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This week’s guest is Genevieve Lang, a fellow mum who also sends her children to a Montessori program here in Australia. Now, this was one of those school situations when you realize that amongst us parents, we are still interesting adults with
Have you been seeking to change how you feel on a daily basis from feeling tied down to a boring or uninspiring life into one of meaning, fulfillment, and presence? Whether you want to start a business, write a book, produce a podcast, do a TED
If you’ve ever wanted to reset your life, then you will love this conversation with couple Cathy and Joe Lurie who did just that! Both have a spirit of adventure that many of us yearn for in our daily lives. We may have once had the guts to tos
Are you self-sabotaging your success? You may have spent a decade in a particular field and now you want to bring your talents to a new community that could really use your help. Maybe you’re now ready to fulfill your life purpose and share you
What happens in prisons is very secretive. It feels even more far removed from our everyday reality when you take into account what happens in prisons around the world including countries such as South Africa, Brazil, and the Ukraine.  Our gues
“I’ll figure out” is commonly thrown around these days – but did you know there’s a hidden cost of saying it? In fact, trying to figure it all out on your own is the biggest mistake you can make as an aspiring thought leader.  Today, I will tal
Wondering what the heck happened to your creativity? Where did it go? You may have started life out as a child joyfully playing with Legos, or maybe you were more of a finger painter. Now, you're surrounded by Excel spreadsheets – and they're n
There are three toxic fears that are ruining your odds of becoming a thought leader or authority in your field – the fear of judgment, the fear of being found out, otherwise known as imposter syndrome, and the fear that you won't be able to do
If you are curious about how your brain works and how you can enhance its performance then tune into this conversation. You will have a better sense of how you create a model of the world inside of your head and how you can change it so that yo
Telling the world that you want to chase your wildest dreams such as podcasting, leading a movement, or selling any form of artistry is vulnerable and anxiety-provoking especially if you’ve spent a bulk of your life trying to hide and not be he
Can you describe your ideal life? More, importantly, how can you most effectively navigate your daily life in pursuit of your unique ideal life? You do have options. There are several 300-page self-help books on the market that you can try to r
Whether you’re in a lockdown (as we are in Sydney, Australia during our winter season) or contemplating how to plan your summer travels after 17 months or so of travel hiatus, you’ll want to listen to this timely conversation with Jenny Herbert
Have you ever heard of neurodiversity? I hadn’t. So here is one definition: it’s a range of differences in individual brain function and behavioral traits (used especially in the context of autistic spectrum disorders). This brings me to this w
Get ready to uncover an incredibly unique way you can identify your values, how creativity can help you reclaim a sense of calm in times of high-anxiety, and why some of us may be able to draw life-like images while others draw stick-figures. 
Happy Father’s Day in the U.S. Jesus Diaz Jr. is a dad and my husband. I get to witness how much care and love he pours into our three sons so I wanted to bring him on the podcast to share some of his wisdom with you – whether you are a guy wit
Have you ever had an idea for a movie, book, or product that you just haven’t gotten a chance to bring to life? How about this: have you ever felt like your life was SO boring and no one would ever pay a movie ticket to sit down and watch it on
What does it mean to be a decision-maker? What can the team at The Wall Street Journal do in order to bring more young people into its fold? On today’s episode, Wall Street Journal executive, Suzi Watford, talks about how we can create a safe s
Our guest, Michelle E. Dickinson, is a Wellbeing Strategist and passionate mental health advocate. She is also a TEDx speaker and a published author of a memoir entitled Breaking Into My Life: Growing Up with a Bipolar Parent and My Battle to R
Have you ever seen Will Smith’s movie Hitch? In the movie, Will plays the character of a dating coach where he helps men woo the women of their dreams.  Haven't you noticed how going on a great date with a hot woman can affect your psyche the v
Have you ever wondered whether you could ever be creative? Creativity is not limited to a beautiful work of art, a tear-jerking song, or a heart-wrenching sonnet. It’s also not just limited to people in academia or folks in the creative design
Several former corporate executives have recently found themselves self-employed. For some, it’s been a dream long-time coming. Yet for others, it’s been anything but a dream. The ups, downs, and pace are different than working for someone else
Collectively, moms have confronted a lot of uncertain moments historically. Some of us have gone to give birth with a plan and had to make adjustments. Others thought they were going to adopt a particular child and then the legal system changed
What if there were more similarities across sectors than differences? What if the best bosses --- the “talent magnets” across sectors shared qualities that you could learn and apply today? It was a pleasure to speak with one of the world’s most
Have you ever written something that you wished you could self-publish? What about your child, niece or nephew? We are all born creative as per Picasso. However, staying creative is the tough part. This week’s guest once worked with me at Ogilv
Where does our food come from? How mindful are we about the food we purchase and consume? What is conscious gastronomy and how is it one step closer to the achievement of an equitable food system across the world, which subsequently falls under
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