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Episodes of Back Pain Solutions

Our aim with this podcast is to help you to understand the importance that movement, and exercise, plays in your rehabilitation from low back pain. We’ve highlighted the importance of finding a practitioner that will give you the insights you n
For most of us with an injury, unless we are a top athlete, the benefits of nutrition is not one of the first things popping up in our heads when thinking about strategies to overcome it. Nutritional advice is often looked at as dubious and jud
We sit to eat, watch TV, work at a desk and so much more…...most daily activities involve sitting! In the US, on average people sit for around 10 hours per day and 80% of them suffer from sitting induced back pain. But that is just the tip of t
There is a growing group of chiropractors and other practitioners who are stepping outside the narrative of their prescriptive role and embracing a more holistic approach. This seems to be the result of realising the need to assist the patient
The last thing many people think about when they’re suffering from a lower back injury, or any injury for that matter, is whether their fitness levels are good enough to help with the recovery process. Our fitness levels are increased by the am
People often try to achieve their fat loss goals through exercise alone because they don’t want to stop eating the foods that they enjoy or they believe that exercise is the key to weight loss. However, evidence demonstrates a high variability
Research suggests that up to 50% of women can experience back pain in the first few months following pregnancy which can last between 6 months and a decade! Post partum back pain usually occurs due to pregnancy related changes in the musculoske
So, 2021 is here and for many of us we’re still experiencing some kind of lockdown! So, what does the New Year have in store for us? How will you respond to the current environment and how could it affect the management of your back health? In
2020 has been a year of change, and a year of reflection for us all! Businesses have had to adapt; work has had to change and the way many people have approached exercise has changed. For some people they have simply cancelled their gym members
Many chiropractic clinics focus on simply removing your pain and then having you become reliant on passive treatment to maintain your musculoskeletal health. Whilst preventative maintenance has been shown to be effective in reducing the inciden
The global pandemic has impacted us all across the globe in same way and had a detrimental impact on our back health and mental health as many people have had to adjust to working from home. Poor workstations, a lack of interaction, and uncerta
When I was young, I had one goal and that was to be strong, fast and smart in whichever sport I did. I did waterpolo, swimming, athletics, rugby, cricket, triathlon and tennis. All at quite a high level and others competing for my province at h
Lower back pain can come on suddenly or gradually and is sometimes the direct result of a fall or injury. The complex structure of the spine means even small amounts of strain can cause pain or injury. When we consider the amount of effort that
Lumbar spinal stenosis is defined as a degenerative condition in which there is diminished space available within the spinal canal, or spinal foramen, for the neural and/or vascular elements in the lumbar spine. Narrowing within the spine is mo
In this episode, we discuss some of the inspiration behind Smartstrong and the back-pain Solutions podcast. We detail one of the seminars we attended back in 2019, out in Eindhoven, where we spent several days with world renowned back expert pr
Insomnia is a sleep disorder in which people have trouble sleeping. Experiences may vary from struggling to fall to sleep to difficulty in staying asleep as long as is desired. A little google research reveals that the word insomnia has a month
Walking is often overlooked in the recovery process of lower back injury. The strategy best suited for the individual is of course the one best fit for their specific problem but walking should almost always form part of the rehabilitation proc
For anyone that is in any way health conscious they will have heard of the benefits of omega-3 fats. There is increasing research demonstrating the health benefits of omega-3 fats, including the reduction of inflammation.  As most diseases have
Debilitating back pain is difficult to endure yet is suffered by many at some point in their lives. Patients who have suffered a disc herniation often describe experiencing excruciating pain and fear avoidance as they seek to overcome their inj
Alongside mechanical lower back pain there are several conditions that result in pain, and stiffness, in the back which need to be considered during diagnosis. One condition which targets the lower back specifically is ankylosing spondylitis. A
It is now common practice for healthcare practitioners to advise against bed rest and encourage a return to activity when managing lower back pain. Bed rest has long been considered to have deleterious effects on recovery from injury and indeed
As with many medical procedures, there have been advances is the surgical approach to back care. Spinal surgery once meant large incisions, long recovery periods and extended periods of rehabilitation. Fortunately, advances in surgical approach
It is now well established that there are numerous health risks associated with being overweight. From increased blood pressure and type 2 diabetes to sleep apnea and osteoarthritis. Global estimates suggest that over 2 billion adults are overw
Many sufferers of back pain will report experiencing pain in areas away from the low back itself, which is known as referred pain. Referred pain is the result of the extensive nervous system which supplies sensory nerves to many tissues in the
The global research is compelling when we consider the number of cases of obesity, heart disease and other ‘lifestyle’ based diseases. It seems that people are not prepared to take a proactive approach to the management of their health and well
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