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AP 58: Optimal State of Consciousness • Steven Kotler
Topics We Covered in this Podcast:  Flow in the Brain  Time distortation effect  Asking bigger questions about the universe  Spirtuality and Flow  Reengineering the human body and mind    Shifting flow by 10% in the human Race  We are joined by Steven Kotler, steven is the author of the book Rise of Superman and the book Tomorrow Land, and co-founder of the Flow Genome Project. Steven is one of the world’s foremost experts on flow states and human performance. If you are not familiar with the concept of obtaining a a flow state, a flow state is asscoticted with peak human performance its when we seemly achieve the impossible.
AP 49: The Conversation NO One Wants To Have •  Kevin Kunze
Topics We Covered in this Podcast: Suppression   Big Company Corruption   Cell phone radiation  Power of Technology   Natural World vs Technology   The Future      This is a bit of a contradictory subject as I know all of us on many occasions can over indulge in our technology. We are all constantly face booking or reading other people face booking this podcast would not even exist in the first place. Technology Is right in the mind of this human experience and the human desire to keep improving our technological advances is certain. We are at a point in time where theirs no doubt that we are in the middle of a huge change on this planet and one of the biggest reasons is we all carrying around and have accesses to all of the current human knowledge from the past to the now, from academic studies, to books to podcasts.  However, a huge scary gorilla In the corner of the room to add to this equation we’ve yet to mention– billions and billions of dollars When you put together our innate drive to improve our technological advances and the need to continue creating more money, technology changes from just being an organic creation of our humanity to a commodity. Now, this does not always have to be a bad thing, but greed and corruption weird way of slipping back into the human ethos when money and especially when major money can be made from a important area. On top of that, when a corporation’s main goal is to squeeze as much money as they possibly can, the well-being of humans just doesn’t always blend with that. So when certain people hold a piece of paper over there fellow human and corruption get its way into systems, we need a real oversight into what is really going on to create another change This is why Kevin Kunze is on the show. Kevin is the filmmaker behind Mobilize, an investigative documentary exploring the negative long-term health effects of cell phone radiation. The film examines recent scientific research, follows national legislative efforts, and exposes the influence that technology companies have on public health
AP 51: The Unmappable World
Topics We Covered in this Podcast: My Lucid Dream Story  What a Dream figure said to me about the nature of reality     Virtual Reality  Unmappable World   What does it mean to be Awake   In this podcast, Dan describes the intensely transformative Dream journey that he had a few nights ago. Then towards the end of the podcast we just play about with a few different questions
AP 26: The Reboot • Hamilton Souther
In this episode of the Ascend podcast we are joined by Hamilton Souther. Hamilton, has been learning from Master Shamans deep in the Peruvian Amazon for the last 12 years His story since then is pretty remarkable and now thousands of like minded people are taking the big leap and are visiting amazon to seek out the the ancient medicine the ancients called the vine of the souls. We get very deep on the other scale from the side of the sharman. Hamilton is by far the leading western expert in Ayahuasca and it's ceremonies having lived, studied then mastered this particular area of Shamanism and has carried out other 1200 ceremonies. Hamilton also sees us out at the end of the podcasts with a beautiful icaros chant. Enjoy
BP 20: Master Your Mindset • Shawn Stevenson
In this episode of the Ascend! podcast,  We are Joined by Shawn Stevenson. He is a absolute fountain of knowledge about everything from eating right to moving your body, mindset , sleep and much more Shawn believes that there is a “greater” version of us that can be accessed through the right nutrition, exercise, and the right mindset. In order to become this incredible, strong, happy, healthy version of yourself, but he says  first have to identify WHY you need to become it. We all have goals, passions, and aspirations that are slowly dying because we are not taking action on them? No matter where you are in your life right now, things can and will be improved if you have the will to take a new action now. You’ve probably heard the saying, “If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’re getting.” It’s a simple principle about life that if you want something new, then it requires a new action. Break the old pattern, and you can instantly change your life. Now, it’s not just the action that gets you there. The action is actually an end result of something far more powerful. The action comes from who you are – the mindset you carry, and who you believe yourself to be. in this episode you will learn how To Instantly Shift Your Mindset And Master The Art Of Living I can’t even begin to tell you how powerful this episode is… so hopefully you will enjoy
AP 69: Life As a Video Game
Topics Discussed: Earth one giant video game, Choosing a Character, Real Reailty, Boss Battles, How do real beings Look, How to Level Up  We decided to have a fun openminded conversation about the human experience being a Giant video game  Support the podcast: Via our Patreon page - Show Notes -
AP 47: Bridge Between Two Worlds •  Robert Waggoner
Topics We Covered in this Podcast: The Reality inside the Dream Why Nature produces Wild dreams  Lucid Dreaming / Becoming Consciously aware  Greatest Minds in History  Albert Eisenstein Dreams  Nicola Tesla   Dream Figures  Healing  Placebo Effect  In this episode we are joined by researcher and author Robert Waggoner for his second appearance on the podcast to talk about the Bridge between two worlds the Dream state. in this conversation we really wanted to look at the aspect of becoming consciously aware within the dream world.
AP 32 : Earth Is A Perfect School • Dan Millman
In this episode of the Ascend podcast, we are joined by Dan Millman. Dan has created a life times worth of incredible knowledge with his writing, he has influenced many, many people with his beautiful work, which uncovers and inspires you to find out who and what you are. His Books have even been made into films, there is such value in the message he delivers and In This episode we reach deep into the depths of Dan's Minds and pull out the hidden gems which are locked within.   Within this podcast there are some great lessons  Lesson 1) We have the opportunity right now, in this very moment to take charge of who and what we are. Lesson 2) We Don't Want Change, Unless Its absolutely necessary. We need change only when the current moment is to bad to really find your growth Lesson 3) Effort Over Time.. We all want everything perfect right now, but what truly gives us what were after is the continuous effort over time
AP 45: Seasons of Life • Part 3 • Mindset
Topics We Covered in this Podcast: Why we chose the Ocean  The Power of the Mind   What Triggered our Minds  Education of the Mind  Developing a relationship between the Body & Mind   Tools to help the Mind Attachment  Wonders of the Mind  Placebo Affect  Complete Freedom    In this episode of the Ascend Podcast we look at Mindset, this is our 3rd installment of our 5 part of the seasons of life. The Mind is a amazing Beast , A complex science, a firm friend. Your mind can wander to destinations unknown and yet be back to the present in a fraction of a second. It keeps you hoping, dreaming, thinking. It is in essence a part of what makes you, you. Be grateful for your mind’s ability to contribute to making you who you are.
AP 37 : The Voice Inside Your Mind • Melissa Ambrosini
Master Your Inner Mean Girl/ BAd Boy 1st Step: Awareness 2nd Step: Closing The Door On Ego 3rd Step: Open Up The Mind Seek Love/ Live a Life Of Love Self Love Begins Through Daily Practice Put On Your Air Mask Everyday What Is Our Main Role Mastering Your Inner Critic Fear The Feeling Fear Will Always Be A Factor You shall Always Be The Teacher and Student Accept This Beautiful Moment Check Out Melissa's Guided Meditation (Wow This Was Deep) Embrace The Person In Your Mind Who You Want To Be 7 Melissa Ambrosini is the bestselling author of Mastering Your Mean Girl, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and self-love teacher. In her signature straight-talking style, Melissa teaches women how to master their inner Mean Girl or inner Bad Boy for you fellas, smash through limiting beliefs, and ditch the self-doubt so that they can start truly living the life of their dreams. But through this podcast Melissa goes beyond the difference of the sexes and into the realms of togetherness, deep down we are all battling that inner voice, listen in and discover the secrets to mastering your ego and controlling that negative chatter in your mind.
BP 16: Cannabis The Truth Exposed • Rick Simpson
In this episode of the Ascend podcast we are joined by Rick Simpson. Rick has been providing people with instructions on how to make Hemp Oil medicines since 2004. The results have been nothing short of amazing.Throughout man’s history hemp has always been known as the most medicinal plant in the world. Even with this knowledge hemp has been demonized and been portrayed by the media as been a harmful. We chat about the different healing capabilities, why we are not being told the truth about this plant and much more.
BP9: Michael Sanders: Ayahuasca Fostering Human Connection Part 1
We are joined by Michael Sanders, Michael is committed to fostering human connection and improving the world. Michael is also a passionate traveler, athlete, mover, meditator, and Burning Man participant. In this episode we really delve deep into Ayahuasca, which is also known as the vine of the soul. Ayahuasca has been apart of ancient civilizations for thousands of years. Micheal talks about how Ayahuasca showed him aspects of reality that he was previously unaware of.
BP5: Dr Jack Kruse: Quantum Sleep and Living a Optimized Life
Dr Jack Kruse talks about and gives us a really in depth look into sleep. Most people want to live healthier lives, right? Everyone knows that sleep’s important right ? But why does sleep happen? How does it happen? How does it work to regenerate us?
BP3: Light Watkins: The Inner Gym
In this episode of the Ascend podcast, Light Watkins joins us for a mindful and powerful conversation on The Inner Gym and How to Train your consciousness and how you can apply the concepts to your life.  First, let’s get the obvious out of the way. Light Watkins is pretty much the coolest name ever. Right? Light has been operating in the meditation space for over 15 years. He travels the world teaching everyone from bankers, artists, and politicians, to CEOs, care takers, and comedians how to meditate in a self-sufficient way. He's personally taught meditation to close to 2,000 people. Light is also author of The Inner Gym book series, a regular contributor to MindBodyGreen, a TEDx speaker, and founder of The Shine Movement. Prepare to be inspired to incorporate some of these practices into your own life
AP 52: The Art of Seeking • Nic Gregoriades
Topics We Covered in this Podcast: Consciousness exploring this reality in a meat suit? The Upgrade in Thought  33 Billion 0000000000000.1 to one Information Overload  Chain of events  Energy  Influential people in society understanding the power of energy  Soul Albert Einstien has a quote saying Curiosity has it own reason for existence. He talks about how one cannot help but be in awe when we contemplate the mysteries of life and the structure of reality, and he said it is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery each day and it also seems to be in life and also the theme of this podcast that the fact that we are seeking truth, knowledge and wisdom is possibly the fact we are meant to be seeking. However along this journey it seems to be that everything turns in on its self, and you have to learn it all again and again. its like the more we know the more we don’t know. 
AP 81: Spiritual Machines - Rob Jameson & Andrew Herman
Topics Disscussed: AI, Consciousness, Intelligent Machines, Creating Gods, Building New Minds, Enlightenment We dive into the world of Spiritual Machines - Can AI ever become conscious? With Rob Jameson & Andrew Herman.  Ray Kurzweil talks about how in the future it will become increasing difficult to draw any distinction between between the abilities of human and machine intelligence. As computers achieve a comparable and greater level of complexity they will too necessarily utilize goals with implicit values and emotions. So from that position a variety of philosipocial questions will emerge are computers thinking, or are they just calculating. To pose another way, is there aninherent difference between human thinking and machine thinking, and to finally pose the question another way once computer are as complex as the human brain, and can match the human brain in subtle and complexity of thought. are we to consider them conscious?   Support the podcast: Via our Patreon page - Show Notes -
AP 78: Consciousness Technology
Topics Disscussed: Consciousness, Alan Watts, Higher self,  Meditation, Breathing, Psychedelics, Dreams, Float tanks, Yoga  We dive into the world of Consciousness Technology. We talk about the Utilisation of some of the world’s Most ancient and modern technologies to help us tap into a higher selfs and bring back the consciousness back to the forefront of our meat suits and just for our life in general to just figure shit out, get out of our own way, overcome fear and elevate consciousness. For us in this definition in terms of us, Consciousness technologys are that bridge to the best part of ourselves, the access to our higher selfs and we all know that there are many different amazing consious technologies that have been around since the beginning of time that can allow us to access that to a certain degree. So within this podcast we delve into what some of them are, why they are important to the human experience? The future of these technologies and toward the end of this conversation we give you guys a little look into our current morning ritual that we use to bring our Consciousness back to the forefront of our bodies.   Support the podcast: Via our Patreon page - Show Notes -
AP 75: The Doorway to The Secrets of The Universe - Anthony Peake
Topics Disscussed: Pineal Gland, Modulator of reality, DMT, DNA, Soul, Afterlife, Spirtual World, consciousness, Records of Life, Simulation Theory, Ayahuasca, Alien Race alterting our DNA We delve deep and discuss the pineal gland also known as the third eye with Anthony Peake. But, according to our guest today consciousness theorist, Anthony Peake, says that the pineal gland may very well just be the doorway to the sectects of the universe and its right in our heads. He is the author of some very fasnatintng books The Infinite Mindfield, Opening the Doors of Perception, the immortal mind, is there life after death, the daemon, The Labyrinth of Time: The Illusion of Past, Present and Future and the out of body experience….. In the Podcast, We talked about Our Pineal Gland and made the connection with DNA, he talked about his own first hand experience with the Hypnagogic Light Device, an invention theorised to stimulate DMT release. He also outlined evidence for the pineal gland’s veneration in religious tradition, beginning with the Sumerians and Egyptians, linking Zoroastrianism, Vedantistism, Tibetan Buddhism and the Ancient Greek Elusian mysteries. Peake ultimately draws a theoretical conclusion involving entheogens, bioluminescence, DNA and the Zero Point Field. Support the podcast: Via our Patreon page - Show Notes -
AP 74: The Mystery of Life - Dan And Chris
Topics Mentioned - Mystery Of Life, Heaven, God, Human Mind, Universe, Soul, Death, Energy, Consciousness,  Are we meant to know the answers or not? Are we meant to understand the workings of the universe? or is this just man's attempt for more. More power, more knowledge. We all love solving problems and bringing closure to situations. It is the way our brain works by nature. When we are presented with a situation that seems to easy to figure out and then all of a sudden you start getting hints of something obscure luring about, we jump to it and we try to use our intelligence tools to crack the mystery. It is a natural curiosity and its fun! Why is it that mysteries play a huge part in who we are, and play a huge part in where we are going. Whatever happens in life whether in the next 100 years or next 1000 years life will always have one thing in common with the people of today. Mysteries Will remain.   Support the podcast: Via our Patreon page - Show Notes -
AP 87: The Earth Doesn't Make Mistakes - Stephen Buhner
Topics Disscussed: Earth, Nature, Plant intelligence, Consciousness, DMT, Genetic coding, Extraterrestrial planets We sit down with Stephen Buhner to talk about how we consider ourselves in relation to the rest of all life known on Earth, and even Earth it self. Stephen Buhner is an Earth poet and the award-winning author of twenty books on nature, indigenous cultures, the environment, herbal medicine, plant intelligence Support the podcast: Via our Patreon page - Show Notes -
AP 88: The Cosmic Lottery
Topics Disscussed: How we Overcame 1 in 140 Trillion Odds, Cosmic Unflolding, Are we alone in the Universe, WWAT? What Would Aliens Think?, Cultivating Awareness  Dan & Chris sit down to talk about How we Overcame 1 in 140 Trillion Odds to be Human and how we have all won the Cosmic Lottery.    Support the podcast: Via our Patreon page - Show Notes -  
AP 85: Interconnected Mind & Collective Consciousness - Roger Nelson
Topics Disscussed: Evolution of Consciousness, Global mind, Collective, Large scale group Consciousness, Informational field, Collective meditation, Meat Suit, Future of Consciousness Roger Nelson is the director of the Global Consciousness Project, where they research and study collective consciousness. His professional focus is the study of consciousness and intention and the role of mind in the physical world. His work integrates science and spirituality, Nelson began using random event generator (REG) technology in the field to study effects of special states of group consciousness. The Global Consciousness Project is an international, multidisciplinary collaboration of scientists and engineers. We collect data continuously from a global network of physical random number generators located in up to 70 host sites around the world at any given time. The data are transmitted to a central archive which now contains more than 15 years of random data in parallel sequences of synchronized 200-bit trials generated every second. Support the podcast: Via our Patreon page - Show Notes -
AP 90: There Is No Inside, There Is No Outside - Dennis McKenna
Topics Disscussed: The Universe is alive, Unseen Universe, Minds Filter, Indigenous world views, Earth is conscious, Psychedelic Technology, Nature, Ayahuasca, Spirit World, Seeing a Slither of Reailty, Infromation Filtering System We are joined by & have the return of the legend and one of the early pioneers of the truth movement Dennis McKenna. He is a Ethnopharmacologist, author, He has spent decades doing deep academic and personal research on consciousness and psychedelics and is also the brother to well-known Terence McKenna. Support the podcast: Via our Patreon page - Show Notes -
BP12: Paradigm Shift • Dan Harrison & Chris Hopper
In this episode of the  Ascend! podcast,  This is Generally just an episode to get you guys more acquainted with who we are as people Talk about paradigms, belief systems, diet, pushing yourself mentally and physically. We talk about how your thoughts attract what you experience, living in the matrix, using positivity as a tool and we even get into the state of the western medical system.
AP 97: What Happens In The Afterlife - Mark Mirabello
Topics Disscussed: Soul, reincarnation, Heaven, Hell, Discuss Life, Death, Dreams, Consciousness, Culture   We are Joined by Dr. Mark L. Mirabello, author of "A Traveler's Guide to the Afterlife". To discuss life, death, dreams, consciousness, and culture within this podcast we explore some of the concepts Mark explores in his incredible book A Traveler's Guide to the Afterlife: the book explores the afterlife traditions throughout history and Examines beliefs from many different cultures on the soul, heaven, hell, and reincarnation; Support the podcast: Via our Patreon page - Show Notes -
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