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In this episode, Mr Watchtower talks with Dal, the man behind @TakeThatDarwin about the coming Trump presidency and more!
In this episode: Mr Watchtower chats to the man behind the Twitter handle @TheoryFail. We listen to Vice Presidential candidate Mike Pence's stance on the theory of evolution and Ken Ham tells us all about 'The Ark Encounter'.     Mr Watchtower
In this episode, Mr Watchtower talks to Lydia (@FinchLydia), a former Jehovah's Witness about shunning, peculiar beliefs, cult mentality and more! 
In this episode: Ex-Jehovah's Witness Lloyd Evan joins Mr Watchtower to discuss blood transfusions, shunning, what JWs think and the end of world!   Support the show at www.patreon.com/ApostateAwake
This is the first ever Apostate Awake Podcast (Formerly Watchtower&Awakening).   Think of it a short pre-podcast-podcast just to get everyone settled in before the guests arrive!
In this episode:Co-Hosts Mr Watchtower and Bonaventure talk about the ridiculous defences for Biblical immorality often seen on Twitter.Specifically Noah (When God drowned everyone) and Lot (Who was saved by God only to be raped by his own daug
In this episode... 1. Martin Luther King Jr's niece on gay marriage causing natural disasters, the devil making her fat and why you shouldn't blame God for homosexuality. 2. How children are smarter and more emotionally complex that most adult
Mr Watchtower & Co-Host 'Bonaventure' review the Scientology documentary Going Clear. Prepare for  Scientology related spoilers and Tom Cruise's sexuality to be questioned!!! Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/ApostateAwake
In this episode:   Mr Watchtower chats with Jen August about identity, Catholicism, Judaism and more. Co-Host Norris is back briefly, for what he's worth!   Jen on twitter: https://twitter.com/jen_august   Mr Watchtower on twitter: https://twit
In this episode: Mr Watchtower chats with @TakeThatDarwin about misconceptions and blind faith that surrounds the religious opposition to evolution. Co-Host Bonaventure is back once again, mostly to say "What a guy" repeatedly.
Mr Watchtower and The Religious Tourist discuss Ramadan, Satanism, Paganism, our love for The Hitch and Stewart Lee... not to mention the fact that I put a gun to his head! Will he survive?...   Follow us on twitter @ApostateAwake and @Religiou
In this episode: Mr Watchtower and co-host Bonaventure review the movie Exodus: Gods and Kings... then contrast and compare it to the Biblical version of events. Expect double entendres.   MENTIONS Exodus trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?
In this episode: Mr Watchtower and Norris listen to special guests' Christmas messages and comment for far too long on the meaning of Chistmas.   Guests in order of appearance: Bonaventure (Co-Host) Godless Smeghead (Off of twitter) Paul (Quar
In this episode, 'Mr Watchtower' and Co-Host 'Bonaventure' discuss the attitude of the Catholic Church towards 'those with homosexual tendencies' as well as the child rape scandal. We also share a real ghost story and prepare for the Christmas
IN THIS EPISODE:Listeners questions answered!Our clash with hate-preachers in New Orleans!Our experience of Southern Decadence on Bourbon Street! Video with co-hosts (We're around 3 mins in): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhM6uJNk2xo Southern
In this episode, a former Jehovah's Witness and a lapsed Catholic (Visiting co-host Bonaventure) go to a southern Baptist Church! Specifically Austin Stone Community Church in Austin, Texas. Listen as we marvel at the way they fleece their floc
Mr Watchtower reports back on his visit to a Mormon Church, gives a history of Mormonism that may not be accurate and discusses differences/similarities with Jehovah's Witnesses. 
In this episode: 1: How creationist material sneaks into UK Catholic schooling. 2: Jehovah's Witnesses' refutation of the term 'Fundamentalism'. 3: Jehovah's Witnesses' acceptence of science... and then their refusal to accept science. 
What do Jehovah's Witnesses teach their children about masturbation?... (The youtube version of this has PDFs and stuff, so subscribe over there!)
In this episode: How should we define ourselves? Atheist? Agnostic? Secular? Let's try and clear this up...
A deconstruction of JWs youth literature 'Questions Young People Ask'.   This is the first episode of a mini series. Get the PDFs at www.jw.org or watch the video on youtube where the PDFs appear!
In this episode: Why Easter is not remotely Christian. Catholic and Jehovah’s Witness views on Easter. Catholic hypocrisy.
I was raised a Jehovah's Witness... so what turned me away from "The Tuth"? Answers to this and more, in the new episode of The Watchtower&Awakening Podcast!
Here for your listening pleasure, is the pilot episode of Watchtower and Awakening’s newest venture. Every experience I have had as the entity of Watchtower&Awakening has been trial and error thus far and the podcast is no different. So instead
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