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Mike Opelka encourages everyone who hates their job or just wants a change in life to ask themselves what they can do to help Texas recover. So many homes, cars, and businesses will need to be built. What opportunity awaits you? How can you hel
 Dr. Jorge Rodriguez tells Mike Opelka about the health and life extension benefits of coffee, discovered in a 10 year Spanish study of 20,000 participants. He also goes over a new injection for inflammation that might be a game changer in card
Why is New Jersey Governor Chris Christie all over the news today criticizing Texas Senator Ted Cruz? Mike Opelka suspects that Christie is positioning himself for a continued career in politics, depending on what happens to Bob Menendez….
Pure Opelka, weekdays Noon to 3pm and 10pm to 1amET & Saturday's 6am - 9am ET on The Blaze Radio.Twitter- @PureOpelka & @StuntbrainFacebook- Mike Opelka HOUR 1 - Harvey Update, PJ's for Kids Update, Give Some Socks, Kathy Griffin takes back apo
So many people are without power and even shelter in Eastern Texas right now. Mike Opelka discusses his pal, survival expert Creek Stewart, and his tips for when there is a need to survive without modern technology, not if. Stewart also provide
Iowa Democrat Heather Ryan was not invited to a Polk County Democrat Party event because she isn’t “family friendly.” Mike Opelka asked why other Democrats are not outraged, like Navy vet Ryan was, white a woman is basically told to “sit down a
Mike Opelka talks with Genevieve Piturro of the Pajama Project, who for 16 years has been collecting and distributing pajamas and a book to children without. They have focused on the foster child population, but in the midst of the Hurricane Ha
 Mike Opelka reports on Iceland’s horse registry committee, consisting of 2 people. They are banning any “foreign” horse names from being registered in their tiny nation, asking names to be of Icelandic heritage only. Is this racist, exclusiona
Pure Opelka, weekdays Noon to 3pm and 10pm to 1amET & Saturday's 6am - 9am ET on The Blaze Radio.Twitter- @PureOpelka & @StuntbrainFacebook- Mike OpelkaHOUR 1 - What Joel Osteen is doing for Houston, Faithwire’s Billy Hallowell joins Mike Opelk
Faithwire’s Billy Hallowell joins Mike Opelka to discuss the erroneous reports that megachurch pastor Joel Osteen was turning Houstonians away from his church, refusing to allow it to be used as a shelter. The truth is that the entire first flo
Australia’s Dr. Ruby Red Scarlet (who insists that’s her real name) says that Father’s Day should be changed to Special Person’s Day to be more inclusive. Mike Opelka says this is political correctness “gone absolutely hog freaking wild.”  
 A young man walked 12 miles in the dark to see if his dad was still alive in the midst of Hurricane Harvey. A reporter from CNN loaned him a satellite phone and allowed them to connect, giving a family hope. Mike Opelka contrasted deeply human
Mike Opelka reports that a full 56.9 percent of men attempting to serve in the Chinese Army fail the physical exam because they’re doing too many sedentary…lonely activities.
The mysterious sonic attack on the American embassy in Havana, Cuba that sent four Americans to the hospital has apparently claimed 12 more and one Canadian diplomat. Embassy workers have suffered hearing loss and brain damage, but nobody is re
Mike Opelka is perplexed by the performance art of Milo Moire, who allows strangers across Europe to touch her intimate areas in an attempt to demonstrate consent and combat rape – or so she says. Mike suspects that like many performance artist
Pure Opelka, weekdays Noon to 3pm and 10pm to 1amET & Saturday's 6am - 9am ET on The Blaze Radio.Twitter- @PureOpelka & @StuntbrainFacebook- Mike OpelkaHOUR 1 - Dayna Steele on helping Houston, The candidate for Texas’ 36th congressional distri
 The candidate for Texas’ 36th congressional district talked to Mike Opelka about how Hurricane Harvey flooding has affected Texas and her personally. She shares a variety of ways people all over the country can help those in need. 
Aaron JayJack found a scared and soaked dog at a gas station during Hurricane Harvey and took to social media to find his family. The amateur storm chaser tells Mike Opelka the story of his experiences riding out the hurricane that has flooded
Dayna Steele is an old friend of Mike’s and calls in to talk about hurricane Harvey hitting Texas. She is taking precautions for her home and family. The petroleum and aviation fuel could be at risk, and although Houston isn’t getting hit direc
ABC news is in Galveston covering hurricane Harvey. While waking up one morning they noticed something was missing from their truck. The storm seemed to have detached the satellite from the news truck and they have no idea where it went.
A couple in Houston has been together for five years, and looking to get married. After several obstacles getting in their way, from construction of the reception area, to now hurricane Harvey. Their guest list throughout the week have been get
There is a possibility of robots taking over our world. We have them build cars in the 80's and now we have them cleaning our homes. There us a group that is talking about owners of robots to pay taxes for them. More unnecessary taxes on silly
Would you fight for your right of free speech? Washington State university is wanting to remove the people who have racist views. Should we just ignore those people and limit their free speech?
California Senator Kamala Harris tweeted that children should have say in government, which is pretty much what you’d expect a Democrat to tweet. Mike suspects, with all the free stuff Democrats offer, we all know who’d get a child’s vote.
 Mike Broomhead of KFYI in Phoenix got security cam footage after a local news crew obtained an “exclusive” story of a vandalized Confederate statue in Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza. Was it an exclusive or a set up? The security cam tells a compl
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