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What's working well for you right now to generate leads for your business? I'll share my answer in this episode (6:20) and a funny story of something that's not working well for someone :) But I want to know what lead generation efforts are wor
My interview with The Small Business Doctor Ed Drozda. You can connect with Ed at TheSmallBusinessDoctor.com
What 3 words would you use to describe your business today. Are they the 3 words you’d like? Are they the 3 words you would have chosen when you started your business? Either way, the first step is to at least identify where you are now. Then y
In this episode, I'm going to tell you how your business is like a sail boat and you're the wind. But don't worry, I'll try not to take the metaphor overboard. If getting everything lined up in your business interests you, email me at [email protected]
In my own experience and in working with many business owners, I find that the most difficult fights to win are the fights we have against ourselves. Whether it's trying to overcome laziness and procrastination, to do better in sales and leader
The first step in solving a problem is identifying there is one. Could you be procrastinating and not even know it? Procrastination is avoiding doing what needs to be done. As a business owner, that means avoiding the actions that are actually
Problem solving is a critically important business skill. But what's happening if you're a problem solver who can't solve the problem of how to make your business grow? If you're a problem solver trying to unravel the challenge of getting the r
Often when I talk to a business owner who feels like they aren't getting as much of what they want as they'd like, they tell me about all the things they should or need to be doing to get there. So if you know that, why isn't it working? If you
Early in my computer programming career, which I’m thrilled to be past now, I had an employer tell me, “Your time is worth what someone is willing to pay for it.” Ultimately he was correct, but we both had very different interpretations of his
It's hard to feel confident and good about yourself if you know you aren't taking care of yourself. So this is just a quick reminder to allow yourself to rejuvenate and feel good about yourself today. Maybe catch up on some self-care. have a gr
Every skill you need to build your business - sales, leadership, problem solving, networking - improves with confidence. Confidence attracts and inspires others in sales and leadership situations. Confidence enables you to feel more empowered a
Your experience is determined by your perspective and the meaning you assign. If you want to change your experiences, change your perspective and beliefs. If you enjoyed this message, please consider sharing on Facebook or Twitter. If improving
I'm sure every small business owner has been told that the number one reason small businesses fail is lack of revenue. That probably comes as no surprise, but if you understand that revenue is a symptom and not a cause then you probably are sti
One of my more popular episodes recently was How to Figure Out What You Really Want. As a result of that message I connected with a guy who has experiencing sales reluctance. We had a great phone call to work on that issue and in follow up he a
As creatures of habit, it's fairly common that we run into the same situations and roadblocks over and over in our businesses. So if you're one to start projects and never launch, get hung up and move on to something else, or never even start o
Our ability to learn, make connections, and find meaning in the world are our greatest strengths. If you've been hurt, what you learned may be holding you back. But, how do you let it go? If you enjoyed this message, please download my free 20-
Just like with our physical bodies, our natural state is to be healthy and strong, most of us are born with the intellectual and emotional abilities necessary for happiness and success. So why does it sometimes feel like a struggle? If you're l
Most people would agree that you can't find true love without risking heartbreak. Yet all the time I talk to business owners who want success without risking failure. Is that even possible? Or could it be what's holding you back? If this sounds
How you handle disappointment and success will largely determine your experience. You can count on both in your life, but can you accept that? If you enjoyed this message, please visit bebuildhave.com/meditate to download my 20-minute free guid
I found early in my journey that the same struggles I was having with my sales and building my business were also affecting me in all my other relationships, including as a husband and a father, and were contributing to my struggle with anxiety
I occasionally talk to a business owner who expresses that they aren't afraid to work hard, but they need a drill instructor - someone to tell them what to do, hold their feet to the fire, and hold them accountable. I understand why that sounds
If you've ever taken a look at your client list, you've probably noticed that about 20% of your clients contribute around 80% of your revenue. And further, that about 20% of your clients consume about 80% of your time and resources. Where those
This episode is based on a comment I made on Reddit this week that got a lot of attention and feedback from other users. Knowing that I touched on a topic that would be important to you too, I decided to address it here on the show. If you enjo
Just taking a moment on this Saturday morning to say thanks for all your support and I hope you're having a great weekend! Best wishes,Mike
Most business owners recognize that happiness, success, and confidence are qualities that are attractive and help you to be more effective in networking, sales, and leadership. So, it's a reasonable question to ask, "How can I appear more confi
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