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Educators! Is your passion tank running on empty? Look no further. Gretchen of Always A Lesson has a double dose of just what you need. Come fill yourself up with an Empowering Educators podcast to start your day feeling… EMPOWERED!

Includes empowering messages weekly with new episodes released early Monday morning just in time for your commute. Excellent source of professional development, inspiration, empowerment, as well as techniques and strategies that are best practices. Listeners include new teachers, teachers in distress or transition and teacher leaders. #education

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The first few years as a teacher in a classroom can be overwhelming trying to learn all of the ropes. But, how a teacher spends this time period is critical to the longevity of their career. Tune in to hear tips and tricks (as well as fabulous resources) for to be a sponge as a new teacher so that …

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Acknowledging the talents and contributions of others shouldn’t be limited to something only done in our professional lives. We have to pour into each other in all aspects of our lives. Tune in to hear how I incorporate building relationships through empowering others in my everyday life and how …

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Teaching is overwhelming and teachers often put themselves last in self-care. This leads to burn out and a short career. Advocating for your needs can be hard and well, awkward. But by reflecting on what you need, requesting what you need, and requiring what you need you’ll be able to lead your own …

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Kayse Morris is a teacher by day and a curriculum designer by night. She develops quality resources for teachers grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. She has a Bachelors in Early Childhood Education, a Masters in Instructional Technology and a Specialist degree in Educational Leadership. She has a passion for …

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Sometimes there’s no other option but to rely on ourselves, dig in our heels, and do the hard work. Developing your teacher craft is no different in that your determination to become greater must outweigh your need to be told what to do. Tune in to hear how to be your own lifeline in becoming your …

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