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If you can't promote yourself in Facebook, how do you grow your audience? Are the days of "just use social" behind us? Dave and Jim talk about this subject and many more. SPONSOR: When you have great artwork it pays for itself every time you use it on another directory, website, handout, etc. Mark is a podcaster and a great graphic artist who works with you to make sure your artwork, logo, or website matches your brand.  TIMELINE: 01:07 Sponsor: 02:32 Mugshot: Dog Podcast Network 03:16 Multitrack on Streamyard 08:06 Fast, Good, Cheap 13:25 Spotify Stream On Presentation 16:18 Spotify and WordPress 17:23 Different Modes in Clubhouse 18:16 Can You Connect a Zoom P4 to Clubhouse 20:57 What's Wrong with my Brick? 25:03 Podcasting is Global 26:32 Thanks To Our Awesome Supporters 30:17 How will Clubhouse and Podcasting Integrate? 34:41 Bad ad Insertion 35:25 Clubhouse Privacy Issues 36:50 Clubhouse vs Twitter Spaces 40:02 Plugin to Import RSS Feed 43:13 Wix Podcasting Tool is Bad For Downloads 44:01 Squarespace Feeds 46:21 Jim's Son Almost Died 50:47 Podcorn Advertising? 53:44 Feedback on a Show Name Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions. This episode 334 is part of the Power of Podcasting Network. Save When You Start Your Podcast Use the coupon code ask when you join the School of Podcasting at Mentioned In This Episode The Snowboard Project Podpage (build a website in five minutes) Learn Podcpage with this free course
If you're can't come up with a subject you want to podcast about, then maybe this is not the best time to start a podcast. Sponsor: If you need artwork, logos, website, or anything you want to look professional, then go talk to Mark at and he will make your brand look amazing Today Dave and Jim help answer questions on the following Subjects: 00:03:35 I Don't Know What To Podcast About? 00:06:14 Legalities of Recording Clubhouse 00:09:29 Mark Cuban is Creating a Clubhouse Competitor 00:10:10 Zoom Alternatives 00:16:53 A Curling Podcast? 00:19:35 Ecamm Call Recorder 00:22:26 $200 on a Mixer? (Get a P4 Instead) 00:23:42 How to Get ideas for Episodes 00:25:34 Our Awesome Supporters 00:28:57 Dog Cancer Answers 00:30:38 Season Numbering 00:33:31 Podcast Planner? 00:34:26 Shotgun Mic? movo vxrt10 00:37:29 Should I Move Off Soundcloud? 00:40:10 New and Noteworthy Bad Information 00:42:41 Podcast Rodeo Show 1 Star Review 00:44:51 Turn Your Review Into a T-Shirt 00:45:31 Krip for Noise Reduction 00:48:32 Podfest Global Next Week Support the Show See Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions. This episode 333 is part of the Power of Podcasting Network  
Today Dave and Jim answer questions about audiobooks, clubhouse effects on podcasting, approaching podcasts, and more. SPONSOR:  Get podcast artwork, logos, or a full website by working with Mark from TIMELINE 00:41 World Radio Day 02:38 Sponsor: 04:13 Mugshot: Dog Podcast Network 05:33 Podcasts and Audio Books 15:29 Clubhouse Can See Us 17:03 Audio Drama in Podcasting 25:04 Does Clubhouse Boost Views? 27:44 How Dave Saved 1000 Dollars 30:19 How Are You Doing This? 33:23 Our Awesome Supporters 38:58 How to Connect With Other Podcasters 49:24 Is Clubhouse Going to Impact Podcasting 54:47 People Are Starved Socially 56:39 How To Record Audio From Listeners (see telbee and Speakpipe) Become An Awesome Supporter! This week we talk about getting your audience engaged.
Dave found a question in a Facebook group explaining that his audio sounded bad, and he gave numerous clues as to why. SPONSOR: Podcast Branding If you need artwork, logos, or a website, go see Mark at   00:01:00 Sponsor: 00:02:22 Mug Shot: Dog Podcast Network 00:03:10 Fixing Crappy Audio 00:08:25 Kill the Kitty 00:10:30 Jim's New Mac 00:20:32 Podcast Editor Getting Started 00:24:01 Keywords and Podcasting 00:27:06 The Awesome Supporters 00:31:23 Music and Making Clips 00:40:37 Podcasts are Going To Die 00:46:29 3038 People Launched a Podcast Yesterday 00:49:36 Lighting Questions 00:56:58 Live Events Support the show at Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions. This episode 331is part of the Power of Podcasting Network  
As podcasting continues to get more popular, creators are looking for more options to record content once and use in multiple ways. This week Squadcast added the ability to have a video in their high-quality recordings.  Sponsor: If you need artwork, a logo, a website and you want to make a great first impression, then check out Not only is Mark a great graphic artist, but he is also a podcaster.  TIME LINE: 00:01:12 eBay to the Rescue 00:02:32 Sponsor: 00:03:50 The Mug Shot: 00:04:45 New Patron: Latin Podcast Awards 00:06:22 Squadcast Rolls Out Video 00:08:09 Sarah Reflects on Podcast Rodeo Show 00:11:47 Join the Show 00:12:51 Streaming Live Is a Different Skill 00:16:36 Mac mini Update 00:19:32 January is Done 00:22:18 Podcast Rodeo Show Now on YouTube 00:25:49 Awesome Supporters 00:29:48 Steve Martin Banjo Music Joke 00:30:21 Jordan Harbinger Spends 40K On His Podcast 00:33:00 Finding Conferences 00:38:25 00:40:16 Valerie Geller Will Be Coming On the School of Podcasting 00:41:07 Going Back to School 00:43:29 Journalists Should Have Podcasts 00:46:08 the Importance of Attitude 00:50:42 FOMO Listening 00:51:38 College? Do You Get Value From This Show? Go to and show your appreciation
The experiment with clubhouse continues. Lots of good questions and one very important lesson learned. I didn't have the Rodcaster setup to record separate tracks. Lot of volume issues, and I've leveled them out, but separate tracks would've been helpful for the people joining via the phone.   SPONSOR: If you need a great looking ANYTHING (website, artwork, logo, lead magnet) go see Mark at  TIME LINE 00:01:01 Sponsor:  00:02:27 CUP Sponsor: Dog Podcast Network  00:03:13 Using Voxer to Build a Community 00:10:30 The Coroner Talk Story - Darren Dake 00:12:49 What are You Seeing on Clubhouse? 00:17:48 Breaking Blab 00:18:13 Dave Almost Lost His Podcast THANK YOU BACKBLAZE  00:21:41 Understanding Backups 00:23:13 Can Hear Buttons on Podtrak P4   00:29:28 Awesome Supporters   00:32:15 Is This Too Wide?   00:37:09 James Ultucher: Choose Yourself Book   00:39:18 Browser Plugins see ToDoist   00:40:35 Do Your Chores   00:42:34 How to Integrate Clubhouse Intro Your Podcast   00:47:01 Wrap Up  Support the Show If you listened to the show and used your time to consume the content, you must find it valuable. It would be nice if you provided value back. Go to
Dave and Jim always love to play with new technology. Today, with the permission of the person, Dave brings the clubhouse into the show. This has not been approved by the people at the app. Their terms say you need written permission and we have verbal approval.  SPONSOR: If you need podcast artwork, a logo, a website, a lead magnet (anything you need to look good) check out Mark from You will see the new Ask the Podcast Coach logo in your app very soon. TIMELINE: 01:39 Sponsor: 02:59 Jim's Mug: 05:17 The Clubhouse Experiment 08:03 Where Do I Place Cross Promotion? 17:59 YouTube Vs Podcast With Editing 24:27 Should I Do a Live Show? 28:35 Thanks to Our Awesome Supporters 31:53 This Seems to Be Working 33:05 Best Advice for Newbies 40:47 Removing Resets From a Recording 41:50 Rodecaster Course 45:24 I Hate Building Websites 49:01 Setting up a Club 51:37 Dave Needs to Promote His Book Better MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE Rodecaster Pro Zoom Podtrack P4 TRRS Cable School of Podcasting Ask the Podcast Coach Store Podcasting Services One on One Consulting Podcast Rodeo First Impression Review Podcast Review Show (deep review) School of Pocasting
Today we get some additional perspectives on the new Clubhouse app for iOs.  Please note the video does not match the timeline listed below as I moved Bangs going of the grid to later in the episode and moved the discussion of Clubhouse closer to the front.  SPONSOR:  If you need artwork, logos, lead magnets, website and more - go see Marc at  TIMELINE 00:02:27 The Cigar Authority 00:03:28 Joke About Podcasters Saying Alot of Nothing 00:06:52 Clubhouse Feedback 00:21:07 Awesome  SUpporters 00:23:30 Bangs Naughty Bits One Last Time 00:35:53 Episodes In the Can At Launch 00:40:03 Jim Increased His Downloads 00:43:52 00:47:32 Dave's Interview Prep 00:52:32 The Capital Riot Effects on Psych 00:54:37 Dave's Oura Ring 00:57:11 Beyond Weight Loss Documentary 00:59:57 Megaphone is Being Blocked 01:03:49 VPN Discussion 01:09:04 Motu M2 Update 01:12:22 Jim's Mute Button Search 01:14:35 Rodecaster Vs Podtrak P8 01:18:14 Dave's New Media Stand 01:20:03 Return to Searching for the Mute Button Mentioned in this Episode  Find Dave at Find Jim at
Dave and Jim talk to some nervous wanna be podcasters and get them moving forward.  Sponsor: TIIMELINE 00:01:17 Sponsor: 00:02:32 Someone is Doing My Podcast 00:04:55 Someone Took My Name 00:07:52 Check Your Dates When Scheduling a Podcast 00:09:22 Jim is Using the Motu M2 00:19:26 Do I Need the Zoom P4? 00:23:53 Zoom Audio is Meh 00:24:27 Thanking Our Supporters 00:26:46 Dave Loses Power 00:29:13 Supporters Part 2 00:30:25 Showers Are Great Idea Farms 00:31:40 I Didn't Get Much of a Reaction on Social 00:34:46 Should I Be Selfish? 00:37:29 You Have To Know Your WHY 00:38:46 Hindenburg Webinars 00:41:32 Supercast Woes... 00:42:38 Gets a Face Lift 00:49:01 New Years Eve Stuff MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE MOTU M2 Podtrak P4 Podcasts About Podcasting
Today Dave and Jim answer your questions and Jim noticed a new "copyright" area of Youtube. BND explains some news ways to get sued, and in the post-show we hear why you shouldn't quit your show for 18 months, and what steps you should take to get your podcast going.  SPONSOR:  If you are looking for Podcast Artwork, Logos, or a website (or anything that you want to look great) check out and let Mark work with you to create graphics you will love. Mark is working on new artwork for Ask the Podcast Coach.  TIMELINE 00:01:32 Sponsor: 00:03:03 Copyright Notices on YouTube 00:07:06 It is easier to sue people! 00:11:07 More Scary Laws 00:13:28 Jim's Motu M2 arrives 00:15:37 20 Hours of Editing 00:17:59 Should I Charged Someone to Promote My Show? 00:21:21 Twit Downsizing? 00:21:55 Adam Wants to Sponsor 30 Podcasts 00:24:02 Timing Your Show 00:27:14 Our Awesome Supporters 00:31:29 Year In review - Are These Good? 00:38:25 Did Dave Predict The Pandemic 00:39:47 More Repurposing Insights 00:42:14 Organizing Your Podcast 00:46:23 Local Podcasting 00:51:26 Thoughts on 2021 In the post show we had someone join who stopped his podcast for 18 months and wanted advice on getting back on track he has restarted his show. Become an awesome supporter today.
Glenn "The Geek" Hebert is BACK after cancer surgery and other fun times. Glenn has a great story about how his audience surprised him with very cool gifts.  SPONSOR: if you need artwork, logos, websites, - anything you need to look professional. Check out I just hired Mark to redo the Ask the Podcast Coach artwork TIMELINE 03:56 Glenn The Geek Returns 06:00 Glenns Supporters Step Up 18:22 Survey Talk 24:21 Changes Glenn is Making 29:32 Awesome Supporters 32:47 Substack Free Media Hosting? 37:00 Audello Going Out of Business? 38:25 Always Control Your Feed 39:17 Periscope 43:35 Getting Booked On Shows 49:25 The Guest was BAD 50:40 Motu M2 Update 51:50 Edit out the Discovery Call 53:20 Settling an Argument 54:24 Don't Overthink It Support the show go to
Dave and Jim have caught their Christmas Spirit and have brought some sleigh bells to spruce up the intro (kind of...) today we talk about Video Version 01:24 Sponsor: If you need a logo, artwork, or website, hire a great graphic artist who is also a podcaster! Check out 02:55 Jim's New Mug 04:57 Holidays Can Be Hard - 800-273-8255 (Suicide Hotline) 06:26 Have a Sponsor You Believe In 09:31 12 Podcasting Practices For Christmas 12:17 Thinking Outside the Box - Listen with Curtis Elton 21:32 Revisit Your Intro 24:07 Awesome Supporters 26:39 Testing Your Content on Friends 28:58 My Favorite Podcast Is... 31:55 Podpage Adds Voicemail Learn PodPage FOR FREE at 33:22 Jim Reflects on 10 Years of His Show 38:23 Stereo and Clubhouse Apps 39:43 Power Rant: Demo Videos? 41:04 Year-End Predictions? 43:48 Your Show on Gaana (learn how to submit your show to Gaana at the School of Podcasting ) 49:01 Pricing For Editors 53:08 Descript and Otter 54:20 What is Coming Up? Ready To Start Your Podcast? Go to
Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions. This episode 322 is part of the Power of Podcasting Network. Today we talk about: 00:01:06 00:02:49 Changing Your Shows Format 00:11:02 Joe Rogan is Now Spotify Only 00:16:57 Podcast Rolemodel 00:19:38 Relisten to Old Shows 00:21:03 Popular Polzarizing People 00:22:41 Awesome Supporters 00:26:59 Sweetwater Insights 00:27:39 Cutiepie YouTube Woes 00:31:12 Podcaster Liability Insurance? 00:40:52 The McDonald's Coffee Story 00:41:40 Introducing a New Show on a Network 00:48:04 Tik Tock Mentioned in This Episode
SPONSOR: If you need a logo, artwork, a website that makes you look UBER professional then check out Today on the show I read some of the awesome testimonials from Mark's customers. You can see them by going to  TABLE OF CONTENTS 00:01:09 Sponsor:  00:03:17 Black Friday Deal? 00:04:29 Petrifying Podcast Fear 00:14:26 Check Your Universal Power Supply  00:16:44 Music in Podcasts 00:29:07 Thanks to the Supporters  00:35:10 $100 Mic and 100 Hours of Research 00:55:27 YouTube Stalkers Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions. This episode 321is part of the Power of Podcasting Network
Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions. This episode 320 is part of the Power of Podcasting Network SPONSOR: If you need a logo, artwork, website and you want it to look GREAT then check out Table of Contents 00:02:53 Power Rant: Bad Advice 00:08:27 Apple Holiday Schedule November 22 to December 2 December 23 to January 2 00:09:19 Quibi Episode Preview 00:10:31 What Link to Share on Social? 00:14:30 Buzzsprout Stats 00:25:44 Thanks to our Patrons! 00:31:04 Sweetwater Partnership 00:35:32 Online Events 12/9 2 PM ET Podcast Movement Holiday Meetup (Virtual) 12/ 11/23 10: AM ET Rode "Ask Me Anything" 00:38:35 Wireless Headphones 00:41:29 Are You Speaking at Podcast Movement? 00:44:18 Online Presentations? 00:50:03 Zoom P8 Vs Zoom L8 00:58:19 What is Coming Up? PATRONS ONLY (Support the show - Become a Patron) 01:00:41 01:11:30 Naked Without Your Phone 01:12:35 Rating And Reviews Have Nothing to Do With Rankings  01:17:19 Triple Your Downloads? 01:19:19 Master Feeds For a Network 01:23:34 Recording Video on Your Phone in the Car Mentioned In This Episode Rating and Review Don't Matter with Paul Colligan Phone Tripod with Bendy Legs Siteground Web Hosting Maple Grove Partners Web Hosting Cooler Websites Web Hosting Zoom L8 Zoom P8 Rodecaster Mixpre-3 Start Your Podcast Today You can try the private Facebook group, go through the step-by-step videos, and even attend one of the group coaching sessions, and any time in the first 30 days if you're not happy, you can stop and I will refund your money. Go to
  Hey Look it's November, and all those great deals you got last year are "this close" to renewing at their regular pricing.    Table of content: 00:01:10 SPONSOR: PodcastBranding.Co If you want to look professional, go talk to Mark. Both Jim and I plan on using Mark and his service the future. 00:02:12 Dave is Investigating Podpage for Networks 00:07:18 Nickle and Dimed to Death 00:15:50 Dave Got an Amazon Halo 00:17:30 Jim's Echo Flex 00:27:18 What would you use a VA for if you could afford it? 00:29:33 Our Awesome Supporters 00:33:14 House Update 00:36:14 We Need More Cowbell 00:38:06 Programming Your Audience 00:43:15 Podcast Listening in China 00:46:41 Networking with Online Events 00:52:07 What if you don't like a potential sponsor? 00:55:40 Results from Being on the Radio 00:59:54 Rodecaster MarkerFOR AWESOME SUPPORTERS (join) 01:01:00 Podcast Superstack 01:07:59 Mac OS Updates 01:12:34 iPhone Updated 01:14:43 Companion Apps In The Future 01:17:52 New Artwork Not Working When Sharing 01:20:39 Apple Vacation Schedule November 22 to December 2 December 23 to January 2 01:22:31 Release Schedules 01:25:09 Jim's Crunchy Coffee 01:26:30 Lawnmower? 01:27:32 An Awkward Moment With Jim 01:30:20 No Breaks Over the Holidays Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions. This episode 319 is part of the Power of Podcasting Network   MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE You Need a Budget YNAB Monster Insights Adam's YouTube Channel Siteground motomo stats Amazon Halo Echo Flex, Kasa Plugs Profit From Your Podcast Book
Jim is holding a meetup and has a "smoker cam" going on his back porch and Dave shares some things that are getting under his skin.  VIDEO VERSION  SPONSOR: if you need a logo, artwork, website, and want to update your brand to be more professional. Go to talk Mark and tell him Dave and Jim sent ya.   TOPICS: 00:00:58 Podcast Sponsors the morning Pour 00:02:27 Jim's Meetup and Smoker Cam 00:06:43 Advice on Moving Your Podcast 00:10:01 Playing with the Zoom Podtrak P8  00:11:26 Jim is Stalking the Motu M2  00:13:41 How upgradable is the Podtrak P8? 00:16:16 The Zoom P4  00:16:53 Starting a Sports Themed Podcast 00:24:25 How Many Tries to Get to a Yes 00:25:44 Power Rant 1: Another Bad Pitch 00:28:07 Pay Me What I'm Worth 00:31:52 Sneaky Security Software 00:35:32 The Awesome Supporters 00:37:50 Smoker Check 00:40:41 Apple Search Still Sucks 00:41:49 Power Rant 2: Third-Party Link Tools 00:44:59 Power Rant: Anchor Submissions 00:48:43 Qu'd Up Podcasting  Become an Awesome Supporter Join Today Ready to Start Your Podcast? Go to and get going in the right direction. Need Some Help With Your Podcast? Book a consulting call today.
SPONSOR: Podcast Branding If you need artwork, logos, or a full website Mark at can come up with the best way to promote your brand and have you looking professional.  TIMELINE: 00:02:33 Reflections on Jim's Trip East 00:05:19 Dave's Book Update 00:06:10 David Vs Goliath Book 00:07:06 Last Week's Blast From the Past 00:11:52 Jim Got to Go Critique Cigar Authority 00:15:28 Evaluating Your Guest Appearances 00:24:00 Accepting Feedback on your first show 00:28:55 Thanks to Our Awesome Supporters 00:32:25 Sure Mv7 Microphone 00:36:32 MOTU M2 00:37:13 I Don't Recommend Mixers Anymore 00:43:57 Epoccam Rewind 00:46:20 Joe Rogan Had Alex Jones 00:47:46 People Stealing Your Content?    Mentioned In This EpisodeMOTU M2Sony EZ1 Video CameraSure MV7Elgato Epoccamm     Need Help With Your Podcast? Schedule a consulting call today
Today I am moving into what I'm calling "My new old house." While I'm seating and hoping the movers don't break my standing desk, I thought I would take a trip down memory lane and dig out some of the first episodes of "Ask the Podcast Coach." The Early Episodes Sounded Bad, and I Was Awful There is a ton of hiss in the first "School of Podcasting Live" was awful and this was in 2011. Later I wanted to test Blog Talk Radio and Spreaker for "The Podcast Coach" show and treated it like nobody was listening (because nobody was listening). Then on August 10, 2013, Jim Collison joined us. You can also listen to what might have been the seed for the "Podcast Rodeo Show." Why Am I Subjecting You To Bad Content? The goal is to show you that we all start ugly. We all get better over time, and maybe just maybe you should be a bit organized before pressing record.  The Show Comes Back Next Week Dave and Jim will be back live at Saturdays at 10:30 AM ET SPONSOR: If you need podcast artwork, a logo, a website, or anything else that you want to look AMAZING, check out Mark over at  Become an Awesome Supporter Get access to bonus content, and private Q&A calls. go to Mentioned In This Episode Keith and the Girl Mighty Networks Need to Plan Need to Plan, Launch or Grow Your Audience? Join the School of Podcasting today.
This week Jim is on the road and hanging out with Ed from Sonic Cupcake and Dave from the Cigar Authority at Studio 21 Cafe. We talk about his book David vs Goliath: How to Compete, And Beat, The On-Line Giant. 100 Proven Promotions For Brick & Mortar Retailers and how he uses his podcast to boost his business. VIDEO VERSION  SPONSOR: If you need artwork for your podcast, a logo, or a website, Mark Des Cotes at will make you look amazing. How? His personalized approach makes sure your brand matches your podcast and everything ties together to make you look professional and create a stunning first impression. Let Mark know you heard about it on Ask the Podcast Coach when you go to  TIMELINE 01:09 Sponsor: 02:29 Jim Joins David Garofalo 03:20 David Garofalo has a book as well 04:56 How The Podcast is Boosting Cigar Sales 06:39 Promotion when your content is blocked 10:20 Getting Monetization Ideas From Your Audience 11:01 THREE YEARS (A Popular Answer) 13:41 WIN WIN WIN Can go Forever 15:15 The Power of the Niche 16:51 Anything Didn't work? 19:43 What Do You Think of the Set? 24:40 Using Your Podcast To Open Doors 27:43 How Long Does it Take A Traditional Store to Grow 30:29 Our Awesome Supporters 32:33 Advice for New Podcasters 34:46 How Do You Deal With Censorship? 39:52 Accepting Constructive Criticism 42:18 How Has COVID Affected Your Business? 46:45 Ask the Podcast Coach Downloads 47:20 The Motivation Behind Ask The Podcast Coach 48:50 Sponsors and Downloads 50:11 Same Formula Different Niche-Different Result 54:06 A Passionate Nich is Needed 56:25 Road Trip Report PATRONS ONLY Become a PATRON 01:00:21 Cats Are Horrible Podcasters 01:02:49 EU Podcaster Gets Investigated 01:05:26 RIAA Takes Down Show 01:06:36 Focusrite 2i2 Question 01:12:23 Old Hissy Mixers 01:18:52 Normalization 01:23:43 Auphonic is great, but... 01:25:08 No Show on the 24th of October   Ready To Start Your Podcast? Join the School of Podcasting and avoid: Spending too much money on equipment you don't need Sounding unprofessional Creating a podcast that nobody will listen to. The School of Podcasting helps you sound great, and connect with your audience. Learn how to plan, launch, and grow your audience. Go to and use the coupon code ask Mentioned in This Episode David vs Goliath: How to Compete, And Beat, The On-Line Giant. 100 Proven Promotions For Brick & Mortar Retailers Audio-Technica BPHS1 Broadcast Stereo Headset with Dynamic Cardioid Boom Mic
Today is National Mental Awareness day. Jim and Dave talk about the importance of mental health in all of aspect of life. Sponsor: [0:38] Check out for your website, podcast artwork and more. Step # 1: Initial Consultation Step # 2: Design and Presentation Step # 3: Approval and Deployment Check it out at Topics: 02:21 Word Mental Health Day 09:55 Podcasting is Cheaper than Therapy 11:24 Journaling Can Be Helpful 13:49 Profit From Your Podcast Update 15:44 Jim's Show Notes Experiment 21:48 Hated For My Free Stuff 24:50 Pricing Affects Perceived Value 32:03 Our Awesome Supporters 36:31 Should I Buy Radio Time? 45:05 Do You Listen to the Radio 46:24 Dave Got A Nielsen Rating Letter 48:50 Spotify Employees vs Joe Rogan 49:52 Too Many Ads 54:22 Jim's Nightmare 55:06 Amazon Prime Day Patrons Only 58:15 Creativity in Podcasting 1:01:51 Don't Eat Me Bo Jiden 1:04:01 Creativity is in the Eye of the Beholder 1:07:42 Eddie Van Halen 1:14:47 Apps that allow Reviews 1:15:32 Review or Direct Contact? 1:19:10 Go Play In Traffic - Find Your Audience 1:21:45 The Last Word of Mouth Sensation? 1:23:27 Freedom of Consequences? 1:24:25 Find the Best Ranked Podcast in a Category Check Out Dave's Book Profit From Your Podcast Available at Ready to Start Your Podcast? Join the School of Podcasting worry-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee and get access to step by step tutorials, a private Facebook groups, and live group coaching. Go to Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions. This episode 313 is part of the Power of Podcasting Network
Today we hear from Jason Bryan of who just did a marathon Livestreaming session and shares his insights. Here are other topics: Sponsor: 01:26 Check out for your website, podcast artwork and more. Step # 1: Initial Consultation Step # 2: Design and Presentation Step # 3: Approval and Deployment Check it out at Mentioned in This Episode Dave's Book Profit from Your Podcast Additional Topics: 03:45 Adam Curry on the History of Podcasting 05:03 Dave Wins His Second Podcast Award 06:47 YouTube Adds AI Filters For Kids 15:27 Opinions on Divi 17:12 Audio Burst 19:53 Jason Bryant Marathon Wrestling Event 30:39 Will Jason Do It Again In the Future? 33:39 Jason's Opinion on Divi 39:47 Subscribe and Follow Plugin 41:27 Jim's All Day Barbecue Stream 43:52 Consider Twitch 45:35 Awesome Supporters 48:35 Video Podcasts Prejudice? 49:45 Focused Guests? 51:17 Jim Had a Great Guest 52:13 Zoom Podtrak P8 Coming 53:25 Your Ears During Marathons 56:37 What's Coming Up? Ready to Start Your Podcast? Join the School of Podcasting worry-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee and get access to step by step tutorials, a private Facebook groups, and live group coaching. Go to Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions. This episode 313 is part of the Power of Podcasting Network
Today we are excited to talk about another new toy that has been announced (Dave has a demo on the way). Other topics include: SPONSOR: 00:01:15 If you need podcast covert art, a logo, lead magnets, you name it Mark at can make you look AMAZING. BONUS- He is a podcaster as well so he really understands the space. Check out his work at TOPICS IN TODAY'S SHOW 02:41 Zoom Announces Zoom Podtrak P8 05:58 Making Your Brand Trustworthy 13:10 The Zoom P4 Is a Great Place to Start 21:46 Bluetooth vs Wired 23:38 Webcam Suggestions? 27:38 Our Awesome Supporters 32:21 International Podcast Day 36:11 The Very First Podcast You Listened To 39:48 Will Seasons Hurt Me? 42:12 Because of My Podcast 47:10 55:12 Should I leave Podbean? 55:51 What Coming Up? Patrons Only Content Join Today starting at $5/month 58:11 Jim's Patreon Only Event 1:02:04 Getting Guests Back In Line 1:04:50 Flexibility 1:05:40 Table of Contents Show Notes 1:08:20 Hello From Nigeria 1:16:08 Podcast Media Hosting 1:21:11 1:22:00 Hero Health 1:25:02 Honeybook 1:26:45 Jim's Tour 1:28:50 What's Up With Dave's Leg? Mentioned In This Episode Dave's Book Comes out On Monday Zoom Podtrak P8 International Podcast Day Ray Ortega's YouTube Channel (Great Camera Reviews) Logitech C920e on Amazon on B&H Logitech Brio on Amazon on B&H Health Hero Acuity Scheduling Honeybook Ready To Start Your Podcast? Start your podcast today by joining the School of Podcasting. Use the coupon code "ask" to save on a monthly or yearly subscription.  Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions. This episode 312 is part of the Power of Podcasting Network
Dave is back from phase I of his moving into a new location, and is glad to catch up with everyone as Amazon launches their podcast directory. Topics include: 00:00:35 Sponsor: 00:01:49 Dave's Moving Journey 00:03:20 Amazon Music Adds Podcasting 00:20:50 Jim's Feedback on Seasons 00:22:31 One Person's Feedback 00:25:42 Amazon Terms Of Service 00:29:34 Our Awesome Supporters 00:30:50 Joe Rogan's Apology 00:33:17 Are Podcasters Journalists? 00:36:56 Accessibility Issues 00:40:49 Transcriptions 00:45:34 Overdub Feature 49:06 Podcasters Book Club 49:54 Learn Podpage 54:04 Dave's Audiobook? Ready To Start Your Podcast? Go to   Every week Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting and Jim Collison from the Average Guy Network answer your podcast questions. This episode 311is part of the Power of Podcasting Network
Today I talk to Jim who has five kids and we compare the overwhelm of new parents to compare it to the feelings that "wanna be" podcaster who can't seem have.  TOPICS INCLUDE 00:45 SPONSOR:  02:17 Podcasts Are Like Children 11:39 How to do a Solo Show 14:39 What is your strength? 25:53 Thanks to The Patrons 27:28 Boom Arms 29:57 Dynamic Ad Revenue 34:31 bass Drum Boom Arm 35:37 How Do You Know You're Successful? 39:37 Zoom Podtrack P4 41:41 Press the Record Button? 42:49 COVID IS REAL 43:36 VIVO Boom Arms 46:07 Podcast Movement 48:07 Podfest Videos 50:33 Zoom Fatigue 54:39 MixPre Units 55:46 Laptop VS PC 57:14 Speaking Gigs Mentioned in This Episode #310 Zoom Podtrack P4 Podcast Recorder Zoom L8 Recorder VIV Boom Microphone Arm Heil PR2 Microphone Arm Samson MBA48 Boom Arm On Stage Bass Drum Boom Arm I Am Salt Lake Podcast
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