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Every fifth episode, we choose an artist to shine our spotlight on. This week, it was Robbie's turn, and he cheated and chose two - frequent collaborators Peter Wilson and Matt Pop! A fan of both, choosing collaborations between these two was a quick and easy way of Robbie having his cake and eating it too. Now, you've been forewarned - if you don't like happy music, then well, you're just going to have to suck it up for this episode. Peter Wilson and Matt Pop both gravitate toward retro melodies, 80s pop and soaring dance numbers, and each pick this week is phenomenal - a fantastic cross-section of the kind of music these two put out. So, get ready to get happy as we celebrate the synthpop, retro-tinged stylings of Peter Wilson and Matt Pop! And, as ever, if you dig the music, hit up the links below and support them by purchasing their music! Enjoy the show! :D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO TUNE: "I'm Alive" [] BONUS TUNE: "Into The Night" [] RAYZA's TUNE: "Walk The Night" [] TERESA's TUNE: "Verona feat. Sean Smith" [] ROBBIE's TUNE: "I Should Have Known Better" [] OUTRO TUNE: "Pulsation" [] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get Peter Wilson's latest album 'The Passion & The Flame HERE! GOOGLE PLAY: [] ITUNES: SPOTIFY: Check out Matt Pop HERE: YOUTUBE: [] WEBSITE: []
We're back again! And what an amazing episode this one turned out to be. What makes it amazing? The picks. Teresa's tune is classic synthwave with an indie edge from relative newcomers Dragon Inn 3, Robbie brings us a debut artist with his pick, a killer tune from futureMemory - you're going to want to follow him on YouTube - and Rayza brings us a really neat 'wave' track (yep, that's the genre name) by CHVRN. What else is on the show? Well, aside from the usual Aussie Weather Report™ from Robbie, Teresa updates us on her recent move and shiny new Game's Room, we wish our good friend Kebu a speedy recovery from his recent health issues, and we go ape for the announcement of the sequel we all thought would never be made, Streets of Rage 4!!! We'll be wanting Yuzo Koshiro on music duties for this one, yep! HYPE!!! Anyways, enjoy the show peeps, and remember, if you like any of the tunes on show here, follow the links down below to support all these amazing artists. PEACE OUT! _______________________________________________________________ OPENING TUNE: "Body" by HIGH HØØPS [] TERESA's TUNE: "Bad Boy" by Dragon Inn 3 [] ROBBIE's TUNE: "Hello Nothing" by futureMemory [] RAYZA's TUNE: "Stranglers" by CHVRN [] OUTRO: "This must be the place (naive melody)" by Brothertiger [] _______________________________________________________________
First up, a big thanks goes out to you guys and gals - we've crossed the 600 followers mark! Top stuff, and we can't thank you enough! It would be killer if we could hit 1000 by the time the year draws to a close, so if you dig the show, tell your friends; share on social media, all the fun stuff. 1000 followers - can we make it? We reckon we can! So, picks! Picks this week are from GUNSHIP, Zone Tripper and Jim-E Stack - all super great tunes that will be, as always, linked below, so if you like what you hear, go check out the artists catalogues. We've also been in correspondence with a certain Glenn Main. A brilliant, established synth maestro who got in contact with us with some new music in his outstretched hand. And we dug it - we dug it *a lot*. So much so, that our Intro and Outro tunes this week are both Glenn Main tunes. Seriously, check him out - impressive stuff, all round! Enjoy the show! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO TUNE: "Miami Night Ride" by Glenn Main [] ROBBIE's TUNE: "Cyber Dream" by Zone Tripper [] RAYZA's TUNE: "Lovers Remix" by Jim-E Stack [] TERESA's TUNE: "Dark All Day (feat. Tim Cappello & Indiana)" GUNSHIP [] OUTRO TUNE: "Cosmic Raindrops" by Glenn Main [] You can find more Glenn Main tunes here: SOUNDCLOUD: BANDCAMP: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Yo! What a great show we have for you this week! As usual, we're digging up tracks of absolute GOLD that we think are worth sharing, and who knows, you might end up in an artist rabbit-hole and discover an all-new fave! You'll have to forgive Robbie for sounding a little dejected early in the piece - technical difficulties were rife and everywhere on recording day, so it's back to Skype lag for us this episode... grrr :/ That all changes once the music gets started. Rayza brings us another brilliant SUNG track, Teresa knocks it out of (Robbie's)park with an amazing D.White track, whilst Robbie brings the pretty synthpop with a Peter Wilson and Matt Pop collaboration. Elsewhere in the episode, we discuss rumblings of a Will Ferrell Eurovision-themed movie, and we get back to our roots and discuss our old scene - going all the way back to our OverClocked ReMix days was a trip down memory lane, for sure! Anyways, enjoy the episode, and we'll catch you in the next one! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RAYZA's TUNE: "Starlight Paradise" by SUNG [] TERESA's TUNE: "No More Pain" by D.White [] ROBBIE's TUNE: "Together Alone" by Peter Wilson [] BONUS TRACK: "Miasma" by GHOST [] HOMEWORK: "Sonic Electronik" by Rayza [] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Yo! WE'RE BACK! What started out as scheduling issues ballooned into weeks of crazy set backs, but we're back now - for good! Kinda. We're minus one this episode :( Teresa was in the UK while we were recording, but she managed to get a pick to us when she got back (from Comic-Con, no less) for the show! We chat a bit about life and the usual - it was Eurovision season, so Robbie was all over it, and Rayza chats of his plans to attend a 40th Anniversary celebration for Dawn of the Dead! A bit rusty from being off for a while, but next show will be back to normal - all three of us on the mics with killer picks for you lot! But we're in the here and now, and BOY, do we have some great picks THIS week! Enjoy! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ROBBIE's TUNE: "Strike A Pose" by TWRP [] TERESA's TUNE: "Aetherian Powerdrive" by Justin Geer [] RAYZA's TUNE: "Featherlight" by gusgus [] BONUS TRACK: "Halcyon" by 24:7 [] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Here it is - the FULL Austranadian Synth Alliance Podcast Interview with the one, the only Kebu! This is the full interview Robbie did with Kebu that is referenced and featured in Episode 30. 45+ minutes of amazing insight into Kebu's music, history, processes and achievements. From upcoming Blu ray releases to new music, it's all in here! If you want to hear all of us discuss Kebu's music, head HERE to Episode 30: [] The ASAP Podcast would, once again, like to thank Kebu for coming to talk music with us here on the podcast. Keep making that sweet, sweet synth music - you're one in a million, and your fan-base is only going to grow and grow. BONUS LINKS: "Synthesizer Greatest Parts 1-6" by Ed Starink […xJTYWQCDjOxXG9Yg] "The Chase" Live Cover by Kebu: [] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get Kebu's Albums HERE: Perplexagon: [] To Jupiter And Back: [] Kring havet - Meren ympärillä (EP): […eren-ymp-rill-ep] Deep Blue(maxi single) [] You can find Kebu on... Youtube HERE: [] Kebu's Website HERE: [] You can also find Kebu on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Soundcloud.
Jean Michel Jarre. Vangelis. Tangerine Dream. Giorgio Moroder. All are the first to come to mind when you think of Synth music's greatest heroes. *You can add Kebu to that list.* In our opinion, Kebu is perhaps the most prolific composer in the synth scene in recent times. Having taken out the Schallwelle Synth Music award in Germany earlier this year, Kebu and his music are an absolute force to be reckoned with. Using only real analog synths and hardware, Kebu's music stands out. Whilst definitely occupying the same space as the grand-daddy's of synth music, Kebu definitely carves his own path forward. So from stellar lullabies to modern synth dance music, introspective thought-pieces to large progressive synth works that span multiple tracks - Kebu's entire catalogue is something special indeed. So this weeks Artist Spotlight is dedicated to Kebu. Which is why we were thrilled that we were able interview the man himself. And what a great interview it turned out to be! Kebu provides us with some incredible insight into his musical background, favourite synth hardware, his inspirations and a lot more. So much more, in fact, that this episode features just *some* of the interview - *the full interview with Kebu will be posted a couple of days from now, so watch this space!* All of us here would like to give our sincerest thanks to Kebu for joining us on the show - you've turned this episode into one that will go down as one of our best. *So check the links below to start your Kebu journey, and remember to keep an eye out in the next few days for the full Kebu interview!* Enjoy the show! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO TUNE: "Day One" by Kebu [] ROBBIE's TUNE: "Pulsar" by Kebu [] RAYZA's TUNE: "Perplexagon Part 6" by Kebu [] TERESA's TUNE: "Michael's Anthem" by Kebu [] OUTRO TUNE: "Perplexagon Part 4" by Kebu [] BONUS LINKS: "Synthesizer Greatest Parts 1-6" by Ed Starink [] "The Chase" Live Cover by Kebu: [] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Get Kebu's Albums HERE: Perplexagon: [] To Jupiter And Back: [] Kring havet - Meren ympärillä (EP): [] Deep Blue(maxi single) [] You can find Kebu on... Youtube HERE: [] Kebu's Website HERE: [] You can also find Kebu on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and Soundcloud.
Hey, here's a cool idea - base a show around picks from the Ladies of Synth compilation album! It being International Womens Day on the day of recording was some stellar cosmic timing too - we had no idea! But fitting it is! Rayza brings the moods with the gorgeous Wild Ones by NINA, Teresa plumps for the heavy synth-pop loveliness of Machine Heart by Icarus, Robbie woke up on the happy side of the bed and couldn't go past Dance Floor by L.A.D. Elsewhere, we talk about the Canadian cartoon 'The Racoons' (more specifically the theme tune for the show 'Run With Us' by Lisa Lougheed), book and cassette tape combo's, the kind we ALL HAD AS KIDS and hype up the next episode, which just so happens to be our next Artist Spotlight. It's going to be a special one, keep an eye out for that! As an extra-special bonus, we close out the show with 'with her tonight (feat. JJ Mist)' by K.A.R.R. taken from their upcoming album K.A.R.R.N.A.G.E. - the band was nice enough to give us a shout-out and special thanks on the album, so as Rayza puts it (as only he knows how), we're thanking K.A.R.R. for thanking us! Pre-order K.A.R.R.N.A.G.E. here, and get 'with her tonight (ft. JJ Mist)' early! The album drops on April 1st, 2018! [] Until next time <3 (Rayza's cheesy episode footnotes really need to make a comeback.) _______________________________________________________________ RAYZA's TUNE: "We Are The Wild Ones" by NINA [] TERESA's TUNE: "Machine Heart" by Icarus [] ROBBIE's TUNE: "Dance Floor" by L.A.D. [] Find the whole Ladies of Synth Compilation album HERE! [] BONUS TRACK: "with her tonight (ft. JJ Mist) by K.A.R.R. [] HOMEWORK: 'Run With Us' by Lisa Lougheed [] _______________________________________________________________
How this episode turned out to be a race for a Gold Medal, we'll never know. OK, the seeds were planted with Teresa and Rayza chatting enthusiastically about Curling, but yeah. THE MYSTERY! Who'll grab first place, and the honour of being ASAP's first Olympic Champion? Will it be Teresa with her catchy Let Em Riot track? Robbie maybe, with a Sunset Neon tune? Or could Rayza swoop in for a podium finish with his Red Soda pick? It doesn't matter who loses, because we all win - killer tunes all-round this week! Aside from that, there's a bit of chat about movies, and Robbie plugs his retro gaming blog A Certain Kind of Gamer - if you dig retro-gaming and like SEGA, then you'll be well catered to! But really, it's all about that race for the Gold. Or the journey in getting there. Anyhoo. Could this be our best episode yet? Yeah, we think it is. Enjoy the show! OPENING TUNE: "Escape Our Love" by Alkalino [] TERESA's TUNE: "Let's Stay Out" by Let Em Riot [] ROBBIE's TUNE: "Got You" by Sunset Neon [] RAYZA's TUNE: "Big Child" by Red Soda [] OUTRO: "Bad Girls (Gigamesh Remix) - Donna Summer [] EXTRA STUFF: A Certain Kind of Gamer - Robbie's Retro Gaming Blog []
It's 2018, and we're back with the first ASAP of the year!!! Robbie picks a nice synthy track from a killer re-score of Fritz Lang's Metropolis, whilst Teresa and Rayza were digging similar grooves with both of their tracks being utter knock-outs! Elsewhere, Teresa can't stop gushing about her Disneyland adventures and we all chat a little 80s/90s pop and George Michael. Bonus track this week is a listener submission, Reborn (feat. Madelyn Darling)by Ksmtk, and it's killer stuff that really demands your attention - love the vocals in this one! ROBBIE's TUNE: "House Of Sin" by Scott Ampleford [] RAYZA's TUNE: "Close Call" by Freeweights [] TERESA's TUNE: "Automatic" by Beverly Girl [] BONUS TRACK: "Reborn (feat. Madelyn Darling)" by Ksmtk []
So here we are - the last ASAP of the year. We'll be back in full swing in 2018, but until then, allow us to bid adieu to 2017 with you and celebrate the coming year in style with some killer music and lots of laughs. Once you hit that play button, we'll be chatting a little about our favourite music we discovered in 2017, Teresa lays down some stats for ASAP for the past year, and way more. Our picks this week were pretty much ANYTHING GOES, so expect some off-the-wall and familiar tracks from Jean Jacques Perrey, Maxthor and Systems In Blue. As a bonus parting gift for the year, we close out with FOUR KILLER BONUS PICKS!!! Details on how to find our picks and/or purchase them are, as always, linked below. So, from Rayza, Teresa and Robbie, a big THANK YOU to every, single person who tuned in to us throughout 2017. That also goes for all of you who message us with music you've made. We can't get around to everything, but we play what we can fit in, and you guys are awesome, so yeah - THANKS! :D We seem to have small, but dedicated set of listeners that jump on our show week in, week out, and we couldn't be more grateful. Thank you guys so much. For some reason, you really dig listening to us ramble on about stuff. We hope we're doing our job, and that you've found some new favourite artist or music track from the picks we bring you week on week. HAPPY NEW YEAR. Be safe. Have fun. All the very best from us here at ASAP, and we'll see you in 2018. ENJOY THE SHOW! RAYZA's TUNE: "The Little Ships" by Jean Jacques Perrey [] TERESA's TUNE: "Telepathic Love!" by Maxthor [] ROBBIE's TUNE: "Jeannie Moviestar" by Systems In Blue feat. Mark Ashley [] [] OPENING TUNE: "Feelin' Nervous" by E. Live [] BONUS TRACKS: "Running Scared (Feat. Stewart Lockwood" by Duett [] "MY KZ, UR BF (Grum Remix)" by Everything Everything [] "Ici & Maintenant (Here & Now)" by Yelle [] "How Could I" by Lúlla []
Welcome to ASAP EP 025! Our spotlight this week comes by way of Rayza, and he chose for the focus to be put squarely on Elwood! A demoscene legend, and one of Rayza's personal heroes, this episode pays tribute to all era's of his output. Teresa goes for the bouncy SPARK, whilst Robbie revels in the chance to play the late 90s/early 00s eurodance goodness of TAKE ME THERE. Meanwhile Rayza goes back to where it all began with an early track called SWEET DREAMS. If you've not heard of Elwood before, consider yourself well and truly educated by the time the episode draws to a close. Representing the pinnacle of Tracker music, Elwood's catalogue is indeed a product of it's time, because he helped build the sounds we'd all come to know. Enjoy the show!!! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OPENING TUNE: "Dead Lock" TERESA's TUNE: "Spark" ROBBIE's TUNE: "Take Me There" RAYZA's TUNE: "Sweet Dreams" CLOSING TUNE: "Theme of Vertebra" All of Elwood's music can be found on the main page here (AS FREE DOWNLOADS!!!) on his website: [] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Example of FastTracker II (YouTube Video): -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teresa's Tree Topper (YouTube Video):
What a fantastic episode 024 turned out to be! Teresa is sounding better than ever with her new Mic, Rayza tells us all about his John Carpenter live show experience and Robbie talks of Stranger Things 2 and the ridiculously talented kids who star in it. In regards to picks, Robbie doesn't realise he picked a MIRKO HIRSCH track (Shock Wave 85 is MIRKO HIRSCH - blonde moment right there), Rayza brings us a killer track from Vogel, in what could be the first Trapwave (is that a thing?) track we've played on the show, and Teresa's tune of choice by Parralox is pure Synthpop/Disco bliss. Seriously, they're all exceptional tracks this week! Enjoy the show! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INTRO: "Avion" by Italo Brutalo [] ROBBIE's TUNE: "Night By Night" by Shock Wave 85 [] RAYZA's TUNE: "Different Skin" by Vogel [] TERESA's TUNE: "Artificial" by Parralox [] OUTRO: "Gratitude" by Danny Elfman [] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The technical difficulties continue, but at least we made it through an episode (almost) issue free! A win is a win - we'll take it! :D Some really different picks this week. Rayza goes for some funky electronica with his pick, 'Key' by Olin Mosaic, Teresa brings the chip-tune vibes with Malmen's 'Fakebit Love' and Robbie swoops in with an awesome, left-of-center track from Kirill Pylchenko, a cover of Kino's 'Pesnya Bez Slov'. Other than that, we talk about what games we're playing, why Spotify is awesome, and lament the fact that Skype wasn't there for us when we needed it the most :/ Stick around for the end of the episode - we close out with some fantastic tracks: --- Firelike (Arwelone Remix) by High Fantasy. Track is out November 7, 2017 - find more High Fantasy HERE: [] --- Zombie Apocalyspo by Hot Heels: Check out more Italo Hot Heels goodness HERE: [] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RAYZA's TUNE: "Key" by Olin Mosaic [] TERESA's TUNE: "Fakebit Love" by Malmen [] ROBBIE's TUNE: "Pesnya Bez Slov" by Kirill Pylchenko [] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Opening Track is "Mainframe" by FM-84 [] ** Killer 80s fashion in pic comes from HERE: []
So, due to technical difficulties, it's a bit of a franken-show this week. Robbie's vox got corrupted after a certain point, but Teresa and Rayza do what they do best and come in to save the day! As does PHASERLAND, btw, who is our first, true-blue LIVE GUEST on the ASAP Podcast! He drops by for a chat to discuss his upcoming Australian Tour, nerds out over music and games with Robbie and is just an all-round awesome dude! Thanks for coming on the show, it was a blast! Other than that, we've got our usual picks. Teresa brings the awesome with Aksuli, Robbie's got some Kebu and Rayza can't go past a really great Bolivard remix of a PJU feat. SUNS track! It will ALL BE BACK TO NORMAL NEXT SHOW. Cheers for listening, and thanks to PHASERLAND again for the killer guest. ENJOY! :) TERESA's TUNE: "Nyt!" by Aksuli [] ROBBIE's TUNE: "Perplexagon Part 4" by Kebu [] RAYZA's TUNE: "Stay (Hold On) [Bolivard Remix]" by PJU feat. SUNS [] BONUS TRACK: "Night Rain" by Phaserland [] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PHASERLAND!!! PHASERLAND Cosmic Boundaries LP: [] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Australian Tour Tickets and Dates: SYDNEY: [] MELBOURNE: [] PERTH: [] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Hello! This week we're coming down off our artist spotlight and back into sharing whatever. Teresa's got hosting duties this week, Rayza is looking forward to food and fun at the Canadian National Exhibition, and Robbie finds out he's a "morning guy" after all! As in true Synth Alliance form, somehow we ended up picking tracks with similar qualities! I guess that's just how in tune (hahah pun intended) we are with each other when it comes to taste in tunes! INTRO TUNE: "Feeling The Night" by Northern Lights (feat. Becky Williams) [] ROBBIE's TUNE: "Body Image" by TWRP [] RAYZA's TUNE: "Scorched" by Kraak & Smaak ft IVAR [] TERESA's TUNE: "Rendezvous" by Scandroid [] BONUS TRACK: "Stardust Speedway Zone – Act 1" from the Sonic Mania OST []
Rayza (Canuck), Teresa (Canuck) and Robbie (Aussie) are the Austranadian Synth Alliance. The rule: only previously-unheard tunes are allowed at the table... except on our special episodes, like this one! It's EPISODE 20!!! And you know what that means, yeah? Every five episodes, we do an Artist Spotlight. This time around, it was Robbie's pick, and he couldn't go past Droid Bishop. Droid Bishop's music speaks to all of us. Within the Dark(synth) there is Light(synth). Droid Bishop's music evokes all those fantasies and sci-fi memories of a very particular childhood (OURS!). Nostalgia always seems to carry with it a tinge of sadness, but much like the music we've chosen to showcase this episode, that fond look at the past has been brought to us by the glorious present, to which we owe this music. It's an amazing time to be a music fan in general. Music on tap, in every single genre you could imagine. For those who skew Synth, like we do, there's no doubting the skill and craft that Droid Bishop possesses. One-of-a-kind, and super-spacey. But enough talk, have at you! Enjoy!!! INTRO TUNE: "Color & Data" by Droid Bishop [] RAYZA's TUNE: "End Of Aquarius" by Droid Bishop [] TERESA's TUNE: "Sleeping With The Stars" by Droid Bishop [] ROBBIE's TUNE: "Moonrunner" by Droid Bishop [] BONUS TRACK: "Sagan's Quest" by Droid Bishop [] GET Droid Bishop's most recent EP 'End Of Aquarius' HERE: []
Great show for you guys this week! Teresa's pick is an awesome Wolf and Raven track, Robbie goes for a bit of Sferro, and Rayza delivers the goods with a stunning pick from Carl Louis feat. Frøder. In other news, we discuss the 90s 'Inspired By' Soundtrack album fad, the latest Soundcloud rumors and the difficulty in finding songs with '19' in the lyrics. Enjoy!!! TERESA's TUNE: "Light Years" by Wolf and Raven [] ROBBIE's TUNE: "Runway Pose" by Sferro [] RAYZA's TUNE: "Come With Me (feat. Frøder)" by Carl Louis [] BONUS TRACK: "19" by Paul Hardcastle []
Rayza (Canuck), Teresa (Canuck) and Robbie (Aussie) are the Austranadian Synth Alliance. The rule: only previously-unheard tunes are allowed at the table, and we react to each other's picks in real-time. We're back! Robbie's back to normal, Teresa's sick this week but a total trooper, and Rayza is back from his travels. Along with our picks, we have a little chat about the recent Jordan F & Vast Hill EP 'The Win', our love of Lúlla and discovering music. But anyhow, "what picks have you got this week?", we hear you ask? Check it!!! ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ ROBBIE's TUNE: "Whatever You Want" by SHEM & ADAMZ [] RAYZA's TUNE: "17" by JETT [] TERESA's TUNE: "The Player" by Kid Francescoli [] BONUS TRACK: "One Must Fall 2097 (DT Remix 2005 Synth)" by Dreamtime [] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Required 'reading' - GET ON IT: THE WIN EP by Jordan F & Vast Hill [] BallisticNG - 100% free PS1 WipEout homage. It's really, really great. [] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Rayza (Canuck), Teresa (Canuck) and Robbie (Aussie) are the Austranadian Synth Alliance. The rule: only previously-unheard tunes are allowed at the table. We react to each of our picks in real-time, link you guys to the tracks and encourage everybody to support these amazing artists. What a killer show. This weeks picks, geez - COR BLIMEY, OH YAAAAH! Rayza starts us off with something special by introducing Lúlla - sparking an instant obsession. Teresa follows up with a SUPER cute French number from YELLE, and Robbie brings the synth metal with a killer cut from Battle Beast. We then talk Retro Future Fest, The Summoner and throw in a bonus track just because. All in all, some really different, off-the-wall picks this week. What do you guys think? Are you finding some keeper-artists through our weekly picks? Let us know if we've gotten you hooked on an artist, song or album! RAYZA's TUNE: "Winter In The City" by Lúlla [] TERESA's TUNE: "Interpassion" by YELLE [] ROBBIE's TUNE: "Touch In The Night" by Battle Beast [] BONUS TRACK: "Human Nature (Great Good Fine Ok Remix) by Paperwhite [] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEAT STUFF: Retro Future Fest LONDON 2017. Facebook: TWITTER: KICKSTARTER: The Summoner Film: The Summoner OST: RANDOM POINTS OF INTEREST: CLICK ME: CLICK ME: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Rayza (Canuck), Teresa (Canuck) and Robbie (Aussie) are the Austranadian Synth Alliance. The rule: only new/previously-unheard tunes are allowed at the table. ASAP turns sweet sixteen this episode! Teresa goes for a hot new track by Dana Jean Phoenix, Robbie discovers a lost treasure from 2010 by MA5K whilst Rayza brings the sweet, sweet SAX with a PARADISE WALK pick. Then we all go get lost in Verona. Strap in, grab those headphones or blast that boom-box, and ENJOY THE SHOW! **Don't forget to keep the submissions coming - we love hearing what you guys are making. New material for us to play on the show is always welcome!** TERESA's TUNE: "Losing Your Grip" by Dana Jean Phoenix [] GRAB Dana Jean Phoenix's album 'Synth City' HERE:[] ROBBIE's TUNE: "Perdide II Original Mix" by MA5K [] RAYZA's TUNE: "After Dark" by PARADISE WALK [] BONUS TRACK: "Verona 1985 Version" by Koit Toome and Laura [] HOMEWORK: Beyond The Gates by Wojciech Golczewski []
Rayza (Canuck), Teresa (Canuck) and Robbie (Aussie) are the Austranadian Synth Alliance. The rule: only new, previously-unheard tunes are allowed at the table... except on our special episodes, like this one! In our third Artist Spotlight, we take time to appreciate the musicality of iamMANOLIS. His unique blend of 70s and 80s funk with more the more traditional Synthwave elements makes for utterly compelling listening, and thanks to Teresa, we're all fans now. That's what we love about doing this show - we find ourselves exposed to phenomenal music every single show week, and when we stumble across an artist like iamMANOLIS, it inspires us to build a show around their music and the impact it's had on us. ENJOY!!! RAYZA's TUNE: "My Future Girlfriend" by iamMANOLIS [] ROBBIE's TUNE: "Reminiscence" by iamMANOLIS [] TERESA's TUNE: "Tracking Lines" by iamMANOLIS [] BONUS TRACK: "High Fashion" by iamMANOLIS []
Rayza (Canuck), Teresa (Canuck) and Robbie (Aussie) are the Austranadian Synth Alliance. The rule: only new, previously-unheard tunes are allowed at the table. We react to each of our picks in real-time, link you guys to the tracks and encourage everybody to support these amazing artists. We're back! It took a bit longer to get this episode out than usual, so thanks for your patience! But, finally, Episode 014 IS HERE!!! RAYZA's TUNE: "Strange Symmetry" by Arwelone Feat. High Fantasy [] TERESA's TUNE: "Niebla" by Ponibeli [] ROBBIE's TUNE: "Keepin' On" by MYRONE [] SONG THAT ROBBIE COULDN'T REMEMBER BUT HERE IT IS: "「Kinda Epic」 featuring AZEEM" by MYRONE [] THUMBNAIL ART: "Neon Scape Dinosaur" by shrubz412 []
Rayza (Canuck), Teresa (Canuck) and Robbie (Aussie) are the Austranadian Synth Alliance. The rule: only new, previously-unheard tunes are allowed at the table. This episode, we've trawled the depths of (and struggled with) Soundcloud's shocking search engine to find awesome artists who deserve more listens and exposure. Enjoy! TERESA's TUNE: "Flynn's Arcade" by K A R R [] ROBBIE's TUNE: "Strange Days" by The TCR [] RAYZA's TUNE: "Pixel Highway" by SyTeQ [] BONUS TRACK: "In The Hands of Time" by Douglas Holmquist feat. Susanna Lundgren [] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COOL STUFF TO CHECK OUT: Graduation by Sunglasses Kid [] 'Talking In Your Sleep [COVER]' by L E T E M R I O T [] 'Control' Web Series: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Rayza (Canuck), Teresa (Canuck) and Robbie (Aussie) are the Austranadian Synth Alliance. The rule: only new, previously-unheard tunes are allowed at the table. ROBBIE's TUNE: "Doing What They Said Can't Be Done" by Peter Wilson [] RAYZA's TUNE: "Hiding in the moonlight (Feat. Daria Danatelli)" Vincenzo Salvia [] TERESA's TUNE: "Running" by Ninetown [] BONUS TRACK: "There for you (Feat. Touya Modi)" by Stilz [] -- Taken from 'Synth Love Affair Volume 2' by Future 80's Records [] -- COOL STUFF TO CHECK OUT: 'Resting State' by HOME []
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