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KSQD 6-29-2022: The roll of stress in chronic hives -- how to detect high histamine levels; The drug Baricitinib for rheumatoid arthritis also works for the hair loss condition alopecia areata; Artificial intelligence general solution to protei
KSQD 6-22-2022: All about kidney stones; The benefits of age-based kidney function testing; Dairy intake linked to prostate cancer? But research supports yogurt benefits against cancer; Follow up on beer supporting microbiome diversity and the
KSQD 6-15-2022: Recommendations for COVID-19 booster vaccine shots; Suboxone is an important drug to treat pain and opiate drug withdrawal; New studies examine the neurological effects of long COVID disease; Evaluation of toothpaste for tempera
KSQD 6-08-2022: Novavax is a more conventional vaccine against COVID-19; The many roles of iron in physiology, especially in immunity, but too much is toxic; The role of red blood cells in the immune system; All about Central Serous Retinopathy
KSQD 6-01-2022: New UV therapy for a variety of inflammatory skin conditions; Inflammasomes are multiprotein complexes of the innate immune system responsible for the activation of inflammatory responses; COVID-19 vaccine booster timing with ot
KSQD 5-25-2022: Dr. Dawn comments on the 2nd amendment and gun issues; The problem with news media exaggerations, such as the new Monkeypox infections; Reports from an online conference about neurological effects of inflammation in the brain; P
KSQD 5-18-2022: Problems with eyewitness testimony depends on confidence only for the first time questioned; The old anti-inflammatory drug colchicine has a new use in treating heart diseases; Microbiome fingerprint reveals severity of melanoma
KSQD 5-15-2022: MRI imaging show some disc degeneration in most pain-free elders; Plastic contamination is everywhere in food and topical body products --- study in pregnant woman is alarming; Genetic influences of endometriosis, polycystic ova
KSQD 5-04-2022: (Archive show) Review of genetics research focusing on genetic diseases: sickle cell, Huntingtons, fragile X syndrome, cystic fibrosis, breast cancer, Tay-Sachs, tuberculosis, Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease and prions; More genetics
KSQD 4-27-2022: The role of T-cells in the action of COVID-19 booster vaccines; Vitamin K does not cause blood clots and the different roles of vitamin K1 vs. K2; Paxlovid and EVUSHELD are antibody treatments for COVID-19 that attack the spike
KSQD 4-20-2022: Silk organic tea bags are really plastic mesh that degrades into microplastics that are not good for you; Certain bacteria are linked to more aggressive prostate cancer. Evaluating cardiac artery plaque with carotid artery ultra
KSQD 4-13-2022: COVID-19 News: Second booster is recommended , EVUSHELD and Paxlovid treatments for COVID-19; Is high dose of Biotin useful? High biotin intake can interfere with hormone test results; Vitamin K2 helps reduce visceral fat; mRNA
KSQD 4-06-2022: Strategies for vaccine development to deal with successive variants of SARS-CoV-2 virus. A study links vaping with diabetes. All about the BRCA gene mutations and new techniques to diagnose breast cancer. The importance of the v
KSQD 3-30-2022: Ironically, some allergic asthma sufferers have less severe COVID-19 symptoms! More COVID news. mRNA vaccines are easier to revise for new variants. Extracellular vesicles and a new signaling pathway based on RNA found in round
KSQD 3-23-2022: Using stem cells to rebuild retina in people with macular degeneration. Neural implant allows late stage ALS person to communicate -- Dr Dawn’s experience with an ALS patient. Use paper tape to avoid allergic reaction when treat
Huggable tech device to reduce anxiety and improve math exam scores! Sperm cells are induced via 3D printed seminiferous tubules built from stem cells. A valuable new nutrition program in Santa Cruz county, CA. Acoustic Fabric acts as an ear by
KSQD 03-09-2022: The over-pricing of science publications -- lawsuit against ResearchGate. Large study shows rapid COVID-19 antigen tests in workplaces had few false positives. What symptoms indicate a woman should start estrogen HRT (hormone r
KSQD 03-02-2022: Review of cholesterol variants -- advanced lipid testing and the importance of particle size and number. Experiments warn us of potential side effects using CRISPR gene editing. Link to CRISPR article Luckily, the SARS-CoV-2
KSQD 02-23-2022: Balancing the medical necessity of measuring weight vs. weight shaming Long term study evaluating e-Sig use reveals significant increase in bad bacteria in oral microbiome, causing gum disease How does the microbiome affect moo
KSQD: 02-16-2022: Controlled study in humans for calorie restriction including mice studies are reviewed Community Rx Program fully supports learning to eat plant-based diets The unpleasant practice of waking you up for vital signs
KSQD: 02-09-2022: Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of melatonin -- it is more than just for sleep Evaluation of an essay in JAMA promoting Medicare Advantage for all universal healthcare plan Plant-based diets reduce
KSQD 2-02-2022: Factors that contribute to long COVID symptoms such as reactivation of autoimmune diseases President Biden launches a major program for cancer research Is Epstein-Barr virus a trigger for Multiple Sclerosis? The genetics behind
KSQD 1-26-2021: Comments on the interpreting the data around the COVID-19 pandemic in various groups Can disturbance of the gut and oral microbiome cause tonsil stones? Is joint pain a side effect from COVID-19 vaccine? The methylation biochem
KSQD 1-19-2022: All about Fibromuscular Dysplasia; Early morning night sweats; Local COVID-19 testing facilities and latest treatment drugs and their drug interactions; A new much lower power and cheaper MRI machine show promise for poorer coun
KSQD 10-27-2021: The balanced push-pull of the sympathetic and parasympathetic autonomic nervous system is the operating system of the body -- acupuncture taps into it; Managing sinusitis and nerve regeneration after sinusitis or COVID-19 infec
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