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As we roll into 2021, Climatologist Rick Thoman and Brian Brettschneider talk about the top 3 weather events that occurred in Alaska in 2020. Rick Thoman is a Climate Specialist for the Alaska Center of Climate Assessment and Policy at University of Alaska Fairbanks. Brian Brettschneider is a Research Physical Scientist with the National Weather Service Alaska Region. In this conversation, we also discussed the role social media plays in gathering weather information, as well as the developments of weather collection technology. Thanks for tuning in to All Cooped Up Alaska!Katie WriterPodcaster, Pilot, PhotographerTo see Katie's aerial photography of Alaska and artwork, go to:
Alaska Public Media New's Director, Lori Townsend has been a prominent voice in Alaska since 2003. Townsend has another voice of fiction and has released her third book, "Operation Wind Storm: Manifest Destiny meets the Green Revolution".Today's interview coincided with her birthday. Listen to Lori talk about what motivates her in creating her heroine character, Zilla Gillette, a spunky and brave journalist.You can reach Lori on her Facebook Page: Lori Townsend~Author  and order "Operation Windstorm" on Amazon link below. tuned for scholarship opportunities for young journalists on Lori's Facebook Page.Thanks for tuning in to All Cooped Up Alaska!Katie Writer
It's December 11th and we are approaching winter solstice.Alaskans love this landmark as we are in the long nights of winter. In this episode, we talk about what Alaskans do to fill their cups in the long winter nights.Thanks for tuning in to All Cooped Up Alaska!Katie WriterYou can see my art and photography on website below.Get 15% off your order for limited time.Code in checkout: podcast15Free 2021 wall calendar for orders $150 or more.https://www.katiewritergallery.com
Climatology continues to play a huge role in the education and preparation for Alaskans in a  changing climate. Rick Thoman tried to retire  a couple years ago, but finds that his passion for all things climate keep him working with the scientific community. After receiving an honor of the 2020 NOAA Distinguished Career Award for Professional Achievement, Rick continues to share his knowledge with his colleagues, including Brian Brettschneider of Anchorage. PhD Climatologist  and Environmental Geographer, Brian Brettschneider,  works closely with Rick Thoman, who lives in Fairbanks, Alaska. While he claims to not have left Anchorage since the start of the pandemic, Brian may be seen in the high country of the Chugach Mountains or along the coastline with his drone. Both contribute their expertise to the scientific community as well as the aviation community with the ever evolving weather forecast center.Thanks to our guests, Rick(@AlaskaWx) and Brian(@Climatologist49)for making today's podcast extra special. Happy Friday from Alaska!Katie Writer@akktwriterPilot/photographer/journalist/artistPS. You can see Alaskan Aerial Photography and Nature Inspired Art at:https://www.katiewritergallery.comRecently Published Article in AOPA Pilot Magazine October 2020 issue:"Witness to Change~General Aviation's Role in the Study of Climate".
The history of Alaskan heroes goes far and wide in this vast state. One particular legend is a woman named Mollie Boyer of Palmer, Alaska. Mollie is the RECYCLING GURU of Alaska.  For those who have had the privilege of meeting Mollie, she has an unforgettable smile and spirit that fills any room with her immense knowledge of all things recycling. In 2019, Mollie retired after 22 years of devotion to the founding and growth of VCRS in Palmer.  She retired early due to cancer. Still, she contributes her knowledge of recycling while she is undergoing radiation treatments.  She has dedicated her life work to mentoring other recycling programs while getting VCRS started and will always be a legend of Recycling in Alaska and beyond. To contribute to the Recycle Revival, contact VCRS(Valley Community Recycling Solutions) at:https://www.valleyrecycling.org907/745-5544Thank you for listening to All Cooped Up Alaska!Katie Writerktphotowork@gmail.comKatie Writer Gallery will be donating an aerial image of the beautiful Alaskan wilderness and an airplane ride in a Super Cub for this year's 2020  Recycle Revival Silent Auction!
Since the first episode of All Cooped Up Alaska on March 23, 2020, there have been numerous topics covered on this fun, uplifting and informative Podcast that aims to keep your spirits up during a pandemic. Thanks to all of you listeners who have been tuning in to All Cooped Up Alaska, we have just about reached 1000 downloads. There will be more exciting episodes. In addition to being a Podcaster, check out my aerial photography and original artwork on the webpage, Katie Writer Gallery, listed below. https://www.katiewritergallery.comIn addition, here is the digital link to AOPA Pilot Magazine October 2020issue that features an important topic at this time, Climate Change. Below you can learn about what pilots are seeing in the landscape, including glaciers and rivers. As an author and photographer of this story, it is a pleasure to share the link with you. so much for listening! Email me if you have any topics that you'd like to hear on All Cooped Up Alaska.Katie WriterAll Cooped Up Alaskaktphotowork@gmail.comPS. Receive 10% off merchandise on website listed above for beautiful fine art prints...Coupon Code FALL10. Limited time only. You can Follow me on Social Media:
This episode is about observations of climate change in Alaska, which is known for its' challenging weather for pilots and remote airports.  The FAA webcam program that was once a graduate student's dissertation has become a cornerstone to  increasing safety and efficiency for pilots in Alaska and Canada. The data used from airports also has become reliable information for the study of climate. Climatologists, pilots and aviation are working together to better understand how to efficiently forecast weather and understand trends of climate changes. An edited version of this story has been published in AOPA Pilot Magazine October 2020 issue called, "Witness to Change~General Aviation's Role in documenting climate change in Alaska".Here is a link to the story. you for tuning into All Cooped Up Alaska.You can find more of my art and aerial photography of this topic on my website. https://www.katiewritergallery.comLet me know what your observations of climate change are in your corner of the world.Sincerely, Katie WriterJournalist/Pilot/Podcaster/PhotographerAll Cooped Up
Living with out live music is not really living. Musical and talented, Jaimie Branch, Jason Ajemian, and Butchy Fuego decided enough was enough! This pandemic was making live music events almost impossible to hold safely...but there were solutions. A floatilla concert on Christiansen Lake of Talkeetna, Alaska where the band was on a floating stage made of float plane pontoons. The whole town showed up(almost) with their own boats where everyone could social distance and watch these world renowned musicians rock out. You like this music? You can hear more of their work and even throw some funds into their tip jar if you didn't get to the floating one on the lake that fine sunny day in September. Instagram: Alaska Bush Funkwww.jaimiebranch.comPaypal: jaimiebranch@gmail.comArtificial HorizonSpecial thanks to these talented musicians for bringing up the vibes and to Paul Roderick of Talkeetna Air Taxi for provided the resources for the floatilla.And thank you for tuning into All Cooped Up Alaska. Katie WriterYou can like my FB page for Katie Writer Photography and Art: my website for Fine Art Prints,  Alaskan Aerial Photography and Abstract Art.https://www.katiewritergallery.comInstagram: Katie.Writer
Being a professional photographer has been a lifetime passion for Jim Livingston. He picked up a camera at age 14. While Jim has been honing his craft for four decades, he has filled the shoes of various careers, including serving others as a social worker and practicing law. Jim studied photography at Amarillo College.Currently, Jim's passion for his art/photography business is not only his love and joy, his work continues to inspire others. Panhandle Magazine and Accent West are two magazines that recently featured Jim's work. Jim is well known as The Texas night sky photographer, "I am Route 66", a storm chaser, and helping others in a time when Covid has challenged small business owners.  Check out his amazing work at:
Art and creative expression have long been known as a therapeutic remedy since ancient times. This podcast speaks with two talented artists who are both teachers and creators of art for the greater good of society. Bekah Mathiesen has dual degree in Art Education and Printmaking from Culver-Stockton College in Canton, Missouri. For 7 years, Bekah taught Art at Talkeetna Elementary School for 7 years before going to Southwestern College in Santa Fe, New Mexico for multiple master degrees, including art therapy and counseling. She is also studying for a certificate in children's mental health and school therapy as well as eco therapy. She still calls Talkeetna, Alaska home where she continues her love of the outdoors, fishing, and family. In fact, she is well known to barter art for fish...halibut, name it! And she is a boat driver for Mahay's, the blue boats of the Chulitna, Susitna and Talkeetna Rivers.Linda Brady Farr is a well known artist in Anchorage, Alaska who also taught art at Dimond and West High School. Linda has BA in Fine Art form the University of Oregon, where she also received her teaching credential for K-12. Linda specializes in fiber art, drawing, printmaking, and oils on canvas. Linda's art is displayed in over 25 buildings around Alaska and has been a featured artist in several art shows, including those at Alaska Pacific University.  She has an oils on canvas 'Series of Tornados' as well as a recent series of 'People Wearing Masks' that will be appearing at Alaska Pacific University this fall of 2020.  Linda has hopes and aspirations of painting the people of her 'Masks Series' in an, 'Unmasked Series' when the pandemic has passed.The upcoming episodes of All Cooped Up Alaska will feature world renowned artists and photographers, including Merita Jaha, Canada's Cory Trepanier, and Route 66 Photographer, Jim Livingston. Thanks for tuning into All Cooped Up Alaska!Katie
While June has flown by in our neck of the woods of South Central Alaska, there is much to celebrate and report. We've had a standout year of mosquitoes, which has been good for the birds, sometimes challenging for us humans. I've created a new website to feature my art and photography. As a pilot, the aerial perspective is something that I love sharing with the world. Visit my site at: to see aerial photography, nature photography of loons, wildflowers, landscapes and more. Sign up for my newsletter and metion All Cooped Up Alaska and I will give you a 20% Coupon for a limited time only. 
Thanks to all the schools, teachers, educators and organizers...School is Out for the Summer! The trees are just leafing out in South Central Alaska and Outdoor Fun and Yard Work has taken a top priority. As an aerial photographer and pilot, I will be focusing more on those fantastic activities and plan to share with you some of my landscape photography of Alaska wilderness.You can email me if you have any questions about Alaska!Check out my website that will be updated by June 1, 2020 for some art and photography that is all inspired by the awesome Alaskan Summer MidNight Sun!
For the past 30 years, Talkeetna and Trapper Creek Birders have held a Birdathon. Local birders count up all of the bird species they see in a 24 hour period. This year's numbers were rather low due to colder temperatures, frozen lakes, rivers as well as snow on the ground into May. Chris and Barb Mannix were crowned this year's champions with 33 bird species. Wade Hopkins counted 30 species as a non-motorized green birder champion and Jasper Marder and his family received the Magpie Pin.52 bird species were counted, including Osprey, Bufflehead, Harlequin Duck, White Winged Crossbill, Lapland Longspur, and a Ruby Crowned Kinglet.What special bird sightings have you seen in your yard?You can go to to see my artwork and photography that presents the beauty and awe of Alaskan landscapes. Thank you for tuning in to All Cooped Up Alaska!~Katie
Music has many therapeutic remedies, emotional and physical. Listen to interviews with Larry Zarella, Kayti Heller, and Danielle Aslanian about how music helps them soothe their souls, process emotions, and bring joy to people's spirits and homes. Also, learn how they are adapting to the social isolation while still creating music and song writing. Here is one of Larry's favorite quotes: "Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul." ~PlatoFind more music with Roots and Branches on both their Facebook Page and You Tube Channel.
As the snow melts and birds are returning to Alaska, farmers have already been growing vegetable and flower starts for the upcoming summer of 2020. Listen to a conversation with a talented farmer who is as dedicated as they get in growing healthy and nutritious foods. Allie Barker and her husband, Jed Workman of Chugach Farms, located in Chickaloon, Alaska are providing a convenient 'Grab and Go' pick up of fresh produce, fermented goods, eggs and high quality foods that will be available by online ordering and pick up in Palmer, Alaska. This is a part one of two episodes with Allie Barker. While the interview is from July, 2019, this story aims to celebrate Earth Week of 2020, and prepare for a healthy summer. You can learn more about Chugach Farm on their Facebook pageor email: Allie to get on the mailing list.   
While we are adjusting to the changes of seasons, schedules, and sanity, music is one continual element that is sure to lift our spirits.Listen to Roots and Branches, a fabulous trio of Alaskan musicians that will brighten even the foggiest of days in an Alaskan Spring thaw.When there is still 4 feet of snow on the ground and it is too soft to ski, it's time to bring out the musical instruments and make some noise. Also, huge thanks to the schools and teachers for their creative and amazing efforts in this educational adjustment to remote learning. Thanks to Kayti Heller, Larry Zarella, and Danielle Aslanian for sharing theirbeautiful voices on this Friday the 17th of April Podcast. There will be a part 2 of this episode to hear what inspires these talentedindividuals to play and teach music in Alaska. You can visit their FaceBook Page: Roots and Branches.
Long time Alaska bush pilot, Paul Claus has flown over 40 years in Alaska. Scientists are a group of professionals that are frequent flyers with Claus who is well known for his bush flying specialty, challenging terrain and unique landing zones. While Claus is the expert in the air, PhD scientists are the authorities of their scientific studies. Yet, they each have their own sets of observations: the bird's eye view and ice core studies. Listen to how one pilot's job has multiple skill sets, even providing NASA field observations on a last minute notice. For more information on Paul Claus, go to:
Long time mushing champion and mentor, Jeff King talks about this year's unexpected events that shaped his year. While he is recovering amazingly well from his surgery, he continues to run dogs with his fat bike in Denali National Park. His beloved dog, Zig recently gave birth to a new litter of puppies. For more information on Jeff King's lively dog yard, go to:, you can even order gourmet chocolates, books on mushing and learn about Alaska. 
Legendary Alaskan bush pilot, Paul Claus has flown over a vast region from the mountains of British Columbia to the Aleutian Islands of Alaska. His bird's eye view and keen observations have given him a unique perspective of the changing landscape. This part 1 of 2 episodes shares Paul's voice about his 40+ year career as a bush pilot over rugged and remote regions of North America. For more info: 
While there is a lot of anxiety and unrest about the pandemic, we must keep our spirits up. This short podcast has some fun Alaskan sounds and music from the Denali Cooks.May it put a smile on your face for some light hearted entertainment and Happy Birthday Wishes to Tony Crocetto on April 5th, 2020!
Kim Toft of North South Wales, Australia is an award winning artist and author who has perfected silk art and is eager to spread the message of celebrating nature. The fall of 2019, I had the pleasure to speak with Kim as she was hanging her show at the Robert Bateman Center of Nature, where she was a featured artist. Her website is: Robert Bateman Center of Nature is located in Victoria, British Columbia. It offers inspiration and appreciation of the natural world captured by many of the world's most acclaimed 
As the 2020 Youth Olympic Games held in Lausaunne, Switzerland were underway in January, it was just the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic. Listen to Kate McNay Koch discuss how she her husband, Bill Koch (4 time Olympian and World Champion Nordic Skier), cheered on their 18-year old son, Will Koch at the Youth Winter Olympic Games.  Will Koch won a Bronze Medal in the 10K Race. Kate also discusses how the US Ski Team teaches safe travel techniques to athletes and how they are adapting to life in Vermont where schools are now operating online while nordic athletes continue to train, just  without teammates.
Climatologists have been using data from airports for a long time.Temperature, dew point, wind, precipitation, and cloud cover are a few commonly recorded facts that have been collected over time to not only assist pilots in making decisions about safe flying, but also for the study of weather over a span of time. Episode one is an interview with Climatologist, Brian Brettschneider of the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Thank you for listening!You can also see my photography and art at: WriterAll Cooped Up Alaska Podcast 
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