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The gang tries to spy, and realizes they're being spied upon. The day of the ball has arrived, and so has an old friend. A plan? Who needs that?Follow Us! Instagram: @aninfinityofwishesTikTok: @aninfinityofwishesTwitter: @OmniApeiriaFacebook Gr
Athena and Ash head to the Mimic Menagerie and finally meet the Marquess himself. Marlowe and Vespa also do important things, like Marlowe's Charm School. Deals are made, and also flirting happens sometimes. Follow Us! Instagram: @aninfinityofw
The planning continues as the ball approaches. Marlowe meets with a potential sugar daddy, Athena is invited to the Mimic Menagerie, and the group investigates the owner of a suspicious property. Follow Us! Instagram: @aninfinityofwishesTikTok:
The gang gets to know one another better, does some shopping, tours the Siveril Manor, and hunts for sugar daddies.Follow Us!Instagram: @aninfinityofwishesTikTok: @aninfinityofwishesTwitter: @OmniApeiriaFacebook Group: Cartographers of the Endl
Hear ye, hear ye! The Fest of Tales has begun! The gang participates in your regular ole party games to secure some invites to that sweet sweet masquerade ball in the Siveril Manor. Some get drunk, some eat a free meal, some gamble, and some ma
The party joins a new guild and a new ally as they plan a heist to retrieve a dead thread of the world loom.Follow us!Instagram: @aninfinityofwishesTikTok: @aninfinityofwishesTwitter: @OmniApeiriaFacebook Group: Cartographers of the Endless Mou
Why yes, that is the name of our podcast. The group ventures deeper within the Wish Archive, tempted by magical greed and their wildest dreams. They also say fu*k stairs, because they had it coming, you know? The DM, during episode 30, finally
The party helps Jasper out with her Hatchery duties! Do you want to hatch your own treasures? Check out our Etsy shop, TheHarpyHatchery! Don't forget to snag a discount code on our socials!Instagram: @aninfinityofwishesTikTok: @aninfinityofwish
The party attends a mysterious wake for their fallen friend. They drink some God Tea. The cast discovers the horror that is the mascot for the Corn Jerkers. We end this weird episode with some fresh hell at the mysterious Wish Archive.Follow Us
The party discusses the deep sea arc and runs a quick scene with a special someone!Follow us!Instagram: @aninfinityofwishesTikTok: @aninfinityofwishesTwitter: @OmniApeiriaFacebook: Cartographers of the Endless MountainNeed some fantasy/ttrpg st
The party returns to Apeiria's Maw after an altercation with a god. Though they return victorious, their mental health is seriously not okay. Incidentally, James doesn't seem to be doing too hot, either. With their friend's wake on the horizon,
The group learns how to perform an ancient ritual to imbue a vessel with fire magic. The ice is not pleased. Follow us!Instagram: @aninfinityofwishesTikTok: @aninfinityofwisheTwitter: @OmniApeiriaFacebook Group: Cartographers of the Endless Mou
The group makes a last ditch effort to call in some backup before their fight with Alba. Ash and Kai learn some harrowing new information. Follow us!Instagram: @aninfinityofwishesTwitter: @OmniApeiriaTikTok: @aninfinityofwishesFacebook Group: C
The group continues to strategize against their icy adversary.  Athena asks Marin about her past, Ash uncovers some unsettling information about the University on the mountain, and Marlowe pursues a potential ally. Oh, and it's getting cold. Fo
Our group escapes the prison and reaches Lavatic Reef, where they learn more about the gods and start planning for battle. Follow us!Twitter: @OmniApeiriaTikTok: @aninfinityofwishesInstagram: @aninfinityofwishesFacebook Group: Cartographers of
The group continues to plan against an icy adversary.Follow us!Instagram: @aninfinityofwishesTikTok: @aninfinityofwishesTwitter: @OmniApeiriaFacebook Group: Cartographers of the Endless MountainNeed some new fantasy/ttrpg stickers? Check out Th
The party agrees to a jailbreak hoping that a mysterious prisoner will give them the edge they need against the relentless ice god. With Athena as the recently crowned Queen of the Jellyfish, what could go wrong? Follow us!Instagram: @aninfinit
The gang counts an obscene amount of cheese. No really, it's an uncomfortable amount. Then they chat with some gods and go for a swim??Follow us!TikTok: @aninfinityofwishesInstagram: @aninfinityofwishesTwitter: @OmniApeiriaFB Group: Cartographe
After narrowly escaping an assault from the ice god, the group accepts a quest that just may be the key to saving the world. This one, at least. Prison break anyone? Follow us!TikTok: @aninfinityofwishesInstagram: @aninfinityofwishesTwitter: @O
Our heroes fight the 12 days of Christmas. That's it. That's the episode. Also there's a mountain of cheese. Follow us:Instagram: @aninfinityofwishesTwitter: @OmniApeiriaFacebook Group: Cartographers of the Endless MountainIntro music is ours,
Cheese dreams! Homicidal leaves! A single skeleton arm! Ground salads! Acid cones! And...*checks notes*...brunch! All this and more on this episode of An Infinity of Wishes!Join us on social media:Instagram: @aninfinityofwishesTwitter: @OmniApe
Ash and Marlowe plead Athena's case to Isidor, the team meets some more cartographers, and a mysterious presence trails them around the village.Follow us!Instagram: @aninfinityofwishesTwitter: @OmniApeiriaFacebook Group: Cartographers of the En
Our party returns to the Endless Mountain, reeling from the sudden death of their friend. When a stranger with a mountain lion emerges from a locked tide pool, Ash and Marlowe need to make some decisions, fast. Give us a follow!Twitter: @OmniAp
In the third and final installment of this special three-shot, our intrepid group of adventurers go head to head with a small but formidable foe. Klarich faces off against a bookcase, Void gets chest punched by a ghost, and the group is forced
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