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We reviewed Norm of the North 2, but also launched our most ambitious Patreon bonus to date.  Help us succeed by tweeting at the McElroys????? Love you, mean it. 
Robert Zemeckis... shockingly was not involved in this one. It was a nightmare, and I'm glad that it's over. Steven Spielberg, why did you do this to us? 
In a fit of manic podcasting energy, Emily DEMANDED we go off schedule and do a Thanksgiving episode, so here it is: FREEBIRDS. God, this movie was not good, and is not streaming anywhere, and I do not recommend you waste $3 to rent it. Just wa
Emily finds out there were Tony Hawk games past Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2, and we discuss a movie that is basically just a glorified PS2 cutscene. DISCLAIMER: Dear Tony Hawk, this is all in the name of comedy you are a very cool skateboard guy and
We rock out with a low-budget Chinese movie that is shockingly charming. Enjoy our discussion of definitely not Tibetan Zootopia. Want more? Visit our parent site, ToplessRobot.com
We watched a CGI cat butthole, and also this Garfield movie. Despite watching it, I'm already pretty sure it doesn't exist, so have fun! If you'd like to, visit our parent website, ToplessRobot.com
Brendan Fraiser calls his wing wang Monkeybone in this gorgeous and deeply troubled film. We talk about other things, but at this point, are you not already clicking play to figure out the context of that sentence? Visit our parent website, To
In this episode, featuring special guest star Ryan Schremp (Topless Robot Podcast, Creepypodsta), I've finally gotten my way and we discuss The Emoji Movie! We discuss which emojis embody our spirits, the many many plot holes in this film, and
BATS. RUSSIA. PANCAKES. We talk about Bartok the Magnificent, the direct to video prequel to Anastasia. It's about a 300 year old bat.   Visit ToplessRobot.com to see a website that has not-us things on it! Find our asses on Twitter and demand
Our triumphant return to podcasting has us hitting the dirt and boogying down with the Disco Worms, a concept I can barely understand. Disco Worms is available on Amazon Prime to stream, and in your least funny ideas. 
In the finale of our FAIRY TALE THEMED SEASON (hope you guessed it!) we discuss a movie that is painfully mediocre, Happily N'ever After. 
This week we watched a cursed MS Paint slideshow, not the movie made by Tim Burton. We discuss what would happen if this cursed film came into our possession, and if you can really use the fill bucket on a professional work. Like this? Why? Vis
We watched ANOTHER Asylum animated film. If you download this podcast, you'll be receiving the bill for the many visits to my therapist. Want more? Visit our parent site, ToplessRobot.com
From the producers who looked at Shrek, it's a movie that's barely about the Donkey at all! Visit ToplessRobot.com to get your AO fix. 
Emily chooses a movie you didn't remember existed! She snuggles up to you on the couch, warm baked good in hand, and tells you to move over so you can watch this NIGHTMARE. Visit our parent site: ToplessRobot.com! or don't! I'm just information
A movie you've never seen, and a podcast that will make you wonder if Emily and I need professional help. The answer will CHARM you (see what I did there).  Want to know more, check us out at ToplessRobot.com!
We watched a SyFy masterpiece, in which an ogre saves a princess in order to... wait, no this one just happens to have a CG Ogre in it. We talk about other SyFy movies, Emily's love of B-grade films, and the line of thinking it takes to underst
Extreme Grannies, awful musical numbers, and my very personal hatred of Andy Dick all wrapped up in one excruciatingly long feeling film! Yes, we watched Hoodwinked.  Want to know more? Visit our parent site, ToplessRobot.com? Be our friend on
We somehow made it through the entirety of Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom, a movie which I can with great confidence say I watched. Join us as we talk about Veggie Tales, Cthulu, and the racism of HP Lovecraft. Hooray! This film is ava
Season 3's premiere has it all, secret themes, yaoi slash fic, musical numbers, and an environmental message. That's right, we watched the Lorax, and talked about everyone's favorite daddy: Danny Devito. And the Once-ler. Earnestly, we've watch
We watched TWO movies this week. For YOU. BE GRATEFUL. The Nut Job and the Nut Job 2 provoke some level of dread within both of us as we wonder how our lives have changed in the last 20 episodes of this podcast.  We'll also talk about Strange M
A Finnish metal band, Nightwish, has a concept album that somehow manages to score enough funding to become a feature length film. It makes about as much sense as that last sentence did, but we watched it anyway! You can watch this movie on ???
This week, we watched Everyone's Hero. Somehow, this movie about a talking baseball is so dreadfully boring that it made watching baseball seem like a better entertainment option. We discuss how both of us flew cross country instead of recordin
This week, we watched a film that definitely ISN'T Toy Story: Toys in the Attic. A stop motion film that can just barely hold itself together, Toys in the Attic has charm, evil heads, and a plot that will only make you say "what?" three to four
This week, we watched Chappie, a movie that's ostensibly about Die Antwoord doing gangster shit, but is really trying to ask you a question about the value of life and robots I guess? Chappie goes off the rails and into some weird territory, bu
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