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What Happened? Helping The Disconnected Student | Episode 7

Released Monday, 7th December 2020
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It’s the age old question – why don’t some kids like going to school?” We know kids like to learn. That is a given. And since school is for learning, why wouldn’t all kids want to go? Why do younger children generally seem eager and excited to go to school and answer their teachers’ questions, while older students do not exhibit that same excitement and enthusiasm? What happened?

Studies show that our awareness of the ‘disaffected’ or ‘disconnected’ student may hold the answer. Students who are ‘disaffected’ are usually overly quiet and passive or disruptive and overtly rebellious. They have ‘checked out’, are not engaged and have poor grades. Being ‘disaffected’ has nothing to do with intelligence. It has to do with not being engaged. So, how do we as teachers engage the ‘disaffected’, ‘disconnected’ student? How do we help those students become connected to our classrooms, our classwork and us as teachers? How do we get ‘disaffected’ students to get excited about learning again?

This episode offers a number of doable tips on how to engage the ‘disaffected’ and ‘disconnected’ student. It starts with engaging and connecting!

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