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In this episode, I offer deconstructed thoughts on what it means to be born of water and spirit. And how the process of being born again is one that is repeated throughout the spiritual journey of life over and over again.  Anna's Blog: www.ann
Trauma bonding is either healthy or unhealthy. These bonds are built through shared trauma experiences, whether through story sharing of the trauma or through shared experiences. The effects of unhealthy trauma bonding often result in anxiety,
It is no secret that during the last few years we witnessed a huge rise in faith deconstruction. Where new questions were being asked, new conversations and new ways of thinking emerged. Many left the church during this time and have been wande
There is magic this time of year that is often overlooked by commitments, obligations, sadness, grief and anxiety. But, in this episode, I share how I'm changing the way this season feels for me - and most importantly, how I am learning to hono
This is such an awkward topic! It was awkward back when I was trying to "save" and witness to my friends. And now it feels super awkward as I can't remember the last time I said even that word. lol Like many Christians, years ago, I was despera
In middle school, reading the Bible became my outlet and central point of connection with Spirit. It was a tender place that I held onto through adulthood. The studying of scripture became a passion and led me to eventually become a pastor. But
Before deconstructing, my life involved loads of prayer. Since I was a kid, prayer was a huge part of my life. I literally have nearly 50 journals filled with tear-stained pages, pleading and begging for God's comfort, peace and direction. In t
Every single person deals with jealousy on some level. But, it's one of those hush-hush topics that no one talks about. Whether it's jealousy over someone's relationship, career, good opportunity, house or lot in life, just know that these thou
For years, I believed it was my job to fix the toxic relationships in my life. I believed by doing everything "right", eventually good would win out and all would be well. But my fear of being disliked, rejected and misunderstood blinded my abi
This week marks the Autumn equinox which often brings a significant amount of change. As many of us are leaving a season of loss, heartache, grief and wilderness wandering, this shift offers an invitation to step into the next chapter. This sea
The path to authenticity can often feel lonely. When we leave the status quo to run after something real, an empty space is created. Whether it's a deconstruction of faith, community, marriage or friendship, the voids left behind can be a lonel
One thing I'm beginning to learn is how much we see the world through our own cultural lens. And when I say culture, I don't mean our demographics - I mean what our background is, what we have been taught to believe about the world and those ar
We all have tender, soft parts of us. We equally have strong, powerful parts of us. For a long time, these dynamics were out of balance for me. Not because I didn't have them, but because I thought I needed permission to access them. Which left
We are made of three equal parts: mind, body and spirit. But, for many of us, mind and spirit are seen as the focus while our bodies are the afterthought. The body is often viewed as the flesh; the part that needs to be contained, managed and t
Living with regret is something many of us struggle with. From our career, parenting, love life, marriage and relationships, the desire to do everything "right" is a high standard to achieve. But, because of the pressure to be "perfect", we can
Dr. Winell is a human development consultant, educator, and writer in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her background includes 28 years of experience in human services, in both community and academic settings. She holds a doctorate in Human Developm
Before I sat down to record this episode, I asked myself: if I could only say one thing what would it be? My answer to that question was immediate: you don't have to be defined by pain. THIS is the core of my message. This one sentence is every
After writing a recent blog on my journey of becoming affirming, I received a lot of questions like, "How can you be affirming when the Bible is so clear?" I decided a podcast would be the best way to address this subject in its entirety. I sha
I invite the author of, Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome Reba Riley to chat with me about her spiritual quest of experiencing thirty religions before her thirtieth birthday. As a former self-described Evangelical poster child, her journey defied
The idea of "conversion" typically sparks thoughts of salvation experiences or of exchanging an old life for a new one. But, when I read the story of Paul's conversion now, I can't help but see it through a different lens. The story of Paul's c
With recent events including the loss of Rachel Held Evans and the legal case my family has been involved in, I have felt overwhelmed by dark. Where is God in any of it? How can I even say that "God is in control" or that God is even good? In t
For most of my life, I chased after my "calling". Believing my purpose was to minister, be a pastor and evangelize was what I thought I was supposed to be about. After all, isn't that the Jesus way? But, after having much of my "callings" strip
I hear many people say that they can't wait to get to heaven - to be in their "forever home" with their forever family. But, if heaven is the ultimate destination, why did Jesus raise Lazarus from the grave? Why did he weep at his tomb? Why did
Whether in a friendship, partnership, spouse or community, sometimes the season changes and it's time to move on. Recognizing when it is time to let go can be difficult - especially if you have experienced any trauma or abuse in your life, you
The story of Lazarus is one that continues to grip me. In this episode, I cover the story of Lazarus, his death and how this Jesus character showed up and wrote a different ending. No matter if your story includes divorce, being LGBTQ, a single
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