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ALL IN D&D is back for a one-off ft. Bazza and Lisa! This video is sponsored by Dungeons and Dragons. Pick up Candlekeep Mysteries here: Thanks to Bazz and Lisa for joining us on this special episode!
The finale is here on the all in DND podcast! Someone is in danger and not sure how we are suppose to save them! Enjoy the podcast!
Cray is at it again, trying to hit on some evil twins that came to kill Loserfruit, Bazzagazza and himself! Of course we are used to it, but you will find out what happens next!
Loserfruit, Crayator and Bazza all find themselves in a seriously crazy situation making their way through a very large magical facility, they run in to some scary places and some very mysterious characters and some of them.......are dangerous.
Now I know everyone has been waiting, but WE ARE BACK WITH ANOTHER DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS CAMPAIGN!! The team gets caught up in some crazy magical place, filled with potions and unknown mysterious items. What will they do!
Fruity is trying to find out if Cray is fit to be a great roommate with Bazz. But as always they trail off in random directions with all types of topics! Come check out the latest episode of the the All In podcast!
Cray and Fruity go through another wacky podcast talking about how crazy the world of streaming has become, people getting banned for music, anime characters taking over the content creation world and Cray's little bad habit! Come check out the
They are back! With another episode with Cray and Lufu. They caht about there online personas, fake laughing and someones partner is spending alot of money on something CRAZY! Come check out the latest episode of the All In Podcast!
Lufu and Cray just sit down and have a good friendly chat. They talk about the games they are playing, the life they're living, how they feel about certain topics. I great REAL conversation to set your day! Come check out episode 38
Cray and lufu are being open books today! We asked you to send them any questions that you want answered, and today is the day they answer them! Come check out this latest episode of the All In Podcast!
Check out Nexba Naturally Sugar Free Soft Drink 1L: Crayator and Loserfruit are having the deepest conversation yet! What is the point of life? Are we living in the matrix? ARE WE EVEN REAL!?!?! Come check out the newest
Crayator, Loserfruit and Bazza continue their adventure through the land of D&D. They get teleported to a mysterious place. Meet some interesting creatures, find some crazy items and fight a EPIC battle.
Loserfruit and Crayator get one of there closest friends, Fasffy onto the podcast today. Going through her experiences in her Esports manager profession. The ups and downs about being a manager, what it takes to be a Esports Star and much more.
Crayator, Loserfruit and Bazzagazza continue their adventure through the land of D&D. They get some loot, they fight for their lives, but cray may of found something a little bit more important. Find out more in episode 4 of All in D&D podcast!
Loserfruit and Crayator go over some crazy, fun and stressful experiences that they have had over the years travelling all over the world. Come listen to some crazy and weird experiences they have had across the planet. All of these adventures
Crayator and Bazza get stuck a pretty bad situation. Does Loserfruit help? You will find out in this episode of D&D with the all in podcast.
Crayator and Loserfruit go through some very private and weird emails that fruity has gotten over all the years as a content creator. There are some really questionable ones. Come check it out.
Listen to part 1 first (find it in the feed)! D&D is working with us to create a 5-part series. New episodes go live every Monday (US time). If you enjoyed the episode and want to start your own adventure, head to to pi
D&D returns ft. Bazza Gazza! D&D is working with us to create a 5-part series. New episodes go live every Monday (US time). If you enjoyed the episode and want to start your own adventure, head to to pick up a set! Purc
Loserfruit asks Crayator about a tough moment in his life. He explains what it was like and what he went through and how he worked through it to come out on top and moving forward with his life. Come check out this experience of Cray's.
The good old times at click. Crayator and Loserfruit say their final farewells to Click and enjoy going through all the good memories they had with making videos and living all together. Come check it out!
Whats better Youtube or Twitch? Shady deals in the gaming industry? Loserfruit and Crayator attack both of these topics in this week's Podcast.
Is Joe Rogan right? Are video games are a waste of time. Are we wasting our time? Well let's discuss it with Crayator and Loserfruit, With our special guest Bazz!
Lufu and Cray debate is God real, t*ts vs. a**, should we eat meat, cats vs. dogs, and many more quickfire topics! Featuring Bazza Gazza as a judge.
Bonus podcast talking about the Gamer Girl trailer that was so disliked it was taken down by PlayStation.
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