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I am in the hot seat today! I was on the top-rated Food Heals Podcast with Allison Melody about a year ago. I loved being on this show SO much. She is a friend and mentor, so please check her out!About Allison:Being hailed as “Sex and the City for Food,” The Food Heals Podcast brings together experts in the field of nutrition, health and healing to teach you the best-kept natural secrets to being a hotter, healthier, happier YOU!The Food Heals Podcast is hosted by Allison Melody with guest co-hosts like Suzy Hardy, Leslie Durso, Whitney Lauritsen, Sophie Uliano and more – all self-proclaimed natural chicks who will rock your world and change your beliefs about health! This sexy, savvy show provides eco-friendly advice on a variety of issues including the healing power of nutrition, living authentically, turning your passion into your career, choosing the best natural health and beauty products, the benefits of a plant-based diet and so much more!Allison Melody is an eco-entrepreneur with a passion for film, fitness and food. As a Podcast Host, Film Producer, Author & International Speaker, Allison’s mission is to inspire people to the body’s incredible ability to heal itself when given the tools it needs to do so. Allison is Host of The Food Heals Podcast. Being hailed as “Sex and the City for Food,” Food Heals brings together experts in the field of nutrition, health and healing to teach you the best-kept natural secrets to being a hotter, healthier, happier YOU!As a filmmaker for the past fifteen years, Allison has directed and produced documentary films, PSA’s, commercials and music videos on the topics of social justice, human rights and public health. In 2019, her documentary Powered By Plants debuted at The French Riviera Fest in Cannes, France.Additionally, Allison consults with small businesses and brands to help successful wellness entrepreneurs build wellness empires and create more impact, influence, and income in their business.Support the show (
In today's episode, we speak with Virtual Pageant CEO, Victoria George-Veale. She will tell us how pageantry and competing has changed in the past year and how she has been successful in the virtual world. To get more information or to enter the pageant, contact Victoria at:regalworldpageantry@yahoo.comFollow her:Facebook Instagramand Follow Victoria and her personal journey here: InstagramThanks for your support!Support the show (
Thank you for listening to my show! 2020 is almost over (thank GOD!) and 2021 is on the horizon.Take this time to reflect on the past year and what you have learned and what you are grateful for.I am grateful for the lessons learned, my friends, family, job, and YOU. Don't forget to check out a new Season and new episodes on Beauty Call Podcast, as we are returning to our original format of all things BEAUTY. I am dedicating one episode per month to Pageantry, and focusing on beauty, inside and out. Happy New Year!FB and Insta @janicemqueenwardwww.janicemcqueen.comLove you all!Support the show (
Dreisa Sherrill is a Pageant Consultant and Wardrobe Stylist at Foxy Lady. For over 40 years she has participated in almost every aspect of pageantry; she has been a judge, emcee, entertainer, choreographer, director titleholder, and former President of the Carolina Dogwood Festival. Dreisa is a graduate of Catawba College with a BA in Chemistry and Commerce, and a Masters Degree in Educational Administration from ASU. She is a retired school administrator with the Iredell-Statesville schools and now the Assistant Manager at Foxy Lady - THE Pageant Store for all things pageant!Dreisa shares her recipe for joy and happiness. Reach out to Dreisa:FacebookSenior World PageantsInstagramSupport the show (
Whether you are applying for a job or the job of being a titleholder, you need to understand branding. Who are you? How are you perceived? What is your passion and cause? What is your online footprint? On today's show, you will learn:How to have a digital greeting card and presence AND do it the right way. How to find 5 evergreen things to talk about online.What is the NUMBER ONE mistake on social media?Jill Cook is the owner of Jill Cook Marketing and PR. An alumna of Arizona State University, she earned a bachelor of interdisciplinary studies in political science and mass communication. Cook cut her teeth as a digital marketer by developing Miss California (MAO’s) inaugural social media strategy, supporting donors such as the American Pistachio Growers, Circle Automotive, and the City of Fresno. From there, she co-developed training for local directors and contestants to best showcase their local programs and titleholder reigns via the use of social media. Today, she’s the director of marketing for Casting Crowns Productions, producer of the Miss Arizona USA and Miss Arizona Teen USA  pageant.Throughout her career, Cook has used her experience in journalism to develop effective social media campaigns resulting in increased lead generation, higher client satisfaction and deeper brand affinity. When she’s not using her skillset in the pageant industry, she serves a wide variety of clients including businesses in the restaurant and consumer products spaces.Reach out to Jill to help create your online presence. www.IamJillCook.comOn all social media platforms @IamJillCookQueendom - .99 until January 27th, 2021 Support the show (
Have you ever wondered how to get in your best shape ever?! Or struggled with weight and health during COVID times. I have the answer for you with our guest, JJ.  She will be included in my new book launch, Queendom, as she understands fitness, health and getting ready for e special event...with confidence!JJ Flizanes is an Empowerment Strategist and the Host of several podcasts including the People’s Choice Awards nominee "Spirit, Purpose & Energy".  She is the Director of Invisible Fitness, a best-selling author of "Fit 2 Love: How to Get Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually Fit to Attract the Love of Your Life", and "The Invisible Fitness Formula: 5 Secrets to Release Weight and End Body Shame". Named Best Personal Trainer in Los Angeles for 2007 by Elite Traveler Magazine, JJ has been featured in many national magazines, including Shape, Fitness, and Women’s Health as well as appeared on NBC, CBS, Fox, the CW, and KTLA. Grab a free copy of the Invisible Fitness Formula at lives in California, but coaches internationally. Sign up for your health today, wth JJ: the show (
Tell a pageant girl she can't, and she WILL. Dr. Corrine took a dare and went on to be a 5'3" dynamo and Pageant LEGEND. Today will learn tips and tricks in balancing being a career gal and an International MS!Check out this great 2nd interview with Corinne! It is always great to talk with her. Connect with Corinne @drcorinnedevin on Facebook and InstagramSupport the show (
As healthcare continues to evolve, the role that functional medicine plays is increasingly important. Individuals are feeling empowered to take a more active role in their own health and health coaches are a rapidly growing segment of the industry.What is Functional Medicine?Functional Medicine determines how and why illness occurs and restores health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual. It is an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach that requires a detailed understanding of each patient’s genetic, biochemical, and lifestyle factors and leverages that data to direct personalized treatment plans that lead to improved patient outcomes.Today I speak with Dr. Sandra and we will learn about mind-body health. Dr. Sandra Scheinbaum is passionate about transforming healthcare by training health coaches to help people become CEOs of their own health. She spent nearly five decades making healthcare and education more holistic and innovative. With a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, Sandi specialized in positive psychology, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mind-body medicine, and served as a teacher and the director of a clinic for Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD). She is a pioneer in her fields, having implemented programs such as the use of neurofeedback with patients and becoming the first-ever psychologist to earn certification through The Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM).Dr. Scheinbaum founded the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy in collaboration with The Institute for Functional Medicine. A clinical psychologist for over 35 years, she is an expert in positive psychology and mind-body medicine, and the author of Functional Medicine Coaching, Stop Panic Attacks in 10 Easy Steps, and How to Give Clients the Skills to Stop Panic Attacks.Connect with Dr. Sandra: FMCA WebsiteInstagram -  @functionalmedcoachFacebook -  functionalmedicinecoachingacademyI believe that Functional Medicine coaches are uniquely suited to help people take charge of their health. My mission is to transform healthcare, and through the power of coaches working alongside doctors, we can create a culture of wellness.                   –  Dr. Sandra ScheinbaumSupport the show (
You have signed up for your next what? You HAVE to get organized before you do anything else...well that and hire a pageant coach (me!). Kris McPeak is the genius behind organization and planning. Her tips and tricks will help YOU get ready for the next big event in your life. About Kris:Kris McPeak is an author, educator, and podcaster who has spent 25 years working in higher education.  By day she works in the development office of a community college; and on the side, she hosts the Elevate Your 8 Podcast, runs a US Masters Swim Team with her hubby, and coaches professional women seeking their dream job or more advanced job satisfaction.  When she's not working, podcasting, or running the team, Kris enjoys swimming (she's a mad breaststroker), knitting, and binge-watching dark TV shows.  Kris lives in Los Angeles with her hubby Charles and furry-baby Duke.Check out Kris, as she has a great website and can help you with your resume, job satisfaction and more! Her books and podcast are linked to her website, and I highly recommend her advice! She also has a new book out! Check out how to reach Kris, here:The 9 to 5 Side Hustlerwww.krismcpeak.comElevate Your 8 on AMAZONInstagram - @KrismaspeakSupport the show (
Josh Rogers, is a celebrity trainer and owner of Results Fitness. Rogers holds a BS in Exercise Science from Western Kentucky University and his personal training and group fitness certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Josh also holds the prestigious Advanced Cancer Exercise Specialist certification through the Cancer Exercise Training Institute. He has been voted “Best Personal Trainer” by the Nashville Scene five consecutive times. Results Fitness has also been voted “Best Local Gym” by the Nashville Scene five times as well. His clientele includes Victoria Secret Super Model, Sofie Rovenstine; Olympic Gymnast Gold Medalist, Shawn Johnson; Todd, and Savanna Chrisley of the hit reality show, “Chrisley Knows Best”; and many other celebrities and well-known personalities. He is a regular TV personality on WSMV’s “Today in Nashville” and can also be seen on the hit talk show “Pickler & Ben” discussing all things fitness.  Rogers launched his own workout app, WAAM, in January of 2020. Josh co-owns “The CoolSpot Cryotherapy,” an active recovery center in Nashville featuring Whole Body Cryotherapy. Rogers has been featured on the Travel Channel, The Zone, CMT, VH-1, & MTV. He also has an extensive modeling background, which includes print work, commercials, music videos, and hosting gigs. He serves on the advisory board of Survivor Fitness, KIPP Nashville, the Oasis Center, & volunteers as a Big Brother at Buena Vista Elementary School. How to work with Josh:www.coolspotcryo.comwww.resultsfitness.mewww.joshrogersfitness.comWAAM Support the show (
Austin Ryde is a very well know HMU Artist and Photographer, who made his mark in the Pageant and TV world. He is a self-made man and professional, having worked in the beauty industry since he was 17 years old! He is very knowledgeable, well-known, andaccomplished, having worked with Miss USA, Miss America, Mrs. America, Mrs. United States, National American Miss, and so many more industry leaders in the Pageant World. He has worked in TV and Film, and is also a gifted host and emcee. What will you learn in this episode:Austin's favorite beauty products! Foundation, brushes, concealers, and more!!! Listen to find out!What is Austin's TRUE passion?What is the real look that helps girls look their best and WIN at pageantry.How he balances it all while living in LA and traveling the world.How to reach Austin: to book with Austin:Austinryde@live.comCheck out Austin's new Podcast:Get Real with Austin RydeSupport the show (
About Veronica:Veronica is a digital marketing consultant, solo-traveler, and creative professional who believes in living big and laughing often. I specialize in assisting entrepreneurs with digital marketing strategies to help build a clean and effective online presence. After graduating with a BBA in Marketing from the University of Houston and 2 years in the oil industry, I felt something was missing; it was an adventure. A 3-week trip to Spain turned into almost 3 years abroad. The adventure wasn’t just plane rides and books on the beach, it was meeting new entrepreneurial women friends and reconnecting with pageant sisters (I was Miss Teen United America 2009) that were looking to make their mark in the world. All these women had two things in common 1: they needed help with “that social media stuff” and 2: they trusted me with their passwords. For the past 3 years, I have researched and learned the ins and outs of social media and the best practices to build a brand online. I was featured in a Women in Business spotlight for Eclectic Shades Magazine out of Austin, Texas to share my expertise with social media and small businesses. Even with all that I’ve learned, I struggle with imposter syndrome and always think there is someone who knows more and sometimes cringe when I call myself a “social media expert” but the truth is I am a Digital Marketing Consultant, Social Media Expert, and Public Speaker. Pageant life came full circle Thanksgiving 2018 when I was planning a trip to Sicily to visit my college friend and I had a message from Dr. Corinne Devin, a pageant sister who was stationed in Italy. I told her I was headed her way and invited her to our Thanksgiving dinner to find out she was only 15 minutes away! 9 years later we picked up where we left off and I started working with her and the International Ms. Pageant to support their social media initiatives.   When I am not managing social media accounts, creating content, or learning new digital marketing strategies, I take a break from the screens and go bike riding or crochet a new blanket. I am currently in Montgomery, Texas having coffee with my mom and taking my nephews for ice cream. I look forward to traveling abroad again but excited to explore the great state of Texas in search of beautiful sunsets and good food!I am finding my place in the world working alongside strong women to help build their online presence, providing someone they can trust as a sounding board for their ideas and join them on their adventure. How to reach Veronica:To schedule a consultation visit www.veronicaolivarez.comConnect on LinkedIn: on Instagram: @vero_olivarezSupport the show (
Wendi Russo, aka The Queen Maker, is Nationally Recognized & nominated for top 10 Best Pageant Coaches by Pageant Planet for creating state & Nat'l winners for all ages- NAM, Co-Ed, USA Nat'l Miss, Miss America, Miss USA, Mrs systems- Wendi gives you the competitive edge!Learn how to "sell yourself" to the judges in 4 minutes! No fluff here! Wendi tells it like it is and you can learn how to interview like a pro!Visit:@wendirusso on social mediawww.WendiRussoTV.comSupport the show (
Cyrus is the CEO of Cosmic King Productions, Inc., and has worked as an individual pageant instructor for the past fifteen years for his business Gowns and Crowns (, a pageant preparation studio he owns and operates.Gowns and Crowns specialize in the TOTAL PACKAGE! Cy and the Gowns and Crowns Team can assist a client in all areas of preparation from the interview, on-stage speaking skills, proper walking techniques for swimsuit and evening gown, stage modeling routines, over-all stage presence; wardrobe selection, physical fitness, talent presentation, and make-up artistry, social media presence to platforms and community service.Understanding you can't buy confidence, but you can build it Cy teaches individual classes giving each client the freedom and privacy to discover their own individuality through pageantry. Cy feels individual attention is a necessity for young women to recognize weaknesses and learn to showcase their best qualities and attributes.With 35 years of pageant experience under his belt and over 3000 Crowns to his Credit (including Miss Galaxy, Mrs. Galaxy, International Junior Miss Pre-Teen, Miss High School America, Miss Teen USA, Mrs. United States, America’s Perfect Teen, Miss Teen United States, Ms. United States, American’s National Teenager, Miss Junior Black America, Miss Earth, Miss Teen World, Miss Teen Earth-Fire, Miss High School America, Miss Collegiate America, Miss USA National Miss Preteen, Miss USA Ambassador Preteen, just to name a few) Cyrus has spent over a quarter of a century preparing young women for the pageant stage.     Being recognized as an expert in the industry-led Cyrus to Star in his own Reality show THE KING OF THE CROWN for TLC (currently airing on His brush with fame has lead to many other appearances as a guest on many shows such as Lifetime’s The Week the Women Went (2012), The Real Housewives of Atlanta (2013), MTV”s Super Sweet Sixteen, Daytime with Anderson Cooper, The Debra Kennedy Show, Celebrity Interview with TV GUIDE, Popwatch with Entertainment Weekly.COM, People Magazine TV, The Queen Makers by Charleston City Paper, three-time Cover and story for Supermodels Unlimited, and a Feature in the New York Dailey News. Cy is active in the community serving on many charitable organizations such as the Festival of Trees to benefit the Children's Hospital (Festival 17 years and Chair/3 years); Co-Chair for The S. C. Fur Ball to benefit Project Pet (Chair/2 years); The Animal Mission Board under the direction of Sony from Hootie and the Blowfish; The First Ladies Walk....Steps Against Breast Cancer; a Columbia City Ballet Board Member under the Artistic Direction of world-famous dancer and choreographer, William Starrett. Cy is the recipient of the Key to the City of Columbia by the honorable Mayor Bob Coble in recognition of his charity work, voted a 2002 Hero for Children by Governor Jim Hodges. Cy has been inducted into the Lugoff-Elgin High School Hall of Fame for his outstanding contributions to his high school alma mater.Aside from helping young women achieve their best through pageant instruction, highlights of his career include: working with the stars of the daytime drama, Days of Our Lives, during numerous South Carolina appearances; co-authoring the book, It's a Soap Opera Life; starring in a variety show with film and television star Morgan Fairchild to benefit Aids research and directing Kimberly Aiken's (Miss America 1993) celebrity wedding of the year in 1998.Support the show (
MS. UNITED STATES - 2019 Amanda Smith is a survivor. Join us as she shares her journey.A passionate leader and role model in her local community, Amanda dedicates herself to improving health and nutrition awareness in Hawaii and beyond. She is devoted to sharing her vision of sustainable, healthy cooking practices with kids and families through school programs, private cooking lessons, social media, public speaking events, television, radio, and podcast appearances.Amanda’s natural charisma, poise under pressure, the strength of character, and belief in herself and her Menehune Chef program recently led to her being selected to the prestigious Ms. United States – 2019 title. This tremendous honor is providing her a larger platform to be able to share her passion on a global scale, and expand the number of families that she is able to help through Menehune Chef.Amanda discovered her love for food and interest in nutrition at a very young age, quickly developing a skill set in cooking and recipe-writing that would provide the foundation for success as an entrepreneur in the field of her passion. Amanda added a degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Hawai’i to provide the remaining skills necessary to create, develop, facilitate, and enhance a first-rate culinary and nutrition education program.Amanda continuously strives to improve and expand on the Menehune Chef program curriculum, staying current on health issues, and expanding into areas such as life-skills after identifying a need in her students. The Menehune Chef team was designed to be able to scale globally, and educate local communities all over the world on how to best find and utilize locally-sourced food, enjoy shared values of family connection, and expand youth engagement. Amanda is the proud mother of two beautiful children and currently resides in HI. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering at various charitable events around the islands, as well as hiking, snorkeling, and surfing.How to find Amanda:https://www.menehunechef.orgSupport the show (
Cassandra Wallace was born and raised in Washington State. Born into a family that put a priority on volunteering and giving back at an early age Cassandra began actively looking for ways to help others and give back. When she was 13, she went on her first trip overseas to Africa to spend her summer volunteering in a remote village in West Africa. Over the course of her junior high and high school, she spent every summer over in Africa helping with food distribution, clothes distribution, building playgrounds, playing with kids, and serving in soup kitchens in The Gambia, Senegal, Morocco, Uganda, and South Africa.After graduating from DeVry University with a bachelor’s degree in business management Cassandra began working in the accounting field. She currently owns her own tax practice and is a tax accountant with the Enrolled Agent designation, she enjoys strategizing to find ways for people to save more money on their taxes. An Enrolled Agent is a person who has earned the privilege of representingtaxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. Enrolled Agent status is the highest credential the IRS awards.She is married and has three children, a 7-year-old son and 5-year-old twin boys.  After taking a break from volunteering after having children Cassandra felt the drive and desire to do more and give back.Wanting to find local ways to be more involved in her community and sharing her passion for volunteering and helping her community she became involved in pageantry.  After receiving the title of Mrs. Poulsbo and representing the town she currently lives in and graduated from high school from. Cassandra’s platform is Fishline a local food bank in Poulsbo that operates a grocery store-style food bank, along with packed lunches for school-age kids, emergency housing, and even has an onsite garden community member can volunteer to grow items to be donated to the food bank. Using her title as Mrs. Poulsbo, Cassandra has traveled all over Washington State volunteering at Seattle Children’s Hospital, fundraising for the Victoria Siegel Foundation, and many other charities. She went on to earn the titles of Mrs. Washington, Ms. World America, and Ms. World International Mrs. Pageant Planet Best of Fitness 6th for all Ms./Mrs. Pageants worldwide for 2019.During her reign as Ms. World America and Ms. World International Mrs. she has been on the planning committee for the Boys and Girls Club of NK planning for their annual fundraising gala, bell ringing for the Salvation Army, volunteering at Fishline’s annual fundraising Gala, attended and supported fundraising events for the Washington Special Olympics, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, volunteering at local elementary school reading to kids, and many other fundraisers. Cassandra is also the U.S. Ambassador for the National Youth Football League of Haiti, which enables impoverished children ages 6 to 18 to play football at no cost to them. As an ambassador, Cassandra helps to recruit sponsors, while promoting continued education and the benefits of playing sports.  This year is the first year that enough girls have been sponsored to play in the league. Of the 1,800 league participants, only 8% are girls. She hopes to take her platform farther and look for more ways to get people in her community involved in giving back and finding ways they can help make their little patch of the world a better place.  One person can volunteer and make a big difference, but if you can motivate and encourage others to join in you magnify your impact. How to reach Cassandra:Facebook: Cassandra Wallace Instagram: @cassandra.bannon.wallaceSupport the show (
Regenerative your beauty and health with Dr. Tess!Dr. Tess Mauricio is known worldwide as “America’s Favorite Dermatologist.” She is the TV’s go-to health expert, has made regular network appearances on NBC’s California Live, The Dr. Oz Show, The Talk, The Real, Dr. Phil, The Rachael Ray Show, Fox News, and The Doctors. She is also the founder of M Beauty Clinic in San Diego and Beverly Hills, and today, she has made her life passion to promote the importance of health inside and out.  On the podcast, Dr. Tess could talk about how on the newest and most technologically-advanced ways to take off the years. How to reach Dr. Tess:M Beauty ClinicPodcastRadio ShowSupport the show (
Learn how to heal from your past and say YES to wellness!Dawnel DeRubeis is no stranger to the pageant world, having started her career at the young age of 14.  She has held titles from the first-ever Miss Teen Santa Clarita Valley to Mrs. California and first runner up at Mrs. US Universal just a few years ago.  Throughout her pageant career, Dawnel feels so honored to have been given the opportunity to volunteer thousands of hours with various organizations including the Michael Hoefflin Foundation, Domestic Violence centers, 2020Mom, and many others.  She also credits her experience in the pageant world with lighting her fire for motivational speaking and that love extends into what she does today.  She has also aligned herself as a volunteer with an organization that speaks to her own story and has given her the chance to become a volunteer educator working with junior highs and high schools.  Dawnel believes the stigma will be shattered and true change in the number of lives lost to suicide will come with more and more people becoming educated and understanding the connection between mental wellness and suicide.  She often says, "there is no shame in my game" and she wants to guide people to a place where they can embrace who they are, what their story was, but to know that they can be so much more than what their story says. She is also the chair for the Out of the Darkness Campus Walk that takes place in Valencia each year.  The walk will be in the 3rd year in 2021 and she is proud to say the first two years not only met but exceeded the fundraising goals set by the national office.  Today, Dawnel is a certified health and life coach with an emphasis on mindset and mental wellness.  She says that her heart and life purpose is to help others create a life where they are thriving and truly living in their most authentic self.  Becoming certified was a natural step in her own healing journey after spending many years exploring ways to build her own wellness toolkit.  Her toolkit as she lovingly names it, helps her live with depression and anxiety in a healthy way.  In a way that brings clarity, a sense of calm, and a true sense of what being happy can be.  The newest tool she has added also brought her to become a wellness partner with a company that offers all-natural/holistic solutions for people that want to live their best life.  To be better than just good.  Dawnel is also proud of the wine business she is building alongside her husband of 17 years, continues to support and run the business side of her husband's art career, all why being Mom to two amazing kids.  Her daughter is going to be entering high school and is all things creative staying busy with singing, acting, piano, and of course friends.  Her son who is 10 is as most kids, loving the time with video games now that school is out for summer but also enjoys building his drum skills along with a few other instruments he is exploring. You can say the DeRubeis house is full of creative people! As a family, they enjoy traveling and creating new experiences and memories together.  How to reach Dawnel:Facebook: @DawnelDerubeisInstagram: @queenderubeisdk@derubeisfineart.comSupport the show (
I love you all and will be taking a hiatus for awhile. Meanwhile, please listen to my previous episodes, and continue to reach out if interested in coaching with me or being on my show. You are beautiful....inside and out. xoxoJaniceFacebook and IG: @janicemcqueenwardBooking inquiries: BeautyCallPodcast@gmail.comCoaching inquires: MrsUnitedStates1999@gmail.comSupport the show (
Amanda SmithMs. United States Amanda dedicates herself to improving health and nutrition awareness in Hawaii and beyond. She is devoted to sharing her vision of sustainable, healthy cooking practices with kids and families through school programs, private cooking lessons, social media, public speaking events, television, radio, and podcast appearances.Amanda’s natural charisma, poise under pressure, strength of character, and belief in herself and her Menehune Chef (little chef) program recently led to her being selected to the prestigious Ms. United States title. This tremendous honor is providing her a larger platform to be able to share her passion on a global scale, and expand the number of families that she is able to help through Menehune Chef.Amanda discovered her love for food and interest in nutrition at a very young age, quickly developing a skill set in cooking and recipe-writing that would provide the foundation for success as an entrepreneur in the field of her passion. Amanda added a degree in Early Childhood Education from the University of Hawai’i to provide the remaining skills necessary to create, develop, facilitate, and enhance a first-rate culinary and nutrition education programs. Amanda continuously expands the Menehune Chef program curriculum, staying current on health issues and expanding into areas such as life-skills after identifying a need in her students.The Menehune Chef team was designed to be able to scale globally, and educate local communities all over the world on how to best find and utilize locally-sourced food, enjoy shared values of family connection, and expand youth engagement. Amanda is the proud mother of two beautiful children, and currently resides in HI. Reach out to Amanda on social media:https://www.menehunechef.orgFB - @amandasmith  @menehunechef  @themsunitedstatesIG - @amandasmithtvhost  @menehunechef  @officialmsunitedstatesAmanda HorganMs. Woman United States Raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, and graduating from Princeton High School, Amandawent on to attend Kent State University where she was a member of thewomen's golf team. She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts degree in Englishand moved to Los Angeles, California in 2006. Amanda has a love for learningand a drive to take on challenges and try new things. Since moving to LA, she hasworked in television, radio, fashion, real estate and currently works in finance as a portfolio administrator at Howard Capital Management. She recently decided to go back to school and is currently studying to become a certified financial planner. Determined to get back in shape and do more to give back to her community,Amanda started her platform, Fit With A Purpose at the beginning of 2018. FitWith A Purpose aims to create an all-inclusive community that encouragesothers to set their own health, fitness and service goals.Amanda serves as a team captain for many charitable walks and runsthroughout the year, encouraging others to give back and raise awareness whilealso getting up and moving.  Amanda currently resides in the city of Hawthorne with her husband Anthony and their Puggle, Chunks.Reach out to Amanda on social media:www.fitwithapurpose.orgFB - @mswomanus2019  @fitwithapurpose @mswomanunitedstatespgeantIG - @mswomanus2019  @fitwithapurpose @officialmswomanunitedstatesSupport the show (
How should you really take care of your skin? What ingredients are best to heal, nourish and beat the signs of aging? Beauty starts within and how you nourish your skin with clean ingredients. Today you will learn:What is Clean Beauty?What are the UN-safe products for your skin? What should we look out for when it comes to reading labels on products?What is the difference between natural and organic?What are the best products for our skin?Kim is the CEO and Co-founder of Furtuna Skin and Bambini Furtuna and a clean beauty pioneer who lives with her family in Los Angeles, California. Born into beauty as the daughter of a renowned skincare founder, she grew up learning how to formulate topical healing remedies.After graduating from the University of California Santa Barbara with honors, Kim joined a wellness tech startup as their skincare guru. She then pivoted to starting skincare companies of her own, carrying on the family legacy as founder of natural brands that garnered international recognition. She expanded her beauty repertoire as the former General Manager of Lime Crime Makeup, working with the team to turn it into one of the most rapidly growing indie cosmetic companies.Named one of New Hope Media’s “9 Wonder Women of the Natural Industry”, Kim has been at the forefront of the clean beauty movement, galvanizing brands to remove unsafe ingredients and create more eco-friendly standards. A skincare innovator with broad experience as an educator, esthetician, nutritionist and formulator, she has worked with doctors, nurses and lab chemists to research and develop breakthrough clean beauty products that lead the industry forward. She combines her commitment to wellness and organic living with an expertise in clinical skincare and nutritional science to provide resources and guidance for men and women worldwide. In the non-profit sector, Kim has served as leader of the Retail Advisory Committee for the Environmental Working Group (EWG).An industry advisor and authority on safe, natural ingredients, Kim has lent her voice to beauty and empowerment podcasts such as Gloss Angeles, American Made Beauty, Support is Sexy and countless others. Kim and her brands have appeared on numerous morning news programs including CBS Early Show and Good Morning America with interviews from major publications including Vogue, Allure, Refinery 29, Poosh, Maisonette and WWD. Kim has contributed to Real Simple, Skin Inc, Huffington Post,,, Natural, and more.An animated speaker, she educates and entertains audiences for events like Create & Cultivate, the Girl Cult Festival by Galore, and the Albright, an international women’s club. A member of the Female Founders Collective, CEW, Hey Mama in NYC and The Jane Club in Los Angeles, Kim mentors women on how to grow their business. Having been an early leader in international eCommerce and a business partner to such retailers as Whole Foods, Target, Ulta and Sephora, Kim has been tapped to speak on new trends at conferences like and led the Retail Advisory Committee for the Environmental Working Group.As the CEO and Co-founder of Furtuna Skin, Kim leads development, from concept and formulation through storytelling for this luxury Italian skincare brand. She continues to raise the bar for clean beauty efficacy by debuting powerful new ingredients and processing methods, like Soundbath extraction, to deliver groundbreaking, transformative results.How to reach Kim:Instagram @KimWallsLA and @furtunaskin @bambinifurtuna How to order and get $20 OFFwww.FurtunaSkin.comSupport the show (
Pageantry is so much more than being pretty! It is about being beautiful, inside and out...AND knowing how to strategize, focus, market and brand yourself!We will focus on why Kari loves helping others, especially customizing those pageant goals! Kari will share her TOP strategies for being interactive on social media as a competitor. About Kari:Kari Volen has been involved in pageantry for over 20 years as a competitor, director, choreographer, judge and pageant coach! She began competing in the Teen USA and Miss America aystems as a teen and young adult and went on to become Mrs. California 2013 where she placed in the Top 6 at the Mrs. America Pageant. Founder of Pageant Coaching & Designs, Kari loves helping pageant contestants to build the confidence to reach their goals both on the stage and in life. Experienced in virtually every system, Kari is proud to have had countless winners both internationally and nationally. Voted the #1 Pageant Coach by the Pageant Planet for both 2018 and 2019 - Kari is honored to work with clients nationwide both virtually and in person. Although she focuses on total preparation, her areas of expertise include: walking/modeling, marketing and branding in interview, and creating strong platforms and social media strategies.How to reach Kari and work with her!website - pageantcoachinganddesigns.orgInstagram - @pageantcoachinganddesignsFacebookSupport the show (
Tracy Lynn Rodgers is honored to speak today on her platform, “Your Tomorrow Starts Today.”  Tracy was involved in a devastating car accident back in 2011 where she broke over 22 bones.  Over the next 3 years, she had over 29 surgery sites, to help her learn to walk, and regain function of her arms, legs, neck, and back.  Through this journey, she has learned that adverse events or circumstances do not define you. Tracy is an entrepreneur, owning a Legal Nurse Consulting Business, is a published author, has had the opportunity to walk a national pageant stage; winning the title of Ms. America International 2017, where she spent the next year traveling the country, sharing her message of hope and inspiration.  Tracy currently sits as a wound care specialist and expert witness where she testifies in nursing home and medical malpractice cases.  She is a board-certified wound care and diabetic wound care specialist; also working as a national wound instructor.  Tracy is a well-seasoned pageant coach, where she has had the pleasure of judging, coaching, and assisting women in their pageant journeys.  Tracy has turned out hundreds of local, state, and national title holders and believes that a pageant is won in interview.  Tracy has 2 amazing sons, Derrick and Damon, and one darling daughter-in-law, Karlee.  Tracy attributes her success to an amazing friend and family support group, strong work ethic, and feels very blessed every day, by the grace of God, to share her message.Follow Tracy @pageantlife_coachSupport the show (
Lindsay Closson is a wife, mom and your Mrs. United States - 2019.  She has been married to her husband Brady for eleven years and together they are proud residents of the city of Grapevine, Texas.For Lindsay & Brady, starting their family didn’t come easy. A private six-year journey through unexplained infertility led Lindsay to connect with the non-profit group Braving Infertility Together. It was through this network of support that she found the courage to share her story publicly in an effort to connect with and encourage other women who may also have struggled in starting their families. After countless doctor appointments and multiple failed treatments, Lindsay and Brady ultimately beat their diagnosis and welcomed a baby boy in October 2017.Before landing her current and most favorite role as Mom to her two year old son Caiden, Lindsay earned her degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management from San Diego State University and spent eleven years in the industry working for major corporations including Hyatt and Hilton.Lindsay currently enjoys staying active with The Bar Method, taking classes at her local art studio, and just recently launched her own watercolor design company - The Painted Pineapple Studio, LLC. With a husband who is an active cyclist & triathlete, you will likely find her on the weekends cheering for him at the finish line of his latest race.How to reach Lindsay on Instagram:   @realmomoftexas   @officialmrsunitedstates The Mrs. United States National Pageant, Inc.™, created by Isabella Ilacqua over three+ decades ago, began with the married woman in mind as a nationally recognized "sisterhood" from which to empower the whole woman on her journey toward personal excellence.Now featuring eight divisions – Little Miss, Pre-Teen, Junior Teen, Teen, Miss, Ms., Ms. Woman, and Mrs. – United States National Pageants is the nation's "premier event of its kind" serving women and girls in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and five U.S. territories.The mission of the United States National Pageant is to be an inclusive sorority designed to prepare its participants for lifelong success by developing each individual’s inner light, beauty, and contribution no matter their shape, size or color. Inspired by Isabella's vision, the United States Crown is a symbol of distinction for all who pursue it to "unite for family and community", to become a voice for a cause, and to collectively make the world a better place by enriching the lives of others.Contact the State Pageants are now posted: Week will Take Place in Las Vegas at the SouthPoint Hotel, September 6-10Stay tuned for more details and exciting announcements!Support the show (
It is the ONE year anniversary of Beauty Call Podcast. My show was born from a desire to help others share their story! Now that I have 60 episodes under my belt, it is finally time to share my deepest secret and trauma. It took me 40 years to tell this story! Although it isn't sharing all of the steps leading to healing...I am saving that for my is the biggest part of the story. I hope you will understand the why behind my telling this story, as it was the last step in my journey to being healed, well and happy. Wishing you love, health and happiness. Share your truth and cherish the ones you love. Thank you to all the friends that loved me along the way....and still do! Love YOU!Thanks for listening and please make sure to take time to rate and review my show! Reach out to me:Facebook and Instagram @janicemcqueenwardwww.janicemcqueen.comSupport the show (
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