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#6: Where do the Homeless Pets Go?

Released Wednesday, 24th June 2020
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Founder of both https://rescueinstyle.com/ (Rescue in Style) and https://rescuechi.com/ (Rescue Chicago), a registered 501C3 animal rescue organization, Christine Nendick joins to discuss the state of homeless dogs and cats in our country. Many people are not aware that we euthanize more than 733,000 dogs and cats every year in the U.S., most of them entirely healthy.
While Christine and Jared largely discuss issues related to rescue, including the causes of the vast number of homeless pets, some of the myths around rescue dogs and why they are not valid, why often adopting or fostering a dog can be a safer choice than going through a breeder, the problem with puppy mills and the link between dogs for sale at a pet store and puppy mills, breed discrimination particularly against pit bulls, the importance of visiting one’s local animal shelter, etc., they also discuss larger topics in social good like the best way to influence behavior change amongst friends and family, whether charitable causes fall on a continuum of good or whether all social causes should be viewed as equally important, the importance of recognizing others’ priorities might not match our own, and others.
For every review of this episode or forwarding the episode to a friend I will donate $5 to https://emancipet.org/ (Emancipet,) which provides low-cost spay/neuter in at-need communities, or to an animal rescue of your choice.
https://rescueinstyle.com/ (Learn more about Christine) or follow her https://www.instagram.com/rescueinstyle/ (on Instagram)
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