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'Tis the season! I had several ideas for this year's Christmas Special, and I finally decided to make this year a very naughty and filthy Christmas! Come, let's be merry, and drink ardent spirits as I read passages from de Sade's twisted and
Happy New Month, Friends! We continue our conversation with Waleed regarding his hugely successful photography series turned book, "Rock Your Ugly- A middle Finger to Toxic Beauty Standards." 'Tis gift-giving season! Check out Waleed's work a
Welcome, friends! I know it's been a while since I've climbed up into your earholes, but I'm back, and I'm joined by an amazing guest, Waleed Shah! Waleed is an accomplished Photographer, creative thinker, and entrepreneur. He's also the auth
Welcome, to our final October Madness Episode! I want to thank each and every one of you for supporting the show, and I hope you enjoyed our October series as much as I loved producing them. Grab your favorite pumpkin spice beverage, turn off
Treating the plague became a medical specialty during the first outbreak of the disease in the 14th century. The Black Plague made a comeback from time to time, and, during its second major assault on Western Europe, plague doctors adopted the 
People in the Middle Ages have acquired something of a bad reputation when it comes to cleanliness. Fleas and lice were a common problem; emptying chamber pots into the street was done regularly, and there was no running water, apart from near
In 14th century Europe, at the time of The Great Mortality, no one knew what caused the disease; hence, there was no cure, but this did not stop people from trying based on the medical knowledge of the time. In this episode, we're looking at t
During the plague, millions of bodies piled up across Europe. Can you imagine the putrid stench? Through it all, Europeans could count on one group during the epidemic: the body collectors. They had to travel the streets, carting away corpses
Our ancestors survived many disasters, which included many different epidemics. In all honesty, with the lack of scientific knowledge, it's surprising that they managed to survive at all! They tried to explain the overwhelming amount of deat
Ever wondered what sex during the Plague was like?  The Black Plague was a stressful time to be alive, for obvious reasons, but people were still people; they were horny, and they engaged in physical relationships. Doctors at the time warned
The Black Death changed the world. As the most profound epidemic in human history, the plague claimed the lives of millions. Many feared they were living through the apocalypse, while others turned to sinful pleasures as a distraction. Have yo
Welcome, ghouls! After coming across multiple articles claiming that the Tartar Army hurled plague-infected dead bodies over the wall of Kaffa in 1347, which resulted in the Genoese contracting and eventually bringing the plague to Europe, it
Welcome, my ghoulish fiends! In this episode, we talk about the symptoms suffered by victims of the Black Death and take a closer look at the most common forms of plague. Plague is a serious illness. If you are experiencing symptoms, seek immed
Welcome, friends! We have made it to my favorite month of the year! We're heading to the plague-ridden 14th century. In our very first October Madness episode, I discuss the more factual side of the plague. The origin, the cause of the Black
Welcome, friends! We continue our conversation with Althea regarding Eurocentric Beauty Standards, societal expectations and pressure to fit inside the box, and so much more. Trigger Warning: There is mention of suicide. If you or someone you
Welcome, friends! We have almost made it to my favorite time of the year; October is near! Last year, I scoured the interwebs to find the most gruesome plastic and cosmetic surgery fails. I even threw in a few chilling Tinder stories that ende
Welcome, friends! We've been away for far too long, but Beauty Unlocked is back and coming in hot with this epic two-parter featuring Althea Branton! Get ready for this wild ride because there's no holding back. Grab yourself a cup of coffee,
Welcome, Friends! You might not realize this, but the world celebrates people of a particular body type, while there is systematic discrimination against people who are bigger-bodied or plus-sized. It's a fact that fat-shaming and fatphobia are
Welcome, friends! In this brand new bonus episode, we talk about a new device created by medical professionals and scientists "to help fight the global obesity epidemic." Cue the eye roll and sarcasm! Are. You. Ready? Articles: https://www.th
Happy Full Buck Moon! When you think of Greece, I'm sure your mind wanders to her majestic forests, pristine beaches, and delicious food. But have you ever stopped to think, "Would I be considered beautiful in Ancient Greece?" In this episode
Welcome back, Friends! Has it ever crossed your mind how White Supremacy influences Beauty Standards? What about the correlation between Colonialism and Capitalism and how it influences Beauty Standards? In this episode, we'll look at Jessica
Welcome back, friends! We continue our discussion with Ella, host of For Better Self & Net Worth podcast, on beauty, our podcasts, hustle-culture, mindset around living your best life, and so much more! I hope you enjoyed this two-part guest ap
Welcome friends! I decided to release this two-part episode where Ella, host of For Better Self & Net Worth invited yours truly for a casual chat. We discuss our journey to self-love and acceptance, and we talk about the deceiving messages tha
Welcome to a brand new bonus episode! I would like to wish you all a very happy and blessed Solstice, my sugar babies! As the temperature is rising in this hemisphere, we're going to take a look at sex toys. In particular, why you shouldn't be
Welcome, Friends! We have made it to the big 5-O; Beauty Unlocked has reached 50 episodes! I wouldn't have made it to episode 50 without your support! Thank you from the bottom of my dark, dark heart! This week, I'm bringing you an article w
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