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When a song that you don't enjoy listening to is playing, it would be good to be able to explain that in order for the song to get changed! Learn how to kindly request another song to be played instead of that one that is playing.
When someone calls you at a bad time, how do you explain nicely that you are busy and will call back when you're free? That's one exactly what you will learn in today's podcast.
Sometimes it seems like the whole world is in selfie mode! Everyone these days are taking selfies and the word has now made itself into other languages Arabic included. Tune in to learn how to suggest taking a selfie in Arabic.
In Arabic every name usually has a meaning, and it is sometimes interesting finding out the meaning of a particular name. Tune in to learn how to ask someone what their name means and how to give an answer.
There is an Arabic version of Sesame Street that used to get aired around the same time. They recently renewed the series and started airing it again. Today you will learn the Arabic used in the catchy intro song.
Getting invited to drink alcohol when you can't drink it doesn't have to be an embarrassing situation. In today's podcast you will learn how to explain that you don't drink alcohol and how to invite someone with alternative drinks.
Some people live forever alone searching for something, or something, that does not exist. In today's podcast you will hear three beautiful wise sayings that can really make you ponder on life, and of course it's all about learning the Arabic words.
How do you display your fury in Arabic when you discover someone has blocked in your car? Such an unlawful act requires strong words. Tune in to learn how to resolve such a situation in a over-dramatic tone.
Many of you probably know that famous song that goes "You are so beautiful to me". In today's podcast you will hear it sung in Arabic. Learn the vocabulary of this song so that you can sing it to your loved ones.
Eid just passed and in that occasion gifts are often given, but what do you say when you receive a gift from one of your seniors? Tune in to learn a good response and what to say generally in the festival of Eid.
After learning that someone was looking for you, asking that person for confirmation and reason is the most common thing. You will learn how to ask these questions. The reason in today's dialogue might surprise you, tune in to learn what it could be.
Social media is used heavily these days, therefore you need to know how to get connected. You will learn the words to help you get more friends on Facebook and Twitter so tune in.
Discussing salaries in the Arabic culture is considered ordinary. It is easy to find out how much someone is getting paid. Tune in to learn how to discuss someone's high pay in the beautiful Arabic language.
When moving to a new area, one of the first things that one usually does is register at the local clinic. Tune in to learn how to get registered along with your family in the beautiful Arabic language.
When babies become toddlers, they generally roam the house looking for anything that they could get their hands on. It can get annoying when they start playing with the washing machine especially when it's in a middle of a cycle.
There is a time that most students dread in every year of study, and that is the time of the final exams of the year. Tune in to learn how to ask when those dreadful exams are, how to give an answer and also how to ask about revision.
Getting Arabic channels is quite easy and very cheap. One just needs to install a dish pointing to the correct satellite. Learn how to ask a technician to get the channel of your country in this podcast.
Our hosts seem to think that everyone has something wrong with his or her body. If you're not sure what Arabic words to use to debate this then tune in. You will learn plenty of useful vocabulary that can indeed help you in other situations.
Most countries require expats working in them having work permits. The Middle East is no exception to this rule. Ensure that you know the vocabulary necessary to discuss an expiring permit and its renewal by listening to this podcast.
Some people have simply lost hope in people in politics to the extent that they refuse to vote claiming that it doesn't make a difference. Tune in to learn the Arabic from a dialogue where one of the persons holds this view.
If you are upgrading from an old iPhone to the latest one, you might need to resize your SIM card so that it's compatible. Learn what to say to get this done properly with a device and not immaturely cut with scissors!
Having to deal with business even through the toughest times is something that most business owners have to face. In the podcast, you will learn how to emphasize that something must be done and the focus is on recording lessons.
Sometimes we just dream weird things! Indeed we have a weird dialogue today about a weird dream, all in the hope to make it more entertaining to listen to. Tune in and also learn plenty of useful vocabulary.
Usually there are a few days of public holidays during Eid festivals. Therefore, many take the opportunity to arrange weddings during that time so that everybody can attend. Tune in to learn how to invite somebody to such an event.
When someone receives a gift from someone very close like a member of the family, a best friend or a partner, then there is usually a nice phrase that is said afterwards. Tune in to learn this culturally rich phrase.
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