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Ben is the man! Over 4 years ago, I sustained brain injuries from high school athletics. I developed severe sound sensitivity, and wore earplugs at all times for ~ 3 months. Part of my rehab was introducing auditory stimulation gradually, which included podcasts and audiobooks. My bro--also named Ben--recommended the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast. All I had been hearing for months was, “Ben says this...Ben says that…” I found out why: I was impressed, given hope, AND my sound sensitivity improved. From neuroacoustics to Dr. Kelly Ryder’s concussion podcast, they were amazing to listen to. I was fortunate to get to ride up with my brother to see and hear Ben’s talk on (I believe) Ten Ways to Improve Your Life at Concordia University St. Paul. The talk was great, and I should dig up my old notes that I took. Afterwards, BG signed his new book Beyond Training. The first and only thing I said besides my name was… “My brother is a huge fan.” Awkward thing to say I know lol...But it was such a cool experience to meet a new hero of mine, and was amazing for my brother too, who is still a HUGE fan. (One of my alternative medicine docs is a big fan too). Kion looks great. And BG embracing and sharing his personal faith and spirituality is awesome! As a man, father, and husband, Ben seems like a great dude, who is a role model for many. One last thing I want to add is that it’s cool to see Ben grow as a person musically and creatively as well. From a fellow musician and singer myself, keep it up! In fact, keep everything up! With gratitude, -Jake
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