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Relationship Talk With Dr Laurie Betito - August 22, 2016

Released Monday, 22nd August 2016
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RELATIONSHIP TALK with Dr. Laurie Betito, psychologist with a specialty in sexuality and the host of Passion, every weeknight at 10pm. She is also the author the The Sex Bible for People Over 50”

Your good friend breaks up with their significant other --whether messy or not-- should you keep their ex on your social media:

What should you do if you are having trouble compromising in your relationship? How can you approach your partner if you feel like you are the one who is always compromising? Are there some things that you should never compromise on in a relationship?

New research finds that if you don’t feel valued in your relationship that your sleep can suffer. The study finds that if you don’t feel that your partner understands and values you --you will have difficulty getting restorative sleep (high-quality, uninterrupted sleep). Restorative sleep requires feelings of safety, security, protection and absence of threats. For humans, the strongest source of feelings of safety and security is responsive social partners.

Do couples who drink together have longer marriages? Researchers found that couples who drink together stay together longer than couples where only one partner drinks. But couples were just as easy to fair well if both of them didn’t drink.

Can gendered roles hurt your relationship? New research finds finds that male breadwinners tend to be less healthy and face more psychological problems than women who bring home the bacon. The study looked at straight married couples: When women earned more money than their spouses, their psychological well-being improved, but when men were the sole source of income, their physical and psychological health declined in comparison to the years when finances were distributed more equally. The difference is attributed to rigid cultural expectations. How can you ensure that both people in your couple are happy and secure with money in the couple?