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Warning The following podcast contains law words like “judiciary,” “rules of procedure,” and “criminal indictment.” Please don’t think that just because I’m using these words I’m giving you legal advice. I am not your attorney. Intro Coming up
Special thanks to the guys from The Lost Signals for inviting me to appear on their podcast. The guys over there are working their way through the AFI Top 100 Greatest American Films. This episode reviews the classic jury room drama 12 Angry Me
Thanks to a wedding, this episode is going to be a short one. Coming up: I sat down with my former co-host, Amanda Knief, author of Citizen Lobbyist: A How-to Manual for Making Your Voice Heard in Government, to talk about the recent surge in p
In this episode: The Supreme Court is set to decide how fair a fair trial needs to be; What Attorney General Jeff Sessions would mean for the legalization movement; It’s been a tough year for the International Criminal Court, so I sat down for
Thanks to the swift pace at which current events are shifting, this episode is a little more raw than the episodes I usually put out, but I think it’s important to give you all the opportunity to hear this interview in a timely manner. On Wedne
This episode, we bring in a fellow law podcaster, Charone, and a public defender, Bryan, to discuss the convoluted 2011 Matthew McConaughey “vehicle,” The Lincoln Lawyer. The four of us discuss attorney-client confidentiality, sleeping with opp
Possibly the most timely episode we will ever release, Philadelphia (starring Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington) tells the story of a young lawyer fired by his law firm for being gay and having AIDS. He files a lawsuit against his old firm, capit
This adaptation of a John Grisham novel provides the guys with an opportunity to discuss a number of the ethical rules that lawyers must abide by, including the duty of candor toward the tribunal and avoiding conflicts of interests with clients
Hello to all of you very… very loyal All Too Common Law subscribers. First of all, I have to thank you for still subscribing to this feed after three years of silence. As you’ve probably guessed, producing a show like ATCL just proved to be too
Warning I am not your attorney, so don’t run around spreading lies and innuendo saying I am your attorney, because I’m not. And then you’ll have a defamation suit on your hands and you don’t want that, as you’ll see later in this episode. Pleas
Coming up in this episode: Can a republican president be held accountable for anything at all under a republican-controlled House and Senate? What can our new Dear Leader’s potential Supreme Court picks mean for the next thirty years of Supreme
Coming up in this episode: Your trip to the grocery store is, in all likelihood, helping fund human rights abuses around the world; Nebraska’s Supreme Court rules that a convicted child molester can live with three teenage girls, because he pro
Coming up in this episode: All you scholarly types will get to keep using google to search old books; A Missouri lawmaker fight to keep birth control away from his women— just HIS women, mind you; A couple hateful bigots find out other people h
WARNING: I was really uncomfortable while recording this because I was sweating my balls off, so really I didn’t care what I said. Please don’t take any of this as legal advice.   Coming up in this episode: •     The Supreme Court gives up and
WARNING: You wouldn’t drink a mason jar full of urine just because it was labelled “Granny’s peach tea,” would you? Don’t take in this podcast and thinking it’s legal advice. I am not your attorney. Coming up in this episode: The Russian Orthod
Warning! While I am an attorney, I am not your attorney. Please, don’t confuse the indefinite article for the second-person possessive pronoun. That’d just be embarrassing. But not as embarrassing as mistaking this podcast for legal advice. Com
WARNING: I am not your attorney. I’m also not Donald Trump’s attorney which, thankfully, means I don’t have tell ridiculous lies like “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the most lawful individual ever elected to the pres
In this episode: Residents of Charlotte, North Carolina might start hearing the words, “Papers, please,” way more than they ever thought possible; Progressives cry foul over threats to continue investigating planned parenthood, despite the fact
Warning: I am not your attorney. Please don’t take anything I might say as legal advice. In this episode: We can all say goodbye to those terrible birthday songs the wait staff at restaurants are forced to sing; A listener asks about swearing i
Coming up this episode: California’s legislature has sent a bill legalizing end of life treatment to the desk of Governor Jerry Brown, a Catholic who once planned to become a priest. Whether he will sign or veto the bill is a mystery, which I a
 Unfortunately, this episode is going to both begin and end on a down note. It couldn’t be helped. There’s no getting around it, I’m going to have to talk about the Second Amendment. I’m Oliver, and you are listening to episode 15-11 of All Too
Coming up this episode: The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission says Title VII makes it illegal to discriminate against gays and lesbians, and in doing so pretty much guarantees we’ll have another major gay rights decision from the Supreme
CORRECTION: In this episode I mention in passing that the Supreme Court decision Katz v. United States was handed down in 1977. I meant to say Whalen v. Roe was handed down in 1977. Katz was handed down in 1967. The Supreme Court may be on vaca
This episode is a long one, so get comfortable! We’ve got hate crimes, patent law (which wound up being more fun than you’d think thanks to Justice Elena Kagan), Obamacare has survived another challenge, Facebook threats, employment discriminat
Coming up this episode: I’m finally going to talk about the home more than a little of my own emotional turmoil, the City of Baltimore. It may not be dominating the news right now, but that story isn’t going anywhere anytime soon; Nebraska’s st
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