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Introduction to EpisodeThere are three pillars to happiness, personal development and health and wellness. Gillian Duncan talks about how she figured this out how she works with women to help them get their happiness. Podcast Episode SummaryGillian does her work on the other side of the pond. I was so delighted to meet someone so many miles way from me who also teaches womxn on clarity. In this episode, Gillian explains how she broke through from the years of conditioning that told her, as a young girl and later a woman, that she couldn’t do things. Ultimately, she found a path towards happiness, and that is what she teaches people now. Her three pillars towards happiness include:Setting goals for your personal happinessEngaging in personal developmentFocusing on your health and wellness She has found that if any one of these pillars is off kilter, the whole thing crashes, and your own personal happiness becomes unattainable. Recommended ResourcesCheck out Gillians' work on her website, Clarity Junction: She has links to all her social media there. For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit 
roduction to EpisodeMy guest today is Andrea Procida, a fellow essential oil educator and enthusiast. Andrea has found her calling in health coaching after tirelessly advocating for her own health. In today’s episode, we dig into what that looks like.Podcast Episode SummaryAndrea’s life changed in sixth grade. She doesn’t know exactly what or when it was. But one day, she woke up with pain and anxiety. The fearless girl left for safer ground, and not until a few years ago did Andrea actually find relief from living with Lyme disease and it’s added complications.It took Andrea many years, and many doctors, before she was able to find relief. In this episode, Andrea shares her story of how she found hope on the other side. Her advice? Keep Digging to Better Health. We also dig into a little bit of what sparks joy for Andrea. Hint: the beings name is not Charlotte.Quotables“I have a lot of skills, and I never myself credit for [them].”On withholding information from doctors: “I didn’t tell them all the other things ‘cause they just weren’t helpful.”“Find someone who will listen, and keep digging.”“[Pets] provide me with so much comfort and love.”“I’ve always wanted a pig.” Recommended ResourcesFind all things Andrea ~ Insta: Facebook: Bentley and Chloe's IG: Facebook group for those suffering with Fibro and Lyme: Fibro & Lyme Wellness Solutions My Top 5 Must Do's If You're Living with Fibromyalgia or Chronic Lyme Disease For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit 
Introduction to EpisodeAshlee Angelus comes back to continue our conversation. We discussed, in depth the harrowing aspects motherhood can have for some mothers. In this episode, we discuss how she turned those breakdowns into breakthroughs. Ashlee is an expert at finding beauty through the breakdown, and she shares that wisdom with you.Podcast Episode SummaryAshlee Angelus is a life and business coach for moms. She loves to help them align their business with them. She specializes in helping moms who have forgotten themselves get reconnected and rekindle the flame that has found its way to burning out. Ashlee has found that moms who come to her need to give themselves permission, learn to regain their confidence, and reignite that flame.QuotablesPut time aside for yourselfAsk for helpPractice compassionRecommended ResourcesThe Soul of Money by Lynn TwistThe Divine Law of Compensation by Marianne WilliamsonAshlee on Facebook:’s instagram: your “I am resilient shirt” here: For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit 
Introduction to EpisodeToday’s guest, Ashlee Angelus, tells us about growing up with labels, breaking through, and the harrowing journey to becoming a mother of a Rainbow Baby. Ashlee shares the entwined tales of motherhood and entrepreneurship. Podcast Episode SummaryTrigger Warning: part of Ashlee’s story involves the traumatic birth of her rainbow baby. While our language is clean, the topic could be triggering to some listeners. My guest, Ashlee Angelus, walks us through many experiences from being labeled and told she could do one thing to defying those labels to pursue who she wants to be. In our conversation, we got caught up in walking through Ashlee’s path to forging her own path, atypical of the norm. QuotablesFor the mother and Entrepeneur, Ashlee offers one single piece of advice, which is, “Ask for help.” Recommended ResourcesAshlee on Facebook:’s instagram: more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit 
Introduction to EpisodeIn this episode, I discuss the patterns of Yule and what we could be doing to align our patterns with those we see in nature.Podcast Episode SummaryI love taking a look at Shadow Time to get us thinking about what we should be doing during our year. So, I spend a little time reflecting on nature and offer an invitation of doing nothing as we celebrate the turn of light.For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit 
Introduction to EpisodeIn today’s episode, I sit down with shift-disturber, Farah Fancy. Farah is a self-proclaimed Artist Doula who works to prepare people for creation.Podcast Episode SummaryFarah has been through a lot, on purpose and because life handed it to her. She uses her wisdom of travel and self-discovery to share that beauty with all she encounters. She as an artist and she knows her job is to bring beauty to an ugly world. In today’s interview, Farah shares some of her travels, some of the insights she received in Costa Rica, how she worked through and past trauma to show up as an artist, and so much more.QuotablesBe Flawsome. There are three things we have a right to: water, fire, and chiles, as in peppers, which remind us we each have our own flavor and a write to that flavor. You don’t have to ask permission to be you.Recommended ResourcesVisit Farah at her website: For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit For more information about our producer, Ezra Meredith, visit 
Introduction to Episode My guest today is Michelle Gay, a business coach who helps business owners strengthen their businesses by getting to the root of their needs and values. Podcast Episode Summary I have taken at least four values workshops with Michelle Gay, since 2017. We met when she taught a few sections of a weekend business retreat. I loved her work (and the work of the retreat coach) so much that I kept coming back. I am so grateful she said, “Yes,” to my podcast invitation. We sat down recently to discuss values. I had a series of guests teed up to share their wisdom this fall because I had been planning an event in January. Alas, 2020 came and has forced all of us to pivot. We won’t see Michelle’s wisdom at my event this year (because it’s not happening!), but we do get to hear her wisdom in this episode. She breaks down that values are the important soul and heart work businesses must do to make sure they are in alignment with themselves, with what they do for their business, and ultimately who they bring on to work with and for them. She helps businesses overcome the rudderless lack of focus where people lose passion, and she helps them get in alignment with their core values. She wants to see a world where we stop chewing people up and spitting them out. Here are 4 things you can do to get in more alignment: Spend good quality time with yourself. Ask yourself, “What lights me up?” Ask yourself, “What doesn’t light me up?” Then, ask yourself why, in reference to question 2, again, and again, and again. Once you have done that, figure out 3-4 values that align with what lights you up. Then, define those values and how you practice them daily. Quotables “All of us have a job to do to change the world in some way.” Recommended Resources Visit Michelle at or play on Instagram with her here: For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit For more information about our producer, Ezra Meredith, visit --- Support this podcast:
Introduction to Episode My guest today is wine expert Caroline Conner. In this episode, we discuss what wines you should drink and dispel some common wine myths. Listen to wine and dine with Caroline. Podcast Episode Summary Caroline is a young fiery American living in Lyon running her online wine business. We sat down in June and discussed many aspects of wine: growing, tasting, testing, drinking, and most notably - enjoying. We covered the difference between sulfites and tannins, where they are. The new label in France for “natural” wines. We note that most wine makers are farmers at heart, which goes to the heart of being sustainable and local. Caroline also wants to know, why are you keeping your wine? She instructs us to buy it, drink it, and enjoy it. We cover a dream Pinot Tour (Perhaps post-pandemic? Spendy as it may be?) Ultimately, she wants us to wine and dine and enjoy our damned wine. Quotables “Good wine doesn’t have to be expensive.” “You can’t age most wine.” “Drink whatever you want.” Recommended Resources Visit Wine Dine Caroline on the web, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit --- Support this podcast:
Introduction to Episode Vanessa Couto returns as my guest where we further discuss “why does astrology matter?” Waxing and waning between analogy, patterns, and history, we dive into this ancient personal development tool and touch the surface of how it can help you. Podcast Episode Summary Vanessa Couto, an archetypal astrologer, returns to my podcast to further our discussion in astrology. We begin laying the field where astrology can help support and broaden imagination, something crucially missing from our current society. We discuss how astrology helps us respect longer cycles, and is an amazing tool for helping us to grow into who we are meant to be. When using astrology as a tool, consider this: What are your strengths? Where are your growing edges? Where can you do better? Before our break, I mention that Mars cycles 3 times around the sun in an Earth calendar year. I misspoke and intended to say Mercury. Please forgive the mistake. Quotables Fundamentalism is a lack of imagination. Recommended Resources Connect with Vanessa here: Her website Instagram Facebook Vanessa’s first episode with me Check out the book, Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs on Thriftbooks. For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit --- Support this podcast:
Introduction to Episode In this episode, I break down the Holiday Conversation Guide, which will help you more deeply connect with those people you care about, especially during the holidays. Podcast Episode Summary I created the Holiday Conversation Guide to help you have deep conversations with the people you care about. We have been a disservice to ourselves and our own healing journeys by not talking about things like religion, politics, sex, and money. So, let’s talk about them. If you’re listening to this, I want you to take ownership of holding a safe space for these conversations. In this episode, I break down my Holiday Conversation Guide and go over the four steps you can do to do just that - have safe conversations where you can truly connect with those you love. (NOTE: I originally intended this episode as a bonus and I changed my mind to have it a stand alone episode in my season.) Recommended Resources To leave a message, click on “listener support”. In addition to the option of financial support, you will see “leave a message.” I want to hear your messages! Check out Cheryl's episode. And, to recap on why sustainability, listen here. And, of course, my first podcast episode is here. For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit --- Support this podcast:
Introduction to Episode Jessica Hansen, the Systems Magician, joins me in this episode where we discuss mindfully mastering systems. We start our conversation with sustainability, and how COVID has forced us each to examine how we interact with the world. Podcast Episode Summary Jessica and I sat down only one month into COVID quarantine. It’s fascinating to reflect that we are still in much the same space as we were so many months ago. Many people have shifted how they acquire the things that make their homes run, and the first part of our conversation reflects that: we discuss sustainability. We discuss the trips we take out of the home. We reminisce on the Drive Less Save More Campaign and how relevant it is today. We discussed assessing what a family/household truly needs, as, at the time, many had to do without things they just got when shopping. The second half of our conversation is around one of Jessica’s specialities: creating systems. She has a lot to say about systems, and it boils down to this: systems are a mindfulness practice that help you run better. Oh, and of course, we discuss some of our favorite tools like essential oils and crystals. Quotables “Make sure [your systems] make sense. Some systems out there are so complicated that they don’t make sense for the average person.” “Are you overpaying?” Are you overbuying on something you’re not even using the functionality and you have three other ‘systems’ that are doing the same thing for you?” “Systems, in general, are nothing more than a … routine.” “[Systems are] a pattern you execute over and over.” “Don’t avoid the set-up.” “The system doesn’t have to be so rigid you can’t change it.” “What is my pattern?” “How can I be doing this better?” “What am I really trying to do?” Evaluate, restructure, create a system What am I really trying to do? What is my budget? What applications are out there? “If you are not a tech nerd, don’t try to be.” Recommended Resources Visit Jessica at her website Email Jessica Get her creative projects on her Etsy shop Buy her book, The Resilience Code Buy her book, Magnify Your Master Plan For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit --- Support this podcast:
Introduction to Episode In this episode, we are working to get out the vote with Emma Burke, who is running for Lake Oswego City Council. Emma comes back just before the election to discuss our 2020 election and her campaign and some of the things she wants for Lake Oswego. Podcast Episode Summary Emma and I spent a lot of time discussing the right to vote, how close women are to not being able to vote, and every time you add an intersection onto “women” the distance to when we can and could not vote becomes too close to recent memory. So, the primary focus of this episode is to exercise your right to a free and fair election: go vote. Secondarily, we discussed why you should vote for Emma Burke. I have interviewed her twice now, and her community spirit is immense. She loves her community, loves the not-oft-spoken about diversity in her community, and how people are truly better together. Lastly, we want you to share with your friends and family who live in Lake Oswego why you will be voting for Emma. Recommended Resources Find Emma on the Web Facebook: Twitter: @electemmaburke Instagram: @electemmaburke Website: Emma’s first episode: Naomi Eklund’s Episode: Absentee and Early Voting by Youth in the 2020 Election: The preamble to the US Constitution: Declaration of Independence: For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit --- Support this podcast:
Introduction to Episode Naomi Eklund was born with all her clairvoyant gifts available. She is a coach, mentor, trainer, and public speaker who manages Infinite Yes Coaching. In this episode, we weave the metaphysical with everyday life.  Podcast Episode Summary Naomi and I had a lovely discussion about metaphysics and our life here in this plane. We discussed all aspects of honoring metaphysical tools, living a life worth living by getting in touch with oneself, and when in organizations, different tools to support knowledge to better support the teams you lead. Quotables “A lot of people doing very practical and mundane work in systems created to create work for people to do this work that doesn’t enable the artist, that doesn’t enable the thinker.” “I am an entrepreneur… I believe in conscious capitalism.” “I do believe it’s really important to teach our children to be good citizens.” “Stress comes from … not having a clear picture of yourself.” Top 5 Tips for Getting to Know Yourself Every body has different needs. Understand what you really need. Don’t assume all the tools out there are right for you. Find things that are physically pleasurable that gives you a moment of pause. Recognize your thoughts, your beliefs are clothing you wear, and you don’t have to be attached to them. Know that whatever language that connects you to the divine is legitimate. Recommended Resources Building Bridges Through Personality, Book 1: Naomi on Facebook: Infinite Yes, Inc. on Facebook: Invite Yes, Inc. on the Web: Metaphysical Life Support on Facebook: For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit --- Support this podcast:
Introduction to Episode Jamie Young wants you to show up generously. And, she’ll teach you how using her magical strategy and swag. Podcast Episode Summary In this episode, my guest, Jamie Young, talks us through how swag found her as a tool business can use to show up generously - giving their potential clients something they need while engaging with them on a relational level. She shares how she learns to balance motherhood and business, and overall, her enormous love of teaching generosity. Quotables “Start simple.” “I want people to show up generously.” Recommended Resources The MOB Nation, Jamie Young Swag, For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit --- Support this podcast:
Introduction to Episode Mari Bartoo Jacobson is a woman coming into her own. In this episode, Mari and I discuss intuition, the divine feminine and masculine, and mindful ways to own all of who we are. Podcast Episode Summary Mari Bartoo Jacobson comes back in Season 2 to build on our season 1 conversation. Mari and I educate people on essential oils, and this passion is discussed throughout our conversation. We recorded our conversation in June 2020, during a Cancer New Moon. Our conversation tripped over intuitive use of oils, of life, of everything. We discussed the concept of merging the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine. We came up with Coriander as *the* oil you must use right now. Quotables On using essential oils: “You always smell so good. Natural. Not cloying. Without interfering with our hormones.” “I have the ability to blend scents and smells,” on using one’s intuition and stepping into empowerment. “I trust you to know yourself, and yourself isn’t static.” “[There is] something to be said for noticing." Recommended Resources Check out Mari on Instagram @essentialdropsoflight Listen to our Season 1 episode. Check out Caroline Casey’s book Making the Gods Work for You. For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit --- Support this podcast:
Introduction to Episode Colin Thompson has learned how to live a life by design. Hailing from double immigrants to creating a birthday ritual that leaves him energized for 364 days out of the year, he shares his story from coaching to diversity, and so much more. Podcast Episode Summary My guest today is Colin Thompson. Colin is a life coach who lives in China with his wife and young son. Colin discovered it was more effective to walk with people then motivate them one inspiring speech at a time. In this episode, he shares his journey as a son of double immigrants, where we can find inspiration, his lived experience of how various cultures have interacted with him, and his love/hate birthday ritual. Quotables “If you want to live a life of abundance, help more people live in abundance.” How to be an ally: Have difficult conversations with a person of color who you are close to. If you do not have a close friend who is also a person of color, that speaks volumes. Know your intent and slowly develop your relationship with that individual. Change only comes from those who are open to it. Show up genuine and with humbleness. Recommended Resources To learn more about Colin and get in touch with him, visit For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit --- Support this podcast:
Introduction to Episode Becky Jarvis, creator of Curvy Chic Closet, and I sat down and discussed Body Positivity. Becky has been working to make plus-sized clothing accessible to moms and other plus-sized individuals for over ten years. In this episode, we discuss her journey from just providing a sale to changing the world of body positivity. Podcast Episode Summary Becky Jarvis didn’t initially set out to make body positivity and inclusivity what she focuses on. She started with making affordable plus-sized clothing accessible. Her journey of building the largest plus-sized consignment event, located in the Pacific Northwest, opened up an amazing need for full-inclusivity and diversity in fashion. We discussed the disparities in how fashion is represented from magazines to brick and mortar stores, and lightly mentioned the silent disease of eating disorders. It was an absolute pleasure to hear Becky’s story of how she became a sort of accidental spokesperson for body positivity. The next Curvy Chick Closet event begins October 1, 2020. Quotables The plus-sized industry is a $21 billion industry. 67% of US women are sized 14+. Brick and mortar stores only stock 25% of their inventory with plus-sized clothing. “I never knew I could be beautiful and plus sized at the same time,” a fashion model to Becky. “Body positivity is accepting where I am at.” “Fat discrimination is there. It starts at an early age.” Recommended Resources Cobalt Studios Conscious Ink Facebook Page Curvy Chic Closet Curvy Chic Closet Foundation 2020 Fall Consignment Event (note, there are four dates)[%7B%22mechanism%22%3A%22surface%22%2C%22surface%22%3A%22permalink%22%7D]%2C%22ref_notif_type%22%3Anull%7D 2020 Fall Fashion Show For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit --- Support this podcast:
Introduction to Episode Did you ever consider that there is a shadow side to attraction? In this episode, Laura and I discuss what the law of attraction is, a brief history, and some cautionary tales of when it is time to look outside of the law for spiritual guidance. Podcast Episode Summary The Law of Attraction is used in a lot of empathic, coaching circles to boost the manifestation of those who ascribe to it. In this episode, we discuss the shadow side, and many other laws that are at play. An unfortunate part of the shadow side of misusing the law of attraction is when it is weaponized to make the person not, perhaps, manifesting “enough”, feel shame towards their actions or inactions. An unfortunate side affect is that the state of being unhappy has become unacceptable. Quotables “Being unhappy has become unacceptable.” Sometimes we need to remember, “Who’s really in charge.” “The energy you put in is the energy you get out.” “Be gentle with yourself and don’t use laws against your own laws and feelings.” Recommended Resources Laura’s first interview with me, The Vital Spirit, Instagram, @thethrivingempath Facebook, For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit --- Support this podcast:
Introduction to Episode I sat down with Danielle Bettmann, of Wholeheartedly, to discuss what it takes to parent, and as a byproduct of our times, what it takes to parent in COVID. She advocates for wholehearted parenting, a way where we look at our needs and then serve our kids. Podcast Episode Summary Danielle is rich with information, tips, strategies, and a great understanding of what kids and parents both need to be able live successful lives under normal pressure, and especially under global pandemic pressure. In this episode, we discuss her vision for a new world (where core needs for kids are met in their first 7 years), many (many) tips and things to look for in parenting, and a recognition that parenting is the hardest job in the world. Quotables “We don’t know what we don’t know until we know it.” “[I want to see a world where] we meet [the] core needs [of kids in their] first seven years.” (On discussing how our world could change.) “Every $1 invested in the first seven years of life, pays out seven times.” “Parenting is the hardest job in the world.” “If we are doing the hardest job in the world, we need all the training and preparation.” Recommended Resources Confessions of a Scary Mommy (The article I remembered specifically talked about the mom shaming before pregnancy and how humbling motherhood is. The author used a phrase to call her pre-pregnant self, Ms. Judgy Mc Judgy Pants.) Ross Greene, Collaborative and Proactive Solutions, is another lens of whole parenting and looking at the whole child. See his work at Lives in the Balance, Chrissy Marquadt, on Motherhood and more, Visit Danielle at For her gift on emotions, visit For her gift on affirmations, visit For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit --- Support this podcast:
Introduction to Episode Have you had a candid conversation recently? Do you have a safe space to go when you need to have those candid conversations? Shawanda Randolph is the director and founder of DeeCilla Center in Arizona, and she’s found holding space for candid conversations is a key to healing our world. DeeCilla, a small community based nonprofit, offers a sanctuary for people who are building a new life, leaving abuse. Their transitional program teaches participants how to stand and live, giving them the necessary tools to rebuild on solid ground. Podcast Episode Summary During this global pandemic, we know that it’s difficult for people who are suffering from abuse, they don’t have the breaks from the abuse they used to, and they might not have the space to call for help. In some ways, this global pandemic is showing us where we can offer support to the people we care about. Shawanda and I discussed signs of abuse, misconceptions of what abuse is and who it affects, and different ways we can work to build a more healed world. Signs for abuse Jealousy that leads to control Types of control Support for DeeCilla Volunteer Donate - $25/month goes a LONG way! DeeCilla is creating a place of refuge for people all over the country. Arizona is actually a spot where a lot of people move to, so it proves a little easier to blend in and start over in a safe space outside of the potential norms of abusive situations. Quotables “[You are] providing a place for healing for the moment.” “[Ask,] whats the one thing that’s keeping you from reaching your goal?” “Know yourself, be true to yourself before you build relationships with others.” Recommended Resources A One Year Reflection after the death of my sister, Cristi: Domestic Violence Awareness Project: The DeeCilla Comfort Center: For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit --- Support this podcast:
Introduction to Episode On the Rise Solutions is a testimony to how we Rise Up when adversity calls. In this interview, Michelle and Jessica discuss super powers, the importance of pivoting and reinventing yourself, and lessons learned when life throws you serious curveballs. Podcast Episode Summary In this episode, Jessica shares how she rebranded from the Superwoman Project to On the Rise Solutions. The conversation ebbs and flows through strategy, honoring the grieving process in change, and several clear strategic steps on how to rebrand, how to navigate change, and more. Quotables “I was meant to do work that was bigger.” Recommended Resources StrengthsFinder 2.0: Unlock your 34 strengths: When Jessica and I completed this interview in May 2020, her work was still focused on her coaching job. Since, as with many during this global pandemic, she has paused her coaching work and accepted a position, as Chief Communications Officer, for Days for Girls, an international nonprofit that truly focuses on lifting girls up. Learn more about Days for Girls here: For more information on the Summit Jessica’s podcast, the Imperfect Feminist: Learn more about Jessica’s work as On the Rise Solutions: For more information about Michelle, Balance Shared, events, and projects, please visit --- Support this podcast:
One of my first interviews of Season 1 was with Maree Bento, who has designed many tarot decks and oracle cards, tools for your own divination practice. We have a lovely conversation about art history, what paganism is not, and so much more. --- Support this podcast:
We revisit my January conversation with Theresa Pridemore. Theresa works her magick by helping those who teach and use the weird and the woo in their business to tell their stories. Those of us who align with the weird and the woo sometimes have different challenges than your typical business. Theresa digs into what she's found and some tips on how to manage.  --- Support this podcast:
Lety, another great mom who owns her own business, is in my circle of support. And, she too, said, "Yes," when I asked her to share her PR wisdom. Take a listen and find a top 3-5 tips for why and how you need PR for your work. --- Support this podcast:
Cheryl was the one who said, "You should do a podcast!" In that line of support, she graciously agreed to be my first interviewee. Cheryl has worked from home the last few years starting as a virtual assistant and morphing into an SEO specialist. She loves learning about the systems that support OUR businesses. Take a listen.  --- Support this podcast:
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