23. Eat Allergy Safe With Nina Modak

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On episode 23 of the allergy podcast I chat to Nina Modak, Nina is a food lover, entrepreneur and has grown up with life threatening food allergies, she started Eat Allergy Safe while she was at university and since it’s inception, Nina has found her passion lies in showing the allergy community that allergies aren’t about missing out, they’re about doing things differently. Her anaphylaxis hasn’t stopped her travelling across Europe and India and her mission is to inspire and help others on their allergy journey’s.

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The questions I ask:

What was it like growing up with food allergies for you?

How do you manage your diet and avoid the trigger foods on a day to day basis?

How was traveling around India and Europe with food allergies?

Do you have any tips for cooking/baking free from?

When did you start your Eat Allergy Safe website and what inspired you to do so?

What kind of things will people find on your website ?

If you could give those living with food allergies one tip what would it be and why?



Eat Allergy Safe


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41 mins


Wednesday, October 12th 2016