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Conflict is NOT a 4-letter word!    If your reaction to conflict is either:Slip on the ol' boxing gloves orRun away as fast as possiblethen today's episode is going to change your perspective (with no anger or yelling at all!)  The truth is, mo
Humans are emotion-driven creatures, whether we want to admit it or not.  And many of the most challenging situations that come up for us aren't based strictly on fact - they're based on feeling: managing conflicts, change, influencing others,
Hi dancers!  Does the thought of networking (for day job or dance life) make you feel:  Icky  Grumpy  Queasy  Terrified  All of the Above   Well fear not, listener!  In this episode we're going to bust four common myths about networking that ke
Let's start digging into building our professional and personal networks.  Here's a mini episode  to prepare you for next week's full episode on Networking The Non-Icky Way.  I'm on vacation this week, visiting with family I haven't been able t
Are you a Take This Fun Quiz kind of person?  If you said yes, today's episode is especially for you.  We're digging into different ways that people communicate, using a modified DISC assessment that we'll do right here!  In this episode!  No c
EXTRA EXTRA (mini-episode!)Are you a leader who is now managing remote employees or a blended team of remote and in-office people?   Are you a dance teacher or studio owner with online and/or in-person students?  You now have even MORE responsi
The world is so much more open to remote work, to being a digital nomad, and that's fantastic!  If that way of working is calling to you - great!  Go for it!  Bon voyage! But there are some really important things to keep in mind.  {Cue sad tro
I’m all for individuality - doing things your own way!  Forging your own path through life!  Woo!  Unique Rules! But hey. If someone has learned a lesson the hard way, or has figured out an amazing technique for dealing with a situation, why re
Picture the scene:  You've been hand selected to participate in a big work project or a huge dance event!  Woo hoo!  How exciting!  Except a loud voice is booming in your head, saying: I am a complete fraud.  They just don't realize it yet. Ah
Do you believe you're smart?  Talented?  Creative?  What happens when your intelligence or talents or creativity are put to the test, and don't make the grade?  Do you focus on what you can learn from the situation?  (This is the answer we know
We behave according to who we believe we are.  So who do you believe you are? Powerful?  Adaptable?  Scatterbrained?  Never good enough?  In this episode, we dig down into the many layers of our identities, and explore our beliefs about ourselv
"I'm unhappy but I'm comfortable with it."  Sound familiar?  This the Siren Call of Complacent Despair, and it keeps us stagnant, sitting alone on our little island of I Guess This Is Good Enough.  But it's not good enough, dear listeners, and
Welcome to 2021!  Let's kick off this year by setting some GOALS!  In this episode, we discuss 3 key aspects to setting goals that are actually going to get you where you want to go (yes yes, isn't that what they all say?)  But if you don't pay
Yeah, we might be ready to just say Good Riddance to 2020, but let's take a little time to learn what we can from this bizarre year.Pull out your notebooks or journals, a pen, and a beverage of your choice, and prepare yourself for a virtual co
Today we're discussing self care, but not the heavily marketed, commodified, Buy-Expensive-Luxuries version of it. Please don't pummel me with fancy scented candles!  (Unless they're lemongrass scented).This episode reveals a much broader, true
(Note: this episode discusses some topics that may be borderline challenging for younger ears to understand, including examples of common biases in the world and our dance community.  Parents, you may want to listen when the kiddos aren't aroun
Does the idea of a 'Gratitude Practice' make your eyebrow pop up in cynicism?  When you think of practicing gratitude, do you immediately think of tedious meditation?Does "feeling grateful" feel a bit arrogant or self-centered to you?Well, dear
Often when we think of change, we think of "We're at Point A, Next We'll Be at Point B."But making changes successfully isn't so much about the logistics - it's about the mental and emotional transitions that we go through as we transition from
It's the spooky season and this episode is Filled With Fear!  No, it's not scary (I promise!), but we are going to chat about how we can use our fears productively.  Fear is there to help us - it keeps us safe and makes us alert to possible dan
Like  learning new dance movements, being an effective coach or mentor requires focused skills practice and a learning mindset.In our last episode,  we discussed ways for learners to make the most of 1:1 coaching or mentoring time.  Today's epi
Does the thought of working individually with a dance coach or a work mentor terrify you?  There's a BIG reason why, and it's probably not what you think!  If you want to get the most out of 1:1 time with your dance teacher or a work-life mento
Think all perfectionism is the same?  Not so, my lovelies!  In this episode we learn about the 3 types of perfectionism and how they impact our work, dance, and relationships.  We'll also discuss some ways to rein in the beast of our perfection
This episode is all about an insidious type of Perfectionism that I like to call PerFAKEtionism.  Want to know what this means, and whether it affects you?  And more, how can we effectively manage our PerFAKEtionism so we can get out of our own
Welcome to Belly Dance Alchemy!  This mini-episode will give you a quick overview of what this podcast is all about.  Belly Dance Alchemy is a captivating blend of the best elements of career & professional development and the magic of belly da
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