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Angels! In case you missed it, in case you thought that Angel On Top was two seasons and ne'er more, we are here to tell you that Season 3 has continued with your new co-hosts, LaToya Ferguson & Morgan Lutich, in the main Buffering the Vampire
In the Season 2 finale of Angel, the team at Angel Investigations have to find the portal to get back to LA before Groosalugg slays Angel and Cordelia's powers are transferred, or before someone has to try one of Fred's bark enchiladas. Harsh b
In the parallel dimension of Pylea, everything exists in greater extremes: Cordelia's a little more queen, Angel's a little more human and a LOT more demon, and EVERYONE'S bi for Boreanaz. This week we are also beyond excited to welcome LaToya
Cordelia and her denim jumpsuit are trapped in Pylea. It's up to the boys to find a portal to come save her. Or does Queen C need saving? Follow Brittany Ashley (@britt27ash), Laura Zak (@la_wa), Angel On Top (@angelontopcast), or join our Patr
Like Lorne always says: "Nothing will harsh the vibe of a killer karaoke rendition of "Superstition" more than a sanctimonious cousin dropping in from another dimension that you meant to leave behind forever!" Follow Brittany Ashley (@britt27as
When Lindsey acquires a new evil hand (yeah, you read that right), he's torn between Wolfram & Hart and his... own... heart. Listen to find out! Follow Brittany Ashley (@britt27ash), Laura Zak (@la_wa), Angel On Top (@angelontopcast), or join o
The absolutely brilliant LaToya Ferguson, Alanna Bennett, and Ira Madison III host today's conversation on race within the Buffy and Angelverse! This is the first in a larger series that will be produced and hosted by BIPOC Buffy fans here on t
The Cordette everyone loves to hate has come to Los Angeles ready to put the 'harm' in Harmony. Is she gay or just a blood-sucking demon? Listen to find out! Follow Brittany Ashley (@britt27ash), Laura Zak (@la_wa), Angel On Top (@angelontopcas
You all won't believe this, but Angel had an epiphany. But to be fair, most of us would have an epiphany after sleeping with Darla. You can follow Brittany Ashley (@britt27ash), Laura Zak (@la_wa), Angel On Top (@angelontopcast), or join our Pa
Surprise, Reprise! Angel's obsession with Wolfram & Hart leads him to the troubling discovery that hell is a place on earth. And Darla finally gets something she thinks she wants... You can follow Brittany Ashley (@britt27ash), Laura Zak (@la_w
Zombie cops? Stephanie Eye Head? Kate wearing mousse?! What has the world come to! You can follow Brittany Ashley (@britt27ash), Laura Zak (@la_wa), Angel On Top (@angelontopcast), or join our Patreon at But most impo
Pandemic or not, we talk about Angel and Lorne stopping a science whiz from causing the apocalypse with sex stuff. We will all persevere, and we love you! You can follow Brittany Ashley (@britt27ash), Laura Zak (@la_wa), Angel On Top (@angelont
Angel stalking an emotionally vulnerable blonde woman? You don't say! When Wolfram and Hart throw a batshit Western-themed charity event, Angel wants to expose their corrupt ways. You can follow Brittany Ashley (@britt27ash), Laura Zak (@la_wa)
Fave celeb couple Dar-silla makes trouble for Los Angeles but unfortunately for them, they're being followed by Angel... I mean Angelus... I mean, wait, who is this guy? At least Cordy, Gunn, and Wes have the power of song to fall back on when
When Darla and Drusilla have a girls night out, Angel has to track down his daughter and mom, I mean ex-girlfriend and former muse, I mean... ugh, nevermind. We're joined by special guest and TV expert, LaToya Ferguson (@lafergs). You can follo
What would Angel do to save Darla? More like what WOULDN'T he do?? With a fresh soul on the line, the stakes have never been higher. You can follow Brittany Ashley (@britt27ash), Laura Zak (@la_wa), Angel On Top (@angelontopcast), or join our P
Actor Angel gets mixed up in a museum heist (classic!), Kate (the daughter of the father, Trevor) has simply had enough and Cordelia got a questionable haircut. This episode is a wild ride, my friends. You can follow Brittany Ashley (@britt27as
CROSSOVER EPISODE ALERT! Special Guest Kristin Russo of "Buffering The Vampire Slayer" joins hosts Brittany and Laura as we go on a *wild* journey through Darla and Angel/Angelus' relationship. You can follow "Angel on Top" @angelontopcast on T
Wesley throws on a trench coat and gets... hot? Angel goes to Ojai to get therapy from a Midwestern dad! Dads are up to their same daughter-chastity-guarding nonsense! You can follow Brittany Ashley (@britt27ash), Laura Zak (@la_wa), Angel On T
When Angel discovers that Darla is alive (and human!), he will stop at nothing to drag her into the former convent turned water plant to get some answers! Also, Kate sucks. You can follow Brittany Ashley (@britt27ash), Laura Zak (@la_wa), Angel
This episode in Los Angeles, it's Angel Investigations versus THE PATRIARCHY when Angel tries to shield a powerful young woman with a traumatizing past from the greedy clutches of Wolfram & Hart. Also, apparently Lilah speaks at high schools? Y
When Cordelia has a vision that Gunn is in trouble, the tension between them could be cut with an axe! Like the axe that struck Gunn's friend's head and he was just... fine? And where's Angel this whole time? In a horny dream-verse with his dec
Angel takes on a paranoia demon in a hotel from his past that quite honestly might be responsible for Brittany asking "Are you mad at me?" all the time. We learn of Angel's first savior-heartbreak, and the origins of his descent into pre-Buffy
In the Season 2 Premiere, Angel makes a big oops and kills Justina Machado's champion. Now he's got to sing Barry Manilow to figure out how to save her. It all makes sense, I promise. You can follow Brittany Ashley (@britt27ash) and Laura Zak (
In the Season 1 Finale, Wolfram & Hart and a Phantom of the Opera demon are ready to ruin Angel's life by taking out Cordelia and Wesley. Meanwhile, hosts Brittany and Laura are joined by Kristin Russo of "Buffering the Vampire Slayer" to chat
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