow Is... Nevermind... The Atlanta Falcons support Mercury Morris' drinking habit... Duane comes up with another idea for ABDB Enterprises... Graham Spanier: The Next Domino to fall... Salute to Bill O'Brien... Syracuse Quietly Gets Back To Business, but everything's not Fine... Duane & Will lament the fall of Elmo while soapboxing on American politics... Wall $t. throws shade on a beloved character from Sesame Street & Gloria James... The NCAA's Subjective Selective Objectivity... What exactly is The Shabazz Job? Accents Employed: Stitcher Raaayyydeeeooo, Faux First Nations, Perk Grunt, Cultured Boogie, Gritty Gutty Gangsta, Don Da Jewelah, High Snuffleupagus, Djimon Housou-ese... References: Kool DJ Red Alert, Suzuki Sidekick, Sterling 825 SL, Directing Traffic, DJ Cucumber Slice, Reverb, Disco Tribe, Resourcefulness, Ray Bala, Drew Ebanks, Josh Lewenberg, Quebec Nordiques, Ice Cube, IKEA, Tina Turner, Rhonda Rousey, Buicks, Slanguistically Incorrectness, General Skandor Akbar, Whitemanistan, Clarksville's Finest, Thoatbox, Memphis Grizzlies Ownership Group, Glassing, Baby LeBron, Ivan Lendl, Tomate' D'Can, Cuties, BFFs, Child Support For Ray J, Sabermetrics, Billy Clyde, Hip Hop vs Rap, The Round Mound Of The Sound(bite), Mad Magazine, 2Chainz, Amistad, @MagnumPrime, William Drayton, Jr., Rap Is Outta Control & more!!! ABDB is Meaning, Movement, Mentality, Community and Conversation. Email us at Find us on Stitcher Radio, iTunes Music Store, Facebook, Tumblr & Twitter!
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