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Mike Croy is a principal at school created specifically to support the needs of teens who are emotionally impaired, "EI" kids. The journey it took to get him here involved several twists and turns and a less than perfect childhood. His mother left his family with a "Dear John" letter when he was 11 and change and instability was his only constant growing up. His dad really rose to the occasion and Mike found his way into a love of running. Throughout his journey he was drawn to the misfits, the fringers, the outliers and this ultimately led him to the work he does now. My favorite part of his story comes in Part 2 where he incorporated his love of yoga into his daily life and beyond. Mike not only talks the talk but he walks the walk and continues to find ways to gift yoga to the typically underserved populations. You tell in this interview Mike is a pretty cerebral guy, he is thoughtful and contemplative and took the breadcrumb analogy to the max. Perhaps you will be able to look back at your own life and find the crumbs that are leading you to a soulful, meaningful life. Here is the ACEs test we spoke of: Adverse Childhood Experiences.
What does it mean to really be doing the work in your life? How are you showing up for yourself and are you willing to make the shift into actively particpating in your own growth and evolution. Often we come up against our own perceived limitations and we need to be reminded what "work" looks like on the emotional and spiritual level. Join me for this conversation, let's make this New Year one of big shifts and changes! 
Nadia was raised by two immigrants, an Egyptian and a Brit. She spend much of her childhood free from boundaries and cultivated a life of curiosity. Somewhat unintentionally Nadia kept finding herself in the role of healer. She has worked as a massage therapist, clinical counselor and nutrition and wellness coach. But her insatiable curiosity continues to lead her to more and more interesting places. She is now part owner of Expanding Spirits an experiential crystal shop. She recently started a new adventure guiding others through Past Life Regression. This was an experience I had myself with Nadia, let me tell you... it was FASCINATING. Come along on this journey as we navigate Nadia's path and all the moments that led her to her most recent incarnation in this life. :) REFERENCEDEdgar Cayce: Codes by Dr. Sue Morter: Spirits: https://expandingspirits.com 2-The child who recalled his life as a WW2 pilot:
The lovely Rachel is back with another vibrant conversation on all the big questions of life. We talk about the purpose of suffering, oppression, healing, love, soulmates, twin flames, energy and how it moves the world and so much more. This is another life changing conversation and I am so grateful for my time with her and her willingness to share her wisdom. Rachel is always very clear to let us know she is still a student of life and to take all she says and check it against your own truth. I hope this conversation gets you thinking and inspires you to see your life from a different perspective. There are some deeply thought provoking and challenging concepts presented here. I encourage you to have an open mind and an open heart. If you are triggered by her words, dig in, look inward, find your own truth. To contact Rachel for a session email her:
Peter is a visionary and radical thought leader creating a new economic paradigm in the Canadian wilderness through the intentional community he is co-creating -   After creating a "successful" life by all typical measures, Peter found himself chipping away at the story he was sold about what success looks like. He slowly began to realize his values did not align with the life he had created. Little by little a new way of living, thinking and being emerged and from it, with the help of other like minded people they have laid the roots of an intentional community in the wilderness with a mountain view. Peter and I talk life, the deep human lessons of relationships, why he believes everyone should have the right to inhabit beautiful land, be supported in all necessary ways and create meaningful connections. Mostly, Peter wants to inspire others to live more consciously, to create a life in line with what human nature is truly about and to connect to one's own innate purpose. These are certainly ideas I can connect with! Mentioned in the podcast: The Ominvore's Dilemma by Michael PollanFood Inc.
Wendy Luczak is the powerhouse owner of Doggie in the Window. She touts a title that is Detroit's First Doggy Day Care. Wendy talks about how she stumbled onto this path, her upbringing, growing up with 3 sisters and taking a risky leap of faith to get her to where she is today. Wendy openly talks about the challenges she has faced in learning and growing as a business owner, she talks about sacrifice and a deep commitment to helping her employees grow as people, make connections and push themselves beyond what's comfortable. Wendy is committed to making connections, networking her people and spending time with her tribe. For her, this is a spiritual practice that keeps her present, grounded and thriving. You'll wanna check her website:https://ditw.netFollow her on facebook to see all the fun the dogs have in her incredible facility.
Patty Shaw is a healer, spiritual counselor, light-worker, author, akashic record reader and self proclaimed introvert. She has a gentle angelic energy with the ability to find a lightness and laughter in all of the challenges we face. She has been in the healing arts, the woo-woo and the new age movement since the early 90's and brings a voice of wisdom and experience as she has lived through the continual evolution of this awakening towards a 5D reality. Patty was raised in a large family, she is one of nine. She was painfully shy and learned much about the world from the vantage point of quiet observation. She and her sisters began exploring the world of energy, metaphysics, mysticism and spirituality nearly 30 years ago. They own and operate the Candle Wick Shoppe in Ferndale, MI and have expanded their reach into various facets of spirituality. We had so much to talk about from the evolution of spirituality in the last few decades, managing negative energies and ghosts, healing blockages through akashic exploration and so so much more. I hope you stick with it to the end because that's were it really gets interesting. To learn more and connect with Patty Call 313-506-5711To follow Patty click here for FB:
Lynn Darmon gift of second sight started as early as five years old. In the innocence of childhood she and her brother would play games with her remote viewing abilities not having the language of understanding that she was unusual. As a young child, she would have prophetic dreams and intuitive hits as she traversed through life. After the birth of her second child she was insistent that there was something wrong with her newborn, she trusted this instinct and in turn was then validated by the Universe that she had a gift of knowing. She has worked as a medium now for many years and loves to offer healing to those who are grieving by connecting to spirit on the other side. My conversation with Lynn was easy, informative and thought provoking. She has a sweet and loving presence that will surely put you at ease. Wherever you are in this journey of understanding, I hope you are willing to listen in with an open mind and open heart. CONTACT INFO:http://www.lynndarmon.comTelephone: (248) 860-1121
Barbara Payton is a sultry, Detroit rock singer/songwriter with a soulful, bluesy voice. Recognized as one of Detroit’s most powerful and engaging live performers, Barbara has rocked stages, festivals, arenas and private listening rooms for more than 25 years. In addition to her solo career, Barbara has toured as a background singer for both Bob Seger and Kid Rock. But Barbara is so much more than this bio. She is thoughtful, articulate, honest and open about her life, the growth she has dedicated to, loss, pain, parenting aging adults, reclaiming her life and what it means to her to be living more wakefully. We talk about the trappings of religion, what it was like to come out, being a local lesbian icon for decades and the role the Salvation Army played in her life. I think you love her more than ever after this deep & stirring conversation. I know I do. Event: Army LGBQT statement:
Linda Taliaferro is a successful business woman who has earned a seat at the corporate boardroom tables. But that isn't what makes her remarkable. What makes her remarkable is her dedication to using her heartbreaks, struggles and traumas as an opportunity to expand herself, to embody her own deep strength and find her place and presence in the world. After several decades of climbing the corporate ladder, traveling the world, personal growth and learning the value in vulnerability she has created a side hustle that allows her to invite other women, and some men, to do the same. She is a force. She is a beauty. She is an incredible human. LinkedIn: website she mentions where you can be coached by her directly!
Teri Williams says she is simply someone who is doing her best to live her life. She is proudly 25 years sober and made some big shifts 25 years ago that let her to deepening her innate connection to spirit, intuition, energy work and a shamanic path. Teri is also no-nonsense kind of gal. We talk openly about the courage and bravery it takes to shift away from the dogma and programming most of us have been taught throughout our lives and step into a different understanding, a new perspective and an alternate way of seeing the world. Teri is a Shamanic Energy Practitioner as well as host of Soulful Living on Empower Radio who LOVES the sound of the drum. It reminds her heart is still beating and deepens her connection to the Universe.  She has 25 years’ experience in the healing arts and mysticism, assisting others in unleashing their potential within for overall good health and well-being. Her specialties include: Shamanic Drum Circles, Shamanic Energy sessions, Shamanic Journey Sessions, Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Rebirthing, Reiki, Meditation and Mindfulness practices as well as various specialty workshops.“I USE MEDITATION! Meditation has been the single most significant practice of my life for over 25 years, beginning with a guided meditation and Shamanic teachings are the foundation for everything I do in this life! I meditate or practice a shamanic journey every day, even if only for a few minutes at a time. Most days, when the temperature is above 30 degrees, practice in the sunshine, somewhere in nature.  Having been clean and sober for more than 25 years, it’s good for my mental stability, my skin, my energy, and my soul. It gets me HIGH on life." ~Teri WilliamsFind out more about Teri and how to connect with the work she is doing:soulpractices.comshamanicjourneypractice.comContact: teri@soulpractices.comCreator of Shamanic Journey Practice 30-Day Guided Introduction to the Shamanic JourneyFacebook: mentioned in the podcast: Everything is Here to Help You by Matt KahnEnergy Codes by Dr. Sue Mortner
Purpose. It can be exciting and illuminating for some of us, and for others it feels illusive, misleading and empty. So often we are lead to believe that our purpose is this divine revelation, a destination and place to arrive it, often purpose is simply in the micro-moments of your life that you choose you. Purpose is an unraveling, a dissolution of the fog that clouds your vision. In listening to the expansion and contraction of your being, you learn to decipher between ego, outside noise and your own intuition. Does everyone have a huge overarching purpose to become the next Oprah, Bill Gates, or Brene Brown? No. For many of us purpose is a steady stream of micro-choices that lead us to find deep alignment within our soul. Your purpose is to evolve, grow, heal and expand. How do you do that? What does that even look like? What does it feel like? I reference an awesome book by neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza called: also referenced the podcast with Lori Lipten here: all of us the song that keeps playing in my head...Sheryl Crow, "Every Day is a Winding Road."
Rachel has been working as a light-worker now for many years, but the journey to get here did not prove to be easy. This conversation is inspiring, eye-opening and perhaps even challenging to the way you see the world. Our chatting spans the gamete on what it is to be human and spiritual.  You will learn of some of the manymilestones in Rachel's life that woke her up to her own divine purpose, the work she does now to support others doing the same as well as deep conversations on what it is to be human, awake, intuitive and so much more. This is likely the first of many conversations and I can't wait to hear what you think about it. Rachel is not only a light-worker, she is also a poet and a writer. You can learn more about her through the pages of her book "The Post Jerusalem Girl" found here:"Post Jerusalem-Girl is a story, written in poems, of coming out of the darkness to walk in my own light. It is then that I realized that all the colors and shades of my rainbow are beautiful, and that the pain is my greatest ally."All proceeds from her book go to support local animal shelters. To schedule a personal reading with Rachel you can connect with her by email: RL18works@gmail.comEnjoy!
Lauren's tattoos tell you her story over the last 3+ years. Her first tattoo ever has the words "begin again" and the date her life changed forever. Have you ever struggled to remember that you are more than your mistakes, you are more than the things that have happened to you, you are more than your upbringing? Lauren's story is vulnerable, brave and so relatable. We have all waited too long to make a change, we have all sat idly by when the Universe was offering us lifeboat after lifeboat. We have all avoided change only to find ourselves in a swift kick in the pants that forced to leap into the next chapter of our lives. Lauren tells the story of why she was had no choice but to completely reinvent herself, reckon with shame and step boldly into a life she didn't recognize only to be lead gently back to her true self. She's had one hell of a journey these last few years and is now ready to shine light into the darker corners of her life. Please listen with an open and receptive heart. May we truly learn to meet one another with love, compassion and understanding. May we hold one another up and help each other when we are down. Join Lauren and I in Costa Rica May 9-16th: Lauren on IG: her schedule out at
Steve Frank is an incredible human. I knew it the first time I met him. He has a way about him that makes you instantly feel supported, seen and capable. Steve is an avid cycler and his love for cycling eventually led him to find a career that feeds his soul. Steve had an unconventional upbringing as the child of a Rabbi and spitfire of a mother which shaped his life but not in the ways you'd assume.You will love listening to his story and be inspired by the life he has created for himself now. Follow him on LinkedIn: coaching website:
I am an expert worrier. I have refined this skill over the past 38 years. I was an incredibly anxious child from the time I was very very small. In an effort to survive the overwhelming energy of the world I learned to cope. I adapted to various styles of numbing, controlling and protecting. What we are now beginning to understand about neuroscience and quantum physics means that it is even more important than we realized to break these bad habits. We are truly in charge of our own destiny in so many ways. It is up to YOU to decided you are ready to create change, to break the habits, to end the cycle. I am in the work. Are you? 
A conversation with Kacee Must is the founder of Citizen Yoga. In the five years since she opened the first Citizen Yoga studio she has worked tirelessly to hold steady to her original vision, an alignment based yoga studio that was rooted in a deep sense of mutual support, respect and community. What you might not know about Kacee is that she traveled the world in her twenties in an effort to train herself to be more independent. She described herself like a lost puppy and was deeply craving meaning, understanding and a bigger picture perspective on this seemingly meaningless thing called life.  Her sister's suicide brought her back home, for a while and was a major catalyst in her eventual decision to open a yoga studio. Kacee is open, honest and forthcoming as she looks back retrospectively at all the seemingly random and meaningless interactions, moments and experiences that now fit together perfectly to create the beautiful mosaic of her life and her dedication to contribute goodness in the world. 
Brooke Miller is the creator and founder of Honey: Space for Mothers. She is a mother and wife. She is the daughter of powerful entrepreneurs, the grand-daughter of a holocaust survivor and she herself is a survivor of two brain tumors. Those labels are not what defines her, perhaps they are simply a few of the building blocks that gave her the foundation to take the risk and create Honey. She admits that the idea kept her up at night while she was still in the earlier years of mothering her two daughters. As a therapist and a mother she saw a desperate need to create a supportive, nonjudgemental space for mothers (and fathers). From her website: https://www.honeyformoms.comOur Goal:Is to hold the space for you as you settle into and navigate the beautiful mess that is motherhood. In all it’s raw magic, sleepless nights, elated moments and those of utter defeat. We’re here to fiercely support you every step of the way. Some think it’s a radical idea. To us it’s just the right thing to do.Brooke talks openly about her earlier formative years, her experiences in learning how to create a successful business born from a good idea and how she has transformed herself in to a businesswoman despite her reluctance and inexperience. Together we touch on so many aspects of living a more meaningful, wakeful and purposeful life through. Follow Honey + Brooke:Facebook: Instagram:
Mike Croy is a principal at school created specifically to support the needs of teens who are emotionally impaired, "EI" kids. The journey it took to get him here involved several twists and turns and a less than perfect childhood. His mother left his family with a "Dear John" letter when he was 11 and change and instability was his only constant growing up. His dad really rose to the occasion and Mike found his way into a love of running. Throughout his journey he was drawn to the misfits, the fringers, the outliers and this ultimately led him to the work he does now. My favorite part of his story comes in Part 2 where he incorporated his love of yoga into his daily life and beyond. Mike not only talks the talk but he walks the walk and continues to find ways to gift yoga to the typically underserved populations. You tell in this interview Mike is a pretty cerebral guy, he is thoughtful and contemplative and took the breadcrumb analogy to the max. Perhaps you will be able to look back at your own life and find the crumbs that are leading you to a soulful, meaningful life. Here is the ACEs test we spoke of: Adverse Childhood Experiences.
A conversation on shifting from the perspective of resolution setting to moving towards living an intentional life. We will talk briefly about the science of heartmath, tapping into the compass of your heart and finding your true north. 
Juliet Tang is a feminine business mentor for conscious and ambitious women service-based entrepreneurs – coaches, consultants, holistic doctors, therapists, practitioners, and transformational leadersAfter being raised in communist China, Juliet found her way to liberation and had many awakenings and breakthroughs along the way that has led her to her current work. We talk about life, the common hang ups and pitfalls spiritually driven women face when trying to launch into their unique soul's purpose. Juliet is a powerful, intuitive, heart centered woman whose mission it is to inspire other women to step forward into their passions & purpose by learning to harness masculine energy in a positive way that allows us to boldly do the change-making work we are called to. This conversation was important for me and I will be listening several more times in an effort to really embody these powerful reminders. Find Juliet here: up for a free master class: with her:
This is something that has been heavy on my heart and mind over the last year. After decades of being completely disconnected from my body, I have realized the profound impact yoga has had on me. I spent my childhood & young adulthood struggling with severe anxiety and depression. I spent decades at war with my body, dieting, bingeing, loathing and obsessing over my form. I am certain I own every diet book, and self help book about food, body, emotional eating and the likes. Why does this matter? Because for one reason or another almost everyone I know is struggling to live in their human form. We all have come at this issue for a thousand different reasons, perhaps it's simply the culture of disconnect, it could be trauma, or ancestry, or any other multitudes of reasons. But we I know for sure, is that we MUST learn how to integrate in order to live out more meaningful, connected, purposeful and impactful lives. We as the collective must learn how to get out of our heads and into our bodies so we can reclaim our power and change this world. It is imperative that we do both. XO, Ann
My favorite astrologer is back with a little review on the end of 2019 and all that we have to look forward to and work with in the new year. We talk about all the usual topics of what we need to know and how to best harness the energy we are experience. We chat reincarnation and what that has to do with the planets... Carly and I laugh, I say URANUS too many times and a good time was had by all. I think I am starting to get the hang of us this astrology thing...well, kind of! www.astro-alignment.comIG: @carlyonthedailyFB: Astro Alignment 
Elizabeth Atkins has spent most of her life working to bring the experiences of mixed race persons into the narrative of American culture. She is the daughter of a interracial couple whose fascinating journey includes a story of love, defying the catholic church, breaking rules & barriers while consciously raising two daughters who now work to do the same.  Elizabeth has spent the last decade or more healing her own pain around her identity, her deep need for spiritual connection and learning to make peace with her body. She has become a voice in the conversation around purpose, growth and the profound benefits of meditation. Her recent memoir expands on her personal journey: publishing company:
It seems so many of us have moments of lifetimes that we believe we don't belong. We spend our days trying to fit in, and our nights feeling the deep sadness of having compromised our selves to make it work. There is so much power in being seen, soulful authenticity and showing up as ourselves. Let's all learn to disappoint others while showing up in our own truth. It is powerful work and not for the faint of heart. Work I reference: and
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