Episode from the podcastAnd Then They FKED

REPLAY: Use ALL the Lube!

Released Friday, 14th June 2019
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Ever wondered what Wreck-it Ralph and some random fire-ant get up to when no one is looking? Well now, unfortunately, you don't have to.
There will be (badly spelled) Course Language, (poorly explored) Adult Themes, (overly gratuitous) Sex Scenes, and (unnecessarily graphic) Violence. Consider this a trigger warning for everything that we could possibly give a trigger warning for. This is NOT a safe space.
This podcast is not for the faint of heart. If you are not looking for the filthiest, most fatuous, feverishly feculent & flippant fan-fabricated fiction, then go no further! Go back to your comfortable life, watch an old-school Disney movie and forget you were ever here. Seriously, we don't judge.
But what we will do is find, read, and discuss some of the best(worst) fan fiction that has ever found its way out of the depraved collective-mind of the internet's many, many dark corners. We will wade through these depths of humanity's depravity to bring you the most amusing fan-fiction finds and present them in small, easy to digest portions. Wish us luck.
And please, don't listen while eating.
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