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A Health, Fitness and Nutrition podcast featuring Ben Greenfield
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MelodieRiver reviewed this podcast on Dec 9th, 2017
"How can one guy continue putting out such high quality podcasts episode after episode, year after year?!?!? I think it's Ben's insatiable curiosity on top of excellent communication skills and a hefty dose of charisma. Even when he explores a more common topic such as fat loss or exercise, Ben manages to teach me something new every time. By being his loyal listener, I pick up so much across a wide variety of topics, from longevity to personal productivity, from meditation to breath work. Also, I would like to acknowledge that Ben "takes one for the team" for all of us on a regular basis - how else would I find out first hand accounts of coffee enema experiences, just to name one crazy thing this guy is doing !?!? It's no exaggeration to say that my life is healthier and happier thanks…"
avieira reviewed this podcast on Dec 9th, 2017
"The Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast is one of the most informative podcasts in the health and fitness realm. I love hearing about all aspects of nutrition, fitness, biohacking and the like. A random, fun fact? On our second date, my boyfriend and I bonded over the fact that we both listened to Ben Greenfield and didn’t know anyone else that did at the time. "
Justin1 reviewed this podcast on Dec 9th, 2017
"This podcast is an amazing resource for health and fitness knowledge. Over the past few years of listening to this podcast I have learned so much that has helped me deal with personal health issues as well as fed my curiosity for all things health and fitness. The consistency of high-caliber guests and information makes this a must listen podcast."
mgodar94 reviewed this podcast on Dec 8th, 2017
"In the past year and a half of listening to Ben Greenfield's podcasts I've educated on numerous aspects of my health that I would never have been exposed to without this podcast. Ben is a true educator and best of all leads by example. This is a great podcast and I highly recommend it. "
Strengthgirl reviewed this podcast on Dec 8th, 2017
"I very much enjoy Ben’s podcast and have for a long time. I appreciate the science and research he delves into while keeping the show interesting for those of us without the scientific background. That all being said...I’m TIRED of Ben’s ostentatious comments about how he gets free stuff from all the people who wants him to promote them (e.g. the free $200 green tea from a local chef). Good for you Ben, really, but enough of the swankiness already."
jbuchl reviewed this podcast on Dec 8th, 2017
"Ben is the man! Over 4 years ago, I sustained brain injuries from high school athletics. I developed severe sound sensitivity, and wore earplugs at all times for ~ 3 months. Part of my rehab was introducing auditory stimulation gradually, which included podcasts and audiobooks. My bro--also named Ben--recommended the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast. All I had been hearing for months was, “Ben says this...Ben says that…” I found out why: I was impressed, given hope, AND my sound sensitivity improved. From neuroacoustics to Dr. Kelly Ryder’s concussion podcast, they were amazing to listen to. I was fortunate to get to ride up with my brother to see and hear Ben’s talk on (I believe) Ten Ways to Improve Your Life at Concordia University St. Paul. The talk was great, and I should dig up my…"
Kieren reviewed this podcast on Dec 8th, 2017
"Ben Greenfield's podcast is incredibly interesting, informative and combined with Ben's quick wit and humour makes for a stimulating hour and a half of mind and body improving goodness. My only regret is that I sometimes delve into Wikipedia rabbit-holes when the information goes way above my head! Nevertheless, Ben Greenfield's Fitness Podcast is one of my favourites. "
IHGuy reviewed this podcast on Dec 8th, 2017
"I listen to Ben's podcast almost daily! I especially love it while out on a long run. I always recommend this podcast to anyone who is interested in health and fitness. Ben has a great voice and very funny. Some of the topics are a little too "whoo whoo" for me but that is part of his business. Ben is in the trenches daily and finds the best stuff out there. Some topics are over my head but I'm slowly learning more and more. Ben is a great inspiration to both my wife and I. I can't express how this podcast has changed my life for the better! Thank you for all of your inspiration Ben"
Preacher.Wally reviewed this podcast on Dec 8th, 2017
"One of my go to health and fitness podcasts. I never miss an episode."
erin_de02 reviewed this podcast on Dec 8th, 2017
"I was skeptical of Ben Greenfield at first! But his podcast, articles, videos, etc. have totally shaken things up for me! Love listening whenever I get the chance. "
lee.matt210 reviewed this podcast on Dec 8th, 2017
"Great podcast Ben. I am glad to see your new Kion business is growing as well."
Gwen reviewed this podcast on Dec 8th, 2017
"Thank-you for your dedication to capturing all this yummy information and bringing it forward like a journey,a mystery that unfolds. I’m a yoga teacher that specializes in helping people realize how much control they have to self regulate re educate there bodies from the inside out .I love to share your tif bits of wisdom in classes plus you’ve made complicated info super fun to digest and build apon. Thanx for showing up it’s no small thing🌈"
ckrueger6 reviewed this podcast on Dec 8th, 2017
"Ben Greenfield changes the conversation about health, by dishing out new ways of changing and supporting the body. "
emmbohan reviewed this podcast on Dec 8th, 2017
"I have been listening to Ben's podcast for years and I learn something new every time! He takes a deeper dive into the world of health and fitness than many other fitness podcasts. If you want to deepen your understanding of health and nutrition beyond the basics, his podcast is for you. He has inspired me to make many positive changes in my lifestyle, such as optimizing sleep and training ideas. He has a wide array of guests on, and it is interesting to hear all their opinions!"
Karl reviewed this podcast on Dec 6th, 2017
"Pure unadulterated wealth of Health info. His info and insight is invaluable! Real world applications and much more! Thank you Ben keep it coming. "
Diones864 reviewed this podcast on Dec 6th, 2017
"This is simply the best podcast around. It is informative, entertaining, and addicting. He goes deeper than a fitness realm. He goes beyond training ( pun intended)."
Tikay reviewed this podcast on Dec 6th, 2017
"My Girlfriend actually hates Ben. No not because she is jealous of him, but because of the number of times she heard me say "Ben said this" or "Ben said that" whenever i'm trying to change a certain health or lifestyle habit she's doing. I truly almost never leave reviews for anything online, but this Podcast is nothing like any other. Not only will Ben bring you the latest information and studies about everything from health and fitness, to biohacking, to stuff that you have never heard of before, but he does it in an enjoyable way, that will keep you interested and on the edge of your feet. Oh did i mention he has a great sense of humor as well. I cant begin to recommend this podcast enough. 6 Stars if I could cheers"
Cherith reviewed this podcast on Dec 6th, 2017
" I always enjoy listening to the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast. I have learned so much and look forward to every episode. "
Andyb123 reviewed this podcast on Dec 5th, 2017
"My favorite podcast! I listen to Ben Greenfield every time I am in my car. His show is one of the best resources for up to date information on health, biohacking, diet, exercise and self optimization. I am a much healthier person as a result of consistently listening to this podcast, I would recommend it to anyone!"
KeiKei reviewed this podcast on Dec 5th, 2017
"This is the best among my favorite podcasts. The reasons are: 1. The amount of information is HUGE, 2. The questions Ben asks his guests are SUPURB, 3. Ben's neutrality, openness to different ideas, no bias, 4. Ben's honesty, 5. Ben's ability to carry the conversation smoothly even when the guest has a different opinion than Ben, 6. Ben's not too fast and clear speaking, 7. audio quality. This podcast has every quality. Thank you so much for making my life more interesting!"
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