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An excerpt from my very first audiobook, finally out everywhere bow! The story of how I moved from Sweden to London to chase my dream as a songwriter.
2021 will be the year i learn to live. Embracing things as they are, no longer feeling the need to change or build or grow, but instead live. be. Do what I already do and enjoy it. love it. Love my people without wanting anything from them or wanting them to think anything of me. Just simply appreciate my people. Appreciate my work, my words, my job, my project. No more pressure to achieve or produce or learn skills I feel like I should have but don’t have any energy to learn. Instead I will align. Do what comes naturally and let my new intellect (?) lead the way. Slow down. Work smarter, not harder. Have less conversation, but with more depth. do less, but do better. Do fuller, stronger, deeper, more fully.
I have felt a strange of heartbreak lately. Without anyone around to break my heart. It’s like, I’ve created the feeling of heartbreak in myself by completely focusing in on everything I’m worried about. How do you heal heartbreak? How do you heal it when there is no one to move on from?
Come hang with me for a chill chat about life and autumn and moving away from home! 🍂
Exactly a year ago I landed in Barcelona with one bag, my guitar, a broken heart and no real plans. I would stay for two months and then spend the winter Carcavelos in Portugal, in a simple but cosy little studio apartment I had found right by the beach. I had already put in the deposit for my studio in Portugal and I was excited to finally live by the ocean. I had spent a year living temporarily in different places, hoping I would land somewhere that felt like home, where I wanted to stay. I was in a phase of healing and figuring out my next chapter in life. My time in Barcelona became my in-between moment. My right to get lost in nothingness. No plans for the future, not yet healed from the past, and I enjoyed dancing in the middle. One month in I got an offer to move into a flat in Berlin, and there was just something about it I couldn’t let go of. I didn’t want to give up my dream of being a songwriter, but moving out to Portugal would mean a winter in isolation. I was so lonely I cried every day, but I had sort of given up hope that things would ever change. I saw Berlin as my last shot at all those things. I will make one last try, I said. I will give it all I have, one last time. I asked the owner of the studio in Portugal if I could push the deposit forward to this winter instead. I will spend one last year trying my best in Berlin, then I’ll settle by the beach somewhere quiet and simple, I thought. I almost cry when I write that today because it makes me so sad that I was 28 years old and had already given up on ever being happy and loved and surrounded by warmth. I had already accepted that I would always be lonely and was ready to live alone by the ocean because that’s how I felt inside. I moved into the apartment in Berlin end of November, leaving Barcelona for darkness and cold. “It’s just one year,” I kept saying. One year of saying yes to absolutely everything. Every opportunity, every encounter, every person. I would forget about everything I thought people saw me as and just push forward. It really is quite magical how you can build a completely new life in just 12 months. If you’re ready to give up everything you were before. If you’re willing to let go of everything you thought you had to be and do and how to do it. I still feel lonely some days but I think it’s more of a habitual feeling I turn to sometimes and I have learned to remind myself that I am not lonely anymore. I have beautiful people around me that make me feel seen and appreciated and I’m working really hard to build deeper connections, not just staying temporary neighbours. I make an effort to reach out, to show up, to go the extra mile. I felt really insecure as a songwriter in the beginning of this year because my career didn’t work out the way I hoped it would and I was sort of ... ashamed? But I love nothing more than helping other artists tell their stories and let them bloom with the song and the spark in our eyes when we’re hitting the right words with the right melody and everyone’s energy sort of makes a little thunder. So I’m still working on trusting my abilities. I must believe I can contribute something special? I think we all can, but I didn’t believe it for so long. I work on myself, still, to not fall into old patterns of thinking low and dark and little of myself and I wake up every morning visualising the life I still am working hard on building. But I feel safe, and hopeful, for the first time in my life, maybe, because this year showed me that I can count on myself to change. I can count on myself to step up and learn new skills and change my ways and do what’s needed, and that accountability changes everything. Anyway. Today I wrote to the landlord in Portugal saying she can keep the deposit and that maybe I’ll come next winter but for now I need to be here because for the first time in my life I don’t feel lonely and I need to protect that feeling with everything I have.
I don’t need the world to know or see or hear what I do anymore. It’s enough if one person feels it so deeply that something changes afterwards. My 'why' back then was other people’s approval. My why was, to be great in other people’s eyes. But then you kind of realise: I am the sum of the people around me and my reputation is built on what I make other people feel and actually, I feel more accomplished when I make someone else happy than when someone else help me accomplish something and that’s the switch.
I’m trying to both love myself and grow myself. Everything changed when I learned to honour my body instead of fighting it. When I learned to take care of it, like a precious castle to protect this weary heart. To stop harming it, punishing it for looking like this or that, feeling like this or that. I don’t look like they all told me I had to, but I’m healthy and strong and vital. That is enough. Everything changed when I forgave myself.
We never lose love. We never lose people. We carry it all with us and build our character from soft beautiful feelings and memories until we’re so completely built up of poetry and love that it’s all shining through us, making everyone around us a little gentler and kinder too. That thought makes me smile. And maybe you have a role model in your life, that you know personally or only from a distance. You admire his or her guts, achievement, strengths and wisdom. No matter if this person is still around or not, you can take the feelings, the inspiration, the motivation that person gave you and forever carry it with you. Make his energy a part of you and radiate it to everyone you meet. Eventually, you will become such a role model for someone else, too, and isn’t it a beautiful thought to know that you will share that light and energy forward. Making this world a little brighter and more active. You can say goodbye to people without losing the beauty they gave you. We never lose love. We never lose people. We carry it all with us and build our character from soft beautiful feelings and memories until we’re so completely built up of poetry and love that it’s all shining through us, making everyone around us a little gentler and kinder too. That thought makes me smile. And maybe you have a role model in your life, that you know personally or only from a distance. You admire his or her guts, achievement, strengths and wisdom. No matter if this person is still around or not, you can take the feelings, the inspiration, the motivation that person gave you and forever carry it with you. Make his energy a part of you and radiate it to everyone you meet. Eventually, you will become such a role model for someone else, too, and isn’t it a beautiful thought to know that you will share that light and energy forward. Making this world a little brighter and more active. You can say goodbye to people without losing the beauty they gave you.
You can work on yourself as a human being so much and you can grow yourself and you can work on your music and create a beautiful song with the most amazing video and artwork and you hold this and you think this is the most beautiful thing you’ve ever created. and you put it out and there will be someone writing to you saying, “this changed my life”, and at the same time there will be another person saying, “this is so bad, you should stop doing music”. you can not escape this. this is going to happen, it happens to me all the time. the negativity very often takes over. if you get one positive message and one negative, you’re gonna think about the negative, sadly. the art is learning to speak to the ones that get you and bypass the ones that don’t...
I think I’ve had the best 3 weeks in a very very long time. I thought progress would be feeling more stable, having a consistent state of mind that does not sway depending on the weather but I’m having such low lows and peaking highs nowadays and I’m kind of enjoying it. The day feels like the darkest end or it’s completely magical. Anyway, I’m enjoying it and I write a lot and sing a lot and hurt a lot and love a lot and I’ve met a lot of new people those weeks who don’t look at me like I’m someone lonely and sad and I think that makes all the difference.
What does it actually mean to be an independent creator (artist, author, photographer...) and why did I become one? In this episode I share my own story of how I built my little career and how you can too ♡
In this episode I share a technique I’m calling “gifts to future me” to get through hard times 🌹
Visualisation is the most powerful tool I have ever found and it has helped me change my whole life, my own self-image and also heal my mental health. In this episode I’m sharing my own view on what it is and how I use it for clarity, health and future thinking. Join me for the instagram live stream every Sunday evening!
LISBON, 5 Aug, 2018. I keep putting myself in solitary places, for the pleasure of it, I think. A brown-eyed boy said hi in Swedish, so I looked down and walked away. The heat is so constant, it’s like a wall as I open the window each morning. The heat, it consumes my senses and there is not place enough for sadness or cold. I bought a black dress with a bare back, wander in sandals and wear no make-up. I let my hair blow free and I only sing before 6am on wild streets or in front of the ocean, where no one can hear. They drink sangria at 2pm here, smoke cigars and go to the beach. I walk with a notebook and a collection of poetry under my arm, ignoring texts and emails, pretending I might stay. Pretending I’m not on the run, pretending I live somewhere. My mom asked me how long I’m staying and I replied “i miss you too”. I could stay here. I could find myself a job, make some friends, find a home near the beach where I would walk every morning. Meditate, slow down and serenade the drinkers at night by the pub. I have a two months of rent on my bank account. My new book sold okay. I paid 100 pounds to bring my guitar over seas and I’m thinking of teaching yoga classes in the parks. If people want to come; donation based. My life is donation based. Give me what you think I’m worth, how much do you want me to survive? That’s not what I mean and not what I say but that’s how it feels, some days. I am in love with the constant struggle. The constant pushing, trying to get by. I am in love with the feeling of making it another month, of simply getting by. I fell into a discussion with a British economics student, told him he spoke from an angle of white privilege and he did not understand the other side of money. He wouldn’t live anywhere else than London unless he had a job there so he voted to leave the EU, proud to not be a part of it. I said he was young and not very travelled and I regretted it the second I said it. My brother is graduating soon. A fine master’s in something important. He’ll get a nice salary. he has a girlfriend, living in a nice flat. My ex-boyfriend just got engaged and my old best friend is pregnant. I’m writing poetry in a beach bar in Lisbon, sipping gin and only need two more songs to fill a new record. I fall asleep to the sound of drunken university students in the room next-door, they’re here to party. “are you a student?” “no, no, i’m here to work”. I say. Softly. Smiling. “i think i’m a little older than you”. I met a Norwegian boy who practiced yoga and said he saw rainbows in my eyes. Now he sends me photos from Canada, where he’s moving, and I save them on my hard drive to keep as a day dream. As an escape plan. No matter what happens, I still haven’t been to Canada. I can still go to Canada. The heat is so constant. There is no place for anything else. I can make it another month. Maybe even more. I don’t think I ever asked for more than this.
Two weeks ago the whole world was advised to not leave our homes because of the corona virus currently ranging this planet. I will spare you the story about my first anxiety filled days and instead say that I found a way to actually turn this into the most beautiful time for me. I feel so inspired to finally have time to create all the things I’ve put off for so long, because I’ve been busy. One of the things I’ve been wanting to do for years now, is to record audiobook versions of all my books. I simply haven’t done it yet because I didn’t have time. It’s a big project, recording one podcast episode which is just one writing, takes me around 4 hours. Record, edit, and distribute it. So you can math, a whole book is a commitment. But I’m so so happy to say I started with my first book “Empty Roads & Broken Bottles: in search for The Great Perhaps” last week, and I love it. I’m half way through, then there’s a lot of editing, and then I’m ready to release my very first audiobook. To hype it up with you, I decided to share the first chapter of the book here. So what you will hear in this episode, is the first chapter of “Empty Roads & Broken Bottles: in search for The Great Perhaps”, coming out as an audiobook sooooon! I hope you will enjoy it! I think pretty soon I will start some sort of pre-order of the audiobook, but I’ll let you know when it’s time. Stay safe, healthy, hopeful and cosy.
I’ve felt strong lately, but even on days I feel strong and happy, excited about my future, I find myself holding on to people. Past relationships I can’t let go of or temporary friendships I wish lasted longer. I’ve found myself feeling disconnected from people, like I can’t really reach them, and I’ve tried to solve this by over-connecting, wanting to be there all the time. Know what they’re doing, what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling.. it sounds insane and obsessive, and it is. I know this, but this is me being honest. So this is what I’ve learned… Because my own life has felt so empty and uninhabited I’ve taken every opportunity I’ve found to “move in” to someone else’s life. In every relationship I’ve had, I’ve moved in to their lives. Leaving my own behind. I’ve taken on their routines and habits, interests and circle of friends because I’ve had none of my own. And when the relationship ends I keep finding myself helpless and lonely, desperately trying to stand up on my own, because it’s not just the person I lose — I also lose their life where I was living. I took it on like my own home, and now I’m kicked out of my own home and I never know how to let go of people because I simply don’t have a life of my own that feels full and warm enough to go back home to. I find myself homeless over and over again because I keep building my home in other people’s lives. A while ago I met someone here in Berlin, and I so desperately wanted to invite him into my life. Show him around. Take him to my places, my corners of the city, my daily routine and let him see how I live. But I stopped myself because I simply don’t have a life I feel like I can invite someone into. It’s not full enough. Now, I love my life. I love everything I have in it. But there is something about me learning to live simple and on minimum. I do my things that usually go unnoticed and I create things that only my readers understand and then at the end of the day someone asks “so what did you do today?” And I mumble… mmm, I wrote and created something and then I read some books and did some things but whatever… what about you?” You know those people you meet who just feel safe. They send out certainty and belonging, like everything will be okay for them, because they know how to make things okay. And if you’re lucky enough to spend a day with them they will go on with their lives and let you be a tourist in there. They make each moment their own, in small ways, like, having preferences of the music, the colors, the smells, the direction, the order of things. And they will talk about their lives in a way that doesn’t leave any space for questioning. It’s not like… hello, this is my life do you think that’s ok? Like I do… it’s more like “Hey, this is my life! It’s nice, isn’t it? Now show me yours!” So I went to LA and I moved into my friends’ life for 2 weeks and every night I fell asleep feeling both proud of him for having created that life for himself, but also with a new realisation of why I feel so lost and lonely. I need to build out my life. I need to build it to the point of no longer feeling the need to move out of it. I must build my home in my own life. And it sounds so silly and so simple but if you get it you get it, and then it’s the most profound thought ever. So, how do you do that? How do you build a life that feels full. A life you don’t want to move out of as soon as you meet someone with an interesting life? So that, when you do meet someone with an interesting life, you will have one too, and you’ll be two complete individuals, who can invite each other into each other’s lives, but you’ll both feel home and secure knowing that your life won’t be inhabited or lost. You stand strong and sure in your own and so will he, or she. That’s a healthy relationship. To yourself and to someone else.
1. Clarity and vision are everything: When you’re clear on what kind of life you want to live, what kind of person you want to be, and what you want to achieve the next couple of months … you can say no to everything that doesn’t align with that life. You can stop chasing people who don’t align with your future vision. You can stop spending time on jobs or tasks that won’t bring you closer to those accomplishments and that life. This can be applied on everything. On your work and career, creative projects, health, relationships and friendships. If you know what sort of life you want, with each new relationship you can simply ask yourself: “does this relationship align with that future vision?” If you’re offered a new job or project to take on, ask yourself “will this job enable me to become the me I’m visioning? Does it align with the life I’m trying to shape?” 3. You can be in love all the time, with everyone and everything, because it simply makes you feel good. I was heartbroken for a year after my last breakup. I felt like I had been abandoned and I no longer had anyone to pour my love into, nor any love to receive. But through various spiritual teachers, I slowly found a way to understand that I am the one who’s creating the feeling of both being in love and being loved. No one else can make me feel that way, I am the one who’s letting myself feel that way. Only I can let myself feel loved. And I can learn to feel love and feel loved all the time. By the people on the street. By the universe. By my mentors and teachers that I’ve never met but whose teachings I’ve devoured and now I’m trying to practice. By my ancestors and grandfathers. I can choose to feel their smiles towards me, from above, loving me like the child I am under this sky. When I feel lonely or isolated, I have learned to tune into the feeling of love within and create it myself. Then let it radiate to anyone and everyone around me. Stop letting the past control you. Start anew. Do it now, do it every day. Those are my 6 major lessons in 2019. I would love to hear yours. What did you learn this year? What will you bring with you? What will you leave behind? I know the next decade will be the best decade of my life, so far. I know it, because I will create it.
Since I started practicing yoga & meditation a couple of years ago my life has completely changed. It healed my anxiety, made me calmer, more patient and ultimately happier. In this episode I'm talking to meditation teacher Kelly Smith from the Yoga For You podcast about all things meditation! Follow Kelly + listen to her podcast! IG: Come find me online:
A writing from my book "Another Vagabond Lost To love" ♡ // "People keep asking what I do for a living and I keep answering that I don’t believe in making a living. That it’s a concept that has been twisted. I tell them I believe in making a life and money is a distracting object if there’s anything left at the end of the day, and I just want to go on well. Make it through the day. So I smile and raise my glass and they laugh and take my hand, saying “here’s to the youth!” pointing at me. And I might just be young and naive for I still believe in the freedom of choice of how to spend your life. So they toast to the youth, who still thinks she’s free, and that’s all fine by me. Today was a great writing day and on great writing days nothing can bother me. The way my world feels balanced when I can create something out of nothingness. Wait, let me take it from the beginning: I woke up to a grey sky and I was gloomy and worried, like I often am, and I never sleep very well for I dream of him and them and all the rest and it’s cold at this time of year but still I wake up sweating, heart pounding, chest aching. It’s been a quiet month and my voice is untrained and weak from late nights. Cold air and strong drinks. But there are some days that every artist dreams of, when it’s all in the right place and the chords sound right and the melodies grow in the air all around. The words come fast and it doesn’t take much, a few minutes, closed eyes, silent mind – and it’s there. So some mornings I wake up and things feel wrong but are right and it’s been a silent month for I don’t sing very much but this morning I wrote and sang and created something from nothingness and it put my very self in balance. My body into being. Anyway, I wrote my song and took my walk and made my way to the bar to celebrate myself for feeling fine and usually people are quiet there, take my order and let me be. But today I felt fine and not strange or sad and the town was not busy so the bartender had time I think for he asked where I was from and what I did here because I spoke English and not German and so that’s that. I said I was just passing by, on my way to somewhere else and he asked to where and I said anywhere and he smiled and it was nice. Nice because I was honest, which I rarely am, and he was nice, which people rarely are, and after a few drinks he brought another one “on the house” and sat down and asked what I was writing. So I showed him and he smiled and we talked Bukowski and Woolf, Thoreau against Emerson and it was beautiful. The way the time passed by and chains fell down and I felt okay, which is rare these days, but I did and I still do as I sit on the floor in an empty room with friends I’ve met on my way, and they’ve told me to put stuff on the walls and decorate the hall, but I’ve said this isn’t permanent, and neither am I, and if I change fast enough I might be able to write another song soon enough because it’s all in the movement. All in the waves. All in the change. So anyway, it was a great day and nothing in particular happened. Nothing to make the books or the papers or the headlines, but it was sincere, and I felt okay and that’s rare those days. And it’s moments like these that I know I will be okay for it will all make sense one day because I’m still on my way. I’m going somewhere and that’s the whole point. I’m still on my way. And that’s the whole point. (If you see the boy in the bar tell him I bought the book he talked about and learned the song he sang and that I found my way home wherever that is. Tell him he’s got a beautiful mind and a beautiful smile and that’s rare these days.) We’re all on our ways. And that’s the whole point.
I'm talking to UK poet Scarlett Ward about writing, publishing, creating a book and spoken word! Scarlett was nominated for Best Spoken Word Performer in the UK 2019, and she has a new poetry collection out called ACHE, published by Verve Press ♡ Follow Scarlett!
This is a 15 min guided meditation that will help you release and let go of anger, sadness, missing or past grudges. Just sit down somewhere peaceful, close your eyes, and let my voice guide you ♡ If you want me to do the meditation with you, here is the official video that I filmed a bit outside of Barcelona:
THREE QUESTIONS I ASK MYSELF EVERY MORNING: As part of my morning ritual, I sit down with my journal and answer three questions: 1. What one thing, right now, if done well and executed, would bring me closer to my most important goal in 6 months. One thing. What one thing would do the most for that goal, right now. 2. What is stealing my focus right now, things that make me feel like I wouldn’t be able to fully consume myself in that previous one thing we just talked about. 3. Question number three: How do I want to do the things I will do today? What I mean with this is: The other day I had a meeting with someone I could potentially work with for the promotion of my album. I felt anxious and nervous, like always, started doubting myself and freaked out in my head. But I asked myself in the morning, HOW do I want to do that meeting? Well, with confidence, with calm, excitement and a lot of inspirational energy. Now that made me feel different. Today I knew I was going to record this podcast, and I asked, HOW do I want to feel while recording this? I want to feel grateful, for having a platform that enables me to share ideas and thoughts, and for enabling me to spend my day doing so. I want to feel excited and passionate about sharing those thoughts and ideas that have helped me so greatly in my life. I want to feel like there is a purpose for this, and I want to feel that I am helping someone by doing this. That gave me quite a lot of motivation to do this. Those are simple questions, but I promise by taking the time to answer them every day, writing down the answer and reminding yourself of the answers throughout your day, you will set yourself up for a completely different day than if you just wake up, numbly step outside and just let the world push you forward. Be the creator of your life. Be the creator of your own day. You know, where you are today is a direct consequence of what you did in the past. That means, what you do today, will directly lead you to where you will be tomorrow. Shape that future. Make sure it’s exactly how you want it to be. I hope at least this gave you one or two thoughts that resonated with you, that you can take with you and design in your own way. If you try this out, please let me know how you felt about it!
Welcome back to a relaunch of my life (and podcast!) A relaunch of absolutely everything. I entered this new era by launching a Kickstarter campaign to fund my new 4th full-length album and fifth book. Today, as I am recording this intro we are 21 days into the campaign. You have until October 9th so join this journey, and when the campaign stops, that’s when the real journey behind. Everyone who joins the campaign now will by entering the Kickstarter enter a whole year of new music, new videos, behind the scenes footage, studio diaries, new writings, the book and a lot more. My goal is that you will hold my new album in your hands in a year from now and feel proud, knowing that it wouldn’t exist without your support and help. You are my co-creators: Anyway, this is me welcoming you to a new era, a new chapter, a new season in life. We’re leaving things we have outgrown, people we might have outgrown, and make place for places and people that align with us now, as the people we have grown to be, now, after everything we’ve been through. You know, the goal every day should be to go to sleep a being little bit different than we were when we woke up, because if we life each day full out, we will grow and flex and shape and expand a little bit every day. So we much embrace chance, like growth, because, that’s what nature teaches us, that nothing is ever static. We must stay fluid, moving and changing with the seasons. So I’m launching a new podcast season with some incredible guests, and I'm starting with my favorite podcast conversation this far: Nate Maingard! Nate is a modern troubadour, traveler, podcaster and creative entrepreneur. As you will hear, I wish I could hang with Nate three nights in a row talking about life and space and love and loss and everything in between. He’s just one of those people you immediately fall into deep conversation with. I loved talking to him here and I truly hope you will enjoy listening to it. Go find Nate and everything he's creating here:
Become a co-creator of my new album here: 🌹 Dear friends, I never really thought I would be able to say this ... but here I am. Living proof that if you simply refuse to give up, you still have a shot. It's time to enter a new era, a new chapter: it's time to make another record together. It's time to make the dream of album number 4 come alive. The best songs I've ever written, bundled up in poems and sad melodies. It's hopeful at times, sad at others. It's a little edgy, a little bold, sometimes sexy sometimes small. It's a little bit of everything, just like we are, I think. This is my official invitation to join me on KICKSTARTER to become a co-creator of my new album! I've spent the last three years writing and learning, living and growing, and now, finally, I have a collection of 14 songs that I believe in so much that I'm ready to give everything I have and am to this journey.  After my last album "Under Northern Skies" I promised myseld that if I were to do another album, it would be written and released by a new me. I needed to grow up. I needed to doubt and grow sure, change and rearrange, and I needed to figure out WHY I still wanted to share my music with the world. WHY would I make another album? I wasn't really sure how to announce this new album and this Kickstarter. I wanted to explain so much, I wanted to tell you so much. One day two weeks ago I simply put the camera in front of me and started talking, writing, dreaming and thinking and the result is this introduction video that somehow says everything I wanted to say. I really truly hope you will like it. I've used my last savings to secure my musicians and mixing engineer, but I need your help to land this all the way. Before embarking on yet another album I promised myself: if I'm gonna do this I'm gonna do it full out this time. No limitations. I set my aims higher than ever before, and I've worked harder than ever before. I reached for my dream musicians, dream mixing engineer, dream mastering engineer, dream photographers and videographers, and of course I already have my dream supporters. I'm half way there, and now I need your help to reach the finish line.One of the things I've always dreamt of getting to film a magically beautiful stripped live session, somewhere beautiful, to share those songs with you in a more intimate way next to the produced audio. And since my goal with this album was to level up, if there is budget left after all this, I have promised myself to aim towards being able to hiring a PR in order to expand my reach and maybe even build a bit of momentum with this album. Imagine if I got some exposure, maybe even had a song or two added on bigger Spotify playlists, and ultimately built my fanbase enough to be able to go on a proper tour with real venues in public spaces where ALL OF YOU can come?! Dream come true. I truly hope you will join me for another magical album era, another era in life, because we must stay fluent. Move and change with the times. Otherwise, we’ll be left behind. Join my Kickstarter and become a co-creator of my new album here: 🌹 All my love, forever and always ♡
In this episode I'm sharing my million dollar writing hacks (i wish), who I am as a friend, what I think about social media and my favorite Swedish artists. Love and coffee to you all♡
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