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Liz and Anika talk about Kes, a character we loved more than Voyager's writers did. Kes did not even get an entry in her own right in the Voyager character bible We swore we weren't going to use Kes's episode to talk about Neelix, but serious
Liz and Anika get together to discuss the news, trailers and outfits from Star Trek Day, 8 September 2021, including... We have concerns about the sidelining of female characters in Prodigy How will Long Janeway be changed by her time with th
Anika and Liz check in on season 2 of Star Trek: Lower Decks. And ... maybe it isn't for us? And that's okay! Along the way, we talk about: Walking the line between responding to fans versus pandering We have feelings about the depiction of
Anika and Liz sit down to discuss DS9's "Past Tense". It's one of those episodes where we go, "This is really good!" and then talk about its problems for an hour. Everyone knows "Past Tense" is a great two-parter, but what our theory presuppos
Anika once said she had no interest in watching The Animated Series ... yet here we are, discussing "Yesteryear"! We may be a Star Trek podcast, but we're a Star Trek podcast with a lot of Loki feels (Seriously, this episode includes big spoi
Liz and Anika discuss shipping in Star Trek: The Next Generation -- at least until Liz suddenly realises she's messed up her calendar and has to flee to an appointment. We are very good at this whole podcasting business. Social media: it's g
Anika and Liz watch the TOS episode "Is There In Truth No Beauty". And wow, we have a LOT to discuss: Liz attempts to summarise the episode and we learn an important lesson about taking notes A Medusan character in Prodigy As a story about d
Anika and Liz take a trip back to 1995 and the first three stories in the Talking Stick/Circle fic series by Macedon and Peg Robinson, and discuss:  Usenet memories Decolonising Star Trek Chakotay, the significance of a Native American write
Liz and Anika watch an episode of Star Trek: Continues, and just because it's not canon doesn't mean we aren't going to waaaaaay overthink it! we are maybe the wrong audience for a loving tribute to The Original Series… a loving recreation of
We follow up our mothers-in-Trek episode by looking at ... dads! And, guys, there are so many terrible fathers in Star Trek. So. Many. Bonus points to the Hansens, where BOTH parents are terriblel Digressions: that careful balance where you d
Pour a shot of tequila and carve up the salmon, Liz and Anika are here to discuss the news and trailers coming out of First Contact Day -- along with the whole idea of fannish "holidays". The official Star Trek con will be held next year in Ch
We're joined by friend of the podcast Tim, who tells us about the IMDB ratings system and how it reflects fandom's biases. Sounds dry? No, it's fascinating! At least to us… [Note: we had some audio challenges with this episode, and Tim is not
We are a seaQuest DSV podcast. We have always been a seaQuest DSV podcast. Specifically, we're discussing the pilot episode, "To Be Or Not To Be". The near future: 2018 So where's our reboot? Underwater Tom Paris Liz's very first Cranky Old
Anika and Liz discuss bisexuality in Star Trek -- a topic which has been on our agenda since the only on-screen representation was the Mirror Universe. Thank heavens times have changed! ...Right? Because, wow, the MU is not the place to go for
Liz and Anika go back to the '70s and discuss a write-up of a panel on feminism in Treklit. "Treklit?" you ask. We young'uns call it fan fiction these days. Topics covered include: Changes in the way we talk about fic Reminiscences about mai
Anika and Liz revisit one of the most universally praised episodes of The Original Series ... and it really is that good. We have nice things to say about Shatner Edith's don't-punch-Nazis attitude is ... challenging in 2021! We hash it out w
Liz and Anika sit down to discuss the Voyager pilot "Caretaker", and end up with a podcast almost as long as the episode itself! We are not good at maths “It’s a good pilot, but not a good episode.” The script has a really complicated relati
It’s our 69th episode! Nice. Also, Discovery wrapped up its third season -- and finally stuck the landing. Notes: Season 3 repudiates nearly everything we hated about season 2 Finally Owosekun gets a moment Liz has decided to ship Owo/Zora
Anika's back! But where is Lt Nilsson...? (Did Grudge eat her?) This ep has some audio issues, as Liz learns new software, but we manage to discuss: Is this Christmas homage a Die Hard episode? Osyraa and Vance level up in characterisation
Liz is joined again by Fran as we investigate the cause of the Burn. Another haunted house, another recurrence of the season’s theme of confronting fear and ugly truths Su’Kal: the most 2020 hero The cause of the Burn: a child the Federation
Liz is joined by Fran to discuss “Terra Firma” part 2. Where is Anika? Only mirror!Fran knows… So it turns out the mirror universe is not a fun place to hang? The Terran Empire was always destined to fall A redemption arc, or a reformation a
In which Liz and Anika step through a door.  • It was so nice of CBSAA to make an episode of Discovery just for us!  • Saru, Book and Vance are under the impression that they’re in a regular episode. They are very wrong.  • We strongly suspec
It's the Star Warsiest episode of Star Trek ever, and we are here for it! We're also talking about: Admiral Vance: does he have a drinking problem yet? Michael doesn't really understand the concept of letting others make choices, and it's pr
Liz and Anika talk "Unification III", an episode practically made for us. Discussed along the way: the academic rigour of the Vulcan thesis defence the latest episode of The Mandalorian false binaries Tilly's career path Michael's quartet
They had us at "unsanctioned mission". the Luke-Vader heist of Anika's dreams the teams are fracturing and it's AWFUL but also a bit great does Michael actually want to be in Starfleet? Did she ever choose to be in Starfleet? Michael Burnha
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