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Today we ask the question, “Why would people put that in their faces?”  We found some weird and wild recipes, so joint us for a culinary adventure!This week’s drink? The Absinthe Swizzle!  You can find the recipe at An
We have some questions about the algorithms that give us our social media cats. Cause WTAF, guys? Flappy overalls, fold-out office chairs, kaiju serving wear, it’s pretty eclectic. So come listen to us explore those rabbit holes! This week’s dr
So, Jill got slammed in the Texas snow storm. Usually talking about the weather isn’t fun, but this time, we think it is!  Come have a listen! This week’s drink? The incredibly appropriate Snow Day!  You can find the recipe at www.alwaysneverri
Let’s talk about luck and magical thinking!  Whether you’re seeing it in the world or making it on your own, it’s pretty great. So sit back and listen in while we talk about 7th sons of 7th sons, lottery wins, and good luck charms, human and in
Blues Brothers 2000 is a seriously under-rated movie.  Is it amazing and groundbreaking?  No. But it’s fun and the music holy crap the music!!!  So this week, we discuss it. With lots of typical digressions.This week’s drink? Our very own Voodo
Seriously.  Have you seen The Blues Brothers?  Because holy freaking crap, it’s full of win and awesome absolutely amazing music!  If you have a BB-based trivia contest coming up, this’ll get you well prepared!This week’s drink? That boozy drea
The world is a lot right now, and sometimes, you just have to step back for a minute so it doesn’t shake your foundation too hard.  So we talk about disconnecting.  We also very coincidentally get disconnected part way through recording, and th
#2020amirite? Yeah, it’s on the way out, m’dolls!  HALLELUJAH!!!!!  We have special guests Rexy and Nina here to help us ring out the old year and talk about our goals for the new.  Because seriously, we need that now! This week’s drink? Gina i
It’s a another rambly episode this week.  SHOCKER!   We talk about creative ways to cope with Christmas during a pandemic. Which of course devolves into random celebrity encounters, interpreting Texas accents, and literary compliments. Cause of
It’s a particularly rambly episode this week, where we talk Christmas past, Christmas drinks, and Christmas present(s)! But come and hear all you never wanted to know about nerd naming, #2020amiright, and the history of Nordic mulled wine. Seri
Did you know there’s a difference between a bartender and a mixologist?  You will after this episode!  You’ll also know what drinks to avoid, what drinks to seek out, and what drinks can earn ya a quick $100 under very specific Jill-related cir
So, online reviews can be helpful, just sometimes in ways you don’t expect. Like, maybe you don’t get a lot of information, but you get a helluva laugh!  We combed the internet for a group of hilarious product, movie, book, liquor, etc., review
So, holidays in the time of pandemic can be rough.  But you’re not alone, and you can still have fun. Especially with wicked hiccups, random Edsels, and a weird sense of humor. This week’s drink? The Mod Fashioned!  You can find the recipe at w
So huckleberries, amiright? They invoke food, literature, friendships, and of course, drinking. So come join us while we sip and chat about all things huckleberry. And thanks to Gina, quite a lot of other not-even-tangentially related things, t
Today, we learn about more about Jill’s sophisticated palette, and the source of Gina’s insufferableness.  Oh, and you hear about how Jill was accidentally baptized.This week’s drink? Jill’s very own creation, the Blackberry Bourbon Tea Tippler
So, we’ve retooled a bit. Or we intended to. The plan was to do much more on the drink, but you know what happens to the best laid plans, right? We swing wildly amiss, but that’s okay! This week’s drink? Jill’s very own creation, the Sonia Soto
Explanation about why we're taking a short hiatus.  Back soon, m'dolls!
We acknowledge things don't make you badasses, your actions do.  But we like to think we have a healthy dose of both. So we talk about both as they relate to our badass selves, okay?  Unleash your inner badass and have a cocktail with us!This w
We have another amazing guest this week, the incomparable Kelly Travis! She’s going to talk to us about how to move from fear to failure to fabulous. And of course, we approach it with our typical irreverence.  You’ll hear things like the worst
What’s the best part of traveling?  Often, it’s the part where you come home.  We talk about our favorite parts - clean sheets, hugs all around ... of course, we also digress a lot. We kinda of turn the whole podcast into a trip, with tales of
RERUN - There's been a LOT of working and momming going on, so we dug a fun one out from our archives.  Enjoy this rerun of Episode 23!!!The one where you learn Gina's elvish secret.And she turns red.  You can't see it, but pure red, people!  B
This week, we have another special guest and it’s so fun! We are talking to Brian Belefant, author of the book “Spouse Hunting: Using the Rules of Real Estate to Find the Love of Your Life.” We’ll discuss the book, about the joys of categorizin
Oh heavens, being an adult can really suck.  This is not what we pictured when we were kids.  So tonight, we thought we’d discuss how badly our bubbles got burst.Tonight’s drink? The very adultish seeming drink, the gin gimlet.You can find the
All right, ladies.  Here’s the deal.  We’ve got to stop using language that minimizes our capabilities.  We have to be able to call a crazy pants a crazy pants and not hedge it.  With us tonight is special guest Carrie Caulfield Arick, who brou
There are so many movies that made a sandwich ... generation.  HA!  Bad puns are fun.  Moving on past that obviously stretched attempt at humor, why don’t you pour a drink and listen as Jill and Gina discuss the movies they feel defined Gen X,
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