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Are Cloud Vendors also Security Vendors? with Sarah Young

Released Friday, 14th May 2021
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In this episode of AppSec Builders, Jb is joined by Security Architect, Sarah Young, to discuss Cloud Security, its evolution, and its increased presence within Cloud Vendor solutions and platforms.
About Sarah:
Linkedin:https://www.linkedin.com/in/m1splacedsoul/ ( )https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahyo16/ (https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarahyo16/)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_sarahyo (https://twitter.com/_sarahyo)
Sarah Young is a security architect based in Melbourne, Australia who has previously worked in New Zealand and Europe and has a wealth of experience in technology working across a range of industry sectors. With a background in network and infrastructure engineering, Sarah brings deep technical knowledge to her work. She also has a penchant for cloud native technologies.
Sarah is an experienced public speaker and has presented on a range of IT security and technology topics at industry events both nationally and internationally (BSides Las Vegas, The Diana Initiative, Kiwicon, PyCon AU, Container Camp AU/London, BSides Ottawa, BSides Perth, DevSecCon Boston, CHCon, KubeCon, BSides San Francisco). She is an active supporter of both local and international security and cloud native communities.

https://www.cncf.io/ (Cloud Native Computing Foundation)
[00:00:02] Welcome to AppSec Builders, the podcast for Practitioners Building Modern AppSec hosted by Jb Aviat.
Jb Aviat: [00:00:14] Welcome to this episode of AppSec Builders, I'm Jb Aviat and today I'm thankful to welcome Sarah Young, who is a senior program manager in Azure security. Sarah, you're very prolific in this security space which conferences, the Azure security podcast your also CNCF - Cloud Native Computing Foundation Ambassador. Sarah, I'd love to hear more about this.

Sarah Young: [00:00:38] Thanks! And thank you for having me. Yeah! So many things I could say. So, yeah, I worked for Microsoft. So of course, every day I work with Azure and do Azure security as one would expect. But I've been working in security for oh. Like specifically focusing on security for the last eight or nine years now. Before I joined Microsoft, I worked with other clouds and so I got a fair bit of experience there. But with regards to CNCF I am, as you said, an ambassador and although I'm certainly not a developer, I certainly find the security aspect of cloud native stuff really, really interesting. And that's what I enjoy talking to people about.

Jb Aviat: [00:01:20] Alright. And so one thing you seem to be prolific about is Kubernetes and Kubernetes is definitely something that has gone through an amazing popularity over the past years and also got a lot of security exposure because it's notoriously a complex and difficult to use in the secure way. Do you have any specific thought about that?

Sarah Young: [00:01:42] Yeah, the of specifics we could go into here and I guess watching Kubernetes over the past two or three years has been really interesting because obviously there are new releases and every time there's a new release, there are updates and improvements made to it. Obviously, I focused more on that for me. I'm more interested in the security side of it. But it's really interesting if you go from the early days of Kubernetes through to now, how much it's improved. I mean, what are we on now? I think we're on twenty, twenty one or something like that. I forget the exact version. We're up to for releases at the moment. But if you go back to the early days or two, three years ago, there was some major, major security holes and Kubernetes. So there were things I mean, it didn't support RBAC or role based access control. So if you don't have roads, access control, you literally can't give people permissions, like everyone just has everything, which is a security person's nightmare. So it's been really good to actually see how it's developed over the years and how the community have addressed those things.