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The Gut Super-Special: Eating Camel Poop, Weird Constipation Causes, Pig Whipworms & More: How To Banish Bloat, Fix Your Microbiome & Reboot Your Gut.

Released Wednesday, 10th August 2016
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In the beginning of this episode, I mention "Michael Phelps cupping" and what the research really says about whether cupping does or does not work, and also mention a new study on 20-25% gains in lean muscle gain, s…, and this HMB-ATP stack that uses exactly what they used in the study (use 50% discount code BEN50).
When it comes to healing your gut, getting rid of bloat and constipation, changing your gastrointestinal bacteria or any other digestive topic, I consider Dr. Robynne Chutkan to be one of the smartest women on the face of planet.
She is on faculty at Georgetown University and founder of the Digestive Center for Women, and she is author of not one, not two, but three books that focus on her primary philosophy: healing your body from the inside out. So basically, she really loves talking about poop. Her latest book, The Microbiome Solution, is a deep dive into how and why some of our modern day living is actually causing more problems than we realized to the tiny microbes that keep us happy and healthy– household cleaners, air conditioning, processed food. In that book, she talks about eating poop, timing your probiotics, getting a dog to lick your face, eating dirt and more. In her other book, The Bloat Cure, she looks at less of the science and more at the practical nature of our bloated bellies, talking about how bloat isn’t just bad Chinese food, but also things like codeine in cough syrup and dehydration and birth control pills and GMOs.
During today's episode, you'll discover what I learned from reading both these books, and much more, including:
-How Dr. Chutkan can actually "smell" gut issues with her patients...[16:25]
-What it means if your sweat smells funky...[21:00]
-What pig whipworms and hookworms have to do with getting a healthier gut...[24:30]
-Why the Bedouin tribe eats camel feces when they have gut issues...[34:00]
-Why the "poop pills" everyone seems to be talking about don't work...[52:50]
-Which common musculoskeletal imbalance can cause constipation, no matter how healthy you eat...[55:56]
-Why your medications and supplements may be making you constipated, and what you can do about it...[62:30]
-How wine can be either good or bad for your microbiome, depending on when you drink the wine...[67:45]
-The best time of day to take probiotics if you are also taking antibiotics...[69:30]
-Beans cause bloat for lots of people, you'll discover one special ingredient you can add to them to keep this from happening...[72:55]
-And much more...
Resources from this episode: -The Microbiome Solution: A Radical New Way to Heal… -The Bloat Cure: 101 Natural Solutions for Real and… -3 day "poop panel" to test your gut -Openbiome for fecal transplants -"How To Poop The Right Way" article -NatureCleanse  
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