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Apsara Skin Care: Tips, Remedies & Info for Flawless Skin & Beautiful Hair

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Episodes of Apsara Skin Care

An inner glow alludes to more than just one’s outward appearance, but their internal health and vitality as well. It indicates great health and well-being. Contrary to popular belief, an inner glow is extremely achievable if one follows the cor
Hair fall, early greying and itchy, dandruff-prone hair are becoming more and more prevalent in women. A large contributing factor to these hair conditions is exposure to harsh chemicals which compromise the hair follicles. One may encounter th
Antioxidants are compounds that slow down free radical damage that is going to our skin, hair or scalp. In this day, we are exposed to harsh chemicals on a daily basis, often resulting from environmental factors such as pollution. The increasin
Discoloration of the skin is evident with darker or lighter markings on the skin as compared to the usual color of the skin. The pigment melanin is responsible for the color of our skin, which is why fluctuations in pigmentation can be attribut
In Ayurveda, the health of the digestive system is everything. It is the foundation upon which the health of your skin and hair is built. Along with this comes the importance of gut health. Gut toxicity builds up over a period of time due to po
Combination skin is characterized by skin that may be oil in some areas, but dry or normal in others. It is effectively a ‘combination’ of different skin types. Although establishing skincare practices for this skin type may sound difficult, Ap
Many people want simple and achievable methods to get their skin to glow. For some, glowing skin may even seem out of reach. However, Apsara has many easy home remedies consisting of all-natural ingredients, which can help individuals achieve t
By the time women are 50, 1 out of 2 of them will experience hair loss. This alarming statistic applies to 50% of women in this age group. Rapid hair fall, early greying and dry, frizzy hair go hand in hand as each can be sped up as a result of
In the ongoing digital age, spending hours on screens has become the new norm. Children and teenagers especially, spend a lot of time online for both educational and recreational purposes. Due to this their eyes are often strained for long peri
Blackheads are formed when hair follicles within the skin become clogged and produce excess oil, which results in a bump-like formation. Further, air exposure can cause the bump to turn black over time. Reducing blackheads and acne is of utmost
Vitamin C is known to have numerous skin benefits. Aside from popular usage in protecting the skin from sunlight and UV rays, its antioxidant properties protect the cells against free radicals. Free radicals are molecules that are produced duri
At Apsara Skin Care, we believe that ‘change is at the core of development.’ We are always looking to upgrade our look and enhance our customers’ experiences. The appearance of Apsara’s website and product labels have changed with the idea of p
Castor oil is a vegetable oil which is often used in skincare products and regimes. It is an essential source of fatty acids, with nourishing and anti-aging properties. This indirectly provides the skin with better moisture retention ability.
Bananas are a great source of potassium, vitamins and natural oils. These help prevent split ends and soften the hair as a whole. Bananas also contain silica, which improves the texture of hair. Another ingredient which is important towards mai
Aloe vera is commonly found in most households and often used to alleviate wounds. As water constitutes most of the plant, applying it on skin helps hydrate and moisturize it. Aloe vera is also a source of plant hormones, which aid in evening o
It is well known that eating healthy foods has several skin benefits.  Fiber-rich foods in particular, are extremely beneficial towards achieving clear, glowing skin, as they increase the supply of nutrients and oxygen going into skin cells. Th
Brown sugar is an essential ingredient in baking, but it also has several skin benefits. Its affordability and rapid results are what make it a popular product. The darker the sugar, the less refined it is and the more glycolic acid it contains
Papayas have some incredible benefits when consumed as fresh fruit, but did you know it is also a superfood for the skin? In this episode of the podcast, Sheetal will share a DIY home remedy made with papaya, lemon juice, and vitamin E that wil
At Apsara Skin Care, we have been sharing home remedies for all kinds of skin and hair care concerns for many years. One of the most common skin concerns we get asked about is, “How do I revive my dull skin and make it glow?” Dull skin can be c
In addition to your daily skin care routine, which consists of your toner, serum, and lotion, don’t forget to exfoliate your skin with a facial scrub! While a facial scrub should only be used once or twice a week, it is very beneficial in minim
Can you believe it is already the middle of January? Even though it feels like the new year started only yesterday, it is never too late to start going natural with your hair care routine. A lot of people make a resolution to get thick, long, a
While you may not be able to tell whether your pores are clogged or not, it does not hurt to unclog them regularly. After all, since clogged pores can result in acne, blemishes, and dull skin, cleaning your pores effectively is a good idea to k
Scrubbing your skin has a lot of awesome benefits. It can help fade the appearance of dark spots, brighten up your skin, minimize premature aging, and more. However, if you don’t know how to scrub your skin properly or don’t know how to do it a
The year is almost over, but the winter season has just begun. For many people, that means a return to dry, flaky skin. When the weather starts to get colder, the humidity levels drop both outside and inside, stripping precious moisture from yo
Not all of us will have the luxury of being able to spend time with loved ones in person this holiday season, but for those that can, you want to look your very best, right? If it’s your first time seeing these loved ones in quite a while, you
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