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Episodes of Awaken My Soul

“We live in a society in which we are expected to show up the same every day. But the menstrual cycle doesn't work like that. We have a cyclical nature.” - Annalise Yagya Jyoti Annalise Yagya Jyoti is a Holistic Reproductive Health Practitione
Adleigh Jene Brisebois is a passionate entrepreneur & magical boss babe. She is the Founder & Director of Community at Siivana Retreats, a Music Video & Documentary Director, & a Marketing & Media Producer. Adleigh is a sustainability & human d
"If I was already actualized. If I was already there. If I already had all of my dreams fulfilled. If I was already freaking orgasmic in every way possible. What would I do? Who would I give myself permission to be today? How would I give mysel
Our Womb Space is a sacred space full of light, creative power, and ancient wisdom.  I felt called to clip this guided meditation from a LIVE group call from signature offer Awaken The Goddess Within online immersion. Cultivate a sacred SAFE sp
“Each day is different, feel into what your body + soul needs: ‘What does my body crave to feel nourished?’” This episode was created to answer some of the questions I frequently get asked: “What does your self pleasure practice look like?”, “W
“Being in forgiveness & being in love is so important right now.” - Molly Kubes Molly Kubes is a passionate online business strategist for soulful, spiritual, driven women. She built a multi six figure business from her laptop, & now in Molly’s
“Don’t be afraid of losing people. Be afraid of losing yourself by trying to please everyone around you.” - unknown Welcome to my first full solo-cast episode! It’s time to release people pleasing, be done tiptoeing around people's feelings and
“Lean into living in your highest excitement, your highest joy day to day. Wake up and ask yourself: What do I want to experience today?” - Taj Savitri Taj Savitri is a Spiritual Biz Mentor, Modern Medicine Woman, go-to for helping Awakened Wom
Jedaya Barboza is a Tantric Shemite Rose Womb Priestess of the Divine Feminine. She empowers women to reclaim their birthrights of divinity, love, pleasure, harmony, sensuality, magnetism and sovereignty through the ancient codes of the Magdale
“The frequency, the money, abundance - whatever you want to call it - sits on & is the frequency of love. Period. Money is love. Love is money.” - Taylor Simpson In this conversation with Taylor Simpson you will learn How To Become A Money Magn
“Be the true love. Get intimate with what love actually is, and feels like, and tastes like, and breathes like. And be that more often than not.” - Celeste Gluz Celeste Gluz was born with a love for Wellness, Movement and Spirituality. After a
“Ayurveda is the science of life. And its purpose is to heal and maintain the quality and longevity of life. It is the art of life as it is practical, philosophical, and spiritual. Because it's the understanding rootedness of creation.” Malia i
“I was dating this heroin addict, and he woke me up one day and told me, ‘You just projectile puked across the room and it hit me in the face.’ I was like, didn’t care because I was like ‘dude you’re the loser, you’re the loser here.’” - Katie
“People aren’t draining your energy, you’re draining your energy. People don’t drain your energy unless you let them.” - Kristi Kuttner Kristi Kuttner is a southern California based yoga + meditation teacher,  Reiki Master healer, spiritual men
“I’m not going to be able to really help my clients & serve other women if A. I’m treating my body poorly, & B. Feeding it things that don’t necessarily serve it in any way physically or spiritually.” - Nia’s Carrillo Nia Carrillo is a degreed
Trigger warning: please listen with caution. This episode contains stories & experiences of sexual assault, & the topic of abortion. Kristin Murray Alexi is a Sexologist who works with both men and women around the world educating them on the i
“When you are drinking the cacao & you’re sitting with it, what it feels like this budding open. This blossoming open. Your heart feels like its flowering open. And you can literally feel your body opening up to the cacao, sometimes feel tingle
“If every woman was adored & worshipped & tended to, & seen as this divine embodiment of the goddess that she is, we wouldn’t put up with anything. We wouldn’t put up with any kind of sexual engagement that wasn’t that. But since we don’t have
“It's about really giving yourself permission to be who you are at any given moment, & meet the moment fully. Welcome the discomfort, welcome what feels hard but also, give yourself permission to say ‘yes’ to a future version of yourself.” - Na
“When we bleed we are actually bleeding a consciousness, & we are birthing at the same time.” -  Hannah Grasso Hannah Grasso is a Yoga & Embodiment Teacher, a Womb Empowerment Educator, period is Power Podcast host, and Co-Founder of the Yoni T
“In the morning ask yourself, ‘What sounds the most fun? What sounds the most fulfilling,’ and do those things.” - Noel Strane Noel Strane grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area as a standout baseball player, thinking the pros were definitely i
“There was a moment where I just stopped fighting. I stopped swimming. I stopped everything & I just, I just was. And I think it was at that moment of surrender that I was then brought back up to the surface of the water, & I was able to swim b
I'm SO happy you're here. Sharing what I love and connecting with you lights me up!  Connect with me more over @Melissa_McEwen over on IG!
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