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Theme: The real reason why they push late term abortions; Democrats continue their unhinged tirade against the Dobbs decision: Warren and AOC insist on getting rid of the Court - or packing it; Hutchison testimony is a hearsay farce; Other deci
Theme: the consequences of Roe v. Wade and how it changed our culture – – sex, relationships, and marriage; Abortion decision fallout and calls for "rage": not what conservatives would do or have ever done with their causes; The left's outrage
Ranan R. Lurie (1932 - 2022), father extraordinaire. RIP. THEME: Christianity as synonymous with white nationalism? This is the new mantra you will be hearing soon; Will Joe run again in 2024? Kamala Harris has the answer to abortion debate; Fe
Guest Host Mark Isler; Tribute to the life of Ranan Lurie; The Uvalde shooting and the police response; CA election results--Chesa Boudin recalled. Is Gascon next?; Liz Cheney is destroying her families legacy; Are we living in a Banana Republi
Theme: The Left only sees the last effect, never anything before; "Top Gun" as a great example of how the public rejects wokeism; concerns about the impending recession; Ukraine concerns; the impact of the Johnny Depp case; Barak gives his take
Theme: Godlessness everywhere in the Uvalde, TX massacre; The left always has only one solution to social issues--and there is no deviating from it; Recent primaries in GA show that the famous "Jim Crow" changes actually dramatically increased
Theme: Christians need to fight back--with history and other facts; Buffalo shooter narrative doesn't quite go the way Dems imagined; The new 'replacement theory' because Dems have nothing else; Title 42 remains in place--due to one judge, whil
Further Roe v wade fallout; COVID payment fraud and diversions; “Ultra MAGA!”; Baby Formula Crisis—not a good look for Biden See omnystudio.com/listener for privacy information.
Theme: The leaked opinion overturning Roe v. Wade; The ironies of the arguments against the conservative pro-life position; What if each pregnant woman had a window into her womb? Would there be as many abortions?; Barak exposes the lie of the
Theme: Just how many of the wokesters are out there? Could it be just a few who have created our national tizzy?; DHS creates 'Disinformation Governance Board. They can't even hear themselves, can they?; Recession looming, but Biden somehow see
Theme: Russia and Ukraine - the utter horror of what we're seeing and the central power of God; Federal judge ends mask mandate; Title 42; Gavin Newsom gives up on the vaccine mandate... but not so fast; Crazy Rhode Island Democrats try to doub
Theme: will believers in God become pariahs in the future? Barak explores; hypocrisy with the subway shooter in New York; BLM hypocrisy – – anybody who questions the strange Malibu purchase is himself a racist; Biden claims the “Putin inflation
Theme: NPR presents a program 'in defense of looting'--do you really think it'll just be about looting? Why not murder or infanticide?; Speaking of which, AB223 now seeks to legalize infanticide. I wonder what the atheist thinks about that?; Th
Theme: The transgender battle is the central battle, not a fringe issue; Disney operates out of fear; Ukraine pushing back against Russia; Biden doesn't seem to remember his own gaffes; Hunter Biden laptop story begins to metastasize against th
Theme: Our social ills come from very small changes, decades ago; Ketanji Brown Jackson gives bizarre answers and can't define 'woman'; Trump lawsuit against Clinton and others; Biden goes off the rails in speech to American soldiers in Poland;
Theme: When you don't recognize evil, you treat evil people as gods; NYT confirms Hunter Biden story; Biden's inability to deal with Ukraine; The brave producer protesting the war on national Russian TV; America hopes Russians will negotiate on
Theme: The Asch Conformity Experiment and how it applies today to so many of our social issues; Kamala appears to laugh at Ukrainian refugee situation; Biden laughs at the idea that inflation comes from all his spending; Barak does NOT think th
Theme: Ukraine, part deux--How might this play out? Barak says Putin has no choice at this point but to go full savage; Sanctions against Putin seem to be backfiring; Biden at the SOTU--suddenly he's about America and unifying after all the squ
Theme: Putin's moves are all about power and glory for himself; What are you willing to die for? Zalensky knows; Germany and America now start military aid--a little late?; Russia puts nuclear facilities on high-alert; Dems will claim that sanc
Theme: We must use strong language against Godlessness; Oh, Canada! What are you doing?; Royal Canadian Mounted Police go wild on protesters--has to compel tow truck drivers to do their work; Hillary Clinton reacts wildly to Durham report--blam
Theme: Is there any ailment in society or our personal lives that can't be rectified by adding God?; Biden popularity plummets, and he doesn't seem to know why; Inflation and crime soar to record levels--and Biden doesn't seem to know why; Russ
Theme: The way we deal with China reveals the necessity to fight evil; Whoopie Goldberg hoisted by her own petard; Jeff Zucker and the boys at CNN need chastity belts; Garcetti claims he 'didn't exhale'; Trudeau tries to divert all the attentio
Theme: The deadliness of worry--and how to fight it; Biden touting how great his year has been--just don't look around you; Dems all running away from Biden; Biden helpless to respond to Russian threat against Ukraine; The world is abandoning v
Mr. Covid visits the Lurie houshold; Theme: They are trying to divide us; Attack on synagogue in TX; Voting rights bill gets shut down--But I thought the previous election was the cleanest in history?; Gavin Newsom doesn't understand 'what the
Atheism Destroys-- we'll all be talking about Godlessness soon enough; Theme: Rely on the 'experts...' except experts on the economy; Economy collapsing and the Biden admin doesn't change anything; Kamala Harris goes off the rails--she just doe
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