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Round robin of beers and discussing living life virtually.
Jacob and Eddie ventured out to Springfield, NH to meet Bill and Mike of Hoptimystic Brewing.  We had way too many laughs, learned how they started (during a pandemic nonetheless!) and had lots of tasty beers.  We even were treated to some homebrews!
Jacob and Eddie headed to Marlboro, MA to interview the founder of Flying Dreams Brewing.   Interview: So on your website’s section “our story” it's basically just Dave Richardsons story…So what are your stories? Says here that Dave has won 35 awards. Does the website get updated every time a new award is won? Can you name all 35 awards? What’s the story behind the name? 2 locations: Worcester and Marlborough, MA. Looks like beer is brewed in Worcester and the taproom in Marboro. What’s the story with the two locations? *potential follow-up: Wormtown used to brew at the Worcester location How did the relationship with Wormtown Brewing begin? Are there any collabs with Wormtown? How have you guys dealt with the new normals amidst this pandemic? What’s your thoughts on the hard seltzer trend? Do you remember drinking your first craft beer? What was the first beer you brewed? What’s your favorite style of beer? What beer do you enjoy brewing the most? *If there was a beer you could brew with no regards to cost, production, or sales, what would it be and why? On collaborations, which brewery was the most fun to brew with? What beer was it? I may be retarded, but how do you pronounce “SYZYGY”? Why? Any shout out to any upcoming future brews It’s been over a year since the news section has been updated? What gives? Nothing going on over here? Yes, this interview is mostly based off your website and whatever google searches we pulled up. Name Style ABV Ratings Avg Dr. Equahtic #5 DIPA IPA - Imperial 9.1 3 4.52 Boroweizen Wheat Beer - Hefeweizen 5.2 2 4.44 Cream Ale Cream Ale 5.2 1 4.38 Eccentrica DIPA IPA - Imperial 8.9 1 4.37 Syzygy IPA - Belgian 6.9 4 4.33 Topics/Segments:   Game - Know your neighbor (local brewery beers, name the brewery)   War Castle (Redemption Rock) Shook Ones (Greater Good) Becky Likes The Smell (Bay State Brewing) Buddha’s Juice (Wormtown) Mass Soul (Wachusett) Hoppy Buffalo, DIPA (Milk Room Brewing, Rutland MA) Mass Hole (Wormtown) Famous Celebrities, Are they Marlboro or Worcester Bill Simmons (Marlboro) Jordan Knight (Worcester) Daniel B Wesson (Worcester) Aaron Dulbac (Marlboro - Converge and Bane) Carmella (Worcester - WWE) Marcia Cross (Marlboro - desperate housewives) Dennis Leary (Worcester)   LPT from Reddit: (updated 10/1/20)   When wearing a tie on a windy day, slip a coin down the inside of the hem to keep the tie from blowing around. When you sign up for anything online, put the website’s name as your middle name. That way when you receive spam/advert emails, you will know who sold your info.   Bad Yelp Review - Redemption:   Steven B. - Boston, MA (Worcester location) A very small, cozy brewery located next to a restaurant. I recommend the tasting as you will get to keep your sample glass. The samples you get to try will vary from day to day depending on which beers are on tap.   Concession IPA- Bitter and hoppy. Unfortunately, I did not find this IPA terribly appealing.   Double bock--Caramel and whiskey. Like a barley wine. Nice smooth finish.  This was the highlight of the tasting.   Cafe session stout--thinner consistency than most stouts. Distinct Coffee complexity. Reminds me of cold brew. It's a refreshing stout.   Double Mando DIPA--Strong hoppy flavor with a nice bitterness that lingers in the tongue. Pine note. Thin consistency. Decent DIPA.   Park Ave porter--a little malty but not much. But, I found the flavor dull and watery. Satisfactory, but not much going on here.   Like most breweries, the brews can be hit or miss. Double Bock alone is worth a visit. Flying Dreams gets a recommendation. came here by accident, meant to go to the Worcester location. I personally was on the hunt for their sour beers but none were on tap so I asked for water while my boyfriend got drinks. There were 4 of us in total here and the girl never came back with my water or to check in on my boyfriend. He finally put his empty glass very obviously forward so he could get another beer and she came. I asked for water again and never got it. I get its a brewery and perhaps I annoyed her by not drinking l, but blatantly ignoring 50% of your customers sucks. it's also in an odd space with lawyers offices. Casey L. - Quincy, MA (Marlborough location)  
Episode 268: The Guys enjoy some @hillfarmstead and a collab with @vitaminseabrew and @jwakefieldbeer     LPT from Reddit:   When hired for a new job, copy the list of responsibilities they provide you and save it in a folder with your resume. This will make it easier to complete an application the next time you look for a job when the employer asks what your last job duties were. Don’t be afraid to splurge a little bit on a few luxury items from the grocery store that may dissuade you from eating out, and act as a reward for saving money and (probably) eating healthier. (The cost of a meal purchased at the grocery store is on average far cheaper than a similar meal via fast food, takeout, or (especially) delivery. If you can afford it, splurging a little bit on a good steak, or specialty produce at the grocery store may prevent you from eating out as often, so you’ll save money and experience higher quality food compared with a similarly priced meal from a restaurant.)     Beer news:   Anheuser-Busch Wins the Regulatory Go-Ahead to Acquire Craft Brew Alliance The Department of Justice gave its approval on Friday, Sept. 18 for Anheuser-Busch InBev (NYSE:BUD) to move ahead with its acquisition of Craft Brew Alliance (NASDAQ:BREW) -- or what Craft Brew calls an "expanded partnership." The deal been in limbo since February, when an antitrust examination began, but has now cleared a major hurdle on the way to closing. The approval is contingent on the two parties' agreement to sell the Hawaiian operations of Kona Brewing to PV Brewing Partners, LLC. Craft Brew Alliance and Anheuser-Busch suggested the divestiture back on June 10 as a way to "expedite the regulatory review process and alleviate potential regulatory concerns." Anheuser-Busch InBev and Craft Brew Alliance will grant PV Brewing Partners a perpetual license to brew and market Kona beer in Hawaii, along with selling it a new brewery with a capacity of 100,000 barrels and other Kona facilities in the state. Anheuser-Busch has owned a 31% stake in Craft Brew since 2016, but the deal will give it 100% ownership, paying $16.50 per share to Craft Brew's shareholders at closing. CBA's shares ended Friday trading up 6% on the news. Anheuser-Busch's Brewers Collective president Marcelo Michaelis said the beverage giant expects the combination "to help fuel the growth of the craft beer category" in the "competitive and dynamic" American beer market.
Eddie and Jacob went on a hike and almost died. A lot of jimbos were had and we lived to tell the tale. We did some new segments for the fans, talked brewery news and laws, drank an Oxbox Farmhouse and Shipyard pumpkin at 11am on sunday morning to get into the groove.  
Eddie and Jacob shoot the shit about life since COVID, their brewery experiences and what they've been up to.
Quad pod got together on zoom to drink beers and chat.
Scott, Gabe and Don join the podcast to discuss their podcast and drink some tasty beers! Check out their podcast, Cinemapocalypse Now!
We facetime with our friends and catch up on how they are passing the time during this time.  The guests who joined: James Bill Courtney Krystyna Kristin
Not really lost, just never posted these interviews.
Old episode to pass the time during Coronavirus, I don't remember much of this episode but we hung out with Kristin and Krystyna to catch up.
Make takes over, we had too many beers, this is our second episode of the day. We opened whiskey, saki and whatever else we found.
We ventured to Portsmouth, NH to sit with owner and founder of Earth Eagle Brewings. Drink the Bird, Love the Bird, Give the Bird, Be the Bird. I hope we didn't butcher that but we probably did.
Kez takes over the host chair from Jacob at our annual Craftmas! This episode was wacky, went all over the place and plenty of beers were had.
We tackle the annual South Shore Farmers Brewfest.  We had a table set up, gave out free stuff, and had people stop by to chit chat.  This part one contains Shoveltown Brewery, Yankee Brews News, The Juice Mill (amazing apple cider), Black Hat Brewery (the host!) and Burke's Candles.  It's a wacky episode that was done outside at a brew fest. (@shoveltownbeer @blackhatbrewwks @thejuicemill @ybnhoptips)
Eddie and Jacob sat down with Jon (owner), Frank (Media manager) and Peaches (not sure what he does) to talk Pipe Dream Brewing! We discussed Jon's love for holding surf boards, had a draft of our favorite pipe dreams and played a guess your neighbor's beer game with the team. This was a lot of fun as a podcast and the fun didn't stop after we recorded. Make sure you stop by when you are in the Manchester/Londonderry area! 49 Harvey Rd, Londonderry, NH 03053
0:00 - 10:00  - Welcome to Beers and Laughs Live Talk about the hosting changes and what is to come. Eddie Kelsea - BreweryBabesMA - Get update on what the babes have been up to! Recap the MA beer scene New tap rooms, moves, changes, etc. Superbrew Willie is in the house! Beers: Ginger and LEmon Pomegranate & Acai Mango & Passionfruit   **List former live guests that are still available at Maggy’s**   Three Piece Suit Football will be joining us later!   10:00 - 30:00 - Willie Superbrew Interview Introduce the team What is Willie Superbrew and why should we care? What made you start with Ginger beer and how has your team evolved into the drinkable flavorful craft beers? What exactly does a goat farmer day to day entail? Beach beers - Whats your favorite beach game? Do you have a favorite beach and if you guys like the beach so much why do you live up here where we get 3 months of beach season at best!? How is it your products are gluten free? What is gluten? Margaret Eby from yahoo lifestyle wrote: how about an alcoholic beverage that's somewhere in between a hard cider, a ginger beer, and a hard seltzer? (Well what do you think it is closest to?) We've committed to donating 3% of our profits to an environmental cause every year, and we want you to help us decide where it goes!  - Give tips on charity Hiring positions - sales analyst (eddie)   30:00 - 40:00 - Game (Famous farmer or Famous Willie) Willie Allen (Farmer and ABA player) William Bell Montgomery (Farmer and southern livestock journal founder) William McKinley (25th president) William Avery (farmer and politician) Willie Pickton (Farmer and killer) William Henry Harrison (9th President) William Cale Yarborough (farmer and NASCAR) William Thomas Berry (farmer and REM Drummer) 40:00-45:00 Try Jacob’s Beer   45:00 -60:00 - Three Piece Suit Football Tell us who you are? How did this charity get started? How long have you been involved? How much money and time does it take to get a service dog trained and ready to give to an owner? Are there ever service dogs who don’t like their owners? How do you match wounded veterans with animals? How can we get involved? Where were you on 9/11?   60:00 - 70:00 - Game To Play (Suit or Football)   Tell us if the brand we name is for mens suits/clothing or football equipment:   Kingsman - Suit Schutt - Football Cramer - Football Acne - Suit Dunhill - Suit Alleson - Football Riess - Suit McDavid - Football
Brett the Dope stops by with Foreign Objects Mind Body Light Sound and Idle Hands Splitter. We talk instagram, running a liquor store, hair and god knows what else! This was part one of four... we recorded for over 4 hours.
0:00 - 10:00  - Welcome to Beers and Laughs Live Introduce the podcast again (it’s been a while) Talk about the hosting changes and what is to come. Eddie Kelsea - BreweryBabesMA - Get update on what the babes have been up to! Recap March Craftness Stony Creek is in the house!   **List former live guests that are still available at Maggy’s**   Comedian Lloyd Legacy Sharp will be joining us later!   10:00 - 30:00 - Stony Creek Interview Introduce Chris What is Stony Creek and why should we care? The taproom looks awesome, from the photos.  What can you tell us about the tap room? Do you own a boat and/or know someone with a boat so we can try out the Stony Creek dock? What makes the beer so special? What does the brewery specialize in style wise? Are you more traditional or experimental? Do you have any beer styles that you wish you would brew? You guys are now at Foxwoods? How did this come about and how has this grown the brand? Do you think your brewery might have a gambling problem? I mean a sour stout is definitely what one would call a gamble. How were you able to hire Norm Macdonald as your taproom manager? That must have been expensive? When do you think they will have your photo and bio on the website? Do you think there’s a reason why you haven’t been included yet? Are you ducking the law? You didn’t bring us any sours? I see you have a sour stout and a soured double ipa...I thought we were friends? Tell us about these beers and where people may get them? Lord Hobo - 617 legal issue   30:00 - 40:00 - Would you rather (Kelsea) Would you rather by Kelsea- trust me and let me do the game cause it’ll be beer related and controversial. (YES!)   40:00 - 50:00 - LLoyd Legacy Sharp Tell us who you are? Non Drinker #RespectTheLadies How did you start comedy? What was your absolute least favorite moment in your comedy career? How can we get involved? Wrestling questions: Are you a fan of the “One Man Thrill Ride”? Best Wrestling moment? Top 3 wrestlers?   50:00 - 60:00 - Game To Play (Wrestling)   Quiz Which title (other than titles he does not qualify for like womens, NXT, cruiserweight, etc.) has John Cena never held? Intercontinental Championship Who has held the Intercontinental Championship the most times? Chris Jericho (9)   Who was the first woman to hold the Intercontinental Championship? Chyna   At Wrestlemania XX, who was the guest referee for the famous Goldberg vs Brock Lesnar match, which many consider to be one of the worst matches of all time? Stone Cold Steve Austin Who won the inaugral Money in the Bank match in 2005? (Kane, CM Punk, Edge, Rob Van Dam) On a similar note, who was the first person to cash in their Money in the Bank briefcase and fail to win the title? John Cena (won the match, but by disqualification vs. CM Punk) Who did Stone Cold Steve Austin beat in the finals of the 1996 King of the Ring before coining the term “Austin 3:16?” Jake “The Snake” Roberts The four Royal Rumble matches in the years 1995 through 1998 had only two winners. Name those two men. Shawn Michaels (won ‘95 and ‘96) and Stone Cold Steve Austin (won ‘97 and ‘98) Which celebrity interfered with a steel chair in the “winner take all” “title vs. title” match between John Cena and Seth Rollins at Summerslam 2015? Jon Stewart What is current WWE CEO Vince McMahon’s middle name? Kennedy   When the Divas Championship changed its name to the WWE Women’s Championship, who was the first to hold the new title? Charlotte Flair   How many different entrance themes has the band Motorhead recorded for Triple H? Three (“The Game,” “King of Kings,” and “Evolution”)   What special day in wrestling is it today? Rusev Day    
The bracket is set, news was broke, prizes revealed, free raffle ticket ideas and more.  Brace yourself.
Eddie jumps in the co-host seat as we record live in a liquor store. We talked to random people, chatted with Bob and Rob from @Massbrewbros and promoted the greatest beer event ever, 3.16.19.
Dorchester brewing let us into their tap room and run amuck, we had comedians stop by and drank all their beers!
Beers, Christmas, Jokes, Laugh, Beers and more beers... whats better?
We are back for our holiday annual party! We had a lot of beers through the day so these podcasts get a little out of hand.  We had over 8 different beers this day, including shots of whiskey during the 1pm football game.  As always, I can't describe these episodes, just listen to the madness.
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