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So Simon asks, have I worked with clients from Europe who sold their products/services to US customers? And is it more difficult for Europeans to sell on the US market? Yes I have, and the answer is no.
Do you think there's any connection between the MK-Ultra experiments and modern marketing methods, especially the ones that have a background in NLP. Okay. Number one, I don't know...
If you were to go back to when you were 20, do you think you would still choose the same lifestyle that you have now. And the answer is yeah, absolutely. I would have done a lot of stuff differently though...
Mike says, is the majority of your business still from selling info or consulting? Which business model do you prefer right now? It's info. And there's a deliberate reason for that. There are two deliberate reasons for that. #1 - it's personal
Jason asks what are people buying online today? And then the question goes a little deeper...is it online courses, white papers? Just curious what the hot products are right now. The short answer to that is everything.
Is high-end continuity still a significant part of your business model? No, high-end continuity isn't and it never really has been. By high-end, I'm assuming you mean multi-thousand dollar consulting engagements...
What was the single biggest obstacle I overcame to get where I am today? That's a serious question. There are a lot of them, so I'll just tell you all the dumb stuff that I do. And then I'll let you decide what the biggest obstacle is.
That question could be translated into "do fancy videos work better than non-fancy videos?" And you know, what? The non-fancy videos work better.
What courses of yours are a good fit for a very advanced, well-established internet marketer? Really depends on the desired outcome. I consider myself to be a very advanced, well-established internet marketer, and what I always go back to is th
I want to share an unusual belief that was, I'm going to put this in air quotes, forced on me growing up that forever changed my life for the better. I say forced on me, again in air quotes, because I was never given an option to consider it. I
Would an e-com store brand benefit from the maximizer? Yeah! With e-com, where you guys fall off...
I think it's a great question because he's trying to target B2B. So he has a general contractor who wants to target commercial business owners only. Do you have any recommendations on the copy and target audiences that he should use? Okay. So t
How long should we be leaving each ad on for this challenge?  I like three days, generally speaking. So if I'm willing to pay...
My question is...I am doing web design, you know, landing page on websites, so I was wondering what is the best way to create a segmentation on Facebook for that? To create a segmentation? By segmentation, do you mean target?
So I've got a physician and a therapist and she's working with PTSD and trauma. Wondering what the best way to do an old-school ad would be with this.  Oh, "read this if you..."
What do you think about building a lead generation ad that is actually a conversion ad on Facebook? First step is the freebie/lead collection. Next page is a low ticket offer and order bump, then upsell.  It's fine. You just have to be prepared
Today, I have 10 words for you that can polarize or they can unify. My hope is that they unify. Here they are. The words are...
Really my question is wrapped around the case study that you used in the direct presentation that you used to get us into this class where day one was the $1.80 ad spend and then eventually you showed the 30 days in May where you spent about $3
It's not like it happens every day. It's not like the whole campaign was a 100X return on ad spend and it's not like that is happening at scale. It still looked cool though! So that's pretty good and I've never had that happen before. No kiddin
How can I build clientele for my wife's salon targeting a 50-mile radius? Dude, this fits in perfectly with the earlier question of what would you do if you lost everything and only had $10K and had to start all over. I would service businesses
First thing I want to point is that is not really normal. A little bit of a fluke there, doesn't happen every day. Just happened to have 2 of them do that yesterday, which was great! So when I put those little videos up...
So he had a question about his lead quality. His audience is executives and entrepreneurs. He said in the past, he kept getting unqualified leads from Facebook. He was wondering, are they active on Facebook or does he need to use LinkedIn for t
So today's episode is about one magic question that can change everything. I really crack myself up with these titles sometimes, but there's really some validity to the statement. I promise. So, I'll reveal the magic question in a minute. This
What's happening, hope you're well. So what we're going to talk about today is the one thing that beats motivation, hands down, every single time. Personally, love motivational stuff. Love it. Huge fan, like reading it, like listening to it. I
Have you ever heard of that book Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod? I listened to that a couple of years ago on audio book, and I can't remember exactly what it said, but I'm mentioning the book because probably some of what I'm going to share with
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