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#29: Nella and Raven needed a break from the world, so they hopped a ride to Bronson Beta and read the truly pulpy AFTER WORLDS COLLIDE! The Earth may be gone, but there sure are Soviets. We also watched the 1952 movie adaptation of WHEN WORLDS
#28: The year is 1933 and get in, losers, we're going to SPACE! We've entered the Pulp Age, and Nella is VERY here for this screwball apocalypse. Come for the inspiration for Flash Gordon and maybe even Superman (???), stay for some gosh darn g
#27: The year is 1930 and it's Apocalypse by Sterility, y'all! Won't somebody think of the CHILDREN! Come for a woman of color just trying to live her damn life, stay for the classic blunder of getting involved in a land war in Asia. CW: this n
#26: The year is 1930 and if you wanted a college text book version of all your favorite sci-fi tropes, this book has everything! Fission! Air ships! Biological warfare! Martians! Hive minds! Eugenics! Telepathy! Genocide via Terraforming! Not-
#25: The year is 1927, and we should have seen the eugenics coming. Pierrepont was one of Oneida's little 'experiments', after all. Come for our biggest frame story yet, come for Chekov's double agent spy friend. Support us at https://www.patre
#24: The year is 1928 and this book is fine. It's fine. It's Fine. Come for one of our best lady characters, stay for the author's earnest opinions about M O D E R N W O M E N. Also, pretty sure this counts for one of our racier Apocalypses so
#23: We have 7 out-of-print books from the 1920s to cover, so pull up a chair and prepare to hate how timely this nonsense is. I know I do! Content warning: discussion of racism, the history of antisemitism and fictional abuse of minors.  Suppo
#22: The year is 1923, which means we are deep in proto-Fascism territory. Raven started this read and warned that it was as if Ayn Rand wrote Caesar's Column. Never let an Organic Chemist run wild with Science Fiction, always bring a back-up B
#21: The year is STILL 1922 but hold the presses, we really enjoyed this one!  Nella feels like Karel Čapek was the mirror-verse version of G.K. Chesterton. She completely 100% friend-ship them. Oh, to have been a fly on the wall of the debates
#20: Satan-worshipping? On MY Jupiter??? It's more likely than you think! The year is 1922 and our cup runneth over with our 3rd lady writer. However, now there's plot all over the floor and there's no mop on hand. This novel is like two novell
#19: The year is 1922 and it's our second lady author of the Apocalist! Like Mary Shelley, Cicely Hamilton lived an absolutely fascinating life and wrote an absolute downer of a book. It's almost like The Great War made her even more of a pessi
#18: The Year is 1920 and we're live with PEOPLE OF THE RUINS by Edward Shanks! This book's apocalypse is not a plague, PHEW!...just the fault of the Bolsheviks? IDK I'm pretty sure it was Capitalism that was wrong. Come for the evil Canadian,
#17: The Year is 1913 & we were pleasantly surprised by this plague that kills men! Come for JD's opinions about the uselessness of suburban life & religious fervor, stay for Aunt May & her cigarettes. Remember friends: ALWAYS take the potato.
#16: The years are 1912 to 1914, and George Allen England gave his audience what they craved: Racism masquerading as evolutionary science. 225,000 words worth. Dang, this one was rough. Come for the authorial self-insert voted "Most Useful to b
#15: This holiday season while we read a T R I L O G Y, we're bringing peace and goodwill to mankind with a recap/review of the 2019 BBC's WAR OF THE WORLDS! It made Choices! #JusticeforTheThunderchild Support us at https://www.patreon.com/ne
14: That's right, we broke from the timeline to bring you two novellas from two avowed Socialists! In the British corner we have H. G. "Bertie" Wells with THE TIME MACHINE! In the American corner we have Jack "He Sure Did Write About Wolves"
#13: The Year is 1912 and William Hope Hodgson was never taught to tag his porn. It's billions of years into the future, the sun is gone and science might be responsible for the monsters that roam the land--so you better not leave the 7-mile hi
#12: The year is 1912 and if you like Roland Emmerich disaster movies do we have the apocalyptic novel for you! Come for the scientist no one listens to until it's too late, stay for the presidential B-plot! Nella STANS the gay French submarine
#11: The year is 1908 and good old Herbert (Bertie) George Wells is at it again! Come for God's Own Idiot for a main character, stay for Bertie's scathing indictment of his own Modern Times that were just coming around the bend. Nella will die
#10: The year is 1906, and someone read Jefferies' AFTER LONDON and was inspired. New York City is dead, long live Doom the Forbidden. This is what happens when only members of the Society for Creative Anachronism survive the Apocalypse.  Come
#9: The year is 1906 and there is not a single Viking in this ENTIRE Apocalypse.This is Armageddon by GARDEN PARTY, End Times by Downton Abbey except all the Help are literal ghosts you can't see so you don't even get to their interesting hopes
#8: The year is 1901, and H.P. Lovecraft had OPINIONS about THE PURPLE CLOUD, so you know it's going to be a doozy. Come for the Decadent movement and the birth of the Yellow Peril novel (YIKES), stay for the unfortunate last minute Pygmalion s
#07.1: Our last book of the 19th century and it's a WINNER! Dear Bertie came through in the 11th Hour with his thrilling tale of alien invasion and survival. Come for Wells' sexy, sexy personal life, stay for sitting around like a bunch of dodo
#07.1: Our last book of the 19th century and it's a WINNER! Dear Bertie came through in the 11th Hour with his thrilling tale of alien invasion and survival. Come for Wells' sexy, sexy personal life, stay for sitting around like a bunch of dodo
#06: The year is 1894, and Olga Romanoff is the dystopian heroine you want to root for...except she's a terrible person. There's also the Aerians and they had the GALL to found White Wakanda. Whatever, they are terrible. Everyone's terrible.Com
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