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 What you'll hear: About Jacey’s newest creative project About Maggie's new job All about Maggie’s engagement, wedding plans, and …moon plans What we've been reading, watching, listening to and following Linkstravaganza… In a Word
If the Gilmore Girls can do it, so can we! In this episode, we catch up on what's been going on in the six months since the show ended...specifically with the things we've launched into the world: a business, and a baby! Plus, we'll be sharing
Introducing the Nourish Podcast! In this short clip, Maggie shares a little bit about herself and what you can expect from the Nourish Podcast.
Hi friends, As many of you already know, this is our last official episode of the Around the Table podcast. In this episode, we share more about what’s behind the decision to close the podcast, and open up about our favorite and least favorit
This week we’re discussing an all too familiar topic: procrastination. Why do we put off what we could do today? Plus, we’ll be sharing what we’ve been reading, watching, listening to and following. Are you subscribed to Around the Table Weekly
This week, we’re talking about loneliness: how it affects us, and what we do when we feel lonely.  What you'll hear: How we define loneliness and how it shows up in our lives What we do when we feel lonely Ways to cope with loneliness (and way
The “if,” “how,” and “when” of decisions like marriage and babies can be among the most angst ridden (and joyful) of womanhood. So this week, we’re analyzing these life phase changes, and sharing our personal experience making these choices (or
This week we are asking ourselves how we decide between the proverbial rock and a hard place.  We are also playing a friendly game of would you rather.  If you love joining us around the table, connect with us on Instagram! It is one of our fa
In this episode, we’re perking up our ears and discussing what it means to listen well. Then we’ll share what we’ve been reading, watching, listening to and following. If you love joining us around the table, you’ll love having us in your inbox
This week, we are pulling out our wallets and addressing the sometimes-awkward conversations surrounding money. What you'll hear: Why it is so hard to talk about money Our thoughts on the right and wrong ways to talk about finances A discussio
This week, we’re talking all things spring. Then we’ll share some ways to freshen up the rhythms of the day to day. We're honored when you invite friends to join us around the table! Want to start the conversation organically? We have (a few)
This week, we are smelling the proverbial roses and talking about what it means to be a 'noticer.'  What you'll hear: What it means to be a 'noticer' Whether we consider ourselves people who notice What to do with what we notice How personalit
In this episode, we discuss when efficiency goes too far. Plus, Maggie will weigh in on drinking vinegar, and other current nutrition trends.  Remember those adorable totes we gave Patreon supporters last year! We have (a few) on sale! Head her
This week, we are striking a power pose and taking an in depth look at body language. We are also sharing what we’ve been reading, watching, listening to and following this month. Are you one of our favorite listeners? Do you wanna be? Make sur
In this episode, we’re discussing the danger of extreme independence, and why being needy is a good thing. And in the spirit of asking for help, we're bring back our "stuck in a rut" segment. Hey, do you want to hang out in our clubhouse? Patre
This week, we are looking backwards and examining how we interact with the past. We are also taking a stroll down memory lane and sharing some of our most memorable experiences.
In this episode, we’re talking about how to handle change gracefully. Plus, we’ll be sharing what we’ve been reading, watching, listening to and following. Why not use our episode topics as conversation starters with friends? Let us know what n
This week, we are minding our manners and discussing the topic of proper etiquette.  It’s 2017: you don’t have to hunt and gather your own podcasts. Make sure that you’re SUBSCRIBED to Around the Table, so that you never miss an episode! What y
Today we’ll tackle how to handle the inevitable interruptions of life. Plus, we’ll be sharing what’s working for us lately when it comes to time management. If you want the opposite of junk mail (treasure mail) in your inbox, make sure you're s
Happy New Year, folks! This week, we discuss the concept of living every day as if it were your last.  But first, are you or anyone you know wanting to launch a podcast in 2017? If so, Jacey's guide is the perfect tool to Start and Grow Your Po
This week, we’re reflecting on 2016 by answering some thought provoking (and indulgent) questions. Just a couple more weeks to get a bonus lipstick consultation and/or "So I Was Listening to This Podcast..." tote when you support us on Patreon!
This week, we are joined by our friend Rachel Nordgren to examine the intricacies of tiny houses and simple living. We are also sharing what we’ve been reading, watching, listening to and following this month What you'll hear: What inspired Ra
This week, we’re getting into the holiday spirit with an episode dedicated to gift ideas, how to win the fight with your calendar, and holiday favorites! Hey, are you following us on Instagram? We have a special giveaway coming up soon that we
This week, we take a look at what it means to conquer your emotions: When should we let them influence us, and when should we act in spite of them. We are also going to explore how our emotions affect our eating habits. What you'll hear:  Why
We’ve all had a job, responsibility, relationship, or friendship we wanted to run away from. In this episode, we’ll break down the reasons behind our urge to escape, and how to know when to stay put and when to bow out. Plus, a few ideas for fr
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